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Hey there, this is the story of what happened to me the other day at my local mall. It was so amazing and wonderful that I feel I really have to share.

I was shopping for a nice pair of dress pants as my old ones had gotten ruined when I spilled something or other on them. That is to say that my wife decided that they were ruined, I would have been perfectly happy to use them as is, but I had been told that I needed some new ones. I generally don’t like shopping, especially when it’s for something like this that is expensive enough that I feel like I really need to try it on before buying it, had it been just a pair of shorts or t-shirt I would have simply bought it and then tried it on at home. As it was I was in a small store that sells nice men’s cloths and tries to be a classy place. When I went into the dressing room it was a very nice room to try to show some class for the store, the walls were real walls instead of the little partial walls many dressing rooms have. Also there was a small armchair and a table with a red tablecloth draped to the floor and a bottle of scented body spray for men and some water-free hand sanitizer stuff.

I placed the folded pants on the table and was about to undo my jeans when I got quite a big surprise. It seems that while I had been placing the pants on the table a female hand had come out from under the table and the tablecloth. The hand reached for my crotch and utterly surprised me when it suddenly took a firm hold of my cock through my jeans. As mentioned I was absolutely shocked when I felt this sudden attention. I jumped slightly and was about to ask what the hell was going on when I heard a female voice, “Shhh, no talking.”

As she said this I watched as the hand took hold of the zipper of my pants and pulled it down. Next she reached into my pants and I heard a very slight gasp as she easily passed my old boxers that don’t close all the way and found my quickly growing cock.

I felt her drag her long red fingernails over the increasing length of my dick. It was quite a pleasant sensation to have this complete stranger caressing my cock. As the fondling continued the woman reached out with her other hand, unfastened my pants completely, and lowered them to the floor, allowing me to step out of them. Then she took a firm hold of my cock and slowly pulled me bağdat caddesi escort toward the table. I took a small step forward and soon saw a bit of a head work its way out from under the table. She had bright red hair and was incredibly focused on my dick, so much so that she didn’t turn her head up and I wasn’t able to make out anymore of her features than her hair color.

One of the many things I love about my wife is that she is actually not too fond of foreplay, most of the time when we have sex she wants to get straight to the action, however this means that she doesn’t have a great deal of experience sucking my cock and while I wouldn’t say she is bad at it there is no way she could hold a candle to the amazing talents of this mysterious redhead. Unfortunately I couldn’t tell exactly what she was doing with her tongue on the head of my now very hard seven inch cock, I can say that it was the most amazing feeling I could remember, she had obviously sucked her share of cock in her time. I had been close to cumming from a blowjob a couple times but I never actually had, it seemed like that would change very shortly.

However, as I was getting close to my orgasm the redhead seemed to realize and she slowed her actions and eventually stopped. She pulled her head back under the table and for a second I thought that it was over and I would have to finish off myself. However as I waited a bit I noticed some slight shuffling sounds and soon there were a couple feet that came out from under the table. Soon the feet were joined by two very shapely legs and soon after that a totally naked ass.

Another thing I love about my wife is her wonderful ass; she is Hispanic and has a very nice booty, not entirely unlike the well-known butt of Jennifer Lopez. I simply love her ass, one of the most wonderful things in my life is to give my wife a good hard fucking from behind as I watch and caress her great ass. The ass of this mysterious redhead was very much unlike the lovely ass of my wife. This ass was the ass of a white woman and as such it would never be called a booty, which was a bit disappointing to me, although I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, so I didn’t complain or anything. When the red tablecloth was just above the top of her ass the woman stopped backing bahçelievler escort up and wiggled her ass a bit side to side, inviting me to play with her behind.

I reached down and started to caress her ass. She seemed to enjoy it and let out a slight moan as I slowly worked my hands down her ass and through her thighs near her pussy. As I was reaching between her legs she spread them to give me better access, this was when I knelt down and was treated to a wonderful view of a nicely trimmed bright red bush right above two wonderful and pouting pussy lips. I couldn’t believe my luck, it had been a secret fantasy of mine to fuck a redhead for quite some time; there is just something so erotic and wonderful about it. I continued to caress all around near her pussy without ever actually touching it. She didn’t seem to like my teasing too much as she was soon moving her pussy to attempt to get it closer to my wondering hands. After a bit, I stopped caressing her and removed my hands; this caused her to groan in disappointment. But I didn’t plan to leave her hanging.

I quietly lay down on the floor underneath the mystery woman’s crotch, placing my head between her spread legs, then without any further warning I reached out with my tongue and flicked her small clit. This caused her to jump slightly with surprise before she made a happy cooing noise as I began to lick all over her gorgeous slit. I loved the taste of this mysterious redhead, as well as the sight of her red pussy inches from my face, for her part she was clearly enjoying herself as she began to push her pussy toward my face and moan in time to my licks along her. As her moaning increased I could tell she was getting pretty excited, so I decided that this would be a perfect time and I slipped my tongue into her pussy. I immediately began to push my tongue in and out of her pussy at a fast pace. She simply loved it, as I worked my tongue in and out of her, her moans increased and before too long she pressed her pussy hard against my head as I was treated to her wet pussy trying to clench onto my tongue as she had an orgasm.

I slowed my pace but continued licking as she calmed down from her orgasm. After she regained her senses she very simply said, “Please fuck me.” I’m not one who likes to disappoint a lady, especially bahçeşehir escort when they ask me to fuck them, so I moved up to my knees with my cock lined up to enter this mystery woman’s pussy. I slowly pulled the head of my cock along her slit, starting near her clit and working almost all the way down to her asshole. Then I slowly moved my way back to her pussy and began to slowly push into her. We both moaned as the head of my cock slipped into her, then I stopped and held it there. She obviously was ready to go as she began to push back toward my cock, however I matched her motion so that my cock remained just inside her. Then when she was still again I slowly pushed in till I was buried fully inside her, again I held still for a bit and the woman seemed annoyed, yet this time she remained still. After a few seconds I slowly pulled my cock out of her until again just the head was inside her. Again I paused and again she seemed disappointed. I believe she liked my next stroke quite a bit better as without any warning I suddenly thrust fully into her. As my dick bottomed out inside her twat the woman cried out and for a second I was worried that someone would hear, but not worried enough to bother to stop my motion as I began to establish a pretty quick tempo in and out of the mystery woman’s nice tight pussy.

I continued fucking her hard and fast and we both obviously loved every second of it. Unfortunately it was only a short time until she began to have an orgasm, I say unfortunately because as her pussy clamped hard around my cock it caused a sudden orgasm from me. I didn’t know if this woman was ok with me cumming inside her or not so I had intended to spew on her back, but as her pussy spasmed around me I lost all control and was very soon pumping my seed into her. I was happy to see that she didn’t get upset, in fact she seemed to become even more excited as her pussy continued to milk my cock as she pressed back toward me, burying my dick even further inside her tight hole.

We both slowly calmed down from our orgasms as my cock deflated and slipped from her, bringing with it a couple drops of my cum. The woman was clearly spent as she had collapsed to the ground and seemed to be unconscious. I sat on the floor for a few seconds, before standing up and pulling my pants back on. I grabbed the pants I had come to try on from the table, sprayed the body spray on myself to cover the smell of sex a bit, and slipped quietly out of the dressing room. I didn’t know if the pants would fit, but I figure if they don’t I will just have to go back and try on a different size, hopefully I will get lucky and find the redhead still around.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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