Family of Incest Ch. 02


Peter entered the kitchen where Ellen, Lucy and David were chatting away.

“Ellen could I have a word with you? And Lucy, David, Rachel and Luke are in the living room watching a film if you want to join them” join them in their fucking.

Lucy and David knew they were being kicked out of the room so grabbed their crisps, cheese dunker’s, chocolate bars and can of Fruit Twist Tango and went into the living room.

As soon as Ellen heard the living room door closed she turned to Peter and asked; “What is it dear?”

“Your going to be so delighted when you hear this!”

“Ooooh what is it?” squealed Ellen

“Guess” said Peter

“Hmmm….ummm… ohh I don’t know… uhh is it something to do with the twins?

“Uh huh” nodded Peter.

“Ummm… uhh… oooohh…wait….are they fucking? Are Luke and Rachel finally fucking?”

“Mmmmhmm, right now, on the couch whilst watching the film.”

“Oh my god Peter!! Yaaayy!! Its about time!!” Ellen said jumping up and down

“I know, are you as happy and excited as I am?” laughed Peter

“I am thrilled!!! Ooooh Peter this is our opening!!” squealed Ellen; “Ooooh I want to go watch them, lets go join them watching the film!” smiled Ellen.

“Okay, just for a bit honey, we do have to do the dinner, if we play our cards right, we’ll be fucking them ourselves anyway”

“Oooooh I hope so Peter, I’ve waited long enough for something like this to happen!”

“I know honey, me too, me too” said Peter, as he grabbed Ellen around the waist and pulled her in for a quick kiss. Then they went into the living room.

As soon as they entered, they saw Luke and Rachel were still moving slowly in a steady rhythm, they glanced at Lucy and David and saw their eyes were hooked on the TV, obviously they hadn’t noticed what their siblings were doing. Peter and Ellen walked over to the lounge chair, Peter sat in it first then Ellen sat on his lap. Peter then pulled the lever at the side of the chair so the footrest came up and they could push the chair back. So the parents lounged back in the chair, as they watched their twins have sex right in front of them unaware their parents were watching them.

“Look at how happy they are” whispered Ellen to Peter

“I so wish I was….” Peter started to say, but was cut off when his other three children came back from the stream, walked in naked, he didn’t stop because this wasn’t normal, in fact it was perfectly normal for any of them to walk around the house naked, Peter and Ellen encouraged it by doing it themselves, but not all the time so their kids didn’t think it was natural and could do it anywhere, just enough so that they were all really close. No what stopped Peter was the sight of his 18 year old daughters fully glorious tanned naked body with her damp brunette hair cascading down her back and over her shoulders. Hannah has such a perfect body now, she’s been coming along fine these past few years.

Ellen wondering why Peter broke off in mid-sentence looked up and her pussy immediately gushed as she saw her sons; Ryan and Greg’s cocks.

“Have fun at the stream you three?” asked Ellen, giving a reason to be able to stare at her sons naked bodies.

“Loads mum, but I’m tired out now” replied Ryan.

Tired out cause you were fucking your sister I hope thought Peter

“Have you started cooking yet mum?” asked Hannah

“No me and your father were going to start it now, sorry are you hungry?” replied Ellen

“A little, I’ll come help you both” said Hannah as she lead the way to the kitchen, not knowing her father was staring at her ass all the way.

Ellen, Peter and a naked Hannah then began to cook all nine of them chicken kiev’s, peas, carrots and a lovely Yorkshire pudding for each of them. With Peter having trouble taking his eyes off his daughters body.

Ryan and Greg on the other had couldn’t decide where to sit down. Greg in the end decided to sit down where their parents had been sitting, leaving Ryan standing alone naked in front of his siblings.

“Ummm excuse me, Luke and Rachel may I sit down please?” asked Ryan.

Rachel replied “Sure little brother” as she stood up and the covers fell off her naked form.

Ryan then sat down at the opposite end to Luke, and Rachel sat naked in between her naked brothers and put her head on Luke’s shoulder.. Lucy and David just glanced slightly at them, but then turned back to the TV, this was normal in their house.

Rachel whispered in Luke’s ear “We’ll finish this later”

Luke whispered back; “I’ll finish this in your ass”

“Mmmm sounds good too me”

All six siblings sat back and watched the film, with four of them being naked.

Twenty minutes later a naked Hannah came in and said “Dinners ready you lot”

Another five minutes later all the family were sat at the table with five out of nine of them naked. They all began to eat and chatter away.

“God its hot in here, I think I’ll take my top off” kıbrıs escort said Ellen as she pulled her top off, making her breasts jiggle around, she flung it to the floor, not caring where it landed as the family often found discarded clothing lying around the house when people got to hot. Then she noticed all her sons eyes were on her tits. Smiling she sat back down at the table and carried on eating as if a mother getting up and taking her top off in front of her family was a normal thing to do.

“Feeling better mum?” Asked David

“Much better thank you honey” replied Ellen smiling at him, as she noticed David staring at her tits I hope you like the sight of these David.

“So has everyone had a fun day?” asked Hannah, as she felt all eyes turn to her and stare at her naked body making her hot.

“We sure did at Ikea” replied Daivd as he burst out laughing; “you should of seen this young boy, he was bouncing up and down on this bed, and didn’t notice this lampshade above him, he went “look at me mum!” and jumped right into it and broke it, then it got stuck aound his head, we were all laughing so hard at him from the other side of the room, mind you, he was lucky there was no bulb in it, but still!”

The whole family burst out laughing, “wish I saw that. Unlucky that he didn’t jump into it then get stuck and was just dangling there going HELP ME! MUUUMM HELP ME! I’VE GONE BLIND!! MY EEYYYEEESS!! I CAN”T SEE!” said Luke as he covered his eyes with his hands, gaining roars of laughter from everyone and a rib dig from his twin sister

“God mum’s right, it is boiling in here” said Lucy as she did exactly what her mother did, stood up, took her top off, but she also took her trousers off too, then sat back down at the table naked. Taking a quick glance in her fathers direction to see if he was looking at her, which he was making her smile even more than she already was.

“This is one thing I love about our family” said Hannah; “we are all so close, I love being able to just be naked whenever I like, I doubt there are really any other families that allow this freedom”

Everyone agreed. The rest of the dinner was quiet and uneventful. Finally they all finished.

“I’ll clear up” said Ryan as his naked form got up from the table and started going around picking up everyone’s plates, knives and forks, whilst unknowingly having is mother practically drooling at his naked form, especially when he walked off to the sink and she saw his ass.

“So lets have a family get together tonight, what shall we do?” wondered Lucy

Rachel and Luke quickly glanced at each other then nodded at each other, silently saying they’ll join in with the family then get back to what they were doing later in their bedroom.

“Ooooh, lets play Cranium! We haven’t played that in ages!” said Rachel

“Okay Cranium everyone?” asked Lucy

“Sure” replied everyone else.

Soon the whole family was in the living room.

“I’m taking these pants off, I feel so silly being half naked now my bottom half isn’t hidden under the table” said Ellen then pulled her pants down and threw them somewhere in the room, then the mother just stood their fully naked in front of her family; showing off her fabulous body to her sons eyes.

“Now me and David are going to feel over clothed” Peter moaned jokingly as he took his clothes off too, then joined Ellen and both mother and father stood their naked in front of their children. They then watched their son David take his off as well.

Lucy entered carrying the Cranium box and joined her fully naked family as if nothing was out of the ordinary, actually it made her grin. She and Ryan then set it up.

“Okay done, so what are the teams?” asked Lucy as everyone stood around the board.

“I’m with Rachel and we’ll be blue” said Luke quickly, making everyone laugh

“Obviously” said Hannah; “I’m with Ryan and Greg and we’ll be red”

“I’ll go with mum and we’ll be green” said David

“Just just leaves me and you then daddy! With yellow” said Lucy really cheerfully.

They all sat around the board, but due to lack of space for all 9 to fit around it, Rachel had to sit in her naked twin brother’s lap, Ellen sat in her son’s lap, Hannah sat in Greg’s lap leaning down she whispered to Ryan “I’ll sit in your lap soon don’t you worry!” and Lucy sat in her father’s lap. Ellen and Lucy immediately noticed their men were becoming erect and started to get really excited. Luke and Greg on the other hand were already erect.

“Hannah, Ryan and Greg you go first” said their mother.

Picking up the dice Hannah rolled it on the board.

“You pick first sis” said Greg, as he hugged his naked sister too him.

“Okay I’ll go green” said Hannah

Ellen leaned forwards causing her ass to rub against her sons cock as she picked the first card out of the Star Performer pack she read; “To win this Humdinger, choose a performer from your team who can get you to konya escort guess the song on the back of this card by humming or whistling with no lyrics or gestures. I’ll pass the card to the performer then start the timer”

“I’ll do it” said Ryan, taking the card from his naked mother. Ryan then took a moment to remember how the song went then began to hum.

“Ummm… Uhhh… oooh I recognise it!! ggaarrgghh….” Hannah said frustratingly whilst unintentionally, squirming around on her brothers lap causing her to rub his cock in between her ass cheeks “you are the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen…. grrr who sang it!! Wait I know! DANCING QUEEN BY ABBA!!” Hannah said and yelled as she struggled with the answer, just getting it in time as she bounced up and down on her brother’s 7 1/2″ cock making it difficult for Greg to not let out a moan as his sister virtually fucked him with her buttocks.

“Correct sis, now roll the dice” said Ryan.

Hananh picked up the dice and rolled it, getting a green, she then leaned forwards and moved their piece.

“Your turn mum” said Hannah

“Oooh david baby, what should we pick?” asked Ellen, purposely rubbing her ass on her sons cock.

“Lets go with blue mum” replied David, as he joined in with his mothers games. .

Rachel picked up a blue card and read; “To win this Cloodle, choose an artist from your team who can get you to guess the answer on the back of this card by drawing clues on paper with no talking, letters or symbols. I’ll read the hint aloud, pass the card to the artist and then start the timer.”

“I’ll do it honey” said Ellen as she bent down to pick up the pencil and pad, giving her son a nice view of her ass. She then spun round on his lap and used his body as a resting place for the pad.

“The hint is mum: event” said Rachel as she leant over to her naked mother and gave her the card.

Ellen immediately began to draw, obviously an easy card. She looked up and saw her son almost drooling as he stared down at her 32D tits. Touch me David, touch your mother Ellen thought. She purposely then slipped making David reflexly grab her, not realising in his haste to stop her from hurting herself, he grabbed her by the ass and lifted her back into his lap, causing his hands to get stuck as she sat on them, but hiding them from everyone else. I swear she did that on purpose… lets see David thought then began to feel her ass with his hands. Yesss that’s it David, touch me, feel me, squeeze me, gooddd yess squeeze your mothers ass.

“EGG AND SPOON RACE!” yelled David when he finally looked at his mum’s drawing instead of her tits.

“YAY!!! Well done honey!!” squealed Ellen, grabbing his face as she planted a kiss on her sons lips. Ellen spun back round to face the rest of their family whilst her son continued to grope her ass. Ellen then picked up the dice and rolled.

“Our turn” Lucy said merrily; “What should we go for daddy?”

“You pick this time sweetie” I don’t care, I just want you to sit on my cock dear he thought as he held his arms round his daughter just under her tits.

“Okay I’ll go with blue” said Lucy

Rachel then leant forwards and grabbed a blue card; “To win this Sculptorades, choose an artist from your team who can get you to guess the answer on the back of this card by sculpting the subject in Cranium Clay with no talking or gestures. I’ll read the hint aloud, pass the card to the artist and then start the timer.

“You do it sweetie” So I have an excuse to stare at your gorgeous naked body

“The hint is: thing” said Rachel as she passed the card to Lucy

Lucy then got off her dad’s lap, grabbed the playdo, then bent over his lap having her ass stuck in the air as she fiddled with the clay. Peter just stared at his daughters beautiful, creamy white body laid in front of him with her dirty blonde hair hanging round her face, and her 31D breasts hanging below her. Peter barely remembered he had to guess what she was making.

“Its a pig!” stated Peter as he tried to show he was attempting to win, not just stare at his daughter.

Lucy grabbed the pig model, and dug a deep line into his back, looking back to look at her father, she saw his eyes full of lust and staring at her body. That’s it daddy you like your little girls body? I don’t care if we loose if it means I’m turning you on

“Come on daaaaadddd! Times nearly up!” whined Lucy, trying to act as if she cared that they might loose.

“A…a… a…. piggy bank!!” Peter almost yelled as he knew he got the answer correct.

“Correct daddy!” said Lucy and gave him a big hug, pressing her naked form against his naked body. If this is what I’ll get every time I get something right, I best try harder thought Peter

Lucy then rolled the dice and moved their piece.

“Our turn” said Rachel “you pick Luke honey”

“Okay lets go with green” come on an acting one

Their mother then lent forwards and picked kuşadası escort a green card “To win this Cameo, choose a performer from your team who can get you to guess this answer on the back of this card by acting out silent clues, just like charades. I’ll read the hint aloud, pass the card to the performer and then start the timer”

“I’ll do it Luke” said Rachel so everyone can stare at my naked body, god I am so horny right now

“The hint is: person” said Ellen as she passed the card to her naked daughter.

Rachel read what she had to act, sat down on the sofa and began to act it out, her little 28B tits bouncing around, and her family more than once got a lovely view of her pink fiery red haired pussy with only a little hair. Rachel at one point pulled her legs wide open as she continued to scold the imaginary person in front of her, pretending not to notice everyone in her family staring at her lovely pussy. Everyone in the family enjoyed her show so much they forgot all about the timer.

“I give up, you obviously can’t get it, I was a back seat driver!” said Rachel, trying to act annoyed. Oh my god, everyone enjoyed my show, not just Luke she thought

“Our turn again” Hannah joyfully said as she switched bounced her body up and down on her brother causing her tits to wobble about much to all the men’s pleasure. She then got off and went and sat in Ryan’s lap. The game continued with Hannah having to try do a copy of Cilla Black, one person on each team having to hum/whistle Angels by Robbie Williams with Rachel and Luke winning, Lucy having to act out free-range eggs, Luke then had to do a copy of Eddie Izzard.

“Yeah well one thing about the Death Star was there was no food at all, no food at all, no one said “Hey! Darth Vadar, Emperor just nipping down to Alpha-Beta 9 what do you want? A couple of sarnies? Chiken, ham? Ham, chicken? Egg? What? Coke? Dark Coke? What do you want? What you want? Yooouu weird leaders!” acted Luke making the entire family laugh as he stood their naked in front of them all with his 7″ prick sticking out at them all.

“Eddie… Izzard… phew… what a legend” Rachel managed to get out through her laughter.

Next Greg tried to act out the expression of unhappiness; sick as a parrot, much to delight of all the girls as they got a good long look at his erect 7 1/2″ prick. Neither Hannah nor Ryan could get the answer though.

Next Ellen made an attempt at making a sculpture of beans on toast, much to the delight of David who got a great view of his mothers body laid out in front of him, he got the answer correct and earned another kiss from his mum that ended up being slightly longer than normal, he put his hands in has lap again and Ellen sat in them, David went back to groping his mother’s ass.

Peter then had to act out Austin Powers, with his 9″ cock almost poking his daughter Lucy in the face, not that she minded. “Yeeeahh babbby! Yeeahhh” said Peter in an Austin Powers voice making all the family laugh. Of course Lucy got it.

Soon the game came to an end with Lucy and Peter the winners.

“We won daddy!!” squealed Lucy bouncing up and down with joy in her daddies lap “We won! We won!” she happily said over and over again whilst covering his face in kisses and smashing her big tits against his chest as she hugged him to her. Peter just sat there with a big grin on his face. Everyone was so focused on them they didn’t see or hear Ellen turn round and whisper to David “did you like feeling mummy’s ass honey?” then scampered off to the kitchen laughing.

David did not how to interpret what that meant, but he did know one thing, he had a raging hard on for his mother and it needed sorting, so he left for his and Lucy’s bedroom for a quick wank before his sister came up. David laid down on his bed and began to stroke his cock to images of his mother’s naked body, he imagined her beautiful face first smiling at him, then he imagined her kneeling in front of him sucking his cock as she looked up into his eyes as she pleasured him, and he got a great view of her form.

Lucy came up the stairs to go too bed, she was very happy, mainly because she pretty much rubbed her naked form against her dad for ten minutes with him not stopping her, making her think he wanted her. She entered the room and heard; “Oooooh mum yeeess… suck my cock mum, ooooh muuummmm”. Looking up she saw her naked brother their wanking, obviously to thoughts of their mother. Watching her brother wank made her really excited especially because she now knew she wasn’t the only one with incestuous thoughts about their parents. She closed the door quietly behind her, and began to play with her pussy whilst watching/listening to her brother masturbate to images of their mother. “Oooooh mum, I’m going to cum, oooh yeeesss eat my cum mum, that’s it eat your sons cum!”, Lucy watched as her brother came all over himself, making her moan as she rubbed her clit vigorously causing her to cum as well.

David opened his eyes and saw his naked sister as she came.

“Oooh shit! Uhhh hey Lucy” said David in a brief moment of panic “enjoy the show?” he continued as he rubbed his cock in front of her.

“Mmmhmmm, so you have fantasies about our parents too eh?” asked Lucy

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