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Texas is a peculiarly beautiful place. North of Dallas there are several semi-affluent neighborhoods with several wildernesses trails meandering along the creeks. It’s July, and sweltering hot, so the creek beds are merely trickles of hot water flowing in the cracks between the white stones. Little baby frogs jump out of your way as you walk, the water full of tadpoles and little flickering fish. Birds chirp loudly overhead, as if trying to drown out the noise of the city nearby.

Shale? I don’t know. It’s hot and chalky and cracks if you jump on them. The whole edge of the river is framed with dusty white stone lending a kind of fairytale elegance to my journeys today.

My boyfriend and I had broken up for awhile, but we were walking together along one of these dry creek beds, mostly talking. I looked up into those blues of blue eyes and maybe I still loved him. We sat down beside the languid river and I lay back, letting the sun warm my breasts and bare legs, the shale warmed my ass and back.

The wind tickles, licking the sweat from my skin, ruffling the flimsy fabric of my skirt. He leaned down next to me and kissed me, his hands roving over my stomach and pulling down my flimsy tank etiler ucuz escort top. His hands wander down my belly and push my skirt up around my waist and he’s idly stroking my panties.

I wasn’t quite ready to make up with him just yet, but my body sure was. My hips rolled under the gentle caress of his hands. I found myself flushed and sweating, but not from the heat. He caught one of my breasts in his hand, my tits so small, or his hands so big, but he enveloped the whole thing and playfully swirled his tongue around my nipple.

His hands dove into my panties and found the wetness that had been accumulating since I first lay eyes on him this morning. No one quite overwhelms me with lust like he does. I don’t even want to, I know he’s a liar, but I still want him. More than I’ve ever wanted anything else.

It’s like he reads my thoughts, and he pushes my panties aside and dips his head, inhaling my scent, the pervert. The heaviness of his breathing flutters through my delicate little curls. And dips down lower where I keep the pink, shiny folds clean shaven. Attentive, he flicks his tongue against one lip, than the other. I have no control over my etiler üniversiteli escort body and I’m raising my hips to meet his hungry mouth.

Right at the start I feel his need as he mercilessly assaults my pussy with his tongue. He is vicious, it almost hurts, but he wants me to hurt. He wants me to cum with such brutal force we’ll never quarrel again. I look up at the sky and the sun is directly overhead. I’m blinded; I see only the green of the trees above me and the blue of his eyes, flashing up at me, daring me to protest. If I say no, he knows I’m lying, and he’ll be the crueler for it.

He makes me climb the heights of ecstasy so quickly my legs go weak and limp, but he, he had grown hard and rampant. His pants are around his knees and he’s poised above me for only a moment. His cock pushes through every squirming contraction of my orgasms; I think he’s going to split me in two. No matter how excited he makes me, it’s always a battle for that first thrust. I wince with a little pain every time. Perhaps I’m just too small. Perhaps he’s just too thick. Finally his whole length settles inside me, and he is hard and fast. I know he was angry fatih escort with me and all he could think about all day was burying him inside me. I could tell by the rough, brutal rhythm he found, cascading me nearly over the edge so many times I can’t count.

His orgasm is just as forcefully brought about as mine, and he sits back on his heels, and I lurch forward for my prize. I slip his throbbing member past my lips and slide all the way down until his light gold pubes tickle my nose. I flutter my tongue up and down the sensitive underside of his shaft, I plunge his warm, hard cock as far back into my throat as he’ll go and I swirl my tongue along the top of his balls. I know he loves that, I know he’ll cum at any minute.

I swallow down every drop, as if it were the only thing that sustains me, and I suck ferociously until his legs tremble and he pushes me away. He kisses my lips gingerly and lays me back, ramming his fingers inside me. He won’t be truly satisfied until I scream. I think I’m too weak, it’s too hot out, my first orgasm was too powerful, but no.

He’s pulled my ass up onto his lap and he’s finding all my secret places to make me jump and moan and squirm and rubbing them raw with his fingers. Just when I think I’m about to faint he raised my pussy up to his face and sucks on my clit until my second orgasm is dripping down his chin, onto his chest.

We found a spot in the river where the water was clear and fast moving, and we washed each other in the river. It was a good day, in my opinion.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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