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I’ve been planning this event for weeks. Finally, tonight, it will be here and then gone again. Usually they aren’t this big, or this important. But this one is going to be special. Not just because of the clients, but because of the person I’ve been working with over the phone. The one relaying the requirements. I’ve never met him in person, or seen a picture. I just know his voice. A voice I’ve come to really enjoy. Not just because it’s an attractive and sexy voice, but because of the humor in it, the knowing, the obvious ability to relay caring and compassion.

I love these big international events. Well, international meaning there’s usually a few people from Canada and Mexico, occasionally a few others from elsewhere in the world. But, the majority is from the states. That’s OK though since there will be people from every state here. 4,226 people, not counting the staff, my second largest.

Normally, I’d never wear leather to a function I’d planned. But, since the clients all deal with the leather industry, or industries associated it with it, I figure for once I’ll be able to get away with it. Of course this means everyone else will be wearing it too, but I don’t care. I’ve chosen my red leather skirt; it’s long with a very high slit up the front. It’s almost too high, but I’ll be careful. Finally I’ll be able to wear the new black boots, pointed toe and spiked heel. I’m not sure yet whether to go head to toe and wear the leather bra and panty set or not, or maybe skip the underwear and choose the corset. I’m thinking the corset, and a garter belt. I hate underwear anyway. No one will notice if I choose for them not to. If things go my way, only one person will see everything.

I should be at work to open the door soon, the staff will need to set up and the caterers will want into the kitchen. It’s not cold out but I can handle dressing in leather from head to toe, I’m going to wear my long black coat too, sure, it’s hot and heavy, but it looks good on me.

Set up went smoother than I ever thought possible. Everything is in place and the guests are starting to arrive. I rush to the lobby and start to greet them, shaking hands, smiling, and trading business cards. After the first few hundred arrive I start to make my rounds of the facility. I figure, by the time I’ve told him to meet me outside by the screw that most of the guests will be here and settled in with their drinks and dinner. I check my pockets again, making sure that the key to the door that was added to the submarine for easier access is still there.

The day has been very warm and as I exit the building I realize how hot I am in all this leather, the coat especially. But, as usual, the clouds are forming and it’s starting to rain. I walk down the sidewalk to the meeting place I’d picked out. The screw from the sub, positioned along the walkway down towards the ramp, was set up so people could see it. Doesn’t do much good in the water anymore. I lean up against one of the big propellers and lift my face up, enjoying the beating rain on my face. The warm water runs down my face and along my neck, into my corset and between my breasts. topkapı escort I open my eyes and look forward and there he is, for it must be him, watching me silently.

He walks forward, kissing me on the cheek. “Nice to finally meet you.” Says the voice from the phone. A little different, minus the mild distortion of long distance lines. I’d seen him inside earlier and must admit that I’m very pleased. Putting one arm around him to pull him closer, I reach up with the other hand and stroke the top of his smooth head. “It’s nice to meet you too.” I whisper in his ear.

The kiss was everything I’d hoped it would be, tender and soft. One kiss led to many as the rain fell warm from the sky. The size of the screw hiding us from the possible watching eyes, the ones located past the large glass window behind us. They might see our feet, or an occasional hand, but they won’t know it’s him, or me.

As the kissing grows in depth and strength the hands belonging to both of us begin to wander across each other’s bodies, occasionally across our own. My mouth leaves his and starts a downward journey to his neck. I unbutton his shirt half way down and kiss his chest. There are other things I’d like to kiss and wonder if it’s too soon. But then, what is too soon when I plan to do such things eventually anyway. Reaching that conclusion I decide to travel a bit farther down and reach for his belt. The sound of the zipper is lost in the sounds of the increasing storm.

I look up as I reach for him, he looks surprised, but is smiling. Of course he’s smiling, what guy isn’t gonna be smiling when a beautiful woman is about to put her mouth on his cock.

I didn’t stay down there for long. The fear of being caught was both exciting and frightening. However, he did seem to enjoy my meager skills. The intensity of his kisses tells me so. I tuck him back inside of his pants, for now anyway, and start to maneuver him towards the ramp. The way down to the dock is steep and slippery. I’m glad he’s there holding on to me.

When we reach the dock we stop and kiss again. The motion from the passing boats on the river rocking us gently. Of course, the sky is so dark now and the rain so heavy we can’t see any of them anyway. Making our encounter invisible to those in the building above. I take small steps backwards, towards the entrance to the boat. He follows me, never breaking our mutual touch. Reaching in my pocket I fumble for the keys. I turn from him so I can unlock the door. As I open it he picks me up and sets me on the other side of the entrance. Closing the door behind us, he pushes me up against it. The metal is cold, even through my coat.

A pool of water forms around our feet as we kiss. Kissing is something he does very well. I can’t wait to find out what else he does well.

We break apart and I fumble for the lights, making sure to turn on the red lights to simulate nighttime. The captain’s quarters are right down the hall and I intend to show him who’s in charge of the ship. I lead him down the set of steps on the left, again, installed to make the sub easier for the türbanlı escort visitors to move through, and take him down the hall. The captain’s room is on the right, across from the Wardroom. I push him down onto the bed and straddle him. My skirt slit opening up all the way and showing what is and isn’t underneath.

“This is where we start our tour.” I tell him. Reaching up, putting his hands on my shoulders, he starts to remove my coat. I shrug out of it and toss it aside. I can always come back for it later. His hands find my thighs under my skirt as I lean down to kiss him yet again. I finish unbuttoning his shirt and my tongue assaults his chest. His back arches as his nipples harden. He reaches for my corset. I pull away. The question “why” hangs in his eyes. “The attack center is our next stop.” I answer.

Pulling on his arms I drag a reluctant man farther down the hall. I lean against all the curious looking knobs and buttons on the wall. He reaches for my corset again, this time I do not resist. The bow is undone and the laces loosened. It falls to the floor. His hand softly cupping my breasts and his kiss again upon my willing lips. But the pieces and parts pressing into my back are a bit too uncomfortable for me, I turn and ask him to kiss the marks and make them feel better. He obliges. “What room is that?” He asks. “That,” I tell him “is the control room.” “I think I’m going to like the control room.” He tells me.

The control room, like any room on a submarine, is cramped. But that doesn’t mean I can’t figure out a way to undress a man there. Or at least partially. I finally got his shirt off of him. I run my hands up and down his arms as he runs his mouth up and down from my breasts to my tummy. He reaches down and pulls my skirt up and away from me. Then he moves me away from the periscope to set me on the top of the seat near the depth gages and control. I reach up to balance myself and grab the first thing my hand touches. “AAH-OOOOHGA” blares from the boat. He looks up, startled. “Dive Dive” I say through a giggle. So he does. Burying his face between my legs.

No, kisses aren’t the only thing he’s good at. I’m a very happy girl right now. He’s moved away a bit and is now just kissing my thighs. I take his arms and tug on them. I want him to kiss me. I taste myself on his lips and it’s sweet.

“Would you like head on the way to the head?” Spills from my lips. Now it’s his turn to giggle. I walk to the ladder leading down to the next level. I turn around and walk down backwards, facing him, encouraging him to follow. When I get to the bottom I stop and wait. When his crotch reaches my face I stop him. Reaching up and taking hold of his waistline, I pull down on his trousers. I lean in and again put him in my mouth. This time, it lasts a bit longer. This time, I bring him all the way. I let him cum in my mouth and on my lips. I watch him watch me lick his seed from my lips and from the tip of his penis.

I pull his pants back up for him, gingerly of course. I’d like to take advantage of him again soon, very soon and don’t want him hurt or harmed. tüyap escort

Backing up I point down behind the stairs. “Back there, is the torpedo room.”

After climbing through the hatch I turn on the daytime lighting. There are a few older disabled torpedoes in the room. One is even in the launch tube. Removing my boots I begin climbing up and over the racks to the top level. There are bunks up there, leftovers from when there was an active crew. “Gonna join me?” I ask.

He chooses a different path to the top, coming up near the tubes and the loading access. I’m waiting for him and pull him to me once he’s near. The kissing is more sexual now, if that’s possible. I enjoy his weight on top of me and I run my fingers along his back.

I can feel now that he’s regained his “strength” so I take my feet and use them to remove his shoes. Then, I reach down and start to remove his pants. They will be coming all the way off now. I crush myself against his nakedness and crush his lips with mine. The sex is very satisfying and long lasting. But, there are other places I’d like to fuck before our time together ends.

I bypass the crews quarters and go straight to the mess. Pushing him back onto the table I tell him “I’m hungry, what shall I have to eat?” Then I devour him again. I must admit, I love the feel of him in my mouth, he tastes nice, even more so after being inside of me. This time, when he cums, I let it spill all over my chest and stomach. Playing with it, using it to arouse my nipples I start walking away. “Next stop, the maneuvering room.”

But, we never make it there, instead his eye has noticed the aft escape trunk ladder and he wants to know “Can we go up top?”

I start to climb up and begin to open the hatch to the deck. But my concentration is interrupted. This time, on the ladder, he is below me. His fingers probe and his lips kiss along my legs. My hands tighten around the wheel of the hatch as he removes my skirt. I prop my leg against the opposite wall and hold on tight while he pleasures me with his mouth. “I want you to fuck me again!” I yell. “And I will, if you’ll open that door and let us out.” I really ought to have suggested the use of the safety harnesses.

When I finally get the door open, the storm is raging. We climb out on to the deck and head towards the diving planes, in hopes to have a hand hold. Leaning myself against the cold metal of the submarine I let myself be ravished. The beating rain and the blowing winds only add to the excitement.

I can’t believe neither of us fell. There was the occasional slip of a foot here and there, but managed to make it back down into the boat safely. We made our way back through, gathering our clothing, attempting to get all of it back on, even as wet as it was.

I’m glad I thought to bring an extra set of clothes with me and had left them in the office. I started to walk back up the ramp to the building and he stopped me and told me he had a dry suit in his car and would meet me back inside.

All but a few of the guests have left now and the crew is starting to clean up. I still haven’t seen him return from his car. I’m sure there’s a good reason. It’s OK though. I still haven’t left my office. I’m watching the departures from my window overlooking the foyer. Maybe he knew that when that large gray door closed behind us down on the dock that it would be the last we’d see of each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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