Daughter Holds the Keys Ch. 02


In his dream, Robert was kneeling before a woman in a black dress, stroking his cock as her legs dangled seductively before him. Her toes tickled his balls, and he moaned with pleasure. Her dress was low-cut, and there was a silver bracelet around her wrist. Her lips were red, and her voice was beautiful even as she giggled at his submission.

“Almost there, baby?” his wife asked.

“Yes,” he hissed.

“Are you excited to cum?”

“Yes. Please. Please…”

“You know that if you cum you’re going back in your cage, right? Or you can just keep stroking and edging…are you sure you want it to be over?”

“I want it.”

“Alright,” she giggled again. “Then I want you to beg for me.”

“Please,” he whispered, as he stroked faster and faster. “Please, I want it so bad.”

“And…?” she asked. Her toes tapped his balls again, as her foot bobbed.

“Please…please let me cum. Please let me cum for you, so that you can lock my cock up again.” He blushed, but the submission only made him harder. And he knew she wanted to hear it.

“Good boy. What else?”

Even aroused as he was, he hesitated. “Please…” he choked, “please let me cum, so that I can…so that I can lick all my cum off your foot.”

“Okay,” she said. “You have my permission to cum Robert. Let it all out for me.”

And the dream ended, in the split second before he could blow his load.

Robert snapped awake, breathing heavily and with his cage squeezing his throbbing cock.

Fuck… he thought. He reached down by reflex, but could do nothing to recapture the feeling that had filled his dream. He gave up after only a minute, and then laid back and closed his eyes, struggling at least to relive the images. How long ago had that night been?

Only six more days, he thought. Only six more days and I can cum. It’s not so bad. But as he cast his thoughts forward, and imagined stepping into the clinic next week, his furious arousal started to dwindle. The thought of undressing and letting the nurse unlock him, and jerking off as quickly as he could before she came back, almost hurt.

Just think about it, daddy…he could hear Clair whispering. His cock pounded in its cage. There was dried precum on the sheets beneath him, he realized—he would have to make sure that he didn’t let Claire or Brooke do the washing this week.

It was still early—over an hour before he had to leave for work. So he sat in bed, and reached for his laptop. He hesitated for a minute, pulse racing as he considered what he might find when he began his search. There was a part of him that desperately wanted to let the thought disappear. But he knew that Claire’s offer would never leave his head. Never.

It took him less than a minute to find a website where men shared their experiences of having their daughters hold their chastity keys. Some were bragging, some were lamenting their fates, and some seeking advice. Robert couldn’t say which he was looking for, most. But he scrolled through page after page of the thread, and his cock continued to drip as he went.

“It’s been torture,” one man had written. “Last week, my wife organized our daughter’s nineteenth birthday party. There were ten girls at our house—insanely hot, all of them. My wife made me look after them the entire time…and she made me do it naked. She told me that she liked the idea of me being driven completely crazy all evening, and that if I did a good job, she’d let me cum that night. I barbequed, I poured drinks, and I think I kept my cool pretty well. It’s not like those girls have never seen a man in chastity before. But then they started teasing me. They asked me to lotion them, while they suntanned. A few let me see their tits. And my daughter was the worst of all…she kept asking me which of her friends I thought were hotter, which ones made my cage tighter…which ones I’d like to fuck the most. I dripped precum on one of her friends’ legs, and she made me lick it up. And then, at the end of the evening…my wife gave our daughter my chastity key, as a birthday present, and told her that she got to decide if I would be let out of my cage that night, or if I would have to stay locked up. My daughter didn’t even think about it. She laughed, and said she liked it when I dripped for her and her friends, and she put my key on her ankle bracelet. And every day since, she’s asked me how it looks on her. I don’t know how much longer I can last.”

Holy shit, Robert thought. The story made him want to cum so badly, and for a moment he wondered what it would be like, to be in his own backyard, rubbing suntan lotion on Brooke and Claire’s perfect shoulders, and backs, and legs…

“It’s not so bad, for me,” another man had written. “My daughter teases me, sure…I think she just likes knowing that every man’s attention is on her all the time. But fortunately for me, she seems to think that huge cumshots are the greatest compliment a man can give. Maybe once a week she’ll randomly Avrupalı porno ambush me at home, and get down on her knees and blow me through the cage. She’ll lick through the bars, and play with my balls, and once I’ve started to drip for her, she’ll either get back up and go on with her day, or she’ll unlock me and let me masturbate and spray all over the floor. It can be pretty rough sometimes, but it’s way better than how I know most guys have it.”

Robert’s pulse pounded even harder, at the thought of Claire giving him a blowjob. Even caged…

Fuck, what’s wrong with me? he wondered. He shut his laptop, and felt his cheeks burning.

Now that Claire’s eighteen, maybe I should give her the key sometime, he could remember his wife teasing. At the time, the thought had made his cock stir even as he had protested.

He got out of bed and stepped out into the hallway, determined that a cold shower might help him to relax. But he was halfway to the bathroom when its door opened, and Brooke and Claire both emerged, giggling and wrapped in towels and with their makeup freshly done. He froze at the sight of them. Brooke’s towel barely concealed her cleavage. Claire’s stopped just below her ass, and if she were to stretch just a little bit…

“Trying to catch a peek, mister Decker?” Brooke smiled.

“No—sorry girls, I was just on my way to—”

“We didn’t shower this morning,” Brooke pressed, running a hand through her brushed hair, “but I keep telling you…if you do want to watch me in the shower, all you have to do is ask nicely. I’ll let you know when I’m getting in, so you don’t have to sneak around out here.”

At Brooke’s side, Claire covered her face.

“That’s not what I was doing,” Robert insisted. “That’s my bathroom too, you know. I keep telling you both that you’ll have more privacy if you take the guest room downstairs.”

“But this one’s so much bigger,” said Brooke. “And if we were downstairs, I wouldn’t get to say hi to you in the mornings, when you’re fresh out of bed from your morning playtime.”

Robert swallowed, as he realized that the flush must not have died from his cheeks before he left his room.

“Seriously,” said Brooke, as Claire pulled her away, “if you want to watch us in the shower, let me know. I’ll sweet talk Claire into letting you.” She winked, and Robert’s cock pulsed.

“I -I don’t want to watch you in the shower,” Robert said. “I’m just trying to get ready for work. That’s enough, Brooke.”

“Really?” Brooke laughed, as Claire pulled her further down the hallway. “You don’t want to see what’s under these towels?” She tugged for just a moment on the hem of Claire’s towel, and Claire squeaked and grabbed herself before the fabric could fall away even slightly. Brooke laughed again, and then turned and followed Claire back to their bedroom. Robert stood mesmerized, watching her ass sway as she left.

By the time that he was downstairs and eating breakfast, one might never have guessed the teasing that Brooke had put him through. Showered and ready for a day at the firm, he was more confident and put together than the girls could affect. Even with his cock locked, he knew in his bones, as he sat reading the paper, in a sharply-cut suit and with an expensive watch around his wrist, that he was the head of the household. His daughter and her girlfriend might be teasing little vixens…they could flaunt themselves as brazenly or innocently as they wanted… but there was only so much they could do. He could feel Brooke’s eyes upon him as he drank his coffee, and she even seemed a little disappointed when his gaze didn’t snap to her when she bent over to give him a little flash of her cleavage.

The girls left the house before he did, for their morning classes. Robert managed not to watch Brooke leave, even dressed in her skimpy shorts. He heard her start Claire’s car in the driveway, and then Claire hurried past him as she followed.

“See you later, daddy,” she said, and she kissed him on the cheek.

“See you, sweetheart. Will you two be here for dinner?”

“Uhhh, yeah I think so. We’ve got Madi’s party tonight but yeah I think we’ll be here before that.”

“Sounds good. Have a good day. Don’t fall asleep in class.”

She laughed. “Oh, I was going to ask you,” she said, doubling back after she had begun towards the door, “do you think we could take your car to the party tonight? It’s so much cooler than mine.”

Robert laughed. “What do you think?” he asked. “No, I’m not letting you take my car to some college party. Don’t be insane.”

Claire pouted. “See, this is why you should let me hold your chastity keys,” she said.

Robert didn’t move a muscle, or raise his eyes, but could immediately feel his cage squeezing him.

“Just think,” Claire went on. “If I had the keys, there’s all sorts of things I could offer you, in exchange for letting me borrow your car for the evening.” She shook her head. Video porno “See you later,” she said again, and then she was gone.

Robert actually smiled to himself, as the door closed behind her. And that’s why you’re not getting them, he thought. But even as he sat in a brief moment of pure confidence, his attention drifted across the spacious floor of the house, to the picture that Claire had left for him in the living room, of her and Brooke in their bikinis And as he stared at the picture, his thoughts spun and he began to wonder how he might sneak it to the clinic next week without Claire knowing. And even sitting at the kitchen table, he felt his knees grow weak.


The whole day at work, he couldn’t stop thinking about the website that he had browsed that morning. But when he got home, he managed to refrain from visiting the site again. Part of him longed to keep searching its forums, to find evidence that if he gave Claire his keys, then his life would become everything he wanted it to be. But the rest of him was torn, between know that only an idiot would hope for such much, and being terrified at the mere idea of his fantasies being fulfilled.

He swam some laps while the girls worked on a project. A strong workout had always been the best distraction from his needy cock, and when he climbed out of the pool, breathing heavily and ready to collapse, even the sight of Brooke waiting for him in her bikini was not enough to get him hard.

“Looking good, mister Decker,” she said, as she reclined in her pool chair.

“Thanks, Brooke,” Robert breathed. Despite himself, he couldn’t help but let his eyes linger on her. Imagining how it would feel to touch her. And then he realized that the bikini was the same red one that she had worn for the picture that Claire had given him, and he felt his arousal returning in force.

“How was the pool, daddy?” Claire asked, as they passed in the kitchen. There was a towel around her again, and the straps of a bathing suit around her neck.

“Good,” said Robert. Her innocent big blue eyes were almost as torturous as the knowledge that under the towel she was mostly bare, and so he pressed past her without slowing down.

Claire smiled. “Have you given any more thought to letting me take your car to Madi’s tonight?” she asked.

“Ha. No.”

“Fine,” she said. He heard the shyness in her voice as she continued, but refused to look back at her. “I’ll make sure that we’re both lying just outside your window, daddy. With our backs to you, so we won’t see if you’re looking at us. Okay? We’re leaving for the party at eight-thirty…if you change your mind about the car.”

“Do what you want outside, Claire,” he said, doing a terrible job of acting nonchalant.

“I’ve got some work to do. And no, you’re not taking my car.”

He didn’t work for even a second, in the hour that the girls lounged outside. Their backs were to his second-floor window, so his view wasn’t perfect, but the sight of them was still enough to keep him from his work. Claire was wearing a white bathing suit. Not too skimpy, but one that showed off her every curve. Neither made any motion to look back at catch him staring, but that fact made his pulse race even more. They knew he was watching. No matter how much he might try to deny it to them later, they knew. Their fingers danced together, just shy of holding hands, and they exchanged soft touches while they chatted. Claire ran a finger innocently down between her breasts. Brooke reached over and slipped a finger underneath the side of Claire’s bottoms, and, Robert’s breath caught in his throat. And then he began to fully lose his mind, when Brooke let her hand slide further. As she played beneath the fabric of Claire’s bikini, and Claire squeezed her legs together and moved her hips just a little, Robert knew that Brooke was playing with her clit. And, even more painfully for his cock, Claire wasn’t stopping her, even though she knew that her daddy was watching. Robert couldn’t tear himself away from the window, as outside Claire writhed beneath her girlfriend’s touch. Brooke’s teasing didn’t last long, though, and Robert darted back to his bed as the girls kissed, giggling, and came back inside.

Thankfully, the girls didn’t bother him again before they left. Claire called a goodbye to him as they went out to their party, but neither came anywhere near his room. He finished his work, read a good book for a while, and managed not to think about the two.


A loud knocking at the front door woke him from his half-sleep at midnight. He blinked awake in confusion, and then heard the knock again. He looked blearily to the clock.

What the hell? He wondered.

He pulled on a t-shirt, and went through the house. He opened the front door to interrupt a third knock, and his heart dropped at the sight of a police officer standing there.

“Hello, Sir,” the officer nodded. Her makeup was very nicely done, for an officer on duty, but the way her eyelashes stood out so prettily did nothing to make her authoritative scowl more friendly. Claire and Brooke stood behind the officer, both in stringy tops and with barely contained laughter on their lips.

“What did they do?” Robert asked. Claire stood up straight as he met her eye, and even Brooke stopped laughing for once, as she realized his tone.

“This your daughter, then?” the officer asked.

“Yes. What—”

“Don’t worry. They’re not in trouble. It’s standard procedure, to escort young girls like this home, after an incident.”

“What? What incident?” Claire and Brooke both avoided his gaze.

Satisfied that the girls had not lied about where they lived, the officer stepped aside and motioned for them to go inside. Both hurried past Robert, but he held up a hand before they could run away upstairs. “Living room,” he said. “Both of you.”

The officer nodded to herself, as she watched the girls follow Robert’s order. “It seems one of the boys at this party they were attending had stolen his keys from his mom, to unlock himself before he went out,” she said. “The boy’s mom called to alert the authorities when she realized what had happened. We got to the house and found him upstairs with three girls’ mouths on his cock.”

Robert was immediately straining in his cage. At his back, he could feel Claire and Brooke’s eyes on him as he shifted his feet. He immediately regretted having told them to stay.

“Oh,” he said, dumbly. “That’s, uhh…”

“Neither of yours was with him,” the officer assured him. “But still, it’s protocol to make sure everyone gets home safe after something like that. All the boys who were there are downtown until their guardians can come get them, but we usually try to get all the girls home.”

“Sure,” said Robert. “Well…thank you for getting them home. Have a good night.”

The officer stuck her foot into the doorway, before Robert could close the door. “It’s also protocol to make sure that all the men in the house are locked, when we bring a lady home,” she said.

Robert’s heart sank. “Is that really necessary?” he asked.

The officer nodded. “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about,” she said.

Robert sighed. “Alright,” he said. “Just let me send the girls away, maybe?”

The officer looked surprised. And then, to Robert’s horror, she looked into the living room where Claire was sitting, and called to her. “Young lady,” she called. “Your father seems to be having some hang-ups about his cage being inspected. Would you like to assist me?”

“No,” Robert protested. “No, this isn’t—” but Claire was already hurrying to his side.

“Would you pull your father’s pajamas down for me?” the officer asked her.

“I can do it myself,” Robert insisted.

The officer shook her head. “You know, it’s technically illegal to a man to handle his own cage,” she said. “And I don’t have my gloves on me. So, I’ll just have your daughter do it. Shouldn’t be a problem.”

“It’s alright, daddy,” said Claire.

Robert’s reflex was to resist, as he fingers slipped beneath the elastic waist of his pajamas. But he knew better than to disobey the officer. So he grit his teeth, and felt his cage struggling to jump away from his body, as his pajamas fell to the ground, and he was left standing almost naked in his doorway.

From the living room, he could hear Brooke moving around. At his side, Claire was clearly trying not to smile.

“Lift his cage a bit for me,” the officer requested. “Just so that I can see it’s properly secured.”

Wordlessly, Claire reached around and grabbed Robert delicately by the balls. He wished he could have prepared for the moment. The touch was gentle, and warm, and shot electricity through his core. He struggled to keep his breath steady. Claire let out just a small gasp, and with all his heart Robert prayed that he didn’t start to leak precum with her watching.

“Mhm,” the officer noted, as she looked down at his cage. Robert thought he might have a heart attack, as he stood there. Claire made no move to let him go, and the officer spent a good long moment staring at the device, and Robert twitching in his daughter’s hands. “It’s a good thing we got to the party when we did,” the officer said, without looking up at him. “But too bad for the boy, that we interrupted before he could finish. He’s going to be locked up for a long time, after this.”

Robert let out a heavy breath, and could feel the first drop of precum boiling to the tip of his cock. Thankfully, the officer looked back up at him, and nodded in the instant before he could start to leak. “Thank you, Sir,” she said. “You can get dressed.”

Claire let go of him, and Robert knelt to pull his pajamas back up.

“Have a good night, Sir,” the officer said. “You too, girls.” And then she was gone.

Robert closed the door, heart pounding, and braced himself for the girls’ mischief.

Claire had backed away, and was a bit red in the face. Brooke was still in the living room, and her mouth was agape.

“Go to bed,” said Robert.

“It wasn’t our fault,” Claire said quietly.

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