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Dear Readers,

So my last submission was pretty much crap. I wrote it when I was horny, high, and tired 😉 sadly I didn’t read it before I submitted it. Sorry! So let’s try this again with a different story.

I grab Daniel by the front of his shirt and drag him in the club. As per usual he shakes his head at me, probably for no particular reason, so I just ignore him.

The thumping of the music in the dance club is overwhelming, but, completely what I was looking for tonight.

Daniel and I are best buds from high school and we both work as security guards for the courthouse in the town we grew up in. But tonight we are looking for a break from all the official stuff. Maybe meet some really hot chicks and get lucky. I don’t know. But we’re here.

I walk to the bar and grab a seat, Justin pulls up a stool next to me. I order two beers and show my ID to the bartender. She smiles at me, she has a nice body, but not my type, so I just flash a friendly smile as she brings me the beers. We down them and I grab Daniel and drag him to the middle of the dance floor.

“I don’t know man, this is kinda stupid.” He says.

“Just, go with it okay?” He shakes his head but follows me. We start kinda moving with the music but turn in circles, looking for girls to dance with.

All of a sudden I see a flash of red, then it’s gone. The song elmadağ escort changes and Daniel grabs by arm.

“Dude, I used to dance to this song when I worked at the movie theater! Haha good ass song!” I nod and laugh at his ridiculous outburst of dancing. Then I see the red again. The next time i see it, it’s closer. There’s a trail of long black hair swirling around what I now see is an incredibly fit body. The red is a dress, tightly fitted to a killer set of hips and breasts. Then she’s gone again.

The song picks up to the main part and all of a sudden she’s there dancing on me. Her arms trailing my chest. Her hair swirling with her moves. She leans into my ear and moans, then turns and presses her ass right on my cock. Pressing in then dancing her hips from side to side. I grab her by her pelvic bones and press her tighter against me. She leans over and curves her chest out then rolls back up turning and playing with her fingernails on my chest. Rubbing up against me. Her hand travels down lower and lower. She grabs my dick and squeezes it.

Then she turns and grabs Daniel by the shoulders and turns him around, she gets in close to him and kisses his neck. He grabs her ass and sways with the beat but she pushes off and comes back to me.

Rolling her body she runs her hands over her ass, her hips, her stomach, her tits, to her neck, esenyurt escort than through her long hair.

Then she slides down my body almost on her knees and kisses my cock through my jeans. Instantly I feel it jump to a painful erection. Then she slithers back up my body. I get the first good look at her face. Her lips curving into a teasingly sexy smile. Her eyes playing with me, pulling me to her. There was something about her, that was familiar. She whips around and grabs Daniel by the neck and pulls him closer so that we can both dance on her. She lays her body against Daniel and puts his hands on her body. And he roams everywhere.

I can’t help but feel jealous that he get to touch her. So I grab her waist and pull her right up to me. She winks and laughs, grinding on my erection. She unzips my pants and grabs it, smiling in that seductive way.

Her dress just covers her ass, so I reach under and feel that her pussy is totally exposed. She has no underwear on, and she’s completely shaved. My fingers tease her soaked pussy and she closes her eyes, grinding on my hand. I slip them in her soaking hole and push up almost lifting her off her feet. She bites her lip and sucks air in. Then giggles when I pull out. Then she turns around and pushes up against me. She reaches behind her and zips my pants back up. The song starts to end and etiler anal yapan escort she leans in to my ear and says, “Not yet Brandon.”

I pause. Shocked. How the hell does she know my name?

She turns to Daniel and grabs him by the neck an leans in to his ear, whispers something and the slides away. I look for her in the crowd, and catch a quick glimpse of red. She turns and gives me that smile. Then she’s gone.

I look at Daniel and he stares at me. “What the fuck!?”

“What?” I shout over the new song.

“She knew my name. How the hell did she know my name?”

“Come on.” I grab his arm and pull him to the bar where it’s quieter. “What did she say?” I ask.

“She said ‘Thanks Daniel’ and then was gone.”

I think back to her smile. There was something about it. Something so familiar. What the hell was it? Then it hit me and I gasped.

“Dude. Was her smile familiar to you?”

“I don’t know, yeah. Maybe, why?” He asks.

“I think we know her.” I say.

“How? I don’t recognize her! I mean, yea she’s familiar but I don’t know many girls with black hair that are that hot.” He starts freaking out mumbling random words about “crazy bitches” and I stop him.

“Remember when you worked at the theater?” I ask.

“Yea, that was like 5 years ago. Why?”

“I think that girl was Gianna.”

“Gianna has brown hair! That’s not her.”

“She dyed it stupid. Do you remember, when we used to talk? That smile. She called it a game. She would use her eyes and her smile to get guys to look at her.”

“Fuck.” He said. Then my phone buzzed and I looked at it.

Unknown number. “Maybe next time ;)”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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