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Group Sex

“Am I glad to be leaving the office, I have been here for twelve hours!”

As I exited the building, the security officer Scott locked up behind me. Thinking about the hour drive home, I remembered the toy in my purse. Scott was just walking back to his desk as I knocked on the door. He walked back over, unlocked the door and smiled.

“Forget something?”

“Scott, if you don’t mind, I should visit the ladies room before I leave.” Scott just smiled and waved me in.

I quickly took the strap on vibrator out of my purse and started to put it on. “Damn straps…this thing is like a puzzle.” After a few minutes of frustration, I finally managed to get all the straps in place and the vibrator up inside me.

“All set Scott; can you please let me out again? And thank you.”

“Have a good night and be safe out there,” were the last words Scott said before I settled into my car.

Before leaving the parking lot I popped in a CD, a mix of my favorite sexy music. Now to try out the buttons on the remote of my new toy, I thought to myself. I wish this thing was wireless, but I am all alone, so who will know. I press one button; I can feel the tip rotate inside my pussy. I press the second button and the entire toy starts to vibrate inside as well as outside on my clit.

As I drove, my mind wondered to a conversation I had with my friend Wade. We somehow got on the topic of anal sex. Wade and I are well…friends with special privileges, I guess you could say. We have had a few sexual encounters. Damn good ones! I must say, Wade is a very sexual person and is very skilled in pleasing a woman. A few weeks ago, he asked me if I had ever had anal sex. Honestly I had not, well not really. I went on to explain… I had tried; and sometimes when I am alone I will stimulate myself with a small anal vibrator and insert it a little. My first experience with anything anal occurred when a guy rammed a vibrator in my ass, for his pleasure. I was mentally scarred by that encounter and reluctant to try again. I had never told anyone that before, but with Wade, somehow, I could tell him anything sexual and he would just “get it”.

“You should not give up,” Wade said. “I know you would really get off on it, if it was done for you, not to you!”

“Well, next time you see me, you can give it your best shot,” I teased, knowing that was not likely to happen anytime soon. We often teased each other sexually, in some warped way it enhanced my imagination, but tortured my body.

We talked often, but rarely ran into each other, with our busy schedules. After that conversation, I was comforted by that thought.

Just thinking about our conversation started my nipples to tingle. I turned up the vibration level.. I was now on a long country road and driving at a good safe speed. I started to rub my breast through my lightweight pendik escort blouse with one hand as I steered with the other. I could run my nails across my nipples and get the most incredible feeling. I noticed that I had started to rock back and forth on my seat, moving the vibrator back and forth inside me and over my clit. I could feel my juices start to flow. Turning the speed up again caused me to almost cum instantly. Up ahead I saw a rest stop. I was so turned on at this point I decided I better pull over and finish the job. I did not realize I was weaving on the road until…. Yes …. the red and blue lights on the car behind me came on.

As I stopped the car, I quickly reached over to switch off the buttons on the vibrating toy. A tap on my driver’s side window startled me. That was fast, didn’t they need to run my plates or something first? I pushed the button and the window went down about five inches.

“Ma’am is everything alright? I noticed you were weaving a bit back there,” said the male officer’s voice.

I looked up at the officer, but his flashlight was directly in my eyes. His voice sounded familiar, but I could not think straight. I shifted in my seat slightly and the remote for my toy, attached to the pink wire leading into my skirt, fell into my lap. He let out a small laugh. I could feel the heat rise into my face, I was blushing!

“Please roll down your window all the way,” the officer said. I complied.

A quick zip sound and seconds later a stiff cock was in my window near my face. “Oh my goodness,” I shouted… “How could you scare me like that? I was so embarrassed,” I snapped at Wade. I would know Wade’s cock in any line up. I won’t use the word perfect, but its great .He would probably be described by most as above average, but some women talk of length or girth to explain the pleasure. Personally I judge a man’s cock by how he uses it…and I must say Wade knows how to use it! I turned to face his hard rod, and just started sucking. I really enjoyed sucking his penis! No need for teasing it to erection this time, he was already hard for some reason. My nipples were stiff peaks and throbbing at this point. I had never sucked a man’s penis through a car window and I was very turned on by this. As I sucked his beautiful cock he bowed his head and started talking and teasing, or so I thought…

“I read one of your stories after work, and as I was headed home, I saw you pass me back there.”

I pulled back and managed to say, “How did you like it?” and went back to sucking on his cock.

“I figured you could tell by the condition I was in when you rolled down your window,” he said playfully. “I read your stories and imagine hearing your sexy voice read it to me. I sometimes imagine myself as the man you are writing about.”

“Wow, what a compliment!” I thought as I thanked him by taking escort pendik his full length into my mouth and throat, while sticking out my tongue and licking the base under his rod. I swallowed a few times bringing his head fully into my throat. Wade’s hips thrust up against the car and I could feel his hot semen run down my throat. I swallowed again and licked every inch of his still hard cock.

“Damn, girl,” I heard him mutter. “You make me crazy…”

He slowly pulled back, leaned into my window and said, “Want a new story idea?”

“Sure what do you have in mind?” I said playfully. I thought this was just his usual teasing.

Wade slipped into “Officer Wade” mode.

“I need you to step out of the car ma’am,” he said with a forceful voice.

Playing along, I stepped out of the car and walked to join Wade at the front of his patrol car. Next thing I knew, I was bent over the front of his car with my tits on the hood, my ass in the air and my crotch exposed. The vibrator was still inserted and the control dangled from its wire.

“I am going to have to handcuff you ma’am, it’s for your protection and mine.”

I went along; Wade knew I could role play with the best of them. Officer Wade then proceeded to pat me down. He reached under me and grabbed both of my tits in his hands massaging them forcefully. My nipples stiffened again from the cool metal of the car hood and his fingers tugging at them. His hands then slid down to my waist. He lifted my skirt so that my bare ass was in clear view. Reaching down he lifted the remote and turned the vibration on my toy on low. He reached down and with his palm against the base of the vibrator, started moving the toy back and forth at the base of my cunt. The rim was rubbing on my clit bringing me closer to the climax I was trying to reach earlier. His hands ventured up and started massaging my ass. Next thing I knew, the vibration became more intense and Wade was licking my ass. He started with his tongue flicking across my cheeks. Every flick felt like fire. The warmth of his breath and saliva caused chills to run through my body. Wade then kneeled behind me, spread my cheeks and proceeded to run his tongue up and down the length of my crack. I tried to stand up, but because my hands were cuffed, I couldn’t move. His tongue flicked at my puckered hole. As my body convulsed, Wade slipped a finger into the hole where his tongue had just been. My ass cheeks tightened. He stopped and just held his finger in place until I relaxed, then he slowly withdrew.

“You do trust me, right?” Wade whispered

“I do, but…” was all I managed to say.

“Relax, I know you will enjoy this, if you will trust me and relax.” His voice was smooth, but I could hear the undertone of pure animal-like passion. I was shocked! This excited me. Could it be I was opening my mind to a whole pendik escort bayan new level of sexual adventures?

Wade unsnapped the straps of the vibrator and quickly removed it, setting it on the car hood. As he removed it, my juices flowed out. His hand quickly started rubbing the juice up onto my ass. His finger glided back into my tiny hole once again. His other hand was rubbing my clit ever so gently. He worked his finger in my tight hole, I had no idea what he was doing, but it felt good. Wade then removed his finger and I felt his cock head slide up and down along my crack. He slowly inserted his rod into my drenched cunt. I was so wet; I could barely feel him inside me. When he withdrew, his cock was soaked with my juices. His cock was rubbing along my crack again stopping each time at my tight puckered hole. I felt the head of his penis start to enter me, my mouth opened to cry out, but nothing came out and his head slipped inside me. I gasped for air, I did not feel unbearable pain, but the pressure was so intense. As his cock inched slowly inside my tight canal I started to shiver. Wade reached under my waist and was once again rubbing my clit, this time with more pressure. The pain I was feeling, was masked by the pleasure my clit was experiencing from his touch.

Wade leaned over and in a rough voice whispered, “I am entirely inside this beautiful ass of yours baby.” As Wade spoke he started to slowly move his rod in and out slightly. It was more of a grinding motion. “Damn baby, you are so tight.”

“Oh my, oh yes! I am cumming!” I screamed into the darkness. His cock jerked inside my tight canal, his balls bounced against my pussy with full force. My body bucked under his with the most intense orgasm I had experienced in years.

Wade’s cock shot out as I bucked under him and his hot load sprayed all over my ass. The sound that came from Wade was a growl of pleasure and anger.

“Wade, that was incredible,” I managed in a just above whisper.

“Not exactly the way I meant for it to happen,” he said.

“Wade, that was so intense, I loved it”

Wade leaned over my back and kissed the back of my neck, as he rubbed my ass, kneading my cheeks.

“I wanted to be slower and take more time. You felt so damn good I could barely stand it,” he continued to say. “You are so damn erotic; I can not believe I just took you like an animal on the hood of my car…”

“Wade,” I interrupted.

“Yes, baby?”

“Do you think you could take these handcuffs off now? I think we are both safe.”

We both laughed which broke the tension of the moment. He quickly unlocked the handcuffs and removed them. I lowered myself off of the car and waited a moment for my knees to regain their strength.

“Mind if I go back to your place and join you for a hot shower?” Wade teased in my ear.

Knowing it was going to be an even longer night at this point, a shower with Wade is never just a shower.

I stated, “Sure, I better stop and pick up some pizza on the way. We are going to need some fuel to keep our energy up.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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