Dave Meets Vicki Ch. 08


The Whole Story: Ch. 08

Dave and Vicky drove to Flash, the local bar/disco. Flash had a reputation for liberal consideration of its patron’s activities. As long as the police weren’t involved or no one was hurt, almost anything was allowed. The local cops enjoyed free passes and drinks at the nightclub, and tended to be very protective. Although, on rare instances, the throbbing beat and heated loins exceeded the self restraint of a few lusty customers. These public displays of sexuality were rarely very long, and always greeted with wild applause and cheers. The chance of witnessing such an event kept Flash packed every night.

Tonight’s special show included the sexiest couple contest. Contestants would compete on the stage with various dance acts. The audience would choose the winner by applause for a $200.00 prize. The nightly winners would have a chance to compete in the big monthly contest for $1000.00. The show started at midnight. Dave and Vicky talked about the show and some of the couples they had seen in the past. They really hadn’t planned to compete in the lurid exhibition, but they both were horny and excited about their evident compatibility.

Sitting at a secluded table in the corner of the riotous, throbbing nightclub, they exchanged short but daring caresses and kisses. Dave playfully slid his hand along her long thigh until his fingers grazed her pubes. He kept a long, light touch along her smooth skin as his finger tips slid from her knee under her skirt to her hot crotch. His other arm was around her slim waste. His hand rested on the exposed flesh of her flat tummy. His hand would occasionally cup and heft the globe of her breast as it thrust her skimpy top forward. His thumb would flick the protruding nipple. Whenever no one was near, Dave would alternate his other hand up to Vicky’s other breast. Both nipples were standing proudly against the thin material of her top. Their kisses grew longer and deeper.

Vicky slid a tanned leg over Dave’s knee. This opened her gaping, wet pussy to his playful touches. It also served to cover his raging hard on as she fished it from his pants. Her slender fingers caressed the steely shaft under the table. She thrust her tits into his hands as he caressed them.

Vicky mentioned they should dance before they got too horny to stop. They adjusted their clothes, and walked into the swirling mass of throbbing bodies. Soon the rhythm had taken over their sex-heated minds. They moved to deafening beat of the rock music. Vicky could feel the drum beat in her sopping clit. As she gyrated to the music, her thin white mini-skirt slid up her thighs. A tuft of blond pubes was exposed just above her wet pussy. Most of the other couples were similarly exposed, and so her exhibition went relatively unnoticed, except by Dave, who covered her nude pussy by pressing his bulging crotch between her flexing legs. She rubbed her wet groin on his boner. The thin material of his slacks that separated them irritated her need.

The couples simulated various hot and sexy positions in their gyrations. Some danced face to face hunching their pelvises together. Some would dip low to the floor with their faces at their partner’s crotch level. As they rose in time to the music, they would see how close they could get to their dance partner’s sex with their flushed faces. Other ground their bodies together with the man facing the woman’s back – simulating a modified doggy style sex position. The woman would alternately bend forward, pressing her buttocks into her partner’s groin. Then she would sway up with her back arched, xhamster porno forcing the man to crouch and hunch upward into her crotch. A few breasts were exposed, and some were freely caressed by partner’s and others nearby.

The music slowed and the lights went down. The horny dancers quickly came together in close embraces all over the floor. Many of the patrons that had been watching on the sidelines joined the dancers, until there was barely room to move. Vicky quickly unzipped Dave’s slacks, freeing his love muscle. They continued to dance as she held his cock in her hand. She hunched her hips while placing the stiff member against her wet cunt. Dave flexed his hips, and his cock slid to the hilt inside her pussy. Vicky cocked a leg around one of Dave’s strong limbs. Their hips rocked to the slow music. Dave’s large hands fondled her ass cheeks – first through the thin white skirt – later directly on the exposed flesh. They kissed deeply. Tongues whipping together like snakes mating.

They watched similar actions of the other dancers surrounding them in the semi-darkness. Dave and Vicky were unique only in their stunning beauty and almost professional love-making/dancing. It looked almost as if they had choreographed their lewd actions. His mouth trailed wet kisses down her long throat. Vicky arched her back as he nuzzled between her tits. A light sheen of perspiration gleamed in the deep valley between her milk mounds. His cock continued to saw slowly in-and-out of her pussy. Her cuntal flow increased with her passion. The shiny nectar coated his bloated balls and lubed their united groins.

Vicky’s hands were clamped firmly over Dave’s ass. She wantonly pulled her lover deeper into her. When they had danced for a time face-to-face, she slid her hand between them. She pulled his member from her body slowly. Dave watched to see what the wanton blond woman would do next. As soon as his meat was free from her pussy, Vicky spun around and presented her ass to Dave. She bent forward at the waste, and took his quivering cock between her legs. Replacing it in her pussy. Dave drove his hips into her ass. His cock slammed into her pussy in one strong motion. She stood on her tip toes and arched her back. Dave fondled her firm tits. They were now fairly exposed to the other dancers. No one seemed to mind. Now other couples were changing positions as well.

Vicky ground her ass against her man’s groin. His cock spasmed inside her tight vagina. Dave had one hand on an exposed tit. The other was fingering her clit. Vicky’s hand rubbed the sides of his thick thighs. She laid her head on his shoulder. Their mouths closed together for a soul kiss. Their tongues flicked together. Their bodies swayed to the slow beat of the music.

As Dave kissed the side of her neck, Vicky noticed the handsome couple in front of them was also fucking. The beautiful black-haired woman was only inches from Vicky. The couples positions were identical. The other couple seemed to be mimicking Dave and Vicky. The other woman’s tits were fully exposed. Her top had slid under her small but firm breasts. Her nipples were stiff from her lover’s caresses. The aureoles were large and dark. As Vicky watched through lust closed eyelids, the tall, thin man squeezed his mate’s nipples, and a thin squirt of white liquid squirted on Vicky’s large left tit. Vicky’s eyes opened in amazement. Dave had seen the unusual action out of the corner of his eye. His cock jumped in Vicky’s tight quim.

Dave wiped up the thin fluid with his finger. He offered it to his blond mate. erotik porno Vicky licked his damp digit with gusto. The other woman was now touching Vicky with her body. The dark haired vixen put her hand between Vicky’s legs. Dave felt her soft intrusion as he was fingering Vicky’s throbbing clit and moved his hand. Vicky thrust her pussy at the other girl’s hand, taking care to keep Dave’s fuck stick imbedded firmly in her vagina. The other man pressed the women’s tits together. Both men fondled both women’s breasts. Dave learned how to get milk from the black haired beauty’s full tit. He unbuttoned Vicky’s top to keep it from getting stained. Vicky soon was fondling the other woman’s cock filled snatch. Both couples strained together as their excitement built to orgasm. The horny men dumped their loads into their mates’ welcoming vaginas as the women’s pussies clamped down in sexual ecstasy.

As the music came to a close, the foursome parted. The women caught the squishy cum in their hands, as it spilled from their wet pussies. They all walked quickly to the garden terrace. Many other couples were already their. Some were standing, quietly enjoying the darkness together. Others were obviously fucking. Some were performing various oral sex acts. None bothered to notice the four handsome people that sought their own quiet niche in the bushes.

Vicky and Dave entered a secluded area. The other couple followed. Dave kissed Vicky fiercely. When they parted lips. Vicky took her cum filled hand and lewdly lapped the mixture if their sexual union. She offered it to Dave who also licked the syrup from her long fingers. Vicky had led Dave to this spot by holding onto his semi-hard cock. She released his penis and rubbed some of the cum on her stiffening nipple. She pulled her man’s mouth to her breast to suckle. Dave’s tongue whipped over her slippery mound.

The other couple enjoyed this scene in the semi-darkness for a moment. The woman lapped her own handful of cum greedily. The man dipped his hand into her box to retrieve more of their cum for his own snack. She seemed to dance upon his probing fingers as her dug for their sex treasure in her slimy snatch.

While Dave sucked Vicky’s cum covered nipple, Vicky undid his pants. Her own top already lay on the soft grass. His pants slid down to join them. She removed his shirt as well. Dave slid her mini-skirt off, and they were nude and comfortable. Dave’s cock had returned to its full glory.

The black-haired woman noticed Dave’s uncircumcised cock, and the pearly drop of cum that was gathering at the end. She quickly slid out of her own garments and dropped to her knees before the big man. His long phallus brushed her face. She licked its length. The cock jumped at her first touch. Dave’s eyes opened wide. He looked at Vicky, who smiled impishly in return. They kissed again, and Dave noticed the tall, thin man kneeling behind Vicki’s heart-shaped ass. His face was soon buried in her musty crack. His tongue found her puckered anus – still wet from Dave’s cock sawing across it as the young man had fucked her. He could smell Dave’s cum as it trickled from her snatch. His long tongue lapped at her swollen cunt lips. The draining scum from her love hole drooled onto his probing licker.

The woman sucking Dave’s cock licked the final load of his semen from his mighty weapon. Then she turned toward the beautiful blond woman’s pussy. She battled with her ravenous partner for Vicky’s love potion. Vicky’s mind blurred with the sensation of the unknown couple’s anal and oral ministrations milf porno to her sexually overheated body. She could feel their tongues inside her ass and vagina. She rested a long, tapered leg on a nearby branch to allow them total access to her pulsating privates. The couple fondled each other’s sex while they worshipped the tall, blond’s crotch.

Dave stood to the side of the threesome. He watched as they moaned softly as special caresses found their marks. He fondled his girlfriend’s body. His fingers sought both her holes. Their tongues continued to feast, even as he finger fucked her butt and cunt. His cock brushed her firm ass cheek and thigh, leaving a trail of cock drool. The man quickly lapped the wet streak from her pale skin. Dave continued to rub his cock on her smooth flank, not realizing the dark man was mesmerized by his swaying monster. His dark eyes locked on the one-eyed sex snake. Each time Dave left a streak of pre-cum on Vicky’s ass, he would quickly lick the sweet dew up.

Dave’s kissed his buxom friend again. They left their mouths open. Their tongues slid and flicked at each other. As he stood still, his penis had eased from Vicky’s flank and now pointed at the dark man – only inches from his face. Dave felt a mouth capture the end of his cock. The mouth sucked deeply at his penis. Dave no longer felt the man’s tongue on his fingers, which were buried in Vicky’s butt hole. He was no longer surprised that this couple was totally bi-sexual. Dave stood, flexing his hips as he fucked the man’s mouth. Vicky put her arm around his broad shoulders for support as she made ready to cum again.

The dark woman never stopped licking her clit until Vicky pushed her head away after her explosive cum. Vicky was afraid she’d faint from sensual overload. She lifted the thinner woman to her feet. Vicky knelt before her and began sucking her milk-filled mammaries. Dave also took a tit in his mouth. The little woman swayed as if dancing as the handsome couple nursed on her tits. Vicky slid a finger into the dark-haired pussy. Dave wet his finger in Vicky’s snatch before slipping it into the woman’s anus. She flexed her legs and rocked her hips to the rhythms of their hands. Her mate still sucked on Dave’s large tool. The swarthy man jacked his own cock.

The woman moved the group so she could lay across a nearby table. Her mate mounted her mouth with his long, thin cock. The thin, dark man pistoned his hips at the prostrate woman’s bulging mouth. She relaxed her throat and timed her breathing to allow him to fuck her throat. The dark man strained with the intense sensations in his cock. His black haired balls rubbed on her nose. She flicked her red tongue along the shaft of his cock.

Vicky stroked Dave’s cock as she maneuvered him into the dark fringed pussy of the other woman. She held the thick cunt lips wide as Dave slid his cock into the tight twat. The pussy seemed to suck at his penis as it slid into her vagina. Both men fucked the prostrate vixen vigorously, and Vicky returned to suckle and fondle her full tits. Vicky could taste the sweetness of her milk. The woman softly caressed Vicky’s body with a free hand. Vicky felt her fingers trailing over firm nipples and between wet thighs. Soon, both men emptied their cum into her body. Dave stood and slowly pulled free. Vicky knelt to clean his softening cock with her mouth. She could taste the other woman’s tartness on her lover’s stiff dick.

The dark man bent down and kissed his partner’s cum-filled mouth. They shared his load. When he had emptied her mouth, he moved between her spread legs to feast upon the sperm Dave deposited there. Vicky and Dave watched tender post-orgasmic caresses of the other couple for a few moments before they dressed and returned to their table. They needed to rest a bit, and both young people were very thirsty.

To Be Continued…

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