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Deidre’s image as the sexiest stripper before pole dancing became popular was part of the draw to Iznoma Hedonia. Her reputation for sensuality — even carnality — drew visitors to the sex-friendly resort from the first day it opened. Long after she had been through her Rolodex of contacts in the adult film and sex industry and the first season’s wave of guests from the sex industry had gone home, her personal larger-than-life reputation and the sensual experience she personified kept the guests coming back, spreading the word among their friends, and longing for the one protected place where it seemed that the hunger for raw, driven sex could finally be satiated. Now it was 1985, her business was spectacularly successful and she was famous, even at the advanced age of 45, for being the epitome of beauty and sex.

But where did she come from and how did she get to be the physical embodiment of extreme femininity?

Deidre was sitting in front of Janine, for the interview. The two women sat in Deidre’s private office, up in her penthouse, surrounded by elaborately framed, larger-than life black-and-white close-up pictures of Deidre’s body. Janine was sitting under a blow-up of Deidre’s big clitoris. Deidre was sitting under a big art print of her own mammogram, on pink paper. It would be the only time during Janine’s visit to Iznoma Hedonia that she got to explore Deidre’s personal story, although she knew some of it from reading the classic, highly-praised erotic story “Emily’s Experience”. Today, she was going to get the inside story for her magazine, Against Moss. The story no one had heard before.

Janine had slinked back to her own room the night before, after her fuckfest with Deidre, slept it off, and was now back at the penthouse, dressed as modestly as anyone at Iznoma Hedonia every got in the resort loincloth and the second flimsy muslin strip as a top. She told herself that she had covered her tits that morning just because she wanted to look business-like but she and Deidre both knew that it was an overreaction in response to the intimacy of the night before.

Deidre was not wearing resort clothes, because she was going out after the interview. She was dressed in a miniskirt so tight her luxuriant boobs were barely contained and Janine could see the perfect shape of Deidre’s flat abdomen and wide hipbones which curved inward toward the little mound visible under the fabric stretched over her groin. After the interview Deidre was going to visit the Attorney General of the Islands Government, a powerful politician with whom she kept company overnight at least twice a month in the capital, for reasons of both pleasure and business insurance. She would leave that afternoon for the two-hour drive to the capital and might not be back before Janine left Iznoma Hedonia, depending on whether she and the gentleman made it a weekend.

Janine was direct. “I’ve seen and I’ve gotten to know and appreciate Iznoma Hedonia. It is a dream of sensuality that came entirely from your own mind. But now I want to understand where that vision came from. You didn’t need to be a stripper to be successful and you didn’t need to own a strip club to make big bucks. You could have done anything and you would have been a success. What shaped you and how did you start on this path in your life? You are beautiful — that is putting it mildly — and very smart and your business sense is second to none. Even if you were not such a fantastic businesswoman rich men would have given you anything you wanted to be with them. How did it happen that a woman with everything going for her would choose sex as a career and trade on her body, right from the beginning?”

Deidre thought for a moment and then spoke in her husky voice. “First of all, you don’t get it. You see sex as something dirty and beneath the talent of someone like me. You don’t understand that sex, physical desire, and the pleasures of the carnal senses” Janine quickly wrote that phrase down “are what motivate me and always have. I have always had a very strong sex drive and I didn’t want it to be suppressed in my life. I intended to make sex my life, from the beginning. I wanted to show off my body and I wanted a body to show off that nobody else could match. I wanted to be able to pick any partner I wanted — to have my pick of any man to penetrate me with his cock and work hard to pleasure me. To me sex was a goal above everything else. My availability for sex was a means to an end. My attractiveness and my availability, what you might call promiscuity,” Deidre arched her eyebrows as if accusing Janine, who had been getting herself screwed all week, of hypocrisy, “gave me power and made other things possible, so that I could acquire wealth and the means to get my own needs satisfied whenever I wanted.”

Janine found Deidre’s honesty breathtaking. “How did it start?” she asked.

“I was the daughter of two very beautiful and rich parents, with great genes and no brains. I don’t know where I got mine from. The two of them met on the West Coast, and in no time they got married and I was born. I inherited my bone structure and boobs from my Dutch mother, whose family had been in America a long time, and my face and internet casino sex drive from my randy British father, who was a new arrival. He was a bit of a coward and was trying to stay out of the British Army, which had already gone to war. But he was later drafted into the US Army and couldn’t get out of it because he was perfectly healthy. He got himself killed in France. My mother moped around for a long time and, frankly, neglected me. She sent me to religious boarding school.

“One day, when I was in my last year of high school, I got called to the school office. There was my mother’s brother, who was a lawyer. He told me my mother had died and by her will my uncle was now the executor of the estate and my guardian, although I didn’t really need one because I had just turned eighteen. Well, my life changed completely and then again it didn’t change at all.

“My uncle moved into my parent’s house and made himself at home. I graduated and nobody came to my graduation — nobody! I didn’t have anywhere else to go, so I came home to the house that summer and the first thing that happened was my uncle tried to get me in his bed! I wouldn’t sleep with the old bugger, so in retaliation he interpreted the rules of the will very strictly.

You see, my mother was kind of careless and she didn’t keep the will up to date — it was written when I was a kid. Of course I wanted to go to college and make something of myself — I got good grades in high school. But my uncle told me that he was going to enforce the terms of the will that said I had to go to a church school and live on campus. He said that since it was my mother’s clear intent that I had to go to a church boarding school for high school, and the will did not specify the level of education, he was going to enforce her wishes for college, too. At that age and having really grown up in a religious school, spending more time as a celibate was the last thing I wanted. He told me it was for the best because I was still young for my age — I really hadn’t even started to develop breasts — and needed the discipline. But it was really because he was pissed off that I wouldn’t commit incest with him — I had a pretty face then, even if my body was undeveloped. Then there was the worst part — he showed me where it said in the will that I had to remain a virgin until I finished my schooling! And the trust fund and my liberation from the terms of the will wouldn’t happen until I was 25! I guess my mother thought I was irresponsible.

“But I was smarter than he was. I knew from my friends at school about a church college about 300 miles away (too far away for him to want to come visit) that had a credit-sharing connection with a bigger church-sponsored school in the same town that had an affiliation with a state college nearby. It took me seven years to graduate, which I stretched out by getting a master’s degree too, but I stayed away from home and my uncle for seven years.

He thought I was lazy and didn’t want to work but if I wasn’t going to fuck him he was just as happy I was living so far away and he didn’t have to deal with me. For the first two years I had to take all my courses at the hick school I got my first degree from, so I took as many business courses as I could and tried to catch up on my sleep in the religion courses. But after I finished the business degree requirements, I started taking almost all my classes at the state school. It only took a few applications for credit transfer, acting innocent to get instructor’s permission, and a little forgery. Then I figured out a way to stay to get my master’s degree in church social work, which was another cover for taking lots of courses from departments in the state college. I didn’t have to leave for another three years.”

“By that time I knew that when I turned 25 and got control of my trust fund I was going to break out but I didn’t want to just go wild. I had learned a lot of discipline denying myself sex for so long. I thought maybe there was a career path I could make for myself in the one thing that had been denied me all those years. I took every course I could that had to do with sexual relations — biology, social work, psychology, counseling — this was right at the beginning of the Sexual Revolution and people were interested in these things, so there were lots of classes and lectures. I knew there was a career for me in sex studies. I also figured out how to have every kind of sex imaginable that didn’t involve penetration, mostly with girls and guys I could trust not to try to break me in, but I stayed away from real men who might get carried away and bust my hymen. My pervert uncle had me checked by one of his doctor friends once a year.

“The best thing that happened to me, though, was during that first year. Since I didn’t have any place anymore to go during the holidays, I looked up my aunt in San Francisco. She was my father’s sister, the one we never talked about — the black sheep of the family. I had found her address and phone number at home that summer. I took the bus to see her — first time we had met! — and it was a real eye-opener! I learned so much! One thing she told me right off is that the women in our family canlı poker oyna were very late bloomers. She hadn’t even grown tits until she was in her late teens and now she was really big up top. My mother was the same way, even though they were unrelated, so I got a double dose of late blooming genes, I guess.

“My aunt was a dominatrix. She got into it early. My aunt taught me a lot about what men wanted. When she first turned out she had some johns who liked young girl fantasies and since she hadn’t developed much yet, even though she was of age, it became like her specialty. She was earning her a lot of money, more than she had been making from straight prostitution, but then her body started to develop. She had already noticed that there was a certain really exaggerated super-female body type men craved in a dom. So she started body training when she heard about it from one of the other dom girls. She was finally filling out herself so she figured her late development was a gift — a chance to shape her body the way she wanted it. Her big thing was to wear a corset and over the years she had tightened it and shrunk her waist so it was unbelievably small. A big man could wrap his hands around her middle. My aunt showed me books where women had done that to themselves and got really tiny waists, like a wasp or an hourglass, and that showed ads from a hundred years ago that showed that women did this all the time back then.

“My aunt had me strip naked and looked and felt me all over and told me that if I wanted to do corset training, now was the time — it was perfect because I was only just beginning to fill out and my body was very flexible could be shaped more easily. At my hick college, everyone wore sweatshirts, frumpy frocks, and loose clothes to hide their girly shapes — heaven forbid they be attractive to anyone! — and we each had individual rooms for modesty. No one would have to know my secret, as long as I didn’t let anyone put their arm around my waist and nobody really touched each other anyway, even in sports. My aunt got a couple of training corsets made for me and I laced up!

“It wasn’t easy. I was still developing and my boobs were growing very fast. As I filled out, I still kept lacing myself tighter and tighter instead of getting bigger corsets. I wore the corset all night in bed and most of the day and always during classes. I had trouble staying away during some of the classes so I pinned a ribbon from the back of the corset to the front so that it would rub my clit under my panties. That helped me stay awake during boring lectures.

“My aunt had had problems with backaches because what she did made her abdominal muscles weak. But I did a lot of exercises in the gym without the corset on to keep my muscles toned and to keep my weight down as my body grew up. I also did weight lifting for girls to build up my upper body while my boobs were growing and did a lot of running to shape my legs. Our stupid school didn’t allow dance, which would have been more fun, but that was ok because in leotards (which my school would never have allowed) people would have seen how extreme my body was getting and I had to hide it. It took three years but eventually my waist was permanently shaped like an hourglass, even without the corset on. I still like to wear one at night — I must have gone through a hundred in my life.

“I was spending lots of time with my aunt on weekends and holidays but nobody got my cherry — I couldn’t afford to give it up because then I’d lose everything coming to me in the will! But I was desperate for a real sex life and a career and preferably the two together, so I learned as much as I could for the day when I could bust loose.

“I stayed away from boyfriends. Got really good at masturbating rubbing my clit. I kept fingers and dildos out of my pussy, just in case, to keep my cherry. My dumb girlfriends at school just thought my boobs were getting big fast — which was true. They didn’t realize that at the same time I was pulling in my waist size because I had been so undeveloped and skinny before and nothing was changing that they could see underneath my clothes.”

“So anyway, in my last year at school I was filling out really well, had my body shaped to kill, I was horny as hell, and just about to turn 25 and get control of my trust fund when I got word that my uncle had killed himself.” Janine gasped. “There was nothing left but the house. He had drunk and gambled and mismanaged all my money and he knew he was dying of cirrhosis, so he took a gun to his head and made a mess all over the bedroom of the old house. I had to borrow money from my aunt to get it cleaned up so I could sell it to pay off the debts! So after all that trouble and damned abstinence and hiding myself, I had nothing to show for it and I was getting a seven-year late start on my sex life, thanks to the son of a bitch! But I did have my virginity and that was unusual. I figured that was worth something so I wasn’t going to just give it away! Not after so long. Since after all those years I knew how to discipline myself, I decided I could wait a little longer and make it pay.

“So I went back up to San Francisco and worked for my poker oyna aunt, doing fetish work at first until I decided on the future of my career and my sex life. I helped my aunt out doing non-penetrative sex fantasies with men who were into kinky stuff. They loved my extreme figure and I looked much younger than 25, which played to their kinks. Sometimes I dressed up in old-timey clothes and pretended to be a Victorian virgin or a damsel in distress. Most of them were rich and some of them were really powerful — a lot of lawyers. My aunt was great to me and she came up with a great idea for how to lose my virginity. She knew a lot of horny rich men, both customers and in her social circle and among the politicians she paid off. Why not put my most valuable asset on the market? So we auctioned off my virginity!” Janine couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“The Pill was still brand new then but my aunt’s doctor was using it and started me on it. A lot of working girls went to him. My aunt spread the word that a virgin was available and we were open for business. She took bids for a month and they got higher and higher as more men learned about the auction — they went through the ceiling when she had a bunch of pictures taken of me in the nude and showed them around. By that time I was starting to fill out — I was only a C-cup but I was growing fast” Janine winced because that was her size and she thought she was pretty big for her height, “and my boobs were all-natural. I had this unnatural tiny waist and I was pretty. I was a wet dream for any middle-aged rich guy pervert.

“The guy who paid the most acted like he had died and gone to heaven. He worshiped me in that bed. He was all kissy and handled my boobs like they were made of gold and he even came one before we got started with actual penetration. I liked him well enough, though. For an older guy he was OK looking. I was glad that my first dick was someone who appreciated me and even happier that it was big and long. He paid a lot of money for me but I earned it. The first time I had a penis in my cunt. He started off all slow and pushed into me all gentle but nothing was happening — it felt good to me but he just couldn’t get it in far enough because of my hymen. So he said I’m sorry and just rammed it in me! I felt a pop and it hurt and then he was sliding. He felt huge because I was so tight! Pretty soon the pain disappeared completely and it felt wonderful — best feeling I ever had was that day with a guy I wouldn’t normally look twice at! He was so excited about being my first ever that even though he had already come once he came inside me fast and I felt how slick and slippery it gets and once it stopped hurting I loved it. I had come many times from masturbating and playing with my friends, of course, but this was the first time I had had a cock and within seconds after he came in me I had my first vaginal orgasm! It was sloppy and long and tingly and wonderful! I wanted more so I let him do me a second time even though that wasn’t part of the deal. I came again and again and my pussy started to feel stretched and even more lubed and then he came again and I felt a warm gush inside and it was great. He couldn’t do it any more after that but I rubbed out two more orgasms with my fingers sliding in my slippery hole. I didn’t mind a little blood on the slop. Still don’t.

“I didn’t tell him that my aunt had started me on birth control pills already so he might have had the idea that maybe he would knock me up the very first time I had sex. That happens to some girls, when they don’t use protection. I walked away from that lay feeling really great about finally being sexual for real and never looked back. Now I had money of my own in the bank, a stake to get started in life — maybe a little late but better late than never — and I knew that finally my investment in shaping my body to extremes was going to pay off. So I went to work with my aunt for a while to earn spending money while I decided what to do with myself. Men loved my boobs and tiny waist and big hips and I was making real money.”

Deidre sighed and took a sip of her run and cola. “Those were the days.”

“I owe so much to my aunt. She taught me how to play on men’s fantasies and how to shape my body the way I want it and how to make money doing what I like. I stayed with her a few more weeks and let crowds of men who came around have sex with me. They paid a lot. But my aunt and I were too different. She liked to slink around behind closed doors and satisfy men’s deep dark fantasies in private. But because I had had to hide it for so long I like to be right out there in front of everybody, showing what I’ve got and letting men act out in public. She liked to do stuff for men but not let them inside her — she liked girls better, really. I like girls too, sometimes, but after so many years, I wanted dick, dick, and more dick. She really liked girls in her personal life. She even got me in her bed a few times, but I thought it was creepy having sex with a relative.” Janine had not expected this and she flinched. She thought it was beyond creepy to have lesbian sex with your aunt. “But I wasn’t that into it — I knew I was bi but I wanted more experience with men. I wanted more than anything to show my body off because it had taken me so long to make it my way. So my aunt got me a gig dancing through her contacts and that was the beginning of my career taking my clothes off in public!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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