CvsN 10: A New Addition


A previously unpublished chapter in the story of Jack, and the home he shares with three lovelies.

* * * *

Everyone is settled in, and just when things should get easier they get more complicated. Jack, his three girls and his best friends, may be too much of a good thing.

* * * *

Breakfast the next morning was a little awkward. The kitchen table was not meant for seven. The house was big, but it was already feeling a little cramped.

Jim left after breakfast, but was coming back that afternoon to help with some work. Most of the basics had been done around the house, but we wanted to check out the back shop, check the plumbing and wiring, and any structural problems, before we planned any major changes.

Debbie was going with Karen to clean out their old place, with the girls in tow, and Beth and I were going to finish some yard work. She wanted to do some plantings out front, and the yard needed cutting. I also had a truck load of mulch that needed putting down.

My hormones were in full gear, as usual. As I rode around the yard on my new (refurbished) Sears lawn mower, feeling every part the suburban alpha male, I would see Beth bent over the flower gardens, weeding and planting, her sweet ass enticing in tight shorts, her skin glistening in the hot sun. Yet I practiced restraint, and didn’t jump her every lap, as I so dearly wished to do.

Over the next few hours we worked up a good sweat, and did a fair job making the property presentable. When we felt we’d accomplished what we’d set out to do, we stripped our grubby work clothes off in the laundry room and headed to the shower for a well earned wash.

I had felt pretty tired when I first got under the jets, but once the dirt slued off, under Beth’s attentive ministrations, I started to feel a little more energetic, especially after soaping her down, and rinsing her off. I still loved taking showers with Beth. Debbie usually bathed separately from me, only occasionally joining me in the shower, and usually just for fun. Karen had yet to be in the bathroom the same time as me, she was much more private about cleaning up.

We stepped out, clean and refreshed, and after drying off, fell into each other’s arms. I was fully aroused from her attention in the shower, and after a brief kissing session, she pulled out of my arms and laid down on the bed, her head off the foot of the bed, her mouth wide open, beckoning.

“Let me suck you,” she said softly.

I took her up on her invitation, sliding my cock in her mouth, and gently fucking her face. She pulled away after a short while, and grabbed my cock in her hand, stroking me.

“I want the whole thing,” she said, before licking my balls, and then laying back down, mouth open in invitation. Her hands were cupping her breasts, pulling at her nipples, and her tongue licked her lips in anticipation.

“You are just wicked.” I told her, as I slid my cock back home. After a couple of introductory short strokes, I pushed forward firmly, my cock finding slight resistance as it entered her throat, but I didn’t stop, keeping up the pressure until my nuts were resting on her nose. She gagged a little as I pulled out, but waited with her mouth open after I pulled all the way out.

I slid back in and fucked her face firmly. I leaned over and drove my cock in and out to the hilt, while I played with her cute breasts. She let me use her, gasping and occasionally gagging, but never pulling away. And when I started to back off, she grabbed me and pulled me back in. I was getting close to coming when she finally pulled away.

“That was incredible,” I told her.

“Delicious,” she answered smiling.

I crawled on the bed, pulling her up just far enough so her head wasn’t hanging off the end, and settled in between her legs. Lifting her sweet calves high, I leaned down to place a small kiss on the sweet, tender opening I knew I’d be ravishing soon. She had shaved recently, and was smooth as a baby’s butt down there. I let my lips and tongue just tease her for a bit, exploring and tasting, before I settled down to the serious task of pleasuring her. I had only been at it a minute or so, when she reached down and pulled me forward on the bed.

“Give it to me,” she told me softly, drawing me upwards, as I crawled forward across her body.

I spread her legs widely, then sat upright, and held her legs apart while I placed the head of my cock against her moistened opening. I entered her, enjoying the feeling of her wetness, slowly filling her, watching my cock disappear inside her, the lips of her pussy gripping me as I pulled out, looking as if they begrudged every inch I extracted, struggling to keep me inside.

Over and over I stroked the entire length of my cock in and out of her moistness. I was almost hypnotized by the image of my cock sheathed in her pussy, when I heard her gasp.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she cried.

I looked up to find Jim at the end of the bed, his hands on her shoulders.

Oh, shit.

“That bursa escort looks really good,” he told her hesitantly, sticking to the script he’d learned with Karen, but clearly things weren’t going as well as last time.

“Jim, why don’t you go on out to the living room,” I told him.

“But you told me…” he started.

“GET OUT!” Beth yelled, twisting away from me and crawling off the side of the bed, away from him.

He backed out of the door, and closed it behind him.

Beth was nearly in hysterics. I tried to settle her down, and as I took her in my arms, I heard him drive away.

“I’m sorry,” I told her.

“What the hell was that. He just came in and grabbed my breasts. What an asshole! Did you tell him he could do that!” She was angry and upset.

I couldn’t help but laugh a little, as I told her the story of Jim’s first time. As the story advanced, I cajoled her back into the bed, and on top of me. She finally laughed with me, as we discussed poor Jim’s ineptness, and before long she had me retelling her the parts where Jim and I both had Karen at the same time. I could tell she really liked hearing the part about us fucking the dirty blonde at both ends.

“Whenever you feel up to it, I’d like to do that with you.” I told her as I thrust up inside her.

“Not with him,” she snapped, making a face.

“No, I thought Joe would be more appropriate. He’s already been in that sweet mouth of yours, and I bet he’d be up for a replay, while I took care of the other end. Maybe we’d even get Cathy to help us take care of you.” I told her while she trembled in my arms.

Her head was tucked into my shoulder as my hands held her ass and helped lift her off my cock before driving it back home again, pulling her hard against me. I nuzzled up to her ear. “Can’t you just feel it?” I whispered. “On your hands and knees, my cock filling you from behind, Joe’s filling your mouth. You back up as far as you can, until my fat cock is buried to the hilt, and yet you can’t escape Joe’s cock, the head of which is just inside your lips. He grabs you and pulls you forward, until your nose is pressed against his skin, the thickness of his prick filling your throat, you can’t breath, and yet my cock is still there, just at the entrance to your pussy, and you feel my hands grasp you around the hips and pull you back hard. Back and forth, unable to escape our cocks, these two men burning with desire for you. You are perfectly fitted to this use, perfectly accommodating, taking every inch we have to offer, filling you completely.”

“God, that would be wild,” she gasped.

I reached up and slid two fingers in her mouth. She sucked them feverishly while I fucked her. As I got closer and closer I could feel her getting close as well.

“I’m gonna come,” I whispered as I squeezed her ass cheek, forcing her down onto my cock. She sucked hard on my fingers, until her lips were halfway to my thumb, as I exploded inside her.

She trembled and came on my cock, still sucking on my fingers, breathing hard through her nose, moaning in bursts.

As she slowly relaxed, I pulled my fingers from her grasping mouth, rolling her over, and kissing her deeply.

“We’ll make it happen.” I promised her, reaching down and stroking her pussy, as I continued kissing her.

* * * *

Our afternoon delight completed, I decided to head over and catch Jim, and explain the situation to him. Beth was heading down to the pool. I’d known her all this time, and was only just finding out that she was still swimming pretty much every day, and looking to continue swimming competitively. I knew she swam a lot, I just didn’t realize it was so structured.

I drove the 10 minutes over to Jim’s house, and found him working out back. He was understandably upset and I got him to go inside with me, and have a beer while I explained the situation.

“You’ve got to watch the signals, Jim. Act on those,” I advised him, over a cold Sam Adams.

“I thought I was,” he answered. “It’s just what you told me I should do.”

“No. With Karen, she was flirting with you outrageously. Hell, she took her top off in front of you – that was a signal. She was teasing you all morning, and you were teasing back. She took every chance to rub up against both of us all morning long. I saw her slide between you and the wall, when moving the couch, and her breasts pressed against your back, as her hands lingered on your butt – that was a signal. When you walked in on us, you didn’t jump up and grab her, you stood there and had time to assess the situation. When she didn’t get upset that you were there – THAT was a signal. That was the time to make a move. And then respond accordingly.”

I continued, after finishing my beer. “Accidentally walking in on us in the bedroom, and putting your hands on Beth when she wasn’t expecting it, that was a mistake.”

“But last night, she was holding me tight, and she let me see her tits while we malatya escort were dancing,” he argued.

“Last night you were dancing. During dancing there’s always physical contact. It doesn’t always carry off the dance floor. And all the girls were more than a little drunk last night.” I explained. “Listen, you’ve got a good thing with Karen, I wouldn’t try to push it with Debbie, or Beth. They both like you, although Beth is a little pissed right now, but they’re in a different position. They believe they are in a relationship, whereas Karen and I were just having fun.”

“You’ve got me confused now. What should I have done?”

“When you walked in on us you had two choices. If you wanted to test the waters, you could have let us know you were in the doorway, said something like “excuse me, I’m sorry the door was open” and waited to see what kind of response you got. If you were happy with where things were, you could have just said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to intrude”, then closed the door, got a beer from the kitchen, and waited for us.”

“Shit. How do you know how to always say the right thing?” he grumbled.

I laughed out loud. “I don’t. But I’ve made enough mistakes to learn from them, and I’ve had the advice of friends, particularly female friends, to guide me. My advice to you is to go to Beth as soon as possible, before her irritation over this afternoon settles in, and apologize. Tell her that she’s so damn beautiful you lost your head, but would never want to jeopardize her or my friendship. She’ll take it well; she has a big heart.”

Jim took the advice to heart, and went back to the homestead with me, to do the work on the shop we’d planned on. Beth came home sometime and brought us out drinks. Jim took the opportunity to apologize to her, then, and several more times that afternoon before I had to tell him enough on the apologies. It looked like all things were back under control.

It was getting late when we finished, and we headed back to the house just in time to see the girls return from clean-up duty. Beth had started dinner, just putting in a lasagna that Debbie had cooked, then frozen. Debbie and I headed to my room to clean up, while Jim made for the upstairs main bathroom, and Karen cleaned up in hers.

As tempting as she looked, Debbie and I only cleaned up. She did spend a few moments cleaning my privates, lathering them up, and rinsing them, then applying the ‘taste test’ to make sure all the soap was gone. But just enough to really tease me and leave me wanting more.

The table was crowded over dinner, and conversation turned to making changes to the house. We talked about adding onto the main house, for a dining room and family room downstairs, and a hall, bedroom and play area up stairs.

Jim had some experience with additions, having added a bedroom and bath onto his place. I’d helped with the renovations, and had learned some, but we were talking a two story addition here. We retired to the living room after dinner, where we continued the discussion.

Beth was a little resistant, she didn’t believe she needed her own room. She was content to share mine. But over time she saw the wisdom and acquiesced. Still the discussions were wandering.

“Karen, isn’t your sister an architect?” I asked.

“Not quite yet. She needs three more courses next semester. She’s on the four and half year plan.” She didn’t sound too enthusiastic.

“Do you think she’d be willing to loan us her talents?” I pressed.

“I don’t see why not. Might as well put some of that education to use. I can ask.”

“Why don’t you, while we see if we can get this house appraised and get a new mortgage on it. I’m bound to get a better rate.”

It wasn’t much later that Karen was shooing Jim away. I think he’d hoped for an invitation to stay, but Karen was not obliging. Shortly after he’d left and the little ones had been put to bed, we were sharing a bottle of wine in the living room, congratulating each other on how far we’d come, and all of us finally getting moved in.

Karen turned on some music on my mediocre stereo, and drew me to my feet for a slow dance. I took her in my arms, as she pulled me close, and we rocked to the music.

“Thank you. For sharing your home with us,” she told me softly.

I felt another pair of arms slip under mine from behind, curling up and holding my shoulders, as a body pressed against me. A glimpse of blonde hair let me know who it was moments before her voice echoed Karen’s sentiments. “Yes, thank you.”

Karen pulled my face down to hers, capturing my mouth with hers. Debbie’s hands unbuttoned my shirt, as her lips sought my neck.

Life doesn’t get any better than this, I thought, as I finished the dance before retiring to the bedroom for an exhausting night with my three housemates.

* * *

The next couple of days went pretty smoothly. I continued the process of getting my project moving smoothly, and talked Chris, my boss, çanakkale escort into letting me work at home a couple of days a week since I had so much to do, and I could get a lot more done without the constant interruptions. We made Wednesdays and Fridays my telecommuting days, and by the time I left work on Tuesday, I was confident that the rest of the team knew what they needed to get done, and wouldn’t require my constant supervision. I also started the paperwork on refinancing the house, so I’d have the cash available to do the upgrade.

That evening Karen announced that her sister would be over on Wednesday, to talk about her plans. “She finishes her last final on Thursday, and can’t stay late, but we can at least talk it over. I thought we might invite Jim along as well, since he’d probably be helping us with some of the work.”

“That sounds like a plan,” I answered, between bite of Debbie’s famous roast. “I’ll be working from home tomorrow, just finishing up some work in the back.”

“I’ve got the late watch at work,” Beth spoke up. “So I’m at the mercy of whenever the last parents show up. I might be late. I’ll see what I can do about swapping with Amie, and getting her to take the late shift tomorrow.”

I was starting to think that getting a dining room, with a bigger table was becoming a priority. The six in our household pretty much filled our existing table. Good thing that was one of the things on our discussion list.

* * *

I’d spent most of the afternoon working in the garage and attached office. With the majority of my work project complete, I was only working about a half day on the telecommuting days. There was so much to do still, it was good to have the extra time. Debbie wanted the kitchen pantry re-done, and the back porch was still leaning. I’d done almost nothing for the garage and work area, and was getting the bathroom back there working, which took most of the day. By the time I got back to the house, I could be pretty proud of the job I’d done back there, and could check one thing off of my way-too-long checklist.

Coming in the back door, I found Debbie at work in the kitchen. I sidled up for a hug and a kiss, and was quickly shoo-ed off to the bathroom.

“You are a mess! You better get in there and clean up, Karen’s sister is going to be here any minute.”

I got a smack on the hand from her spoon, as I grabbed a chocolate chip cookie from one of the cooling racks. It was worth the whack.

Thirty minutes later I was settled deep in the couch, between two very vocal 6 year olds, engrossed in Scooby-Doo when Karen and her sister arrived.

I stood up to greet them as they entered the house. Karen’s sister didn’t look much like her at all. She was taller, and had big, almost bug-eyes, and short brown hair. She was slender, with smallish breasts, and was dressed in torn jeans and a cut-off T-shirt.

“Jack, this is my sister Robin. Robin, Jack.” Karen said, introducing us.

I reached out to shake her hand, which she grabbed and used to pull me in close in order to give me a kiss on the cheek. She then pulled away and looked me over, almost like a piece of meat.

“So. This is the infamous Jack.” Robin said, with a sly smile.

I looked over to Karen, and she looked a little uncomfortable. “I’m going to take her on a quick tour of the house.” She announced, giving me a little push back towards the couch, “I wouldn’t want to interrupt the intellectual feast your involved in there.”

Things started to get busy. Jim showed up shortly after, and Debbie brought some snacks out to the table, along with a bottle of merlot. Karen and Robin returned from their tour, introductions with Jim were made, and the little girls were chased upstairs.

I went into the bedroom and brought out a preliminary sketch of what I had in mind, and sat in the middle of the couch, placing the large pad with the drawing on the coffee table. Robin sat on one side of me and Karen on the other, as I pointed out the addition of a family room and dining room downstairs, and adding a bedroom and playroom upstairs. Robin seemed to be very touchy-feely like her sister, and made a point of sitting very close to me and leaning into me every time she looked at the drawing. With Karen glued to my other side, I was wedged in pretty tight.

Robin took a pencil and started making some changes almost immediately. Where I had a large arch that led into both of the new rooms, Robin created a series of doors changing the flow completely, and making it a little easier to close off the family room, ideal for when the little girls where camped out in there. As for upstairs, I didn’t really have a good idea of how to make it work, and Robin changed things drastically. Her version looked to be a lot more work, but it would work out with a large playroom that the girls rooms opened into, and adding a large bedroom with bath and walk-in closet for Beth.

She was just explaining the reasoning for laying it out that way, and how the plumbing would be much simplified, when Beth walked in the door. Debbie excused herself to the kitchen with an announcement that dinner would be ready in just a minute. We had just a minute to start explaining the layout to Beth, when dinner was served. Debbie set the girls up TV trays in the living room, while the 6 adults crowded around our table.

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