Dizzy Lizzy Ch. 02


This is part of an ongoing tale. The first part was “Dizzy Lizzy”, written as part of the 750 word challenge (write a story no more or less than 750 words long), and here comes the next installment.

I’ve maintained the 750 word limit and will try to do so for any future parts of this story.

Hope you enjoy the read, look forward to any feedback in the comments.


Somewhere in mid-fuck, while Lizzy was clutching the couch cushions and moaning at the cock pumping her pussy — giveittomegiveittomegiveittome — it dawned on her booze-addled mind that it was her parents’ couch she was looking at. She realised to her horror that the mystery lover fucking her from behind was her brother Mike. “What’re you doing?!” she exclaimed.

“What’s it look like?” he said with a chuckle and gave her ass a playful smack. “God you’re hot!”

It was all coming back to her now. Striking out at the party — Dawn was such a bitch, she must have known that Jean-Luc was off-limits — and then coming home, feeling sorry for herself — was she really that unappealing?

She remembered walking into Mike’s room, smashed on vodka, and him taking out his cock for her appraisal, and then… had she given him a blow-job? Really? Her aksaray escort memory was hazy, but seeing as he was fucking her right now, it was certainly possible. Little Mikey, not so little anymore.

Mike raked his fingers over her back, sending a shiver down her spine. He remembered all the times he’d peeked out from his room to watch Lizzy and her friends — statuesque, raven-haired Dawn and playful brunette Lara — knock back a shot or two and then head out in a taxi. How many times had he fantasised about what the giddy trio would get up to on those nights?

Lizzy had barely registered in his fantasies, of course, since she was just, well, his slightly annoying older sister. To be fair, she was as sexy as the others, in her own way. But oh, how she had frustrated him over the years, teasing him, mocking him, always one step ahead, always superior to him. What an amazing emotional rush to now have her bent over the back of the couch, all dolled up in that sexy dress, her pussy yielding to his cock.

Her make-up was getting smeared, and that turned him on all the more. He felt the urge to slam into her deep and hard, but he didn’t want it to end too soon. The aftermath of this spontaneous session had the potential 68aksarayspor.com to be a little… awkward. Best to make the fun part of it last as long as possible. And he wanted to see what Lizzy looked like when she came…

Lizzy, meanwhile, was on a knife’s edge between surrendering to the woozy, lustful sensations of the moment and the conflicted emotions — indignation? disgust? — that she felt at submitting her body to her little brother. This is wrong… God that’s good… This is wrong… God that’s good…

She had just about gathered the willpower to tell him to take a hike when she felt his thrusting slowing down… and then something amazing happened. Something she had never felt before.

Something was building up inside her… a tingling feeling spreading out from her pussy and now setting her body on fire.

Mike pulled one of her shoulder straps down and scooped up her sweaty tit, rolling her nipple through his fingers. He delighted in the spasms rolling through this hot girl’s body — the fact that she was his sister was now almost secondary — he could tell she was…

COMING! I can’t believe I’m coming! Ohohohohoh…

He worked with it, settled into her rhythm, and she could sense the carnal communication, even smiled as they screwed in sync, thrusting enthusiastically. Her orgasm grew and grew, and she cried out with joy as the sensations pulsed through her body.

Mike held on to her bucking, spasming body, thrilled by her sexy squeals while clutching her fantastic tit and maintaining his steady fuck-pace. When she reached her intense climax and fell slack, draped over the couch, he continued thrusting, seeking his own release.

Lizzy couldn’t believe what just happened. I came. Mikey made me come… my first orgasm. Ever.

She felt his continuing thrusts and wondered if she might even come again… but as she started to feel the tell-tale signs of his pulsating shaft, his orgasm imminent, a terrifying thought occurred to her.

She reached down between her legs, found the spot where their bodies were joined, felt his balls right there, tight and ready to deliver. “Aw that’s good Lizzy, keep doing that…” But her hand wasn’t there for pleasure. She felt his cock sliding in and out of her and made a shocking discovery.

He’s not wearing a condom…!

She squirmed. “No no, no wait! Don’t come in me, don’t come inside me!”


What happens next?

A. Mike summons heroic portions of willpower, does the right thing, and pulls out before shooting his load…


B. Mike’s too far gone, instinct takes over, he burrows deep and finishes inside her.

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