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Detailing Eileen

Walter was down for the weekend. He had no duty until Monday morning and was free until then. Eileen assured him that Mum and Pappy were ‘OK’ with him. Considering the British reputation for understatement, the ‘OK’ meant that they approved of him and that he was welcome to be with their daughter. Mum would still like him to park his car around the corner, but was not going to make an issue of that. Walter had arrived on Friday evening in time to take Eileen and Ian out for dinner at the local McWhoever hamburger place.

Ian was munching through the kid’s meal and playing with the little plastic truck that came with it. Eileen and Walter had regular meals and were both enjoying the thick chocolate shakes that the franchise was known for. As usual, Walter had brought something for Ian from the base. This time, it was a ‘Web Belt’ that, when he first got it, went around his little waist twice. Walter had cut the excess off leaving a little room for growth. Ian proudly wore the belt, ignoring the fact that his pants had an elastic gather instead of belt loops.

Prompted by Eileen, during their nightly phone calls, Walter had done a little shopping at the PX on Thursday and brought along all the items that she had mentioned. He also brought along something a little special for his ‘Lady’ and Eileen had been thrilled with the little figurine of a red headed girl petting a Collie dog. “Would you like to have a dog someday, Ian?

Ian thought for a couple of seconds before replying with a mouth half full of fries: “Yes, a really big one.” His mother was not too enthused about the idea of a dog in her relatively small house and gave a quick, discouraging look toward Walter. Taking the hint, Walter changed the subject to: “So, what were you doing today with Pappy?” Ian shrugged his shoulders and said: “We just played in the yard and watched cartoons.”

Eileen reminded Walter: “You know, his father will be here tomorrow morning to pick him up. Do you want to meet him?”

Walter said: “Sure. It’s only fair that he gets to see me. After all, I’m spending almost as much time with his son as he does and it might be good to look that fool straight in the eyes.”

Eileen: “Fool? You’re not going to be hostile, are you?”

Walter: “Not my plan and not my style. But any man who would walk away from someone as beautiful as you and as wonderful as this little guy cannot be very smart. Fool is the kindest word that I can think of.”

Before Eileen could respond, Ian spoke up: “Mommy and Grammy call him ‘rat-something’.”

Eileen shushed Ian and told him to finish his dinner. She looked at Walter and said: “I don’t want any trouble, but I agree, he should know who you are and what you look like. He’s usually picks Ian up between nine and ten in the morning.”

Walter: “I hope to still be there.”

Eileen: Of course, you’ll still be there. Do me a favor?”

Walter: “Tonight?”

Eileen looked at Ian to see that he was once again concentrating on the little truck. She said: “Well, actually yes, tonight, but I’m talking about in the morning.” Walter raised an eyebrow and Eileen continued: “Can you wear your uniform for when Robert shows up. I know that it will intimidate him and I want to see his reaction,”

Walter: “I only brought the utilities that I have on. I worked in these today, will they be OK? I can go back to the base and get a fresh uniform if you want.”

Eileen: “No, what you have on will be fine. You won’t be wearing it for very long after he leaves, anyway.”

Walter: “That’s good to hear. I’ll hang it up on a couple of hangers if you have some spares.”

Eileen told him that she had plenty of hangers and that everything would be fine. They finished up their dinner and Walter took them home. Walter carried in the additional PX purchases and Eileen led Ian by the hand.

Eileen puttered around in the kitchen and upstairs while Walter played ‘trucks’ with Ian on the living room floor. Ian had a surprisingly large collection of little truck and this gave Walter a good idea for some future gifts. Maybe even a display case so that Ian could show them off. Around eight, Eileen took Ian up for a bath and then had him come back down to say goodnight to Walter. For the first time, Ian hugged Walters’s neck and gave him a little kiss. Walter was impressed with the little guy and was also impressed by his mother. She was stood at the top of the stairs, looking down on the pair of them, and appeared elated by the interaction between him and the little man. Ian soon ran up the stairs and a few minutes later Eileen came down and joined Walter on the couch.

Walter still had the PX bags and started to take out the requested items. He had a couple pairs of ‘fuzzy’ socks that her sister Meagan had told her about. They were warm and topkapı escort very comfortable and reminded her of the socks that she wore as a kid. He had a pair of ‘seamstress’ scissors that Eileen couldn’t find anywhere else. Walter also produced a can of shave cream and a package of disposable razors. “These are for Pappy, right?” he asked.

Eileen took the razors and shave cream and standing said: “No they’re for me.”

Walter: “I could have gotten women’s razors, you should have told me that they were for you.”

Eileen: “No, it’s these that I wanted. The women’s razors are for shaving your legs. These are the ones that I wanted.”

Walter: “For what?”

Eileen: “They’re for shaving my pussy, want to help?”

Walter stood right up and looked at Eileen with his usual unbelieving face: “But, you’re neatly trimmed, since when are you a shaven lady?”

Eileen: “Since tonight, but if you’d rather not help . . . “

Walter: “I never said that I wouldn’t like to help, I was just taken by surprise, that’s all.”

Eileen took the razors and the shaving cream and headed for the stairs: “Coming?”

Walter: “After you, as usual.”

Eileen: “That’s one of your best qualities.” With that she climbed up the stairs. When Walter caught up with her, she was standing in the bedroom holding out some clothes hangers. Walter accepted them and started to get undressed. His uniform ‘jacket’ was first. (Everyone else would probably call this his shirt, but not the Army). He sat down on the bed to remove his boots and socks, and finally his trousers. The Jacket and Trousers went onto the hangers which Eileen took and put onto the bar in the closet with her own clothes. She turned to face Walter and started to peel out of her own clothes, not being as careful as he was. All of her clothes wound up in a pile in the far corner. Soon, they stood facing each other in just their underwear.

Eileen: ‘Ready?”

Walter: “Do I look ready?”

Eileen looked down to see the growing bulge in his jockeys and said, with a smile: “I can usually tell when you’re ready. I just need to learn when you are ready to go, or should I say come.”

Walter peeled off his T-shirt (What the Army calls his shirt) dropped his jockeys and watched as Eileen removed her bra and slid her ‘knickers’ down her lovely legs. He could see her brown bush with the few red strands that was hiding her ‘girly bits’. She was beautiful with or without the trimmings but he was anxious to see her without the fur. They went into the bathroom and Eileen leaned over to start the water going into the tub. As she leaned forward, Walter took up a position close behind and holding her by the hips, pressed his cock up against her tight little ass.

Eileen: “Now, don’t get ahead of yourself, we’ll get there, but there is some work to be done, first.”

Walter: “Yes ma’am. I am here to serve.”

“Your service has always been well appreciated, does the Army have a name for this kind of work?”

Walter: “Not that I know of, the closest thing that I can think of is the term ‘detailing’.

The water temperature met her approval, so Eileen turned the valve directing the water to the shower head. Standing, she turned and gave Walter a nice hug and big noisy kiss: “Shall we?”

Eileen was first into the tub and Walter got in next. He let Eileen have the water first while he admired her body from all angles, as she washed. When it was his turn, they exchanged places and Walter quickly washed and rinsed and looked at Eileen with a ‘what’s next’ look. Eileen took his now erect cock in her hand and asked: “Did you wash this?”

Walter: “Well, maybe not to your standards, but if you wash it yourself you may get a little more lather than you started with.” Eileen gave him a couple of soft soapy strokes but let him go only to sandwich his cock between her tummy and his with another long embrace.

Eileen: “OK, let’s get started. You get out and towel off.” With that she turned the water valve back so that it flowed into the tub. The drain was not closed so the tub did not fill. She pointed at the can of shaving cream sitting on the sink and Walter picked it up and gave it a good shake. He pulled off the top and handed the can to Eileen. She held it out to him and said: “I thought that you were going to do this?”

Walter: “Oh, yes ma’am, it will be my pleasure. Eileen put one foot up onto the side of the tub, exposing her damp crotch to him. Walter collected a generous blob of the foam into his palm and put his hand down on her furry mound, spreading the white stuff around. He inspected his work and pronounced it: “Looks good to me, ready for the shave?”

Eileen: “Yes, but please be careful. Have you ever done this before?”

Walter: “Shave or shave a pussy?”

Eileen: türbanlı escort “This, shave a pussy, have you?”

Walter: “” Looks like you’re getting another cherry from me. This will be my first time, again.”

Eileen: “OK, but please be careful. Don’t be afraid to touch or move anything but please don’t cut me.”

Walter: OK, can I ask if you’ve ever been shaved by a man before?”

Eileen: “Yes you can ask. And the answer is yes.” She let him wait a moment and then said: “The Obstetrician shaved me when I was delivering Ian. He was concerned that I might tear a little as his head stretched me and wanted to be able to see it if it started.”

Walter: “Did you have an injury during the birth?”

Eileen: “No, everything went well and there was no tearing, and as it turned out, there was no cutting needed. So everything that you see is the unmodified stock model; no alterations.”

Walter smiled and picked up one of the disposable razors. He pulled the safety cover off and wetted it in the water under the spout. Starting at the very top of her lathered bush, he placed the razor gently against her skin and, using short strokes, started to work his way down toward her partially open outer lips. This is one of those tasks that takes a lot of attention and Walter soon found himself trying to figure out how to orient the razor to continue he task. Eileen spread her legs as far as she could while not slipping in the tub and put her hands onto her inner thighs pulling herself further apart. Walter continued to work and then sat back on his heels inspecting the results.

Eileen: How’s it look?”

Walter: “Delicious”

Eileen: “No, I mean how does the shave job look?”

Walter: “OK, but we need to get the rest of the soap off to see if I got it all.”

Eileen turned the valve, directing the water up to the shower head again; then turned and rinsed herself. When she saw the last of the soap swirl down the drain, she turned the shower to off and ran her hands through her newly shaved crotch: “Walter, I think that you’ve done a good job.”

Walter: “Not yet, I haven’t. Get yourself out of there and dried off. I think it needs a much closer inspection.”

Eileen stepped out of the tub and began to towel off as Walter went into the bedroom. She carefully dried and applied her Lavender scented body lotion all over. She took a few drops of the baby oil and applied it to the freshly shaved area to make it even smoother and to hopefully avoid any after effects of the close shaving. Deciding that her current state of undress was appropriate for the evening, she went into the bedroom to find Walter laying on the bed waiting patiently for her. He had the best looking hard-on that she had seen lately.

She put herself down on the bed next to him and Walter turned to his side facing her. He embraced her and they just kissed each other’s face for a few minutes.

Walter: “Now, for that inspection.”

With that, he started with gentle kisses on her neck leading quickly to her breasts. Eileen enjoyed a little attention to her nipples and soon found Walter doing one of her favorite things, licking and sucking on her nipples. A few minutes of this and he was on his way lower, pausing only to put his tongue into her navel, getting her to giggle, as usual.

He lifted her leg and slid himself under it allowing her leg to come back down over his shoulder. He was now ‘face-to-face’ with his recent work and he started by rubbing his face across her newly revealed smoothness. He parted her lips with his finger tips and applied his tongue to her as far back as he could reach. Starting just past her vagina, he dragged his tongue up and through her cleft, over her sensitive little nub to the top of her womanhood. Eileen gave a little shudder as he did this and put both of her hands onto his head. He went back down toward her taint for another long lick. Eileen moved her other leg up onto his shoulder and settled in for a good time. That Rat-Bastard, Robert, had only given her a few cursory kisses down there, but Walter spent more than enough time and attention to her needs. Again, she caught herself comparing Walter to Robert and there was really no comparison. The only really nice thing that she ever got from Robert is Ian; and if she had her way, she would love to have a child, or maybe more, with Walter. But she couldn’t think about anything, right now. Walter was getting her full attention.

Walter, as usual, slid his hands, palms up, under her beautiful ass cheeks. He started to circle her clit with his tongue and, just after he started to rub directly across her swelling clit, he felt the beginnings of her rocking motion that signals to him that he is being successful in driving her to an orgasm. Pulling her now engorged clit tüyap escort between his lips, Walter applied a gentle sucking coupled with a continuous rubbing using the top edge of his tongue. As expected, the gentle rocking of her hips started to become more and more amplified and supported by his hands under her butt, she was soon grinding herself against his face, pushing her most sensitive parts further into his mouth. He didn’t have hair long enough for her to pull but Walter felt her fingers curl into fists on his head. With a sudden increase in her thrusting, Eileen moaned as she came. Her stomach muscles tightened up and she curled up from the bed. She was having a good one and Walter increased his pressure on her clit. His tongue was going as fast as he could and Eileen was beginning to pull him against her so hard that he thought that he might hurt her. She continued the frenzied thrusting for a noticeably longer time than usual and only started to calm down when Walter had to back off a little in order to be able to breathe.

“My god Walter! I have never come that hard before, ever.”

Walter continued to kiss and nose around her pussy until she actually grabbed his ears, pulling him away from her, saying: “Come up here mister, we need to talk.”

Walter slid up her front until they were essentially in the missionary position. He wasn’t in her yet, but that was only a matter of a few inches. She kissed him deeply and asked: “How do you want it? Anything, and I mean anything you want.”

Walter reached down and guided his cock to her still throbbing entrance. She was absolutely soaking wet and he slid himself easily into her, about half-way: “Being with you and being in you is all that I want.” With that he slowly thrust his hips and entered her to the hilt. She could feel him reach the top, just adjacent to her womb. Walter didn’t move for a few moments, just relishing the feel of this exciting woman under him. But, he couldn’t last too long without starting to stroke her slowly, ever so slowly.

Eileen met each thrust with her own feminine movement and within a minute, they were in full fuck. Eileen could hear his breathing increase and she flexed her Kegle muscles to make herself grip him like a glove. Walter very soon went over the edge and with one long thrust emptied his balls deep into her welcome body. Pulse after pulse of cum flowed up into her. She held on, as tight as she could. Her man was buried deep within her.

It was a while before they both came back down to earth. Eileen signaled her readiness to disengage by lifting her legs from around his waist and putting them back onto the bed. Walter softened and eased himself out of her as he lifted himself to lie at her side. Eileen wanted to just lay there, with him, like that forever, but soon sensed the onset of an escape attempt that Walters deposit was making from her vagina; her well fucked vagina.

Saying: “I’ll be right back,” Eileen got up from the bed and walked quickly to the bathroom with her legs held as tightly together as she could muster. She wanted to make herself fresh again and, hopefully, avoid a wet spot on the bed that she would probably have to sleep in. When she sat down on the toilet, she could hear the drops as they fell out of her into the water. She could also see a long-wet line going down from her crotch, but only reaching as far as her knee. ‘Maybe I got it all and there won’t be a wet spot?’ She tidied up and headed back to bed. Walter had the covers up and was waiting for her.

Eileen crawled in and snuggled up to him. He kissed her and said: Thank you, that was great. You are the most exciting woman that I have ever met. Oh, and thanks for teaching me how to shave a pussy.”

Eileen could only giggle at that last remark. But, she felt very seriously about Walter and squeezed him even tighter: “Walter, you are so good for me, I am so thankful that I met you.”

Walter: “We need to thank Meagan for that, but I’m so happy now that I really don’t have the words to describe it.”

Eileen:” I may have something serious to ask you by the end of next summer.”

Walter: “You mean after the divorce is final?”

Eileen: “Yes that’s what I mean. But in the meantime, will you be my man for the Equinox?”

Walter: “You mean for that ceremony?”

Eileen: “Yes, please?”

Walter: “Now wait, let me get this straight, you’re asking me, with a ‘please’ included to fuck you in the ass?”

Eileen: “Well yes, but there’s more to it than that. I plan on going through that tomorrow night, if you’re willing.”

Walter: “Willing? You’d have to fight me off.”

Eileen: “Then get some sleep, you’re going to have a busy day tomorrow.”

Eileen settled in and was soon drifting off to sleep. Walter just lay there, staring at the ceiling trying to figure out what she might have in store for him. He could only wait to find out, but her hints have given him lots to think about and it was going to be a long night. The idea of putting himself into her butt again shook off the usual after-climax ‘drowsiness’ that he was accustomed to. His mind was racing.

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