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We are all sweaty and sticky. The room smells of sex. Emily tells us that she’s going to her room real quick to get a few things she thinks we might like. My man and I decide to take the opportunity to rinse off real quick and, once Emily has returned, head to the top floor of the hotel where the all nude pool and hot tub are located.

“Damn, babe, you don’t know how irresistibly sexy you look with the water cascading off your body,” you say as you begin to lather my tits, paying special attention to my super sensitive nipples. They harden immediately and I feel your cock grow from half erect to full blown, rock solid as it’s pressing into my belly.

“Mmmmm,” I murmur as one of your hands trails down my stomach and finds my pussy. I part my legs slightly to give you better access to my still hungry slit. I brace myself with one hand against the wall, using the other to grasp and rub all 8 ½ inches of your beautiful dick.

“As much of a turn on it is seeing your body covered in suds, it’s time to rinse it off so I can tongue your clit until you cum,” you tell me as you reach behind you to grab the showerhead.

Once all the soap is gone, you raise my leg and place it on the ledge as you lower yourself trailing kisses all the way. I spread my pussy lips open with my fingers and thrust my pelvis at your face so your mouth is buried in my once again dripping cunt.

As I’m humping your face, I look down to see you jacking off. The sight of that added with the sucking and nipping of my clit pushes me to the limit and I begin to shake and convulse.

“Ahhhhh…Oh God..Oh fuck..I’m cumming. Don’t fucking stop!!,” I scream as I grab the back of your head and ram my pussy into you until the waves of orgasm subside.

As we’re getting out of the shower and half ass dry off, as I’m about to attack your cock with my lips and tongue, there’s a knock at the door. Thinking it’s Emily returning, I answer the door in all my naked glory.

I can’t even get out a hello as the night clerk puts his hand around my throat and walks me backward inside, kicking the door shut with his foot. He pushes me up against the etiler eve gelen escort wall and begins to kiss me with everything he’s got in him. I’m so hot by his bold and aggressive move that I whimper with pleasure.

“Well, howdy to you, too,” I say as I break away from his full sensuous lips.

“Looks like you have one hell of an admirer,” you laugh as Kyle(I just saw his name badge) circles his hips, pushing his hard-on against my pussy. “W were just about to go up to the pool and you should definitely join us.”

I quickly throw on the skimpy, silky robe provided by the hotel, but leave the sash untied, and link arms with my man and our new friend and walk out the door. We spot Emily heading our way as we approach the elevator. She looks gorgeous in the sheer pink baby doll nightie she’s wearing and even from 10 feet away I can see she’s panty less.

“Hmmm, looks like it’s going to be pool fun for 4,” she winks at Kyle as we step into the elevator.

We decide to abstain from any play as to make it more fun and intense once we get to the pool. The 30 seconds or so it took to climb 5 floors might as well have been 30 years to my aching and pulsating pussy. Kyle caresses one ass cheek as you playfully swat the other as we’re getting off the elevator.

We’re not the only ones with the idea of water fucking, as there are about 25 or 30 other people in and around the Olympic sized swimming pool. I’m now very happy I remembered to bring along the video camera for this. I know that the strangers won’t mind because every guest had to sign an agreement at check-in stating that recording was allowed and encouraged, but only for private use and was forbidden to be shown online.

The voyeur in me takes over and I tell the three of you to go do whatever and whoever while I watch and record for awhile. I look around for the perfect spot to see and video as much of the action as I can while I also get in some “me time”. The quick scan of the room led me to the best seat in the house(excluding someone’s face, of course). The raised lifeguard chair would be perfect etiler grup yapan escort to see and be seen. I throw a leg over each arm of the chair so that my totally shaved, drenched pussy is on display.

I turn the camera on and pan it over the entire room, catching everyone in various states of sexual bliss. I zoom in on the perfection of my boyfriend’s backside and the couple he chose first. The guy is laying in a lounge chair and the girl is bent over between his legs giving him what appears to be the best blowjob he’s ever had judging by his moans and gasps. My boyfriend gets on his knees behind the girl and dives in tongue first into her hot little snatch. She removes the cock from her mouth long enough to throw her head back and scream a “Fuck yeah” or two with a few “Right there’s” before shoving the dick back down her throat. I’m zoomed in so close and the mic on this is so sensitive that I can hear the slurping sounds his lips and tongue are making against that neatly trimmed box. I reach down, and bypassing my nipples, go straight to pulling on my lips and running my fingers all over my cunt, wetting my fingers and then going to work on my hard, swollen clit that has completely protruded from it’s hood.

“Godddddd!!” I moan aloud as I roll and pinch it between my fingers. I look back in time to see my lover squirting cum all over the girl’s ass as she’s also getting a cumshot to the face. That brings me to climax


I pan the camera to see who’s going to help me cum next. I see two girls in the deep end. The blonde with the perkiest tits and most perfect nipples I have ever seen is on the edge of the diving board with her feet pulled up close to her body, knees spread wide. The brunette with much heavier breasts from what I can get from the side view is in the water, holding onto the diving board as she’s sucking pussy like a pro.

“Eat this pussy, slut. Tongue my wet slit until I tell you to stop, my slutty bitch,” the blonde orders the other girl. Hearing her demands makes me even hotter and wetter than I ever thought possible. I bring my fingers etiler masöz escort to my mouth to suck my juices off them before I begin twisting and pulling on my nipples as they stiffen into tight peaks.

“Holy fuck that feels so good,” I say as I’m startled by a finger shoved in my hole while a mouth surrounds and bites my clit. I was so into what I was watching and what I was doing to myself that I didn’t even notice or feel Kyle climbing the ladder where I was sitting.

“I told you I’d have you writhing and bucking and cumming for me in no time and I’m a man of my word,” he winks at me then lowers his head back to my leaking puss. I point the camera down so that it catches him shoving his tongue deep inside me while his thumb rubs slow circles around my clit. I’m about ready to explode and I tell him so as I rub my cunt all over his face.

“Fuck yeah..make me cum..oh close!” I scream as the intensity of my orgasm sends my entire body into spasms and my pussy clenches around his tongue and I squirt girl cum all over his face, almost dropping the camera in the process.

“Oh no no no. You’re not done just yet,” he smirks as he climbs the ladder a little further until his long, thick shaft is positioned at the entrance to my slit. He doesn’t even have to guide it in I’m so ready. He fills me completely with one thrust. His cock feels amazing pumping in and out of me. He grabs my hips and tilts me to where he can go harder and deeper.

As he’s fucking me senseless, my boyfriend climbs the ladder on my right and begins to jack off and suck on my nipple. The guy I videoed earlier getting head climbs up the left side and is also jacking off while rubbing my tit, lightly flicking my nipple with his fingertip. He’s kissing my jaw and neck and nibbles on my earlobe about how his fantasy is to cum all over a girls tits. I’m so close to cumming again as are the guys who are fucking and jerking off furiously. I scream out my orgasm at the top of my lungs as my boyfriend unloads his wad on my tts at the same time as a thick rope of cum spurts on my tits from the left, and squirt after squirt of gooey semen hits my stomach and tits from the night clerk. I am covered in cum. The guys start climbing down as I use my fingers to mix all their spunk together and lick it off my fingers and dip into it again and again until it’s all cleaned off of me. And every bit was caught on camera for me to cum to time after time in the future!

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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