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Denise tapped her foot nervously.

Damn it! Why did she have to pee so badly? It hadn’t been that long since she had gone, at the store twenty minutes ago, but now she was stuck in the middle of traffic.

This did seem to be a problem of hers. It wouldn’t be the first time she had made the mistake of drinking coffee on an empty stomach. It always went right through her, which would have been fine normally. It was only a fifteen minute drive back from the mall to her apartment, but with the traffic like it was today, she wasn’t sure she’d be back within the hour.

She glanced up the road. Blocked completely on both sides. The light ahead was red and the line of traffic extended as far as she could see down the road.

Shit. This could end very badly.

If she wet herself, worst case scenario she could ruin the seat, or it could come gushing out while she was running to her door. Though that wasn’t the end of the world, it wasn’t a terribly comforting thought.

It was a cold late autumn, and her car’s heat had been out for two weeks now. Things always did seem to choose the perfect time to stop functioning properly. The chill wasn’t terrible, but she got cold easily, and the shivering was making it even harder still to hold back the tide.

She crossed her legs and put a hand between them, pressing against herself. It didn’t help much. She wore a skirt, and admittedly that might help disguise any mess she might make, and with all the eyes around her, she wasn’t about to take her panties off, but she also didn’t have any desire to ruin them. They were a nice pair, but white, which meant this incident would likely not wash out easily.

After a little canlı bahis while, the cars began to move again. “Finally!” she shouted to no one in particular and started to drive. She looked down for a moment to check if she had leaked at all, but when she looked up the cars had stopped again.

She slammed her brakes just in time, nearly hitting the red car in front of her. The seat-belt went taut and the force of the stop pushed against her. She felt a squirt of pee release from her, and only barely managed to stop it.

Fucking hell. Well so much for not ruining those.

She suddenly found herself wishing she was wearing a diaper. She imagined being able to just release it all right now and not even make a mess. She would pull her skirt over it, and nobody would even notice.

No. That was weird. She was twenty years old, and could hold her bladder like an adult.

The drive continued as it had. Denise squirmed and shivered, but no more pee escaped. Her hand pressed harder up against the wet spot in her panties, and she held it there, driving with the other hand on the wheel.

She realized she hadn’t been paying much attention to where she was, her mind too focused on the aching pressure between her thighs. She looked at the street sign.

Oh no. How had she gone three blocks past her turn? By the time she could turn around and go back she would be in a puddle. She looked around desperately in some hope of a place to stop. Around her were mostly large industrial-type buildings, places where you need an ID badge to get in, no where to spare a bathroom. However, a half a block up the street was a small grocery store, they had to have a toilet in there.

She bahis siteleri turned into the parking lot and whipped her car into a space, practically in a frenzy at this point. She didn’t have much longer. Minutes at the very most.

She threw open the door, and half hobbled, half ran into the store with her hand still between her legs.

It was an even smaller store than she had thought it was from the outside. One of those little family markets. She ran up to the counter and asked where the restrooms were.

“Down at the end.” The woman said, looking a bit confused at Denise’s frantic state. “But you have to have a key to get in there, and there’s already someone inside, they just went in. I’m sorry.”

Well, that was it then. Nothing more could be done. Denise nearly relaxed and let her bladder go right there, but she stopped herself when she noticed bags of diapers near the register. They were baby diapers, but there were some in a larger size, and she had a pretty small waist anyway. Almost without thinking she grabbed them and handed them to the cashier.

She payed quickly and ran with them out to her car. Inside, she threw off her panties, now slightly damper than before and tore open the package. She sat on the diaper and clasped it around herself, a tight, but nonetheless functional fit.

She was surprised at how comfortable it felt. Very soft and pleasantly cushioned. She reached her hand down and gently rubbed it. She was just beginning to enjoy the way it felt pressed against her when she felt a hot squirt shoot from her, and a warm sensation. She almost gasped at the feeling, and realized she was taking fast breaths. Why did it feel so bahis şirketleri good?

No longer reluctant, she released the tension. A flood of warmth surrounded her vulva and she groaned a bit, and pressed against the outside of the diaper which was darkening now with just a slight tint of yellow. The hiss of her pee continued for a long time, and as she began to rub herself through the diaper, her face flushed red with arousal.

God it felt so good.

She knew at some level that this should be embarrassing, but in that moment the pure ecstasy was enough to drown out all such thoughts.

When she had finally finished peeing, the entire bottom of the diaper was soaked on the inside, but the outside was still miraculously dry.

She glanced around the parking lot. She was parked towards the back because it had been nearly full when she had gone in. It was a small lot, and none of the cars around her had people in them.

She slowly slid her hand down her skirt, and into the diaper, and began to rub her clit.

She moaned and gasped at the sensation, nearly screaming from the pleasure of it. Faster and faster her fingers moved. God this was amazing! She pressed harder, and then slid her fingers inside herself, feeling a different wetness. Her pussy was almost pulsing, and her legs shook. She finally gasped loudly, losing her breath and for the first time she came. And while she could still felt the warmth of her accident, the orgasmic energy made her hips thrust uncontrollably, and her juices squirt everywhere inside on her hand and the diaper.

She sighed blissful contentment, and felt herself go slack. She lay breathing quick breaths for a long while.

She took off the diaper, and threw it away in the empty grocery bag that she had taken them out to the car with her in. She stared at the diapers now, all lined up white in their package.

Then she put another on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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