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There are things you want to try when you are far from home. We had gone to Amsterdam for a week, taking in the city with its canals and winding streets. On the third day of our trip, we went ahead with a plan we had worked on for a while. It was the realisation of a mutual desire. We walked down a street in the Red Light District, checking for the address on the phone’s map app. A red neon sign marked our destination. We looked at each other, feeling the tension and excitement.

“Well, this is it,” I said.

“Yes”, you replied, your voice husky, “point of no return.”

We passed the burly bouncer, and entered the club. A young woman in a booth checked our application, charged our Visa, and gave us a one-time members’ card.

“You understand the rules? No photos, no unsolicited contact, no payment for services between members. Break them, and you’re out.”

We nodded, and were let into the club proper. The large room was dimly lit, and apart for a bar, there was a raised stage in the center of the room, tables arranged around it. On the stage was a low table, and on the table was a naked couple, fucking vigorously while the patrons looked on. Not all of them were watching, as they were busy with other activities. Nearest us, a woman bobbed her head up and down over the crotch of a man leaning back in his chair, eyes closed and hands grabbing her hair. The slurping sounds and moans could be heard over the techno music.

“Oh my”, you said, squeezing my hand.

We made our way to the bar, passing people in different stages of undress. Behind us, we heard the couple on the stage climaxing, the crowd cheering and applauding. We ordered two glasses of wine and cast around for somewhere to sit. A table in a booth near one of the corners was unoccupied, and we sat down. The stage couldn’t be seen from where we sat, but big screens showed the action. Three people, two men and a woman, took the stage, and began with her sucking one of the guys while the other licked her.

“Well,” I said, “In contrast to ordinary bars, there’s a certain honesty in what it’s all about.”

“Yeah”, you replied, taking a sip of your wine while your hand started massaging my cock through my pants. I had some wine as well, and let my hand travel up your thigh and under your skirt. You wore no panties, and I wasn’t surprised that your pussy was already wet. I dipped my fingers in your cunt and licked them. We kissed as we went beşiktaş masöz escort on rubbing each other.

In the booth next to ours, we heard creaking and wet, slapping sounds as the couple there let things take their natural course. You looked at me and raised an eyebrow, hand still massaging my now throbbing cock. On the stage, the woman was standing on all fours while spitroasted, rammed by the guys in mouth and cunt.

“OK,” I said, “heads, you start, tails, I do.” I flipped a coin, caught it and slammed it down on the table. I lifted my hand. Tails. You purred and let go of my cock. I took another sip of wine, and went under the table.

I lifted your skirt, and you shifted your hips and parted your legs so I got better access. Your mound, freshly shaven, was glistening with your juices. I parted your lips with my fingers, pushed two fingers up your cunt and began rubbing your clit with my thumb. Leaning forward, I let my tongue run up and down the sides of your pussy. I felt you tremble. The whole situation had you so aroused, you could come any minute. Fingerfucking your wet hole, I attacked your clit. You cried out as you came, thrusting your sex into my face and shivering as the climax coursed through you. I licked you slowly while you felt the aftershocks. I crawled out from under the table and sat down next to you, licking my mouth.

“I love eating out,” I said, while you still twitched from your orgasm.

We kissed again, watching as the threesome on the stage changed into the woman being suspended while one guy licked her and the other fucked her in the ass.

“No thank you, exit only”, you murmured, but you still couldn’t take your eyes off the screen while you stroked my cock.

“Hey, it’s your turn,” I said.

You looked at me and grinned wickedly, licking your mouth. You disappeared under the table, and I felt your hands tugging at my belt buckle, then the button and the zipper. I shifted so you could pull down my pants and boxers. My cock was rock hard, the rings making the veins stand out. With one hand fondling my balls, the other grabbing the shaft, you flicked your tongue over the glistening head.

“Mmm”, you purred, “Best taste ever.”

With that, you took me in your mouth and let your tongue travel up and down my shaft and around the head. You pulled up the foreskin so you could do your favourite trick, letting your tongue twirl beşiktaş otele gelen escort in the pocket between foreskin and head. I moaned, holding your head, lightly rocking it back and forth. You went on to lick my balls, and then took them in your mouth, sucking them gently while your hand pumped my cock. Stopping for a moment, you said:

“Change of scenery?”

“OK”, I panted.

You got up and sat on the table, taking a quick swig from your glass, swallowing my juices together with the last of the wine. Around us, people were watching the threesome on the stage, drinking, making out, or fucking more or less openly. The lighting, music, sounds of extasy and smells of sex made for a heady, surreal mix.

“Do what you want to me”, you panted.

I took hold on your shirt and pulled it over your head. Your nipples showed through your bra, and I removed it, too. I kissed your erect nipples, licking and sucking them, making you moan deep in your throat. Then I pulled off your skirt, leaving you completely nude save for your sandals. I pushed you back on the table, and kissed my way down towards your mound. Meanwhile, my hand caressed its way up your leg, and as my lips touched your clit, my fingers entered your sopping pussy. Licking your swollen nub, three fingers fucking you, I made you pant heavily, squirming as I worked you towards another orgasm.

“I want you inside me”, you moaned, sitting up.

I took out the cuffs and caught your wrists in it, keeping your hands behind your back. Then I had you bend over the table, feet wide apart on the floor. Grabbing the cuffs in one hand, I slapped your pussy with my free hand. You yelped and grunted, caught between pain and pleasure.Then I guided my cock to your hole and slammed it home, and began to fuck you. The table shifted slightly with each thrust, my balls bouncing against your puffy lips and tingling clit. You felt my cock slide over your g-spot, and your breathing got faster and faster as you felt a new orgasm building.

“Hey, look,” I said.

You glanced up, and saw some other patrons watching us as we fucked. One couple was fucking as well, smiling at us and making a thumbs up. You felt excitement as part of your dream came true: other people watching us fuck! Your legs began to tremble as your pussy squeezed my hard cock. Then I spotted something else. One of the club’s staff, a man beşiktaş rus escort with long hair and leather pants, was slowly making his way towards our corner. He held a camera, and everything he recorded showed on the big screens.

I flipped you over, making sure you could see the screen, lifted your legs over my shoulders

and pushed inside you again, my pants bunched around my ankles. Your eyes widened when you realised what was about to happen. The man stopped by our table, and you could see your breasts quivering in rhythm on the big screen. Then the camera panned down to your pussy, and you and everyone else in the club could see my cock pumping in and out, glistening with your juices as the veined shaft was caressed by the tight lips of your cunt. I took hold on your ankles and spread you wider, giving the camera and all onlookers an unobstructed view.

You couldn’t take your eyes off the screen, as you saw yourself being relentlessly fucked in glorious widescreen. You felt another orgasm coming fast, and arched your back as it ripped through you. The techno music was temporarily drenched by your throaty cries, and we both felt you coming so hard that you squirted, the clear fluid spattering us and the table. I pulled out, but I wasn’t finished. The camera was still trained on you as I released your hands and had you take me in your mouth again

Slumped down in the chair, I could see the screen above us as you took me deeper than ever. Something about the whole situation made you go further than anytime before, as you deepthroated me. You shot a glance at the screen, and saw yourself embracing the base of my cock with your lips. You worked my cock, hands caressing my balls, and you felt me tremble as the orgasm got closer. Then, with a cry, I came, shooting my semen down your throat. You greedily swallowed spurt after spurt of my cum.

The immediate peak of my climax had passed, but I was quivering as each pass of your lips and tongue prolonged the bliss. The camera guy made a thumbs up, and moved on to another couple. You gave my cock a final squeeze and lick. Sweaty, gleaming with our juices and still breathing hard, we collapsed in our chairs. You were too exhausted to care that you were naked, or that the whole club had watched us fucking and sucking. On the contrary, this had been some of the best sex you had had. Your pussy throbbed in the afterglow of sex, a bit sore from the pounding it had received. You toyed with my cock as I let you have the last of my wine.

“So, what are we doing tomorrow?” you asked.

“Well, there’s the art museum and the old town, and that restaurant,” I said. “How so?”

“Mmm, that sounds good”, you murmured. “But do you know what?”

“No, what?”

“Tomorrow night, I want us to take center stage.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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