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The Beginnings

We have needed this night out for a long time. Being married for a few years now, each focusing on our jobs and paying the bills, we have left precious little time for just us. Me working two jobs and you working full time and going to school, it has been a chore.

Lately we have been snapping at each other for no reason, both tired every day, and never time to sit and just breathe hardly. Well that is going to change. Tonight is about us. Just the two of us. No phones, no pagers, no classes. Nothing but the two of us enjoying each other.

The evening starts by me taking you to your favorite restaurant, Luigis. We have not been here since I proposed to you about four years ago. It was time to rekindle the flame that has dwindled to barely a spark.

Calling ahead, I have asked for a secluded table in the back so that we could have a bit of privacy away from the other guests that night. I want this to be a night that you will remember and cherish for a long time.

You ordered your favorite Linguini with Clam sauce, a dish that you have sacrificed because of my distaste of seafood. Always thinking of me, of us, its time we thought about you. I sit back sipping on my coffee as you raise your glass of vino being sophisticated and sexy as ever. “What’s wrong?” you ask with a raised eyebrow. “Nothing my dear, just watching you. I can still watch you right?” I reply trying to be smooth, which does not always work. This time it did because the blush on your face and the twinkle in your eye said it was so.

Having finished up dinner and judging it to be time, I make my move. Nonchalantly I “accidentally” push my napkin to the edge of the table. Watching it fall to the floor, I say “oops” with a evil grin and excuse myself to retrieve it.

Ducking my head under the table, I look across across and am surprised to see that you are not wearing panties. It seems that I am not the only one with a trick up my sleeve this evening.

Crawling across the floor to your chair, I creep up to your legs, eyeing my own special dessert. Sliding my hands along your legs as my face gets closer, seeing the glistening mound in front of me, I can hardly wait.

Feeling your legs tremble, I know it must be driving you crazy as I slide the tip of my tongue across your thigh. Parting your legs as I put my lips upon you, I feel you tense up at my touch.

Tasting the anticipation from you, I don’t think I can wait until we get home. I must have this now. Slowly drawing your hard clit in my mouth, I begin licking it softly. Feeling your hands slide underneath the table to control my head, I push them back, whispering, “This is a special dessert, enjoy it while I enjoy you”.

I slide my hands up your legs, around your hips, and softly cup your buttocks as I bring my face closer to that which I desire most. I begin to lick the moist slit, your juices are flowing nicely. Licking from the bottom, slowly working my way up, my tongue explores every part of you, probing, licking, the lips of your soaking wet pussy.

Your hips trying so hard to meet my mouth, I keep you at bay, I do not want to draw unwanted attention to us as I enjoy this perfect tasting treat.

My tongue begins a steady rhythm into you as it continues on its path to your clitoris. Reaching the bottom of your clit, my tongue begins making half circles around the bottom of it, teasing you so gently, and I can feel your excitement building. With your ass resting in my hands, I pull your clit into my teeth, gently nibbling on innovia escort it.

I can the hear footsteps behind me, it does not deter me from what I am doing, it is the waiter, and he has come to ask if we would care for more wine, or desert.

Your voice, crackling with pleasure, fear, and excitement, replies “no thanks, we need to wait until he is done” The waiter must have given you a look of question, because you cleared your throat and said, “until he comes back”. The waiter agrees then goes about his business, I can feel the orgasm building inside of you as you prepare to explode in my mouth.

Your hips begin to shake violently as you begin to release the wave of sweet nectar in my mouth, my tongue lapping every drop that you have. Wave after wave of pleasure wash across my face as you cannot control yourself any longer.

Finally after you lean back in your seat, the aftershocks stopping, I wipe my face with the napkin that started this feast, and I wipe the inside of your thighs free of what flowed down my mouth. I step out from underneath the table and take my seat.

The waiter returns and I order you another glass of wine. You look at him and yell “Check!” I know you are ready to go home.

That poor waiter, you had him running like crazy to bring you your check. Little did he know what occurred under the table just moments before. I had to stifle a laugh, as you demanded the check. When it finally arrived, you snatched it out of his hand much to his dismay and to mine. I have never seen you like this, the fire in your eyes, the smell of pure primal lust coming from you.

Your patience was wearing thin as you gave the waiter the crisp 100-dollar bill. “Keep the change,” you muttered, “I don’t have time to wait.” The waiter was speechless as he held the money in his hand, after all, the bill was just shy of 30.00.

This time it was you who took the lead, you grabbed me by the hand and lead me out the door to the car. I have never felt your grip as tight around my hand. I opened the door for you when we reached the car, but instead of allowing you to get in, I stood in front and looked into your eyes and told you how incredibly sexy you were at that moment, the lust overpowering you.

“You know there is a price to get into the car now, are you prepared to pay it?” I asked with a sheepish grin. You pressed your lips against mine, and your tongue slipping into my mouth for a long sensuous kiss. The growing bulge in my pants was feeling the restraints of my boxers as I pull you against me returning the kiss.

You pulled away, and said in that sexy voice of yours, “Oh, I think I am ready to pay”. You slipped right out of my arms and into the seat. I quickly ran around to the other side, now it was I that couldn’t wait to get home.

The drive home

It was going to be about a 45-minute trek before we reached the house, and I was not sure either of us could wait till then. I looked over at you and saw that your hand had slid down to your waist and you were seductively pulling your skirt up revealing those sexy legs in the process. It was very difficult keeping my eyes on the road when you were showing something that was so much more worthwhile.

After just a moment, you had the skirt pulled all the way up revealing that clean-shaven mound, still wet from the restaurant. Your leg cocked against the door, giving me a full view of what I had done to you. “You like?” you asked. The smile I gave answered it all.

Again, using the istanbul escort same seductive manner, you started unbuttoning your blouse to give me full exposure to your supple breasts cupped in that lacy black bra that you know drives me crazy.

I was thankful that I had the windows tinted when I bought this car, this was a show that I wanted for myself only. You unclasped your bra and for the first time I could see how hard your nipples were. I had never seen them stick out that far since I had met you.

Using the control beside me, I reclined your seat slightly so that you would be more comfortable, and that I would have a better view, as you began to massage your breast, paying special attention to your nipples. Your soft moans were driving me insane. Just watching you, and hearing you, I was ready to explode, it was unbelievable.

Watching your hands glide down your stomach to your waist. Finally after what seems like an eternity, I see your fingers dip down into your wet pussy drawing juices back up along your clitoris. Your fingers moving back up to your clit which now is as hard as my cock.

Circling your clit with your wet fingers, your moans grow louder and my cock grows harder. Seeing my discomfort, you look at me and say, “Honey, let me help you with that.”

Leaning towards me you put your wet fingers to my mouth. I hungrily lick them clean, savoring the taste. You pull your fingers away and start gliding your hands down my chest, unbuttoning my shirt enough to slide your hand across my bare chest. You reach my nipple and give it a little pinch, giving me an unexpected thrill, which drives me insane, as you pull your hand out.

Running your hands down my shirt, you teasingly go across my legs, and then under my cock. With a gentle squeeze, you cup my balls and my cock. “Please baby, please ” I start to whisper, but again your finger reaches up to my mouth to stop me from speaking, “Its my turn to have fun” you whisper with an evil glint in your eyes.

Unbuckling my belt, then my slacks, you move your hands away and lower your head to my lap. I can feel your breath through my pants, your long hair in my lap covering your head. Using your teeth, you unzip my pants and gently blow on the tip of my cock that is trying desperately to escape the confinement of my boxers.

Flicking your tongue out to the tip of my cock, tasting the precum that has is leaking from my hard cock. “Mmmm, what caused this?”, you asks so innocently. “You know damn well what caused it, exactly what you are doing now” I laughed.

Reaching down you rip the seam of my boxers like an animal in heat so that my swollen member is now standing free and upright. I grip the steering wheel tighter as I try to maintain control of the car.

As you hover your lips above my cock, I brush your hair from your face so that I can see you take me. Slowly I feel your lips glide down my cock until it presses against the back of your throat. As if you knew my desire to go in further, you push your head down further, until your lips are wrapped around the base of my cock. I cannot believe you have taken it all down your throat.

Sliding your tongue around my cock as you begin to pump it with your mouth, I know its not going to be long before I lose it. Your hand reaches down and you begin to massage my sac while sucking my cock. With the touch of your hand, I almost explode. The rhythm of your massage matches the increasing tempo of your mouth. It is all that I can do to keep in my kadıköy escort lane as I experience your wonderful pleasure.

I can feel myself ready to explode, by my moans, you know I am almost there, you work your lips feverishly on my cock, your tongue is all over my shaft that is enclosed in your mouth. Finally I can hold back no more as I start to explode in your mouth. Gushes of hot cum filling your mouth and sliding down your throat. Wave after wave of pleasure coming from me. The whole time your mouth never spilling a drop. Satisfied you have taken every ounce of cum from me, you lift your mouth off of my cock that is still throbbing.

I try to speak, but cannot find the words, instead I simply smile at you as you smile back at me, licking your lips. Both of us knowing that this night is far from over.

Arriving Home

After that incredible ride from the restaurant, I am so glad to get you home. Throwing the car into park, I can hardly wait to get both my hands feeling your wondrous body again.

Jumping out of the car, I rush around to the passenger side to open your door. As I take your hand to help you out of the car, the lust takes over once again. I cannot contain my self as I lean you against the grand oak in the front yard.

While its a good thing we have a privacy fence, it really would not have mattered, the lust was just too great. All inhibitions were lost.

For the second time tonight, you reach down and unzipped my pants, allowing them to fall to the ground. Lifting your legs around my hips, I let you wrap around me as I feel my wanting member against your wetness. Feeling no resistance to my advance, I slide into you, hearing you gasp against my ear, “Oh lover, oh baby”. Gently sinking into that warmth, the animal inside of me takes over as I begin to thrust in further, harder. Taking you against this tree outside has just brought more out than either of us could have imagined.

Buttons flying off that blouse as I rip it apart revealing again those wonderful breasts. Leaning into you, keeping my steady rhythm, I take your nipple into my mouth, wrapping my tongue around the hardness as if it were clit. Sucking hard, I can tell its effect on you, the sounds of pleasure and moans of ecstasy being whispered in my ears. Feeling your hands slide up and down back, suddenly I feel something cold against me. The neighbors dog has decided to investigate.

While you enjoy the extra thrust it provided, it scared the hell out of me. Both laughing at what just happened, its decided that we move our amorous activities inside. Quickly grabbing our clothes and running to the door, I start fumbling with the keys to open the door while you push your nakedness against me. No sooner than the door opens, we slip inside and slam it behind us.

Dropping everything at the door, I take you in my arms and carry you to the bedroom and put you on the bed. Laying behind you on the bed, I lean into you, and begin sliding my cock into you. Feeling the warmth, the tightness, the sweet trembles of your pussy is amazing. Taking you deeper, and faster we are moaning together. The sweet sound of our love making combined with the lust of the evening. As I pull you closer to me, I roll over onto my back, pulling you on top of me. You lean forward and ride me as I take a hold of your firm ass and guide you up and down. Sliding up and down I can feel your climax building, I can’t hold it any longer and I know you are about to explode, we begin to cum together, wave after wave, feeling each other tremble.

You lean back against me, we turn on our sides, still connected, still inside of you, I hold you in my arms. Both exhausted from a wonderful evening. Forgetting everything except for the feelings of you and I, we drift off into a slumber of peaceful, satisfied, and long overdue sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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