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I had a date with a younger guy from college, a freshman. He was so cute and I got the feeling he had never been with a woman before. I was really excited about the idea of taking his virginity and giving him the pleasures of sex for the first time.

He was in one of my classes and I noticed he kept looking at me but he would look away whenever I turned my eyes on him. I love shy guys.

So one afternoon while I was outside the cafeteria smoking and just sitting on a bench there he came walking out and our eyes met and I just said “Hi!” and smiled at him. He stopped walking and said hi back. I asked him to sit down, saying I recognized him from our class together.

I noticed he had a nice body and when I touched his forearm casually while making a point he started to get an erection right away. This was going to be good. I love young, hard cock. I love its heat, the way it throbs and swells. I love to touch it, hold it, kiss it, lick it, suck it, and make it explode in hot bursts of semen in my mouth and all over my breasts and deep in my wet, warm slit.

I love to give pleasure to guys and to see them writhe in ecstasy when I am arousing and satisfying them and making them come, hard. Once I made a boyfriend in high school bostancı escort come 7 times in one afternoon at my house from sucking and fucking, while we were on spring break and my parents were both at work. Of course he told all his buddies and from then on I had as much young cock as I wanted, day and night. What a time it was!

So Nick and I were in his car and I suggested that we pull over and park as he was taking me home. As soon as he did I leaned over and kissed him deeply, being soft and tender about it. I told him how much I liked him and how good looking and masculine he was.

Then my hand was on his groin and he was getting right nice and hard and pulsing for me. I told him I needed his cock inside of me and that I wanted to be his gentle lover. I pulled down the zipper on his jeans and put my hand on his warm erect spongy cock. I squeezed the head and some pre-come oozed out.

We got into the back seat and I pulled off his shoes and jeans and I went right to work kissing his hard cock. He was pretty long, about 7 inches, or maybe he was just unusually excited being with the expert, me.

I licked his balls and took his cock in my fist softly and looked up at him and said “I know what çeliktepe escort guys like, and I’m going to give it to you. All you have to do is lay back and enjoy it, chap. This is going to be the best night of your life!” He just moaned as I pumped his young cock up and down slowly and licked the head of it with my hot tongue.

“You have such a nice hard cock. You should be exercising it every day. Would you like to exercise it with me, baby?” I said. He was getting crazy with lust.

I kissed up and down his shaft, slow warm kisses, then I would slowly pump his cock with one hand, then the other. His cock was getting so red and swollen I thought it was going to explode. I took the head in my mouth and sucked on it slowly and firmly. I swallowed as much of his cock as I could down my throat. I played gently with his balls.

I said “I want you to come in my mouth. I love the taste of semen, I want to swallow your juice, baby. Please come in my mouth, now.”

As soon as I said that his cock began to throb and pulse and he came really hard and my mouth filled with his cum and I showed him all that thick creamy white stuff on my tongue, then I closed my mouth and swallowed hard and then showed him my cihangir escort clean tongue and said “All gone!”

After that we both got naked and he played with my soft breasts sucking on them for a while and then I showed him my wet smooth pussy and he played with that for a while with his fingers and his mouth and then I pulled him on top of me and directed his hard again young cock into my slit.

As soon as he entered me he went into some kind of trance, because my tight hot slick swollen pussy felt so good hugging and squeezing his sensitive young cock. He instinctively began to thrust into me and I loved the feeling, I love sex and having a hard cock inside of me more than anything. I can never resist a hard one, I’m always ready for some good fucking, right?

Because he had already come once he didn’t shoot off right away as young guys do the first time, he lasted about 10 minutes which was great because I got pleasure too, then he did come and I could feel the hot spurts on the walls of my pussy, I could feel his cock throbbing and moving inside of me. I moaned and told him how good he felt inside of me, and what a virile man he was, and we French kissed for a long time. We talked and whispered with each other and he kept getting hard and we kept fucking again. It was great. We were there for hours!

Before he dropped me off at home, I told him my parents would be away next weekend and that he should come over Friday night and I’d teach him to eat pussy and how to fuck me in the ass as well. That’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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