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Note: This is chapter ten of a very long story. 28 chapters so far, with quite a ways to go before the tale is told. It is wide ranging and will eventually touch on interracial sex, dom women, lesbian sex, true love, group sex, revenge sex, bisexuality and much, much more. I hope you enjoy it.


CHAPTER TEN — Monday Night

We went immediately to my apartment. I threw a few days worth of clothes into a bag, pushed my cosmetics and toiletries into another bag, grabbed my laptop and a few other essential items.

“How much of this stuff do you want to bring home?” she asked.

Home, I thought, I have a new home.

I looked around at my apartment. There were some personal things I would want, but I didn’t have a lot of attachment to much of it.

“Not much really. That rocking chair belonged to my mother and I’ll want that, but I don’t want any of the other furnishings. We don’t need any of the kitchen stuff. It’s really just clothes, books, photos and my personal stuff.”

We left for Jana’s loft in our own cars. I thought about the events of the past few days. A weekend filled with amazing sex, I had broken up with the boyfriend, had a new lover, had a new home and had made some major decisions about my life. Surprisingly, I wasn’t unsettled anymore. My mind was peaceful.

We carried my bags in and set them down in the foyer.

Jana said, “I ordered Indian food on the way over. It should be here in a few.”

Pleased at her thoughtfulness, I said, “Thank you, I’m famished.”

“Have you picked out a bedroom yet?” Jana asked.

“Haven’t given it one single thought.” I replied. I suppose that I had simply assumed that we would share her bedroom.

Reading my mind, she gave me a little kiss and said, “I’m hoping that we’ll sleep together, but you need your own room, so let’s pick one out for you.”

She is always a couple of steps ahead of me I thought.

She took me by the hand and walked me to the bedroom next to hers. It was furnished very contemporary with a clean, minimalist décor. Everything was done in stark white and brushed silver.

“I did this one for my brother Gregg when he comes to town. He usually stays here with me instead of the fam.” she said.

I wrinkled up my nose. “It’s gorgeous, but a little cold looking.” I said.

“No, this is not the one for you.”

We walked down the hall to the next one, separated by a big bathroom.

“I decorated this one for guests.”

It was done in the contemporary style as well, but with a warmer color scheme. Pale yellow and pale orange with splashes of a smoky blue color.

“This is nice.” I said, “I could see me in this one. I would move the bed over there under the window…” I trailed off, rearranging the room in my mind and thinking about colors and textures.

“Come down here before you decide.” she said with a wide smile. She took my hand and we walked to the opposite end of the apartment.

As she opened the door, it occurred to me that I had never even been in this room. Barely even knew it was there. If she had asked me, I would have thought it was a closet. Honestly, I thought it was a three bedroom loft, not four.

“I decorated this one for you. I’ve always hoped that this day would come.”

I was stunned. It was totally ‘me’.

The doorbell rang. Jana walked off to answer the door. The food had arrived.

I walked into the room and looked around. A corner room with windows on two walls, it was sunny and bright in the late afternoon sun, with a stunning view of the river from one side, and downtown from the other. It was almost as big as my entire apartment.

The décor was vintage mid-50’s modern. The furnishings were all pale blonde wood with chrome trim. It was painted a rich, medium yellow-green that seemed bostancı escort to blaze with warm light where the late afternoon sun hit it. It was done with medium-blue on some of the trim, and a bright orange, vintage loveseat next to the enormous walk-in closet.

There were several pieces of art on the walls that color-coordinated perfectly, but weren’t simply decorator art chosen to match the color scheme, this was real art. One of them was particularly beautiful. It was an impressionist piece that depicted two teenaged girls having a picnic in the late afternoon sun. The long, cool blue shadows that the girls cast coming into the foreground, drawing you into the painting. It was stunning and somehow familiar.

The private bathroom was roomy and bright with touches of yellow, orange and pale blue. It had a big Jacuzzi bath, a separate shower and an enormous make up counter with professional lighting and a cute little chair to sit in.

The whole thing was perfect. It was feminine without being frilly. I loved every detail.

Jana called out from the dining room, “Dinner is on the table!”

I spun and bounded out of the room and bounced into her arms. “It’s perfect. I love it!”

We kissed, our lips hungry.

“How did you know?” I asked over dinner.

“I’ve been paying attention for a long time now.” she said. “Every time we’ve shopped together, I’ve made a mental note of what you like.”

“I can’t believe how perfect it is.”

“I’m really pleased you like it.”

Finishing dinner, in the kitchen cleaning up, I brought up something I had been wanting to ask. “I’m not your first, am I?”

She looked down into the sink where she was rinsing a dish, and then into my eyes. “No.”

I didn’t press.

After a few moments she said, “You remember Amy Bishop?”

“Yes.” She was a college classmate of ours during our sophomore year. I couldn’t remember her being around after that year.

“She was my first. She reminded me of you in some ways. That was the initial attraction. She was a brunette, tall and thin. Remember?”

I did. I also remembered that she had a very, very pretty face and that I had been a little jealous when she and Jana began hanging out. I had felt a little left out.

“What ever happened to her?” I asked.

“She transferred to another school.” she said. “She was a full-on lesbian and wanted a bigger relationship than I did. I was just fooling around. She thought she was in love with me.”

I nodded.

“There were others,” She thought for a moment, “There were three others. One of them was a one-night thing after a party. I was drunk. It was stupid. One was a girl I worked with at my first job after college. She wanted to get serious too. The other was a two month fling with Dianne West.”

“Dianne West!?”

She smiled. “I know, right?”

Dianne was a professor we had together in college. She was a gorgeous but seriously tough Freshman Comp instructor.

“We got to know each other during our senior year and she seduced me one night when we ran into each other at an opening. She’s the one that taught me how good it could be between two women. She was… talented.”

I smiled. “You learned well.”

“I suppose.” she replied with a sly smile.

She turned and faced me. “Erika, none of them were serious or even satisfying, because none of them were you. With every one of them, I spent every moment wishing it were you — pretending it was you in Amy’s case. What I learned about myself is that this”, She motioned between us, “isn’t just a physical thing. It’s not that I’m attracted to women, it’s that I’m attracted to you.”

I could feel myself blush, and my libido tapped me on the shoulder, saying, ‘Did you hear that?’

Then she said, “Let’s go çeliktepe escort and take a bath together.” She turned and walked toward my room.

I was surprised. I knew she had a tub that matched the one in ‘my’ room.

“My bathroom?” I asked.

“Yes, we need to make it truly your room and the best way to do that is to start living in it — you know, ‘explore the space’.”

We both undressed while the tub was filling up. She leaned against the makeup counter. “This really is a nice room.” She said, looking around. “After I moved in to this place and decorated it, I would come in from time to time and imagine us being here together.”

The scent of my arousal was mixing with the scent of the jasmine bath salts as I sat on the side of the tub, looking at how lovely she was naked. How could I have missed this all these years, I wondered.

We both slipped into the tub when it had filled, our backs against opposite sides.

We soaked with the Jacuzzi on softly, and talked about nothing really. At one point, she began to massage the soles of my feet. It was divine.

When the water began to cool, Jana wondered aloud, “I wonder what time it is?”

We got out and dried off. Jana checked her phone. It was 9:00.

“Drat.” I said, “I forgot to get my bathrobe from my apartment. It was hanging on the back of the bathroom door.”

“I have something that will look great on you.”

We padded down to her room in our bare feet. She pulled a long, silk, kimono style robe from her closet and handed it to me.

“Let’s see if anything is on TV.” she said. My libido was standing with her arms crossed, tapping her foot impatiently. We went into the living room. She picked up the remote and pushed a few buttons. The TV rose up out of what looked like a tall credenza against the wall. She flipped around the channels for a minute, settling on a documentary about the 60’s, the sound down low.

We settled into the couch together. Not paying much attention to the TV, we talked, kissed a little, and aimlessly petted one another.

She stroked my hair, brushed her fingers against my neck, and gently massaged my neck, shoulders and chest as I reclined against her.

“I need to tell Daddy that I have a new home, and that I’m going to go to law school in the fall. And about breaking up with Jason.”

“He’ll be happy about all of that. Especially Jason.”

“Yeah, he got onto me pretty good Sunday about Jason. He doesn’t think much of him. And get this, he told me that he would bet that Jason had some weird, kinky secret.”

“Your dad is a smart one. And he is so, so fine.”

I sat up and spun around. “JANA!”

“Oh god, his rough hands all over me…” she fanned her face with her little hand, smiling.

I was horrified. “JANA!” I said again.

Her robe had fallen open at the waist and I gave her exposed thigh a hard little slap.

“Don’t you dare fuck my father!”

She tried to suppress a smile, her eyes sparkling.

My eyes went wide. “OH MY GOD! YOU ALREADY HAVE!”

Her eyes looked to the side. She was losing the battle with the smile.


She looked directly at me. “Not happily.” she said flatly.

I flopped back into the couch. “I don’t believe this. You’ve fucked my daddy!”

She turned toward me and reached out to stroke my hair.

“You can be mad at me, but don’t be mad at him, ladybug. He is trapped in a loveless marriage and he’s too good a man to bail out of it. He married your step-mom for a noble reason and they have a child together. He’s stuck, but he’s making the best of it.”

I looked daggers at her. “When?”

“When we were in college.” She said.

“How often?”

“Just twice.”

I crossed my arms across my chest cihangir escort and fumed.

“I seduced him. I can be pretty persuasive. He really had no choice. I’m also sure I’m the only one he’s ever cheated with. He felt bad afterwards.”

“I had come home from college for the weekend. You stayed there. I ran into him at the liquor store near your house and we decided to go get lunch. He was so funny, so charming and so handsome. I flirted with him shamelessly.”

I was trying to stay mad at her.

“He doesn’t love her, but his sense of obligation keeps him with her. He’s a good man. And listen, he’s not miserable, it’s just that he doesn’t love her and their sex life is non-existent.”

I sighed. My anger was draining.

“The day after we had lunch, I called him and asked him to come and help me with a ring I had dropped down the disposal. My parents were in Europe at the time. I made some excuse about it being Sunday and plumbers or something.”

“He came over and I’m sure he had no earthly idea what I was up to. I seduced him. I threw myself at him. We made love all afternoon — it wasn’t just fucking — we really did make love. I’m not exactly proud of it, but I’m not ashamed of it either.”

“Please tell me you haven’t fucked my brother too.”

“I haven’t fucked your brother too.”

“Well, good.” I felt the corners of my mouth trying to smile.

“But he is a cutie.” She teased. I slapped her thigh again.

We sat in silence for a few minutes as I processed this new information.

“He is a good lover.” Her eyes twinkled.

“I’m so glad.” I scowled and stuck my out tongue at her.

“The second time, I went home on a Tuesday night and rented a room for us. We spent the night together. We made love, but he mostly talked about your mom. How much you are like her and how much he misses her. He also made me promise that it was the last time. I’ve kept that promise because I saw that I was making him do something that was contrary to the core of who he is.”

She stroked my hair.

“This feels kind of incestuous now.” I told her with a frown.

“Don’t be silly. We aren’t related.” She replied.

“I seriously don’t know what to think.” I said.

“Be glad that your sweet, sweet Daddy had a few of hours of love, shared with someone who loves him. He really is a good man. If I could find one like him, I’d marry him in a heartbeat. And if he were suddenly single… Well, I don’t know what I’d do.” She said sincerely.

That did it. My anger was drained. She really did love him. I already knew that. He and she had always had a connection.

“If he called me right now, I’d run, not walk to his bed. He has a thick, heavy cock. It was delicious.” She was tormenting me now.

“TMI! TMI!” I shrieked, covering my ears and shaking my head.

“Seriously, I needed to tell you this. I don’t want any secrets between us, and I’ve carried this one for too long and felt bad about it. You and I are in uncharted waters and we won’t make it without complete honesty between us.”

“Come here.” She pulled me close. “Do you remember our little bet?”

Oh god. I had forgotten all about that for the moment.

I looked up at her, she was smiling softly. “I do.” I replied.

“I think it’s time that you start paying your debt, my sexy little plaything.”

“What do you want me to do?” I asked, a little nervously.

“I want you to go and get into your bed and allow me the very great honor of making love with you. I want you to lie back and just enjoy it without guilt or shame or regret. I want you to feel loved. I want you to feel adored. I want you to know that I think you are the most beautiful, sexiest woman in the world and that I would move heaven and earth to be next to you. I want you to know, really know, that I love you with everything I am.”

I kissed her deeply, my libido jumping up and down, smiling and clapping.

I stood up in front of her. I dropped my robe and walked slowly to my room.

I turned down the bed and slid into the exquisite sheets, and waited for her to come to my bed.

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