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Stacey paced back and fourth in her living room, naked and shaking with anticipation. It had been far too long since she felt the touch of a man. The woman who she had devoted most of her time and energy to for the past several months was amazing, but lacked the raw dominant energy she craved. He would be there any minute, her hands made sheepish passes between her legs but hesitantly withdrew before she could give in to the lure of self pleasure. After all this time, she was going to save it all for him.

Their relationship was brief, but unforgettable. They had little chemistry as a couple but couldn’t be more in tune as friends and lovers, however their last evening together had been uncomfortable and eventless. They were both ready to move on, her to a woman and a new avenue of her sexuality, him to the sexy redhead a friend set him up with. They parted amicably and remained friends, although slightly distanced. That would all change tonight, Kyle would be at her door at any moment any all bets were off.

She had approached him nervously through text message, they were both single and she couldn’t restrain her thoughts from drifting back to those times he left her feeling blissfully violated. Kyle accepted, they set a date and he left her just a couple simple instructions. 1. If she wanted anal sex she was to clean herself thoroughly and leave a bottle of lubricant on her night table. 2. She was to answer the door naked. Easy enough, she had washed earlier and spent some time with her favorite butt plug only removing it a few minutes before he was due to arrive so she would be ready when the time came. And then…the time came.

Stacey’s cell phone buzzed, it was Kyle, and the door to her building was locked. “FUCK” she almost screamed at the top of her lungs. Her apartment was the first door on the right once entering the building, and only a few feet away. She had been told to answer the door naked and had every intention of complying, but to go through with it now would mean the risk of exposing herself to anyone on her floor with impeccable timing. It’s not like she’s ventured into her hallway to retrieve him in various states of exposure before, but to walk out into the foyer completely naked? The idea both excited horrified her. She thought it over, and over, and over before throwing on a t-shirt and boy shorts. Someday she would have that courage but she wasn’t quite there just yet. She checked herself in the mirror quickly, the shirt was tight and without a bra her arousal was very obvious. She might not be following orders, but anyone who caught her was in for a show regardless.

She ran out and swung the door open, and there he was. They looked at each other and smiled for a moment, and then she noticed his eyes glowed with beautifully evil intentions. “I thought I told you to come to the door naked” he said powerfully and playfully all at once. “I know but you were locked out all the way out here and I didn’t know…” Kyle cut her off with a hand on the back of her head and a kiss fueled by urgency. He then turned her around and guided her hands to the wall just outside her apartment door, and in one swift motion before she could protest pulled the tight shorts straight down and off, tossing them inside and exposing her anyone who might be heading their way.

She was shocked, completely unable to respond. She was afraid one of her neighbors would walk out and see her in this kurtuluş escort compromising situation, but at the same time strangely hoped at least one of them would. She could see the private salvation of her apartment just inches away but was powerless to even think about making a run for it. Kyle leaned in, his hands on hers and whispered into her ear, “I’ve been here five seconds and you’re already misbehaving”. Stacey was tempted to apologize but was still too stunned to know what to do. Then came the first slap on her naked ass, her only response was a loud gasp followed by darting eyes and heavy breathing. Kyle slowly rubbed her now stinging backside while continuing to speak softly to her. “What am I ever going to do with you?” WHACK. The second spank sent a shill down her legs, first she gasped for breath and then let out a telling moan. She was enjoying this much more then she even knew. Kyle’s hand reached around her waist and he lightly ran a finger up and down the length of her slit. Her legs nearly buckled at his slight touch, she didn’t realize how wet she was until he brought his hand to her face and directed the single finger to her mouth. She sucked her own juices off his finger hungrily, almost whimpering when he returned his hand to her wanting cunt. He pressed his finger back and her entrance and paused. It was like torture, Stacey turned her lips inward and bit down, she felt like she could scream, and then she almost did as Kyle slipped his single finger insider her.

As he brought this had back to her mouth for a second helping Kyle couldn’t help but notice her scent. It was intoxicating, she reeked of sex and it drove him wild. He watched her lick and suck herself off of his hand and couldn’t wait any longer for a taste of his own. He dropped to his knees and for a second just stared at her pussy just inches from his face. It was beautiful, inviting and best of all positively dripping. He noticed a small trail of wetness making its was down her inner thigh and reached for the end with his tongue. As he slowly traced it back to the source Stacey was losing her mind. He finally reached the top and helped himself to a desperate lick of her folds she had to hold her hands tightly over her face tightly to keep from screaming in the openness of her building. Kyle quickly turned her around by her hips and greedily devoured her wetness while she fought desperately to stay on her feet and keep quiet. She pulled her shirt up and covered her face with it for a moment before ripping it off and pressing the bunched material to her mouth to muffle her moans. Stacey was completely naked and very exposed to the world, but she didn’t care anymore. The tongue darting in and out of her was the only thing that existed in her world, she needed more.

Stacey grabbed Kyle’s hair and pulled his face from her groin. It was slick with her natural lubricant and that was the last straw, she was going to get fucked and there would be no more games. Kyle met her lustful gaze and stood as she took his hand and led him inside the apartment, walking ahead of her as she closed the door behind her, finally alone with the only thing that mattered at that moment. Kyle stood in her living room, seemingly dazed, perhaps drunk on the flavor of the woman who stood in front of him. Stacey walked up and wrapped her arms around him tightly, as they kissed she could taste her essence on his breath. No levent escort more waiting, she pulled his shirt off over his head and fumbled with his belt. Kyle took over removing his belt and unzipping his jeans. Before he could even fully remove his pants Stacey pushed him down onto the couch and tugged his boxers down. She made one long lick up Kyle’s shaft and upon reaching the end of the cock she had been dreaming about all this time, devoured as much as she could all at once. She bucked her head up in down, devouring it like she was starving, and she was. Kyle knew what she really wanted. He pushed her to her knees and stood in front of her, teasing just for a few seconds before thrusting himself towards the back of her throat, holding her head steady as he fucked her mouth just as he would her pussy very shortly.

Stacey was in heaven, this is what she had been missing. She craved the manhandling, her mouth was his and she knew it. He withdrew his cock covered in her saliva, thick streams connecting him to her face, and drove it back deep into her throat to the tune of her gagging and fighting for air as tears began to run down her face. To her they were tears of joy, but none were more joyful then when he withdrew once more and stepped over to his jeans to fish a condom out of the pocket. Kyle slowly rolled it down his shaft inch by inch. Stacey, still kneeling on the floor couldn’t help but rub her clit with anticipation but Kyle wouldn’t have it. He reached out with his foot and pushed her hand away, her whimpering a sure sign of how badly she needed to be filled.

The anticipation was killing them both and any more delays would be intolerable. Kyle sat back down on the couch as Stacey nearly pounced as she straddled him. She was so wet she had no trouble taking his full length in just a few strokes. They were lost in a world of their own, hands aimlessly groping each others bodies and moaning as if the moment possessed them both like a demon. Stacey bucked wildly, completely beside herself with raw passion for the man that now filled her. Kyle grabbed her by the waist and begun to quickly lift her up and push her back down onto his manhood, moans and quick deep breaths erupting uncontrollably from their bodies. “Oh my God…please don’t…stop…I’m gonna cum” Stacey managed to belt out. He began to bounce her in his lap as Stacey picked up the pace as well. Finally, as she had been craving uncontrollably in the few days since she sent that brave text message, she came hard, wrapping her arms around Kyle’s neck and screaming into his ear.

They slowed their pace briefly but never stopped. Stacey had soaked the couch and wasn’t even close to finished. She shook a little coming down from her powerful orgasm. Kyle held her and enjoyed how she rode him softly for the time being while she regained composure. In time she picked her head up and their eyes met as if to silently agree that it was safe to continue. The picked speed and in no time were right back to their normal, frantic pace. It was nice, but Kyle had other ideas. He stood her up and led her to her bedroom. Her bed was at the perfect level to compliment his height. He pushed her down and re-entered her standing at the food of the bed as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Kyle once again took Stacy by the hips and pounded into her, Stacy just stared at this creature ravaging her body and sending her head spinning maçka escort out of control. She picked her head up to look at his cock sliding in and out of her dripping cunt, it was an amazing sight. Her hands each had a tight handful of her comforter, but she managed to break one free and reach for her clit, this time with no objections from Kyle. It didn’t take long for her to rub herself to her second orgasm of the evening. Kyle watched as her body twitched in ecstasy below him, never slowing his pace, he decided she wouldn’t need a break after this one.

She didn’t, at this point she was ready for anything Kyle could throw at her. He turned her over and crawled up onto the bed to enter her from behind. She could only moan lifelessly as he laid his full weight on top of her and continued to fuck her from behind. After several minutes Kyle looked up and saw exactly what he’d hoped to see. On Stacey’s night table was the bottle of lube signaling that her ass was his for the taking should he choose to. He retrieved the bottle and moved Stacey onto all fours, continuing to slowly move in and out. The first finger that slid into Stacy’s ass woke her from her orgasm induced trance. She was now alert and ready. Kyle fingered her asshole gently first with one, then two, and finally three fingers making sure she was ready for what was to come.

When he was sure she was comfortable and adequately lubricated Kyle slowly removed his manhood from her pussy and pressed it against her very willing asshole. He allowed Stacey to push back at her own pace, stretching herself the last bit it would take to accommodate his cock. When she was ready Kyle lightly pushed himself through, burying his cock deep in her ass. They took it slow at first, eventually working up to the same vigor they had been displaying all night. Stacey maniacally fingered her pussy as she enjoyed the powerful thrusts in and out of her tight hole. Kyle ran his fingers through her hair and pulled it back to turn her head to look at him. “Tell me where you want my cum!” he demanded. Through desperate moans she managed to reply “on my face…please cum on my face”.

When Kyle pulled out of her ass she knew exactly what to do. Stacey moved to her knees on the floor while he removed the condom he would no longer be needing. When he moved to her she took his cock back into her mouth, stroking his shaft quickly while working the head with her lips and tongue. It wasn’t long before Kyle couldn’t stand it any longer, he took his dick into his own hand as Stacey tilted her head back and opened her mouth wide. He pointed it at her face and with just a few strokes released thick gobs of cum onto Stacey’s face.

What she could catch in her mouth she swirled with her tongue for a minute, enjoying the slightly salty taste of his seed before swallowing. Kyle took a step back to admire his work, Stacey stayed kneeled in front of him, enjoying the reward of her hard work warming her face. When she finally stood she turned to the mirror above her desk. Her mascara had run down her cheeks. Her face and breasts were covered in cum. She could see thick white streaks in her now untamed hair. Her eyes were red and puffy. She was everything she wanted him to make her into that night.

They showered together before sitting naked in the living room having a cup of coffee. This was their friendship, they were friends, and when there was nobody else in the picture they would share their bodies with each other. She craved a man who knew how to take control of her body and use her like a fuckdoll in that special way that made her feel like a sexy, confident woman and if there was nobody else, she had a friend more then willing to do the job.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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