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I watched Susie as she dance enthusiastically with a series of youthful partners, keeping her distance but occasionally embracing one for a few bars. In that embrace he saw her partner’s hands clasping her buttocks and drawing her to him. She didn’t resist or complain.

He turned away to pay attention to the stunning blonde he had picked up and seemed as amenable as she was alluring. The music slowed and he took her onto the dance floor where they danced close. He caressed her back and let his hands slide over her buttocks. En route he felt no sign of underneath top or bottom. She pressed close to him indicating her availability and willingness to accept his advances.

Over her shoulder he saw Susie dancing equally close to someone and then watched he led her off the floor and through the door that led to the darkened terrace outside. He stepped back from the blonde slightly.

“Do you fancy some fresh air?” he asked.

“Oh yes…what a good idea. It’s a warm evening,” she replied with a smile. “Let me run to the loo first.”

“OK. I’ll wait for you just outside the door over there.” He pointed to the door which Susie had passed through and set off briskly as the blonde left him.

Standing outside it was impossible to see anything clearly. Ghostly figures here and there and then he heard Susie’s giggle and was able to pinpoint her.

Peering into the gloom he was able to make out the gleam of her white knickers, presumably as her partner raised her skirt as they embraced. As he watched he saw the white patch in the dark first disappear and then re-appear much lower before disappearing again, perhaps stuffed in a pocket or abandoned.

As his eyes adjusted to the gloom he picked up a fainter white glow which he realised was Susie’s bare flesh. Her bikini patch of white flesh, her bottom as it faced him motionless in the gloom and close to the ground. He guessed she was on her knees giving head.

He was suddenly aware of the blonde at his side. “It’s to be out in the cool of the evening.” She said, glancing around.
“Is this where people come to have sex?” she whispered

“Yes,” John replied. “Or simply to explore each other more intimately than they can on the dance floor.”

As he spoke he saw the white patch in the gloom disappear. Susie must have finished her partner off he thought and sure enough she emerged alone from the gloom a few seconds later.

“Hi,” she said, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand before kissing me. “Are you going to introduce me to the lovely lady at your side?”

“I’m Pia,” said the blonde. “Just back from three months sailing the Atlantic with an all-woman crew. We arrived this morning.”

“OH! So I guess you are looking for a …” Pia interrupted her. “Can you show me where the loo is please?”

“Sure. Come on!” Susie led the way and the two women disappeared.

When they returned Susie announced that she had offered Pia our spare room as she needed to escape the boat and have a base on land. I said I thought it a great idea, hoping maybe to disturb Pia in the shower or find her naked in bed if I had the chance to take her a morning coffee.

The women seemed to be getting on very well and possibly sharing a private joke as they gave each other knowing looks and giggled from time to time.

At the end of the evening we walked home to our place not far from the club. Susie led the way into the flat and turned to greet me as I followed Pia across the threshold.

“We have a surprise for you” said Susie with a broad grin. “After her time at sea Pia is desperate for a good ´seeing to’. I volunteered you.”

“What! You mean I get to…”

“Yep. With my blessing. Satisfaction of her need is within my gift. And I am sure you will enjoy yourself immensely!”

“Oh1 I don’t know what to say…”

“Suggest you say nothing and just drop your pants and boxers. That is what she wants!”

Pia approached me smiling reassuringly. She kissed me with an unexpected urgency then broke away whispering “Don’t hold back! I am wearing only panties under my dress and my body yearns for a man’s touch. Please! Do what you will with me.”

She guided my hand to the hem of her skirt and raised it slowly. My hand followed the fabric until it rested between her parted legs. I paused, my fingers resting on the damp fabric of her knickers.

“I wear panties because I like the intrigue they create when I am otherwise naked. I love to watch a man’s reaction as he removes them”

“I am amazed and honoured and humbled” I said. “I şirinevler escort have never been with such a beautiful woman. Your body is perfect, housing such an honest person who knows what she wants and seems to be about to get it. ” I said with a grin, pushing her away from me to admire her beauty,

“Feel how hot and wet I am? And please, let me undress you. I need to see you rampant and ready to deliver what I yearn for. “

With that she began to unbutton my shirt, easing it over my shoulders and nibbling at my nipples as I slipped my arms from the garment. Her hands fumbled with my pants which soon dropped. Boxers followed and she fell hungrily on my cock taking it deep into her throat. Releasing she rose and took my hand.

“Where’s the bedroom?” she asked. I led the way. When I opened the door she pushed past me and threw herself on the bed, legs bent and spread and arms outstretched. Her legs were tight together, her cunt masked by the white fabric of her knickers.

I bent forward and slipped my fingers under the waistband.

“Do it slowly,” she asked.

I slowly slid the garment down across her thighs, her knees and finally her ankles. Freed, she spread her legs. I was surprised by the darkness of the triangle between her legs.

“Not a natural blonde then?” I asked.

“No. Sun-bleached with a little help from a bottle.” She guided my hand between her legs.

Her cunt was open and beautiful, a deceptively small opening, pink and gleaming with her juices. Her firm breast protruded nicely, topped by hard, erect nipples begging to be nibbled. My cock felts as if it might exploded so engorged and hard was it. I knelt between her legs. She grasped my cock firmly and dragged it to her entrance.

“Now!” she commanded. “Have me, shag, me. roger me, fuck me, abuse me, delight me, in any position you like or I choose. Exhaust me, satisfy me, and satiate me. And then do it all over again. And again. And again!”

I plunged in hard, sliding easily and feeling her tighten around me as her body adjusted precisely to my girth. The friction between us was perfect and she gasped with delight and pleasure. “That is so wonderful,” she said. “After all this time… to have a man in me rather than something pretending to be a man. Or some woman’s fingers. Shag me slowly for a while. Let me savour you and the sensations your presence generates.”

I did as she asked and was amazed to sense that a climax was building. Her eyes widened and locked on mine, a seraphic smile spread across her face as she too felt the waves of pleasure build. They broke in a series of powerful contractions rippling through her body.

When it had passed she pushed me gently away and rolled onto her front before rising on all-fours. Her cunt seemed almost more desirable presented from this point of view.
I entered her slowly. “Faster, harder!” she murmured. “Try and hurt me! Slap my arse hard!”

I pulled out and gave her several hard smacks to each of her perfectly rounded, firm buttocks. “Do it while you’re fucking me!” she cried, arching her back.

I fucked her with a real fury and she shrieked with pleasure hurling obscene abuse at me and provoking me to grab her by the hair and force her to arch more. At that point she came again, just in time for me to pull out and prevent my own ejaculation.

I rolled her over onto her back and forced her legs wide. Her cunt was so BEAUTIFUL, pink, glistening with juice and with a surprisingly prominent clitoris. I circled it with my forefinger.

“You spotted my secret weapon,” she said with a grin. “That’s why I come so easily….”it sticks out half-a-mile!” she giggled. “Now put that lovely cock back in me and let your belly bring me off again as you fuck me.”

I slipped back in and true to her word I felt her orgasm building. Her nipples hardened, her skin colour deepened and her breathing changed “Come with me,” she murmured and I felt her tighten around me. “I can wait for you.”.

I thrust rhythmically feeling her cunt pulsing around me as I did and felt my own orgasm building.

“I’m passed the point of no return,” I murmured “You can begin to let yourself go.”

She bent her knees and plated her feet firmly. “Hard and fast!” she demanded. “Fuck me hard! I want to feel your hot cum spurt into me!”

It did. As we both shuddered in ecstasy.

We rested for a while and then Pia went into the bathroom. I heard the shower running and lay back on the pillows musing on how round two might turn out.

I şirinevler elit escort heard Susie’s key in the door. She came into the bedroom, saw me flaccid and alone.

“I see from the state of your cock that she seems to have satisfied you. I hope you did the same for her.”

“I did. We did. We came together!”

“Really? Well done! Is she in the shower? “


“Well I think I’ll join her. I’ve been seriously abused this evening and have a lot of cum to get rid of”

She stripped and went into the bathroom. I heard voices and dozed while they cleansed themselves. Or that’s what I thought they were doing.

The two women came back into the bedroom together and holding hands.

“I was soaping my twat when Pia asked to help me. Turns out she likes women as well as men and wants to give me one. Her cunt is so pretty I quite fancy reciprocating.”

“We thought you’d like to watch us,” said Pia, kissing my stiffening cock lightly. “Then we’ll both go to work on you…”

“Spread yourself Pia,” said Susie in a matter-of-fact. “I want to get close to your cunt.”

Pia lay back against me, keeping her legs closed. “Wat til she sees my clit,” she whispered.

Susie eased a hand between and eased them apart. She bent to place her lips against the opening cunt.

“Oh my goodness! Have you seen the size of her clit?” she exclaimed.

“Yes I have!” I replied. “And it works REALLY well doesn’t it Pia?”

“Yes. And it loves a woman’s touch… and tongue, Susie. Edge me as often as you can. I’ll tell you when to take me over it.”

I watched as Susie gently toyed with Pia, seeing Pia quivering in ecstasy, a few stokes or licks away from orgasm. Over and over again. Eventually, after almost an hour she murmured “OK. Take me” and then shuddered and writhed through one of the most powerful female orgasms I ever witnessed.

Susie lay back legs spread and playing with her clit, impatiently waiting for Pia to recover and give her what she wanted.

Pia rose and looked down at her. “You are a little impatient I think. Would you mind being restrained while I pleasure you?”

“How restrained?” Susie said a little apprehensively.

“Wrists and ankles tied to the bed. Legs stretched wide”

“What will you do to me if I agree?”

“Nothing more than you did to me. Unless you want something different… more extreme. I can be quite sadistic.”

“Nothing like that. But don’t make me wait too long… There are some scarves in the top drawer. Is the prospect exciting you?” she asked me.

“Have you been restrained before?”

“Only when being fucked. By a series of men. And with my wrists and ankles tied to the bedhead to give them easier access”

“Was it comfortable? Did you enjoy the fucking?”

“Oh yes! It was fun seeing the men’s eyes focus on my cunt. Realising the power a woman has by just being shameless in exposing herself. Without letting on that she does so just to get better satisfaction.”

Pia looped scarves expertly around Susie’s wrist and fixed them neatly to the bedhead. “Is that comfortable?” she asked.

“Fine” replied Susie. “Fix my feet to the bedhead too. It will make it easier for you to access me.”

I rose and watched as Susie was strapped into position, her cunt wide open, the crack of her arse spread.

“Comfortable?” asked Pia.

“Yep. Get to work!”

Pia was amazingly skilful, teasing Susie to a frenzy of desire whilst deliberately avoiding any direct contact with her clit. She had been right. Susie was very demanding, begging to be allowed to come. Pia steadfastly refused, simply increasing the intensity of Susie’s desire until she pleaded to for me to fuck her if Pia wouldn’t make her come.

Pia told her she was being very naughty and slapped her hard on each cheek, hard enough to leave an imprint of her hand glowing red against the white flesh. Then, to both my and Susie’s surprise, she shoved and index finger each of Susie’s orifices. She gasped with pleaser as the finger tips trapped the wall of her cunt and Pia massage. That triggered a massive orgasm with Susie begging Pia to do it again. She did and Susie came again. And again. And again. Until eventually, pleading exhaustion, she asked Pia to stop.

“What a find she is!” Exclaimed Susie as she recovered. “It will be lovely to be wormed up by here before you fuck me! I’d quite like that cock of yours up me right now but we promised you the blow job to end all blow jobs.”

“Can I restrain şirinevler escort you too?” asked Pia. “Just your hands.”

I agreed and lay back as the two women took turns to edge me using their hands lips, tongues, throats and cunts to tease and edge me. Pia was particularly with her cunt, stroke my shaft with her lips and letting my head inside for a moment or too. Susie knew me well and dropped right onto me, again only for a few moments.

The Pia revealed her true skill. Taking me into her mouth she swallowed my cock, jamming into her throat. It felt like fucking a cunt tighter than ever I had experienced. But the amazing think was the amount of time she held it there. I knew she couldn’t breath and after about three minutes began to get worried for her.

She eventually came up for air. “How do you manage to hold your breath for so long? ” Susie asked, impressed. She could only manage about 30 seconds!

“I trained as a free diver” Pia explained. “I can manage about 4 minutes. And you can move in me if you want but be careful as most men who do come pretty quickly.”

“I feel ready,” I replied. “But can we do it properly. Release me, let me stand. You kneel and I fuck you?”


And I did just that. She swallowed, I thrust in and out careful not to break the seal she had formed around me whilst Susie played with my balls and nipples and told me to give Pia my cum.

Of course I did, pulling her head tight to me whilst I spurted into her.

Afterwards the three of us lay together, fondling and stroking. “How long before you can do it again?” murmured Pia. “I’d like to have you in me again. It was so good!”

“It won’t be long before I’m hard again if you keep up what you both are doing.”

I turned to Susie. “Tell us all about last night. Your stories always help me get a hard on… How many men did you have?”

“Lots. I didn’t count them.”

“At different times and in different places'”

“No. One after the other. In front of everybody.”

“What position?”

“On my back. Skirt up and tits out. Lots of hard cocks out around me, waiting their turn”

“And they all came in you?”

“Yes. Or over me.”

“Wow!” said Pia, her grip on my cock tightening. “I don`t think I dare do that although the idea is exciting. Erotic.”

“Obscene is a better description. You can both come along next time if you like. And don’t get jealous.”

“I can handle watching you. Turns me on just imagining you accepting guys enthusiastically. Why not have a party here.” I suggested

“That’s a good idea. Up til now I’ve always thought I should do my illicit shagging on the other side of the front door. Leaning against it sometimes!” Susie said with a grin.

“But I could invite some guys with or without partners round here. I quite like a mixed audience. The women get excited and start wanking themselves or the blokes. Some join in and get gang shagged like me.”

“Might be fun.”

“I warn you I become a bit of a beast. I love the bestiality of it, of being used, enjoyed. Shagged with violent enthusiasm I become a cunt, literally. That’s why I like to keep my clothes on. My actual cunt gapes at the guys and isn’t exactly a pretty sight after a few guys have cum in it. Although you always like to fuck a full cunt don’t you and fantasise about me behaving like an outrageous whore.”She grinned and kissed me. “Just think what it would be like to be ‘last man in'”

I said I thought I could handle the show and that yes, “last man” would be stimulating.

“Hmm… one of my favourite places is a house with a pool room or table. Short skirt, sexy knickers, bending over the table, teasing the audience with a glimpse.
“If I don’t get my skirt lifted and knickers yanked down I slip to the loo, take the knickers off and carry on playing. It isn’t long before my skirt IS lifted I’m being fucked by whoever feels like it.”

I asked how she’s feel if I chose the members of the party.

“What a great idea! You mean your mates? And our friends? I should REALLY like that! And they’d all owe you a turn with their partners! But you mustn’t tell them in advance what to expect. I like me to be a big surprise! Often when I first spread my legs the men don’t believe I mean it! The women do because I ask them if their partner is a good fuck.”

I asked any of the women joined in.

“Usually, after a while and especially if their partner is fucking me. Often the ones you least expect to. The prim and proper. Often it is the larger women who perhaps aren’t getting enough. They can have enormous cunts and the men seemed to enjoy them”

By this time I was rock-hard again and Pia was tugging at me.

“Go on,” said Susie, “Shag her again. I’d love to see that clit of hers at work.”

And so I did, with the image of Susie in action over a pool table in my mind’s eye.

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