Daydreams and Punishments


It was late October, one of her favorite times of the year. She was away at college and the semester had been dragging along. Things were about to pick up though as Halloween fell on a Friday and she had just the right outfit picked out to inspire a fun weekend.

As she sat in class, she couldn’t help thinking about what she was going to wear out to the fraternity party that evening. She had bought a cute little schoolgirl skirt and white button down shirt that tied in the front. She was planning on letting her slutty side out tonight by leaving the top mostly open and exposing her bra which matched her skirt perfectly. She decided against panties too, knowing she wanted cock tonight; lots and lots of cock.

She began to visualize herself being hustled to the upstairs of a random house by three strange fraternity guys, them ripping open her top and bra, exposing her thirty-four c-cup breasts. Her getting a collar placed around her neck and a leash attached, then pulled around their suite, forced to suck on one cock after another.

“Pencils down,” she heard from the front of the classroom.

She looked down to see that she had only put her name on the test, had one hand on top of the paper holding a pencil, and the other between her legs. She couldn’t believe that she had zoned out for the entire class time and didn’t answer a single question. Damn her and her sexual thoughts she chided herself.

As the professor picked up her paper and glanced at it, he gave her a confused look. She just looked down and started to think of what she could do to convince him that she really knew the material and had just spaced out.

She waited until the rest of the class filtered out of the lecture hall, then picked up her school bag and walked down to the desk in the front of the room.

“Professor Smith,” she started. “I’m not sure what just happened, but I totally zoned out during the exam. I really know the material, and would like a chance to prove it to you.”

“Perhaps if you weren’t so busy rubbing your pussy,” he replied, “you may have been able to answer the questions on my exam!”

“You saw me?” She asked.

“Indeed, I did young lady. You deserve Kurtköy Olgun Escort to be punished for your audacity,” he said.

Her dirty mind immediately saw an opening and went for it.

“How about I lay across your lap and you spank my ass until you feel I’ve been punished enough?” she brazenly blurted out. “Or until you’ve verbally asked me every question on the test?”

He looked her over hungrily, then picked up his teaching bag and exam papers. “Come with me to my office, young lady.”

She followed him through the hallways of the academic building, her already wet pussy beginning to become soaked at the thought of this older man putting her over his lap, pulling up her skirt, and realizing she wasn’t wearing any panties.

They reached his office and he opened the door and let her go inside first. He closed the door behind him, set down his bag, then the exams, sorting through them to pick hers out of the pile. Then he sat down at his desk and turned his chair towards her.

“Alright, young lady,” he began, “lay that naughty little ass across my lap and I will explain how this is going to work.”

She set down her school bag and went over next to him, then proceeded to lay herself across his lap as he instructed. She could feel her nipples growing hard now, joining her rock-hard clit.

“I will let you answer as many questions as you can,” he explained. “But, the cost will be ten spanks per question. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” she replied.

“Good.” And with that, she felt him begin to lift her skirt up over her ass, exposing the bare flesh. “No panties, eh? You are more of a naughty girl than I originally thought.”

“Yes, sir,” she said again.

She felt the first bare handed spank come down on her naked cheeks and felt the heat begin to radiate across them. He pulled his hand away to wind up for the second one.

“You better count them out for me, I may get a bit overzealous,” he instructed.

“One,” she said.

At ten, she heard him grab her test and read off the first question. It was one she knew and answered it correctly. She felt proud of herself and knew it wouldn’t Kurtköy Sarışın Escort be long before she got the next set of ten spanks.

It didn’t take long as he began again and she counted along. She began to feel the pain as he was not being gentle with her round, firm ass. After the tenth one, he asked his next question and she again got it correct.

“How many questions are there, sir?” she asked him, not having flipped past the first page of the exam while it had been on her desk.

“Fifty,” came his answer and she began to have second thoughts about what she had gotten herself into. She started to wrack her brain for solutions when he began the third set of ten spanks. She had trouble focusing on solutions as she counted. When he asked the third question, she drew a complete blank due to thinking of other ideas on how to save her butt from an incredible amount of punishment.

“Sir,” she started, “I will trade you a blowjob for the next twenty-five questions.”

“Agreed, but only for questions eleven through thirty,” he countered. “You deserve this spanking and I don’t believe your ass is quite red enough just yet. Take it or leave it.”

“I accept your terms,” she conceded.

She got the fourth and fifth questions correct and had a tear run down her cheek from the pain she was starting to feel from his hand striking her ass so hard. She imagined her ass was turning beet red now and he left his hand on her ass as he asked her the questions now.

She got three of the last five questions right and knew her makeup was very smeared from the last fifty spanks she had to endure to get those questions right. So far, she figured, she had a seventy on the exam.

She got up off his lap after the tenth question was answered, then immediately dropped to her knees. She reached up and began to undo his belt and pants, unzipping his fly and grabbing a hold of his cotton boxer shorts.

He sat back and let her take out his cock, then she went forward and put it in her mouth. She loved to suck cock and had ample experience, figuring this wouldn’t take very long. She got to work bobbing her head up and down on his decent sized Kurtköy Şişman Escort rod, using her hand to stroke him off as she sucked.

As expected, he didn’t last long. He grabbed the back of her head when he came, holding her mouth onto his cock, forcing her to swallow his cum. She would have done it willingly as she loved the taste and felt it was a good slut’s duty to swallow as much cum as she could.

She sat there kneeling in front of him as he held her test and read the agreed upon questions. She did better on these than she did on the first ten and figured she was up around eighty-five percent correct after thirty of the fifty questions were done.

“Only twenty questions to go, young lady,” he noted. “I expect you’ll be wanting to save that pretty little ass again so here’s my offer. Sit up on my desk, spread your legs, and masturbate for me.”

“Yes, sir,” she accepted and hopped up on his desk. She shifted back a bit so her whole body was up and then leaned back against the wall, putting her feet up. Then she spread her legs and started to rub her pussy.

She was already very wet and very horny, so she didn’t think it would take very long for her to climax. Only a few minutes in though, she saw her professor slide his chair forward and add his own hands to the mix. He pressed a finger against her very loose pussy and slid right inside. Then he added a second, and a third.

Pretty soon, he was banging her pussy with all four of his fingers as she rubbed her clit hard and fast. She could feel herself getting closer to cumming and was moaning loudly now, enjoying the feeling of him spreading her pussy widely.

Then she came, covering his hand with her juices. He slowed his pace down and let her drench his hand before pulling out of her and moving his hand up to her mouth, insisting she lick it clean, which she was all too willing to do.

She licked him clean, then lay there with her legs and pussy open to him as he read the final twenty questions off to her. She answered them the best that she could and ended up with an eighty-two percent on the test.

She got up off his desk, fixed her skirt and wiped her face off with some tissues he gave her. When he agreed she was presentable, he let her leave.

“Next test is in two weeks, young lady,” he reminded her. “I look forward to administering that test in the same manner.”

“Yes, sir,” she agreed before walking out his door and making her way back to her dorm room.

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