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“You know, sweetie, I’d do that, anytime you want to try. That’s a rather erotic image – you cuming in every orifice.”

“Truthfully, though, I don’t know that I could get up for it.”

“Why, you’ve cum three times in a night before. We’d just need to space them. Want to go and try?”

“Don’t you want to hear my last two fantasies first?”

“You mean after all that you still have more?”

“Two more. In this one I fantasize about controlling you.”

“Oh, I like that, sweetie.”

“But from a distance.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well . . . “


Earlier that Friday morning, when we talked on the phone, you’d told me something that has given me a great idea. Your boss is away on vacation and his boss is out-of-town and wouldn’t be back until Monday, your work partner is sick and you have the entire business office to yourself. “Wish you were here,” you’d said.

Now at about 4 o’clock I phone you again.

“Are you still alone?” I ask.

“Yes, and no one has even been around this afternoon. I’m getting a lot of work done but it’s very quiet.”

“Is you boss’s office open?”

“Oh yes, why?”

“I want you to transfer this call in there.”

“You mean now?”

“Yes, now. Transfer it in there.”

I wait while you click off and a few seconds later answer again.

“Are you in the office?”


“Is the door closed?”

“Yes. And I locked it, too.”

“Good girl. etiler otele gelen escort Now, what are you wearing today?”

“My green sweat shirt and blue jeans; it’s casual Friday. Why? Are you going to do what I think you’re going to do?”

“What do you think I’m going to do?”

“You want to have phone sex. Right here in my office. I don’t believe that. You want to have phone sex, don’t you?”

“Well, that depends.”

“Depends on what?” you ask.

“It depends what you’re wearing underneath your green sweat shirt and blue jeans.”

“My burgundy bra and matching thongs.”

“Oh I love you in that. Or more to the point I love watching you take that off.”

“You’re bad you know. So I suppose you want me to take my clothes off right here in this locked office.”

“Yes I sure do, starting with your sweater. Take it off for me now.”

I hear you put the phone down and the rustle of clothing. “Okay, it’s off.”

“Are your nipples poking out over your bra?”

“Yes, one is. It’s hard already.”

“Are you touching it?”

“Yes I am, making it harder.”

“Good, I’m glad you’re getting into the spirit.Now take your jeans off.”

“Oh gawd, are you really sure you want me to do this?”

“Yes, take them off now.”

Again I hear the phone hit the desk and a chair get pushed back as you push your jeans over your hips and down.

“Okay, they’re off.”

“And you just have your bra and panties on etiler rus escort now, nothing else?”

“No, nothing else. I’ve even taken my shoes off.”

“Good. Are you nipples still hard?”

“Hard as bullets. They’ve both popped out now.”

“Then I think you should take your bra off.”

“Wait a minute, what about you?”

“Sweetie, I’m way ahead of you.”

“Are you naked?”

“Pretty much.”

“Is your cock hard?”

“Rock hard.”

“Are you paying with it?”

“Just stroking it very gently as I talk to you. I don’t want to cum too quickly.”

“Okay, I’m going to take my bra off . . . okay, it’s off.”

“And are you rubbing your breasts and pinching your nipples?”

“Oh yes,” you say and I hear your laboured breathing.

“I wish I was there to play with your breasts and suck your nipples.”

“Oh I wish you were, too, sweetie. I’m so horny for you right now.”

And is your pussy wet?”

“I’ll have to check.”

“You’ll need to take your panties off to do that. You’d better take them off.”

“Right off, you mean. I’ll be naked then.”

“Yes, right off. I want to see you in my mind absolutely naked, stunningly naked.”

I hear another rustle of clothing. “Everything’s off, sweetie.”

“And are you wet.”

“Oh yes, very wet.”

“And are you playing with yourself?”

“Just gently rubbing my clit.”

“Are you sitting in the chair.”

“Yes, I’ve got my feet up on etiler türbanlı escort the desk with my legs spread apart so I’m wide open.”

“Oh gawd, I wish I was there to see that. I love how your pussy is so delicate and pink and how it glistens when you get excited.”

“Oh yes,” you say, breathing harder, “what would you do if you were here?”

“I’d be on my knees between your legs and I’d be licking your pussy. Can you feel me tongue on your pussy, licking your clit?”

“Oh yes, I can almost feel that. What are you doing?

“I’m sitting in a chair.”

“Do you have your cock in your hand?”

“Oh yes, it’s very hard.”

“Are you stroking it?”

“Oh yes, I’m stroking it and wishing you were bent over the desk and I was ramming my cock into your wet pussy from behind.”

“Oh gawd, don’t cum yet. I’m getting so close. Oh gawd I wish you were fucking me like that, on the desk from behind.”

“Sweetie, wait, wait. I want you to go over and unlock the door. And then I want you to bend over that desk and make yourself cum.”

“What if somebody comes.”

“No one will come. Just do it. Unlock the door.”

I hear you get up from the chair. I hear the click of the lock. Then you’re breathing heavily into the phone again.

“Okay, the door is unlocked. I’m bending over the desk with my bum in the air. I’m playing with myself. Oh gawd, I’m so close to cuming. Oh gawd.”

And with that I open the door to the office. I put my cell phone on the desk and step in behind you. My cock is already out of my pants. It’s hard and throbbing. I shove it into your pussy just as your orgasm begins. Your muscles tighten around my shaft as you climax and in two more strokes I begin to spurt my cum into your pussy.

“Oh man,” you say as we catch our breath. “I didn’t think you were going to make it in time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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