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Authors note: This story contains acts of lesbian sex, bondage, light d/s, and anal sex. If you find any of these acts doesn’t suite your taste just stop reading now.

EDIT – This story and my other early works got some comments about grammar and structure and I decided to take a break from writing Finding Himself in Her to rectify this.


Dr Jessica Stevens sat back in the comfy chair at the desk in her office, the clock had just struck five in the afternoon and she had just had her last appointment for the week. She was leaning back in her seat and had just started reading an erotic lesbian story on her computer as she slid her hand beneath the hem of her skirt to fondle her moistening bare slit. Her other hand switched between scrolling through the story and tweaking her big bra-less breasts and nipples through her flimsy top.

As Jessica was really getting in to the story she was reading, teasing her soaked pussy closer and closer to orgasm, the phone rang in her office, pulling her out of her fantasy. Dr Stevens sighed, picked up the phone and in an annoyed tone asked, “What?”

The voice on the other end chirped, “Hi, Dr Stevens, it’s Hannah.” Hannah was the administrative nurse.

“Yes, what’s the problem, I’m on my way out,” Dr Stevens asked, trying to sound professional as she gently played with her clit to keep her excitement going.

“I’m sorry to be doing this but we have a girl here in for a consultation, her doctor caught food poisoning at lunch and we haven’t been able to reschedule her appointment. Could you take the appointment?”

Jessica groaned and answered, “Yes, I’ll take her, not much going on at home anyway.”

Dr Stevens had her boyfriend, John, waiting for her at home but their relationship was little more than a charade, neither of them really interested in each other anymore. John was sleeping with some other woman but didn’t have the guts to break it off with Jessica and Jessica, who knew all about his indiscretions, didn’t care in the slightest and only let him stay because she couldn’t sleep in an empty house. Furthermore, as she was looking for a woman to have her own relationship with she couldn’t really blame him. Jessica’s last relationship before John had been with a woman but she had been scared by how she felt for that girl and had gotten together with John as a way to deny her own sexuality, something she realized a while ago.

The nurse laughed and replied, “OK, no harm done then, I think you’ll like this one, she was very talkative in the waiting room, she’s in Exam Room 3.”

Dr Stevens hung up the phone and squeezed her clit lightly one last time before she stood from her chair, straightened out her skirt and pulled her lab coat on to cover up her exited nipples. She left her office and headed trough the mostly empty corridors of the private practice for exam room 3. As she entered the room she saw a pretty redhead sitting on the exam table wearing nothing but a hospital gown. Dr Stevens eyed her patient up and down and as her eyes landed on her face she realized she knew this woman, they had met at a boring party held by one of John’s friends. They had hit it off right away and spent the entire evening talking, but Jessica had been too afraid to make a pass even though she thought she picked up some signals from the redhead. She had given Emma, that was the woman’s name, her number and suggested grabbing a coffee but she never called. Dr Stevens realized that she had stood there in silence for a while and with a smile said, “Well, hello, didn’t we meet at a party a while back? Emma, right?”

Emma smiled back at her and said, “Oh, hi Jessica, yes we did, I really loved talking to you but I lost the note with your number.”

“Oh well, no harm done, looks like we can get to know each other now.”

“So you are here to replace my usual doctor?” Emma’s voice trembled with slight trepidation.

“Yes I am, and what seems to be the problem?” Dr Stevens asked, changing her friendly demeanor to a more professional one in response to the nervousness evident in Emma’s question.

“Well, it’s a bit embarrassing and I was really set on discussing with my usual doctor,” Emma answered, her eyes looking shyly down at the floor.

“I promise you I won’t judge you for anything you think might be embarrassing and I will do everything I can to help you with what’s bothering you, and as a doctor I’m not allowed to pass on anything you say to me.” Jessica closed the gap between them and placed a reassuring hand on Emma’s shoulder.

“Well, OK,” Emma said, still refusing eye-contact and nervously fidgeting with the hem of her gown as she continued, turning more and more red as she spoke, “It’s a problem of a sexual nature, I have had sex with a couple of guys and I have tried masturbating a lot, I even bought a vibrating dildo but no matter how hard I try, I just can’t orgasm.”

Dr Stevens was a bit surprised by this, she had only been a doctor for a few years and hadn’t come across this problem before, casino şirketleri at the same time she felt her still soaking pussy twitch at the thought of making this pretty redhead cum her brains out. Jessica pulled her thoughts together and tried to keep the excitement out of her voice as she asked in her most professional voice,

“Well, I think we’ll start with a normal physical and pelvic exam to see if everything is in normal working condition and see where we’ll go from there.”

Dr Stevens walked over to the door and locked it and then moved over to the sink to wash her hands. As she turned toward her pretty patient again she said, “You might as well take of your gown right now, no one is going to disturb us and I will notice easier what excites you.”

Emma nodded and with her eyes still downcast and a deep blush covering her cheeks she stood and removed her light blue hospital gown, revealing her petite frame beneath. She was just under 5 foot tall making her almost a head shorter than Jessica’s 5 foot 9 inches. Jessica suppressed a moan as she let her eyes wander over the creamy white skin of her patient, and she couldn’t stop her eyes lingering on Emma’s small, pert breasts with their puffy aureoles and large, long nipples. Her eyes then wandered further down a smooth stomach to wide hips and a red fur with a hint of pink down below, then further down along those perfectly toned legs and then up again to that prettily blushing face. Dr Stevens thought Emma had the body of a 15 year old girl, with the exception of her wide hips, but knew from her file that she was 25.

Jessica told Emma to hop up on the short end of the examination table so she could start her exam and as Emma walked the few steps and hopped on to the table Jessica got a perfect view of her patients cute heart-shaped ass, what she wouldn’t do get to bury her face in the valley between those cheeks! Dr Stevens shook her head slightly and tried to pull herself together as she walked in front of Emma and started her exam. Dr Stevens wanted her patient to be relaxed and so started her examination with a routine ear, mouth and nose examination. She then took her stethoscope and placed it on her patients back, causing her to breathe in sharply and straighten her back. This made her small breasts stand more prominent as her nipples hardened to inch long nubs from the cold of the stethoscope. After listening to Emma’s back for a while Dr Stevens moved the stethoscope to Emma’s chest, making her nipples even more erect as she dragged it over her soft flesh, eliciting soft sounds of pleasure from her patient. Dr Stevens then placed her hand on Emma’s shoulder and said, “Now lay back on the table and I’ll examine your stomach and breasts, just try to relax and let yourself feel whatever you want, don’t suppress anything and don’t be afraid to voice what you feel, all exam rooms are soundproof and there is no one here but us, so let yourself go.”

Emma nodded and said, “Yes, Dr Stevens, I’ll try.”

She fell back on the table and closed her eyes after looking up at the beautiful woman towering over her, Dr Jessica Stevens was a tall and voluptuous woman a few years older than her. She had a beautiful face with pretty red lips, high cheekbones and kind eyes. Her face was framed by golden hair cascading in waves down her shoulders. Emma wasn’t normally attracted to anyone but after meeting Jessica at that party a week ago she had been on her mind when Emma tried to make herself cum, and now she had actually asked this beauty to do it for her and she had agreed!

Jessica ran her fingers up and down Emma’s stomach, reveling in the velvety smoothness before she gently started massaging her pretty patient, feeling for lumps and making her relax. She gently massaged her way down to the pelvic bone before moving up to Emma’s shoulders, massaging them and feeling the tension disappear and saw the serene look on Emma’s face. Dr Stevens then moved her fingers in slow circles down toward Emma’s breasts, her palms gently caressing those long nipples as her patient’s moans grew louder and she arched her back slightly to get more contact. This was all the encouragement Jessica needed as she took those long nipples between her thumb and forefinger and started to gently squeeze and tug on them. The moans grew louder as the nipples grew harder and after a while of gentle nipple play Jessica heard Emma whimper, “Rougher,” amidst the moans from her cherry lips. Jessica smiled and started pinching much harder as she twisted and pulled, eliciting cries and loud moans of ecstasy from her patient as all pretense of a breast exam disappeared.

After doing this for several minutes Jessica reached into a drawer full of medical supplies and grabbed a pair of small rubber bands, these she worked down to the base of Emma’s nipples to make them stay hard no matter what. She then coaxed them to swell that last little bit by leaning over and sucking hard on each of them, eliciting a sexy moan from her patient. When Jessica was satisfied with the swelling of the casino firmaları nipples she reached took a pair of clamps from the drawer and clamped both nipples at the same time. This caused Emma to yelp loudly and open her tearing eyes widely as she without thinking reached her hands to remove the clamps. Dr Stevens stopped her by grabbing her wrists and catching Emma’s eyes, looking at her with a calm and friendly expression as she explained, “I know that caught you by surprise, but I promise you it will help you reach orgasm. Now, as it seems you can’t keep your hands to yourself and let me do my job I will have to restrain you before we continue with your examination, and I think that can actually help as I believe you have a strong submissive side, isn’t that so?”

“I think it might be true Dr Stevens, I have always enjoyed being of service to others and when someone orders me to do something I do it without thinking.” Emma told Jessica all this without feeling embarrassed at all, she was actually feeling at home in this situation and with this kind woman who was helping her with her problem. Emma understood that the actions Jessica had preformed and was going to perform might cause her some pain but she saw the kindness in her eyes and knew this was all for her benefit. Well maybe for the doctor’s benefit to, Emma had noticed the strong smell of sex from the woman and even thought she saw some juice running down her doctor’s leg.

Jessica now moved to the bottom end of the table, reached her hands under Emma’s wide hips and lifted her light body down to the end of the table so that her ass was hanging over the edge. Jessica then took Emma’s legs and placed them in the stirrups, spreading her legs wide and giving her access to Emma’s pussy and ass. These stirrups were the kind that supported the leg from knee to ankle. Dr Stevens tied Emma’s legs to the stirrups at the knee and ankle with wide padded leather straps, she then proceeded to tie a wide padded strap over Emma’s hips just above the thighs, then she strapped the patient’s arms above her head, making her completely immobilized. As a last touch she blindfolded her to further enhance Emma’s other senses.

When Jessica was done with her beautiful little patient she stood back to enjoy the magnificent view, the black leather of table and the straps and the chrome of the stirrups contrasting wonderfully with that milky white skin and the wonderful head of red hair that was spread like a sun around her head. The blindfold had been an afterthought as Jessica realized that she could get much more comfortable without freaking Emma out too much at once. Jessica removed her lab coat, then her flimsy top, letting her large and bra-less breasts swing free. She kicked off her heels and stripped out of her gray knee-length skirt, standing naked and horny as hell before her oblivious captive.

Jessica pulled up a stool to the end of the table and sat down between Emma’s widespread thighs, for the first time taking a close look at the target of this mission, that pretty, red-haired pussy. It had very puffy outer lips, shaved smooth, succulent and fat inner lips extending a bit outside the outer lips and a large clitoral hood standing proud on top. Doctor Stevens started exploring the luscious folds gently with her fingertips, feeling the wetness she had teased out with the breast play, admiring the coral color of the inner lips. She tried to coax the pearl of Emma’s clit from hiding by pulling the hood upwards and massaging along its length. Here she came across the first probable source of the problem, it seemed that Emma’s clit was buried beneath the hood and was refusing to make an appearance. Jessica tried to massage the stem, then tried to get her pinkie to dilate the little hole beneath the hood and when that didn’t work she came up with a great idea, she could use a vacuum pump to suck the little bugger out of hiding. She rummaged around in the drawers and soon found a varying suction pump that could alternate pressure very fast, creating a sensual milking sensation when she tested it on her own nipple with a long and narrow cup. Jessica placed this cup squarely over Emma’s clit and pumped up the base suction, making lovely Emma moan loudly, she then set the pump to alternate pressure whilst slowly increasing the suction.

The strong milking sensation was driving Emma insane with pleasure and she felt her juices leaking from her pussy and down her ass as she moaned louder and louder and tried to hump against whatever was on her pussy. She had no such luck as she was held down tightly by the straps, but the sense of vulnerability excited her even more.

Jessica suspended the tube of the pump between the stirrups so that it pulled slightly on the cup and then she started working on the main attraction, Emma’s lovely hole. She ran her finger along the inner lips before slowly penetrating her with middle finger. When she had her knuckles resting against Emma’s puffy outer lips she started wiggling her finger inside, feeling for the g-spot on the upper güvenilir casino wall of the vaginal canal, but she couldn’t feel it. Jessica also realized that Emma was surprisingly loose around her finger, something that might also have contributed to Emma’s inability to cum. Jessica tried to push three fingers inside and that went very easy as well so she started fucking them faster and faster into the soaked pussy. Emma was moaning and babbling incoherently as she wiggled and humped back as much as she could on the table in front of Jessica. There was still no sign of contractions and the walls around Jessica’s fingers still felt loose so she decided to try something she had always wanted to try. Jessica pulled her fingers half way out then added her pinkie and made a cone with her fingers, her thumb folded into her palm, then she pushed her hand slowly forward, keeping a watchful eye at Emma’s face, careful not to cause her any more pain than what was necessary to get her hand inside, but what she saw on that face was a look of pure bliss. As Jessica’s hand got past the widest part she felt it get sucked in the rest of the way, eliciting a joyful scream from Emma. With her hand buried inside she asked Emma, “How are you feeling?”

“God, mmm, I’ve never felt so full or so good, and it feels, mmmAHH, like my clit is being sucked from my body!!”

Emma lost herself in sensation as the doctor continued her ministrations, she didn’t have the mental capacity left to understand what was happening to her, she only knew pleasure as the doctor skillfully manipulated her body and filled her so completely.

Dr Stevens looked through the clear suction cup latched to Emma’s clit, the pearl was now sucked clear from the hood and pulsed engorged against the inside of the tube almost over an inch beyond the labia! Jessica decided to turn of the pump and removed the cup from Emma’s clit with a loud plop followed by a satisfied moan. Jessica then leaned down and started to gently suckle and lick the engorged nub, getting her first delicious taste of Emma’s flowing juices as she started fucking her hand slowly in and out with long thrusts, bottoming out every time. Jessica marveled at the incredible sense of intimacy that came from fisting and at how much this petite girl could take without voicing any complaint. She was even more amazed when she felt that there was still more room inside and without stopping her attentions to Emma’s clit she started to fold her fingers into a fist inside. When she started penetrating deeper again her wrist reached several centimeters past Emma’s obscenely dilated opening when bottoming out. As Jessica gyrated her fist gently deep inside as she lightly sucked and nibbled that engorged clit and she was finally rewarded with Emma’s very first orgasm, the walls of her pussy in spasm around the hand inside, her juices flowing in gushes down Jessica’s arm in such quantity that Jessica was certain Emma would have squirted if not for the fact that her forearm was blocking the pee-hole. Jessica did everything she could to prolong the orgasm, she pumped her hand as fast as she could, she pinched and slapped Emma’s swollen and hard clit, she removed the nipple clamps one at a time, the pain of the blood rushing back to her big nipples pushing Emma even further into nirvana. As the orgasm after started to wane, Jessica shoved two fingers into Emma’s virgin asshole, wet and lubed from the juices gushing from her pussy, throwing the delirious Emma into renewed bliss. After the orgasm had lasted for longer than Jessica thought was possible Emma passed out, her screams stopping, the convulsions running through every muscle in her body slowly ceasing and her pussy finally relaxing around Jessica’s now slightly sore and mangled hand. Jessica slowly pulled her hand out and looked at the gaping hole as she slipped the fingers of the fist that had been inside over her own breasts and face as she reached her other hand down to her own neglected sex. It took just a minute for her to get off as she had already started masturbating before this “consultation” and had now gone over two hours with constant mental stimulation but no physical release.

After cumming she started untying her patient, lovingly caressing her lips as she removed the blindfold and then continuing with the hands, then removing the rubber bands around her still hard nipples. Jessica then removed the strap over Emma’s hips before releasing her legs from the stirrups, she then noticed the large pool of cum on the end of the table and on the floor beneath and realized she had to clean it up before she could return home. She easily picked up her pretty little patient, she weighed just under a hundred pounds according to her chart, and carried her through the deserted halls of the practice, reveling in the way their naked bodies rubbed together as she walked. She soon came to her office where she placed the girl on the couch in the corner and covered her up with a blanket. Jessica guessed she would be out cold for a while longer after something as exhausting as what she had been through, so she picked up her cell phone and hands-free and headed back to exam room 3 to clean up. She got her clothes back on and then called her live-in boyfriend as she started to clean up and said, “Hi, it’s Jessica.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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