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Eva was a transfer student from Australia. What made her choose to study in Canada was never really clear to me, although in various conversations she hinted at a rather sordid set of circumstances down under – enough of a hint to make one feel like asking for details would be prying. In any case, Oz’s loss, Canada’s gain. She was stunning to look at, bright, funny and that accent made her sweet voice even easier to listen to.

Eva was part of a small group that hung out in a particular common area between classes. Each day when I walked past, I would stop to say hello to a couple of folks I knew from around campus. Although I was not acquainted with Eva personally, I made it a point to smile and nod hello if our eyes met.

Over the course of the semester, I began to look for reasons to walk past Eva’s gang of friends more frequently and occasionally joined the conversation of the moment. Truth was I enjoyed listening to Eva’s accent and looked forward to catching her eye each day just to smile and nod. I asked my friend about her and was told that she was living with some guy who never seemed to be around.

One day, while sitting with the group as the lunch break ended, I began gathering my assorted flotsam to head for the library. Eva moved over and sat next to me. “Have you got a few minutes?” she asked.

“Of course,” I replied.

“Come with me,” Eva whispered and began walking down the hallway which connected underground to the Administration building. When we reached the double doors at the entrance to the tunnel, Eva sat on a small window bench and motioned for me to join her.

Eva was silent for a moment, just looking at me. “Have you noticed the clothes I’ve been wearing lately?”

She was wearing a black body suit under a mid-thigh tartan skirt. To me she looked sexy, classy…simple, yet elegant. “You always look fantastic to me, Eva,” I told her honestly.

“I don’t know how to say this…,” Eva stammered, “I’ve been trying to dress to catch your eye.”

I was floored. I had no idea she even knew I was alive beyond a daily smile and nod. And I was flattered. This woman could easily have any man she wanted!

“But don’t you have a boyfriend?” I asked.

“We’ve been over for a long time. We just haven’t changed out living arrangements yet,” Eva replied.

“Why me?”

“Because you’re smart. And funny. And you’ve never hit on me. And because I started dreaming about you a month ago…at night.”

I felt my cock move in my pants. “You’ve had dreams about me? Really?”

Eva smiled and blushed. “Yes. So I tried to get you to notice me…to see what would happen. To figure out if you felt the same. But you never did anything.”

“Eva,” I confessed, “you’re the only reason I stop by that gang every day. Just to smile at you. If I’d had any idea you were interested in me I would have ‘noticed’ you much sooner.”

Eva stood, so I did. We walked through the tunnel to the basement of the administration building. Eva pressed the button for the elevator. As soon as the elevator doors closed our eyes met and she was in my arms. That first kiss was so full of hunger it took my breath away. Our bodies pressed tightly against one another, tongues entwined, breathing fast and hot… The elevator stopped and we broke our embrace. Across the main floor and outside. We were walking, I think, because we couldn’t stand still. I carried my knapsack to hide the bulge in my pants.

We managed to find our way to the campus pub where we sat at a table, staring at one another. How long? Why? What? What now? Questions and possible answers and moments of intense silence.

Eva fulya escort tried to say something and stopped. I asked what it was. She tried again and stopped. I laughed, “Just say it!”

Eva took out a pen and grabbed a napkin on the table. She cupped her hand and began to write. After a few seconds she folded the napkin and slid it across the table. I opened it. On the napkin, Eva had written: “I’ve been told that I give VERY good head.”

I grinned. “Do you want to do that to me?”

Eva grinned back at me and simply nodded.

“Are you wet right now?” I asked. Eva grinned more broadly, blushed again and looked down.

“I’m trying very hard not to squirm in my seat,” she whispered.

This woman was slowly driving me insane with lust. Her soft, full lips and that sweet Australian accent. And now a note telling me that she wants to suck my cock! God bless any woman who knows what she wants and expresses it openly. Is there anything sexier?

We walked out of the pub trying not to appear the lust-crazed couple we were. After all, until she had attended to her “living arrangements” she technically still had a boyfriend wandering around somewhere on campus.

As we crossed the quad I asked Eva where we were going. She answered that she had to start her shift in the computer lab at the library shortly, so we were heading in that general direction. I suggested that I would walk her to work and we could hook up later in the day so that she could prove her asserted skill. Eva grinned at me as we entered the library and said that sounded like a plan.

Down the stairwell and into the basement of the library. Laid out like a maze, one almost expected to receive a piece of cheese for successfully locating the computer lab. As we wound through the halls, Eva grabbed me by the hand and pulled me through an open door. She pushed the door closed, but before we were in total darkness the ambient light from the hallway revealed an abandoned office now used for storage. Eva pushed me up against the door. “Don’t move,” she ordered.

Her hand gripped my throbbing cock through my pants. I couldn’t resist and wrapped one arm around her, sliding the other hand up under her skirt. Eva moaned into my mouth as my fingers found her hot sex through the fabric of her body suit. I twisted one finger under the elastic at the edge of her pussy and slide the tip between her wet, swollen labia.

Eva twisted away from my hand, grabbing my wrist to break my probing contact. I groaned. “Not here…not yet,” Eva whispered, “Save that for later. Right now I have something to prove.” Her hands pulled my belt free and yanked open the button at my waist. I heard and felt my zipper sliding lower as Eva looked straight into my eyes.

“I’ve been thinking about sucking you for a long time. Dreaming about it at night. On the one occasion in the past month I was drunk enough to let my ex near me, I had to pretend it was you to cum. I even said your name out loud while he was inside me…thank God he didn’t hear me.”

She was almost rambling. The words were pouring from her as she worked my pants and briefs down over my hips. And the accent! “Every morning when I get dressed I think to myself, ‘Will he like this?’ …I’ve wanted to make you hard looking at me. I’ve wanted you to want me the way I want you.”

Eva slowly dropped to her knees, her hands stroking my pulsing cock. “Mmmm, you have a big cock,” she sighed, “much bigger than my ex’s.” Pushing my cock up against my belly, Eva pressed her lips against the base of my cock, on the underside, right where the shaft meets gebze escort my balls. With her lips slightly parted and her tongue flicking like I were melting ice cream, she slowly traced up and down the length of my cock. The sensations were utterly maddening – I could feel nerves firing all over my body, each little twinge the most intense of fleeting pleasures.

“Mmmmmm. I knew I’d love your scent,” Eva exhaled, “and the way your cock curves up like that…I can’t wait to feel you inside me.”

I spoke for the first time. “Eva, you told me you gave great head. In fact, you put it in writing…it’s right here in my pocket. It says, ‘I’ve been told that I give VERY good head,’ and the word ‘very’ is capitalized. So far you’ve managed to tease me to the point where my balls are ready to climb into my stomach, but if it’s not too much to ask, I’d like to see you back up that rather bold claim of yours.”

Eva grinned. “My pleasure.”

She opened her mouth only slightly and began to slide the head of my cock back and forth across her lips, tongue sweeping across each soft angle. The other hand cradled my balls, softly rolling them over her fingers. The head of my cock was beginning to shine from her saliva as she opened wider to envelop me, popping me in and out of her mouth as breathy little moans came from her throat.

I leaned back against the door and let my hands rest on Eva’s head, stroking her hair, reaching down to caress her breasts and finding her nipples stiff and swollen. She whimpered when I pinched gently and lightly tugged, pulling her body toward me with the slightest of pressure.

As my fingers touched her, Eva slid more of my cock in her mouth. Not moving, just swirling her tongue all around my cock. Some people can’t manage to swallow jello without chewing. Others can tie a cherry stem in a knot. This woman’s tongue could lace skates. I’d never felt anything like it before and I sincerely hope I do again, but I will never forget that feeling. The tip tracing unbelievable figures against the underside. I’m not making this up…I’d have to invent new adjectives to do her justice.

First fluttering along length in horizontal strokes like some mad Chinese chef dicing vegetables, followed by these lazy, perfect, “you’re spelling S-E-X with your tongue” strokes…then the circles, long circles, her tongue extending down the left side of my shaft, crossing over with the entire flat of her tongue against my cock and slowly drawing back up the right side to the top to begin again, or reversing direction…. The judges for technical merit in the pleasure centers of my brain would have been holding up 10’s across the board if they’d still had control of their higher motor functions. Under the circumstances, about all I was capable of was trembling. It’s a good thing the heart works on autopilot, because I distinctly remember reminding myself to breathe.

I looked down to see Eva’s beautiful face, eye’s half closed with those beautiful, soft lips stretched around my cock. I pulled one hand away from her breasts and caressed her cheek. “You weren’t…lying…Eva. Oh my God!” I gasped, “I love…the way you suck me!”

Her eyes met mine as she groaned and took me yet deeper into her mouth. Her tongue slowed down slightly as she began to slide up and down the length of my now aching cock, taking me deeper and deeper and her fingers lightly scratched behind my balls. I could feel my orgasm approaching and I wanted her to swallow my cum. I love exploding in a woman’s mouth…there’s something so perfectly intimate, so hungry and hot and momentary about it….

“Do gültepe escort you want it in your mouth?”

Eva only moaned around my cock and nodded her head, never slowing her sucking and caressing. I could feel the head of my cock touching the back of her throat, each contact bringing a slight choking sound. She clearly wasn’t trying to deep throat me, but her agile tongue and unbridled enthusiasm more than compensated. I don’t know about other men, but it isn’t even the ability to take all of me that matters…it’s a nice treat, sure, but I’ll take that unleashed desire to please, pure lustful enthusiasm, any day. And I could feel that hunger pouring from this gorgeous woman kneeling before me in hot waves that made me weak.

She massaged my swollen balls as they pulled up tight against my body. My cock throbbed, jerked, the head swelling under pressure as I contracted…closing…pulsing…. The first JET of cum exploded from my cock as Eva’s tongue slithered back and forth across the underside of my shaft; splattering against the roof of her mouth and sliding into her throat as she continued to bob slowly, massaging and stroking my spasming cock. I cried out, probably loud enough to be heard in the hallway outside if anyone were near. The force of my orgasm was amazing. My legs were close to buckling as I shook and drained my hot release into Eva’s hungry mouth.

I could feel her swallowing my cum as her hand gently lifted my balls, almost as if to weigh them and assure herself that she had emptied me. As my cock softened slightly in her hot mouth she pressed forward, taking me as deeply as she could. Her fingers at the base of my cock, thumb underneath…squeezing, milking that last shaft full of cum to the head…lips pursing tightly where they meet her fingers and sliding slowly up my length, pulling that last of me to her. Eva released my cock from her mouth and used her thumb to push a huge drop of cum from the end of my cock. She smiled, looking up at me, “Waste not, want more anyway.”

She dipped her head slightly, extended her tongue and, using just tip, collected my thick, white cum. Eva smiled, watching me watch her. “MMMmmmm,” she moaned, her tongue spreading my lust over her lips before tucking back into her mouth as she swallowed one last time.

As Eva rose from her knees I pulled her into my arms and kissed her.

“That was, by a long shot, the best head I have ever had in my entire life. You understated things rather dramatically in your note,” I said.

Eva grinned at me. “I haven’t even found all your spots, yet. That was just the introductory model.”

I fixed my clothes as Eva straightened herself out. After ensuring we wouldn’t be spotted exiting the storage room, I escorted her to the computer lab. Eva smiled and winked as she left me at the door…and ran her tongue over her lips. As the door swung shut, she pirouetted just quickly enough to mouth the words, “I’m off at,” as she held up all the fingers on one hand and the index finger of the other.

Six o’clock, I thought to myself, as I walked down the hallway. Just enough time to find out if Jill and Kelly still need another roommate.


Cash contributions have, surprisingly, not come pouring in as a result of my efforts. There has, however, been some very encouraging feedback from some of you. Thanks for that, it’s actually better than cash. That’s a cheap lie. It’s not better than cash. But since no one is sending cash, I’ll take what I can get. If you liked the foregoing, drop a note – likewise if you hated it. Comments, criticism, suggestions, propositions and loose change welcome. And, to the leggy, vacationing, nymphomaniac supermodels who have thus far NOT contacted me, I also give the most amazing full body massage you’ve ever had…leave you feeling like a cooked noodle, I swear to God. Okay. Catch you next time. Someone roll the Wayne Newton…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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