Daughter Drank Mom’s Special Sangria


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Since we are in our fifties and my wife is in menopause, we must enhance our drinks on occasion. This is particularly needed for my wife. So, we went to the local sex shop and tried various products. We finally found something that works well. It is called FORTA – VITALITY DESIRE and comes as a capsule. You take one or two and it lasts for a couple days and your libido is increased. My wife does not like to take the pill, so we open the capsule and pour the contents into drinks for her. Recently I have done a small pitcher of Sangria on Friday, and when she comes home from work, she has a few glasses. The next day she has some more. Normally by Saturday evening, she is hot to trot if I may say so, and we have so much fun. This of course is all pre-agreed upon, no secrets.

This Friday was no exception. I made the Sangria, put ice in it and put into the fridge. We live alone, so no problems as our children are all young adults and live on their own. My wife got home from work and said, “Honey, I must go to my aunt’s place for the weekend because she does not feel very well, and I need help around the house for her. You will have to keep the Sangria until I return.”

“No problem! I understand, go and take good care of her.” I responded.

She got ready, packed her suitcase, and left. Her aunt lives about two hours from our place, so it is not just a day trip and back at night. I decided that this weekend would be a “man” weekend with sports, gaming, beer, and wings. I got myself a beer and went to my computer and started to play a game.

“Hey daddy! Hellooooooo, Earth calling Daddy!……”

Oh my god, my daughter is home, why? I did not expect her this weekend. “Hi Kristina, what you are doing home this weekend, aren’t you working on weekends?”

“No, not this weekend, I got the weekend off and university is closed for a few days during mid-session; I wanted to surprise you and Mom with a visit.”

“Wow! That is a surprise, but Mom just had to go help her aunt who is sick and needs help around the house this weekend. Sorry! But she should be back Sunday night.”

“That’s ok! I wanted to relax anyway, and you are here; it makes me happy to be with you this weekend. A father/daughter weekend, that could be cool. I will go put my things in my room; I know where stuff is, talk to you later.”

I went back to gaming and had a couple beers. After about an hour I yelled up to ask if she would like pizza; she answered, “of course”, and I called our order in. Because it was Friday, it took over an hour before the pizza arrived; I paid and brought it to the kitchen. I called Kristina to come over for pizza. She came out of her room. and to my surprise had a glass of Sangria with her. SHiiiiittttttt! I had forgotten about the Sangria.

I opened the fridge and saw that at least half of the pitcher was gone. “Kristina! The Sangria was for mom!”

“yeah! But she is not home, and you can do a fresh one for her for Sunday.”

How do I explain to her that it was special Sangria? I know she is an adult at 25 and probably has a fuck friend in town, so why explain to her what is in it. She probably will just think it is her libido that is to the roof and call the friend for a visit. This is not my business anyway.

I open another beer and we had pizza. We were chatting along, and I could see she was wiggling on her chair a bit and her face was flushed. I thought to myself the Sangria is increasing her already libido…ooops! I laugh silently.

Towards the end of dinner, she said, “I do not know how much booze you had in this but it sure is hitting solid.”

“Honey! It is not that spiked, maybe it is just because you are tired. Maybe you should go to sleep early tonight!”

“I think you are right, that’s what I will do!”

Dinner was over and I went downstairs to watch some sports and do more gaming. About one hour later I decided that it was time for bed. I closed everything and just as I was about to go up, the phone rang. It was my wife, “Honey I arrived safely but my aunt is really sick, and I will have to extend my stay for a few more days. Are you going to be ok?”

“Yes, but guess what? Our daughter dropped by for a short surprise visit as university is closed for mid-session.”

“Oh NOOOOOOO! I will miss her visit, apologize for me and take good care of her!”

“I will, now I am going to sleep, I am tired, talk to you later.”

I hung up and headed towards my bed; as I was walking down the hallway, I heard a muffled sound from my daughter’s bedroom, then buzzing. I got close and listened in as I am a bit of a voyeur. She was pleasuring herself; it must have been Uzun porno the special Sangria working its way on her. I went to bed laughing a bit.

Next morning, I got up and started to make breakfast, my daughter came out and look awful, “Are you feeling ok honey?”

“Yes! I just did not sleep much, that’s all.”

That was so funny, and I chuckled a bit, she looked at me weirdly.

I served our breakfast and wow! She engulfed it all, she was so hungry. After breakfast she kept looking at me weird but did not say anything. I told her I had errands to run today and I would be back early afternoon. I left and that was that.

When I got back Kristina was by the pool, taking on some rays and FUCKKKK! She still has the Sangria; I meant to throw it away this morning. I look in the fridge and shit, the pitcher was almost empty. Too late now, I guess she will have a sleepless night yet again, HaHa!.

I went outside and asked how the pool was.

“Daddy! The pool is great, but this Sangria is so potent, I feel weird. What have you put in the Sangria, which booze?”

“Hummmm! Honey same as usual, but I think I must be honest with you, this Sangria was for Mom and it is special.”

“What do you mean special?”

“Well, since Mom started menopause, she has been having issue with, let’s say “private problems” and we spiced up the Sangria for her for the weekend with a special spice.”

“WHAT KINDDDDD of spice?”

“It is a somewhat of an hormones supplement for ladies.”

“Daddy! Stop running around and answer me, what type of spice was in there?”

“It is called Forta Vitality Desire, and you get this at the sex shop! You weren’t supposed to have this, and I had mixed it for Mom, but when she got home , she told me she had to go to her aunt’s and to help her with the house until Sunday. We did not expect you here this weekend.”

“Why you did not tell me, I would not have drank it daddy!”

“Well, when you arrived, I had forgotten about it in the fridge and was concentrated on my gaming; by the time I realized, it was too late, you had drank half of the pitcher. I was going to throw the rest away, but I went to bed early. I meant to do it this morning., I had to go do some errands and was going to do it on my return, but you seem to have drunk it all!”

“Daddy! It is good Sangria, but that stuff would explain my problem since yesterday. I normally really do not need some help with my libido, trust me, I am a type of person that is pretty connected with my high libido, but this is sending me through the roof.”

“Uh, I’m sorry honey! I do not want to laugh but I heard you last night! The good news is it will pass in the next 48 to 72 hours. In the meantime, I suggest you go see one of your guy friends in town, HaHa!”

“Daddy stop laughing at me, it is not funny, I am always horny, and this will last for 72 hours…FUCK DADDY! Do you know the problem it causes me? By the way, my guy friend in town has moved away and I am not going for some strangers.”

“Looks like you will be using your toys that were buzzing last night hahahahahahahah!

“Stop laughing, a toy is just a toy, it helps but it does not complete the job, for fuck sake Daddy, what Am I going to do?”

“May I suggest a cold shower, ha ha!”

“Daddy. you are not funny, you bum, you will pay for this one day!” Then she went into the house, I was laughing so much I could not stop. My petite, sexy daughter was having libido issues that were hitting the roof and that was funny. Then she yelled at me that she was going out for a couple hours. I answered, “Good luck, honey and hope you find a good partner, ha ha!”

“Daddy! You are a bitch and you will pay for it, trust me!”

The afternoon went by fast and she came back home from shopping; then she said “Daddy! I will prepare dinner; how about a good spaghetti?”

“Sounds great Kristina!”

About an hour later.

“Daddy! Dinner is ready!”

“Ok coming up!

We had dinner, talked about school, I tried to avoid the Sangria subject at all, and we talked about what she had purchased today. Then we did the dishes, and I went to watch TV. A couple hours later as I was watching sports and getting comfortable on the sofa, my dick was getting hard. At one point I had this raging hard -on and did not understand why. Then it dawned on me, the little brat must have gotten some sort of male hormone substitute and put some in my spaghetti to get back at me.

I got up and went to talk to her. When I got to her room her door was closed, and I could hear the buzzing of the vibrator and her heavy breathing. Fuck it! I will ask anyway. I knocked on her door and said, “Kristina! You little brat, did you spike my spaghetti!”

She started to laugh so much, and I heard her say, “Good! You know how I feel now, good luck with it!”

I left and was a bit angry and thought ‘she is worse than me’, she got me back as she promised. Never get on the bad side of my daughter, she may be petite 5’3″, 120 lbs Öğrenci porno wet but man, she is tough as nails. I went to my room and tried to forget about my hard -on, but it would not go away. I took a cold shower and that did not work either. I jerked off and all it did was to turn me on even more. So, I said fuck it, I am going to the spa with a beer.

I got my swim shorts, got a beer, went outside to the spa, and started looking at the stars, trying to forget. My daughter came out and she was holding a glass of wine and wearing her bikini. “Hey Daddy! Get out of there I have reserved this for me tonight!”

“Hummm! Young lady, first the spa can host 10 people, second I paid for it, and third, I am already in it and staying!”

Kristina walked over to the spa, looked at me and said, “I would have thought that you would have spent the night in your bedroom ha ha”

“No, I am not, I am trying to forget and maybe drink myself to sleep!”

“It won’t work Daddy! I tried it yesterday and all it did is increase my libido!”

“Talking about your libido, has it gone down now?”

“No, fuck Daddy! It is increasing, I am telling you if a guy would walk by, I think I would jump him just to feel is dick deep inside me!”

“Now! Now! Little girl holds back a bit!”

“Daddy! I can see that you are having issue as well, down there ha ha!”

“This is completely your fault; first you spike up my drink and, of course, I have never required help for a strong erection, but second, you walk over to the spa with this tiny bikini that shows your gorgeous little body. I am sorry but it does influence my dick!”

“You think I am gorgeous, even with the small breasts I have?”

“Kristina! I have always been attracted to small breasted women, hence why I like your mom, her 32B breasts are just to my taste.”

“Hey that’s what I wear too!”

“Did not need to know that you know!”

“I know but it will fuck with your brain and your cock and that is part of my revenge! Ha ha”

At that point she got in the spa, went in front of me on the other side of the spa and she bent over the spa while saying, “Daddy! Look at this beautiful wildflower by the spa, I will pick one!”

I could see her beautiful ass cheeks, well rounded and the form of her pussy lips against her bikini. She spent a long time picking that flower and she kept wiggling her butt. Then she turned around, walked to me slowly, bent forward to give me the flower but staying there for me to see her breast, closely enough to see that her nipples were hard, and areolas were puffy as fuck. She went back to sit, had a sip of wine, looked at me and giggled.

“Daddy! What is the matter? Your cock looks even bigger; you having problem controlling it? Welcome to my club, suffer now!”

I decided to make her pay for this and I know she has always been very ticklish. So, I got up, grabbed her start tickling her like crazy. She was wiggling and wiggling and laughing begging me to stop and I would not. At one point she turned quickly to try to tickle me but, on the movement, she lost her top. The view of her nice puffy dark brown areolas and her hard nipples were driving me crazy. I took her top and threw out of the spa and laughed.

“Daddy! You jerk, you want to throw it out, fine! I will not wear one then, and you are just going to have a bigger hard on!” Then she took both her breast in her hands, squeezed them while pinching her nipple and sat back down.

“Kristina! I will have to go inside as I am afraid; I might do something I will regret later and frankly; I must take care of business.”

“I can see that Daddy. You have quite the tool in there and if it grows any more, I think it will tear your swim trunks!”

As I was going to get out of the spa, she pulled down on my trunks. I fell back into the spa and she took my trunks and threw it out of the spa. “Fair is fair! You threw mine, so I throw yours!”

“Really young lady! Then fine, you want to look at my big dick and get all flustered and nowhere to go, there it is, look at the length and size of it. That is what you would need to take care of that constant itch you have….hahah! I can play that game too you know!”

“WOW! That is a big dick, now I know why Mom smiles all the time. You are correct, that would feel good so hide it before I jump on you…hahah, back at you!”

With these words from my daughter, I got up, took my cock in my hand, and started to slowly masturbate for her, trying to fuck with her brain, tease her and laugh at her. It did not work as planned, she sat up on the side of the spa, undid her bikini bottom, pulled it off and she put 2 finger inside that beautiful butterfly lips, which were as bare as you can be.

“I can tease you as much as you can, you know!”

“Kristina! You must stop, I am losing control now and it might be dangerous for us.”

“Daddy! I already lost control and frankly I could use a good fuck, would you fuck my pussy please? I need a cock inside of me, after all, it is all your fault if we feel like this. Just this once PLEASE DADDY, PLEASE!”

My brain was not working properly anymore, the booze and hormone in my meal had a weird effect, her tiny body, the beautiful butterfly pussy lips, those small breasts had taken over my sanity. I moved toward her, did not say a word, put my cock head at the entrance of Kristina’s pussy and started to push in. She was just looking at me, wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me inside her.

She was so wet, so tight, so sexy, I pushed inside of her and hit the back of her channel. When I was all the way in, she grabbed me and held me there for a few seconds, looking at me. I was contracting my cock inside her and could feel it hitting the inside wall. She was looking at me and started to move her pelvis on my cock and breathing so heavily. “Daddy! This feels so wrong and so good! Fuck me hard please Daddy!”

I grabbed her ass cheeks, pulled her up on me and we got a rhythm going in and out of her. She grabbed my head and pulled me in for a deep French kiss. She then bit my lip and was moaning and moaning, “DADDYYYY!!!!!!! Keep t this up I will have an orgasm; please, I need it!”

I kept going, not speaking a word, and as I started to cum inside her, she yelled, “CUUUMMMIINNNGGGGGG! AAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!”

Then I pulled out of her, kissed her, and apologized for losing my mind. She replied that it was OK as she did too, and to just keep this between us. We blamed the extra hormones. Before I left, I gave her a big hug and she felt so good on my body.

I was in my room thinking it over, feeling bad and wondering if she will ever speak to me again even if she was as willing as me to do this. After all, she is an adult as well. I fell asleep and still had a hard on because she felt so good on my cock.

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling someone in my bed. I turned around and it was her, spooning against me in the nude, sleeping with her arms over me and her head resting by my shoulder. It felt good and this time I knew she wanted to be like that with me. My cock got hard instantly. I played with her hair, admiring her beauty, those long auburn hairs were so silky. Her eyes with the long eyelashes made her look so sexy, she is so petite. I was unable to see her as my daughter anymore.

She slowly woke up and said, “Daddy! I just want you to know that what happen earlier was not planned, but I must admit I loved it and you were so gentle with me. I was unable to sleep, I just needed to cuddle and when I came into your room you were fast asleep. I tried to wake you but that did not work, so I cuddled and fell asleep. Are you mad at me?”

“Kristina, I am not mad, I am confused because I have mixed feelings; the dad in me knows we should stop it now, and the man in me that sees this beautiful young body naked, close to me, says have more fun with her. This is so very confusing!”

“You still desire me, really?”

She moved up and kissed me. Her hands found my hands and she pulled them onto her breasts. Then she grabs my cock and very slowly masturbated me. We were still kissing, and I moved her up, to be on top of me. She kept my cock in her hands and put it in to the entrance of her pussy. She was dripping wet. She slowly pushed my cock inside her. Then she sat up on my dick and was moving her pelvis very slowly on my dick. I grabbed her tiny tits and the dark areolas were all puffy and her nipples were so hard.

I was pinching and rolling her nipple between my fingers. Her head was thrown back and she was breathing heavily and moving faster and faster. Then she stopped, looked at me, “Daddy! I don’t want to cum just yet, So I am going to suck your dick, while you eat my pussy juice!”

She turned around on me and gave me the most beautiful view of her butterfly pussy lips that were all wet. She pushed her pussy to my mouth, and I started to slowly lick her. I took both my hands over her ass cheeks to ensure I was able to spread her pussy lips wide and lick all the inside. Her clitoris was so hard, I was able to suck it while my tongue was playing with it.

She was sucking my cock like a pro, she was pushing it in as far as she could, but being that big, I understood she could not take it all. But she was also licking the back of my cock head with the tip of her tongue while sucking me. I was not going to be able to hold back too long, I told her.

“Daddy! I don’t want you to cum just yet please let me know when you are close, and I will stop!”

“OK Kristina, you do the same!”

We kept this going for a while, teasing to a point of no return, and stopping. My face was all wet from her pussy juice and she said, “OK! I need to cum, fuck me from behind and pull my hair daddy! Just like the little slut I like to be!”

I turned her around and got in place. I pushed my cock inside her and grabbed her long hair. Her torso went to the bed immediately, with her head tilted back from the pulling of her hair. Her ass was way high, and my dick was hitting the back of her pussy. I picked up a good rhythm and she was breathing so heavily and moaning. “Daddy! Keep this pace up I will cum. Yes! LIKE THAT YES! YES! YES! AAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH CUUUUMMMMIIINNNGGG!!!!!!! It is soooooo good!”

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