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Edited by Angel Love


I pulled into the parking lot and it was just as I expected. I can’t believe I’m this late. The lot’s packed. The line is going to be insane and they’ll all be inside already. I parked the car and headed for the club doors. Sure enough, the end of the line was at the top of the stairs. Standing there, I took off my coat and started my wait. Checked my watch – 8:47pm. Behind me a group of giggling girls had just come in.

” . . . so if he’s here, like, I’m SO taking him home with me . . . hehehehe.” “Oh my God! You’re such a slut Kimmy! . . . hehehehe.” She was then joined by a chorus of giggles from the rest of the girls.

Oh Jesus! Why me? Why behind ME?? I need a fuckin’ drink. The thought occurred to me to just walk past the line and see Bill, the doorman. He’d let me in ahead of the line. After all I’d been coming here for years and all the staff knew me. Did I really want to look like I expected special treatment though? No . . . I hate that.

Checked my watch – 8:52pm.

I looked up from my watch and could hear the girls giggling about the guy coming up the stairs. It was one of the bouncers, Erik. He looked up, saw me and smiled.

“Hey gorgeous! Late tonight.”

“Yeah, work called as I was on my way out . . . oh forget it. How you been? It’s busy tonight I see.”

“Been good, thanks. Yeah, it’s packed. I hate it when it’s like this. Anyway . . . why are you standing here? C’mon, let’s get you inside.”

As we headed down the stairs, one of the gigglers mumbled, “Bitch!” under her breath.

Didn’t matter to me. I was done waiting. Erik walked me to the door, patted Bill on the shoulder, winked at me and headed back in the club. That man had a fine ass. Truth was, all the guys at the club were very attractive. I think that was part of the club’s popularity. The club employed no women, only attractive men and the women came out in droves to see them. The guys came to the club because there were so many women there. But women are very catty creatures and standing there at the door, I could hear the mumbles starting because I was being let in. I looked up at Bill and smiled.

“Hi Shane. Guess we should get you in there. Let me see that hand of yours.”

“Thanks. All the mumbling behind me is making me thirsty.” I held out my hand, he stamped it and I started in.

“Hey Shane! Let Tim know you’re here. He’s been driving us nuts looking for you.”

I nodded and headed for my regular station inside the club. My friends and I had been going to this club every Friday for years. It was small and more intimate than the larger clubs in the area. We liked it and the people that ran the club liked us. We got special treatment even though we never asked for it, or acted like we expected it. Truth be told, that’s exactly why we got it. We always hung out in the same place and as I walked up, all of my usual suspects were there. After greeting everyone, I was then hit with the same comment made to me at the door. Seems Tim had left no stone unturned in his search for me.

He was another one of the club bouncers. The tallest of them, with the most amazing body. His hair was blonde. Thick, golden blonde with waves that would be curls if he let his hair grow in long. He had full lips, a beautiful smile and a devilish grin. Tim and I had this on going flirtation bakırköy türbanlı escort since he was hired, but this was the first time I was bombarded with the news that he’d been looking for me. I decided to play it cool and not go running to find out why. I lit a cigarette, hopped on a barstool and surveyed the club.

“The usual Shane?” It was Bobby, my favorite bartender.

“No thanks Bobby. Not just yet.”

“Hey, you know Tim’s had us looking for you all night?”

“Yeah, thanks. If you see him tell him, I’m here.”

“Will do . . . ”

I spotted Tim on the other side of the dance floor. He was talking to a group of girls, but he kept checking the room like he wanted to get away. He still hadn’t seen me. I found this amusing. I decided to move from my usual spot and make finding me a little more difficult. I headed over to the other bar, found an open spot and leaned on the bar. I started making small talk with the guy next to me and let him buy me a drink. We even danced a little, there next to the bar, as not to lose our spots. Then he thanked me and took off. I stood there for a second and Bobby nodded his head at me. Tim sent the guy packing and was standing behind me.

“You were late tonight,” he said.

“You scared that guy off. He bought me a drink.”

“You don’t pay for drinks here.”

I turned to face him. I’m tall, five foot ten to be exact, but Tim towered over me. He was at least six foot five and had well-defined arms. Hell, he had well-defined everything.

“I hear you’ve been looking for me,” I said trying to sound only mildly curious.

“Yeah. I was. I even sent Erik out to check the line for you.”

“He found me, and looks like you did too.”

“Yes, I did,” an impish grin curling on those perfect lips.

“What did you want, that you had everyone keeping an eye out for me?”

He leaned down close to my ear and said, “You.”

I was actually a bit shocked by his answer. We’d flirted for a long time and I knew he liked me, but this was different. The light, flirty air that we had was not present. He meant it. He wanted me.

“They capped the line and are turning people away. Meet me in the lobby in ten minutes.” He softly bit my earlobe and walked away. I was stunned and my heart was racing. I turned back to the bar and Bobby walked up.

“Let me guess . . . the usual. Malibu Bay Breeze?”

“No. Give me a shot of tequila. Make it a double.”

“Heh . . . you got it.” He brought the shot glass back and filled it, still grinning.

“What are you grinning at Bobby?”

“Just never seen you get rattled before. It’s quite a sight.”

“Fuck you, Bobby.” He winked, mouthed a kiss at me and went to take his next order.

I grabbed the shot and turned, leaning on the bar and facing the door. Tim was right. They had closed the line and weren’t letting anyone else in. Bill brought in the red ropes and closed the door to the club. When he walked to the back to put the ropes away, that’s when Tim made his exit. We locked eyes as he walked out. I looked at the drink in my hand and then at the door, took a long drag off my cigarette, slowly blew the smoke out and slammed the double shot. I put the cigarette out, left the glass on the bar and headed for the door. Bill stopped me as I got to the door. bakırköy ucuz escort

“Heading out early? That’s not like you,” he said.

“Oh no . . . I just left something in the car.”

“Ahh, the car. Okay, just bang on the door when you get back.”

“Thanks.” I smiled and pushed open the door.

The lobby was empty. I stood there for a minute looking around. That’s when I heard him. “Shane . . . over here.”

He was in the old coat room at the far side of the lobby. It was only used now when the club had special events. I walked to the doorway. There he was, standing there in the dark. I went in and closed the door behind me. He turned on a small light above the bar where the coats hang.

“C’mere,” he sounded sure of himself.

I’d always been the cocky one in our little dance, but for the first time, I wasn’t calling the shots. I liked it, but wasn’t about to let him know that. I could smell his cologne. He always smelled so good. Truth was, I had been hot for Tim from the first time I saw him, and seeing him like this turned me on.

“That’s some greeting. ‘C’mere’. What’s that about?” I asked, playing it cool.

“Shane, stop. You know what it’s about. Come here.”

I took one step toward him and stopped. I could hear the desire in his voice, and I could feel the heat rising in my skin, that tingle growing between my legs. He was right. I did know what it was about and I wanted him as much as he wanted me. I took another step closer to him, “Tim, this is the coat room.”

“Uh-huh, it is. Come here.”

Another step closer, “Tim, we’re in a hotel. You couldn’t get a roo . . . ”

He leaned forward, put his arm around my waist, pulled me to him and covered my mouth with his. He held me tight against him. I could feel him growing harder inside his jeans. I slid one hand to the back of his head and tangled my fingers in his hair, gripping it and pulling it lightly. My other hand started rubbing his growing erection through his jeans.

He grabbed my ass, pressing his fingers into me, almost lifting me off the floor. His other hand held my breast, kneading it through my blouse. I gasped loudly and broke our kiss. He bit and sucked at my neck. This was savage, wild and his grunts and growls were so primal. I could feel how wet I was getting. He kissed and bit his way down my throat, gripped my breast and then bit at it through my blouse and bra.

That was all I could take. I was breathless and my pussy was on fire. I reached for his jeans and started to undo them, reaching inside to touch him. My fingers gripped his hot, throbbing cock and I gave it a firm squeeze. He growled and slid his hand under my skirt. His fingers slipping under the back of my thong and under my ass. The tips of his fingers pressing against my pussy lips and one finger slipped inside me.

I growled now, low and guttural, “Fuck me Tim! Oh God fuck me!”

He spun us around and pressed my back against the wall. He kissed me hard on the lips and I slid my hands under his shirt, dragging my nails over his skin and then pinching his nipples hard. He groaned inside the kiss and then broke it. He took of his shirt and pushed down his pants. He stood in front of me naked, his cock bobbing there for me to see. I reached for it and he grabbed my arms and held them to the wall above başakşehir escort my head in one hand. With the other, he tore open my blouse, buttons flying and hitting the floor. He leaned down and bit each of my nipples through the lace of my bra, then pulled each one out of its cup and bit them again. My hips wiggled and rolled uncontrollably. I felt his hand between my legs, his fingers hooked inside my thong. With one pull he ripped it off me and threw it to the floor. It took my breath away.

“Oh God yes!”

He let go of my hands and picked me up, mounting me on his cock. It was long and thick. I gasped loudly as he entered me hard and fast, my back against the wall and my legs wrapped around him. His hands gripped my ass cheeks as I bounced on his cock, riding him. He slammed himself into me, over and over, grunting like an animal.

“Oh – Tim – God – Yes – Fuck – Me!!” I groaned as each thrust inside me tapped, rubbed and edged me closer to orgasm.

My insides tightened around him and he shifted tipping my hips so the shaft of his cock stroked my clit as he fucked me. His fingers pressed harder into my skin the closer he got to cumming. I squeezed my insides around him tightly, feeling every inch of him. I pushed myself off the wall, wrapping my arms around him. My entire body stiffened as ecstasy washed over me and I came. His thrusts continued as my pussy pulsed around his cock. My arms around him and my fingers in his hair, I sucked and bit the edge of his ear.

Pulling his hair and holding his ear between my teeth I told him, “Cum for me Tim. I want you to cum inside me.”

I felt his body tighten as he came and his thrusts slowed. Pulling his head back, I kissed him long and full on the lips, my pussy squeezing and milking his cock. Feeling him start to relax, I let my legs go and he stood me back on the floor. I adjusted my skirt and he looked down at me. Taking my face in both of his huge hands, he kissed me again.

“I have wanted to do that since the first time I saw you,” he said.

“I’ve wanted you to.” I slipped my breasts back into my bra and looked at what was left of my blouse.

Tim looked down at me and winced. “Christ! I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to… Oh man! What are you gonna do? You can’t go back in there like that.”

“Yeah I can. Watch.” I took the blouse and tied the bottom in a knot just below my breasts and added, “But you can’t go back in there like that.”

He quickly dressed himself, kissed me again and headed out telling me he would see me inside. I took a moment to collect myself, smooth my hair and look for what was left of my thong. Finding it, I left the coat room and dropped the shredded thong in a waste can. I got back to the club door and banged my fist against it.

Bill opened the door and looked me up and down, raised an eyebrow and said, “Left something in your car huh?”

Trying not to blush I said, “What? It was hot in here. I changed my shirt.” Sticking out my chest a bit, giving him a good look at my bra I asked, “Got a problem with that Billy?”

He blushed and stammered, “N-no-o.”

Back inside, I gave my friends the same song and dance I had just given Bill at the door. We drank, hung out and closed the place as usual. They brought up the lights and everyone started for the door. We said our good-byes to the staff as we headed out.

Tim smiled and gave me his usual, “See you next week.”

I stopped, walked over to him, opened his hand, placed something in his palm, closed his fingers around it and left. Tim opened his hand and found a slip of paper. On it was written my phone number, address and the words: “Yes you will.”

Nestled inside the paper… a button from my blouse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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