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October 2001.

He had been through some changes in the last five years; left his safety-net of a job downunder, moved to the other side of the world, gotten married and brought a house. Seemed fine for a while, but now he knew that something was wrong and something that he desperately craved was missing in his life. He was just to blind to see it.

December 2001.

The doors closed for the last time and he walked away with a crooked smile on his face. This was it, the start of another chapter in his life. He trotted off to the local pub for the last time with his workmates. He was surrounded by friendly, familiar faces – some with a hint of sadness in their eyes, but nonetheless happy to celebrate his new start with him. He knew that this would be the last time he would be part of the gang. Midnight came too quickly, and he left to go home to his empty flat – comedy socks, inflatable sheep and engraved pen in his bag. “Gotta love the English” he thought to himself, “know how to make a foreign lad feel welcome”….

March 2002

It was a sunny day as he stepped into the office of his boss. He had been in his new job for a little over two months and was convinced that this was his calling. He had left his dead-end job in the city after four long years, and it was by pure luck that he was sat here now. “It’s amazing where a broken-down lift and a little blagging can get you” he chuckled inwardly to himself. All his life he had wanted to work with animals, he had spent five years training in the field and now, on the other side of the world he was working for the biggest name in the business and loving every single second of it.

Today was going to be an interesting day, he was no longer the new boy in the job. Another person doing the same role as him had been recruited, and was due to meet him and his other colleague for the first time today. He knew the new girl was younger than he was, and he had to admit that he was a little jealous that someone five years his junior at 23, could be able to do this job. “She must be someone special” he thought to himself. Little did he know just how special.

His boss’s voice interrupted his inner monologue with a “Greg, meet Dawn Ballard, your new colleague in region”. He glanced to the doorway to see her standing there. He took a few seconds to assess her. She looked young, that was for sure, however, she dressed with style (he always loved a woman in a suit) and had a body to die for. She looked slightly nervous as his gaze wandered from her figure up to her face. Their eyes locked and he was caught up for a few seconds in her incredible blue eyes. He quickly regained his composure and grinned at her. She saw this and seemed to relax a little as she took her place in the seat beside him. She smelled exquisite, and once more his mind drifted to thoughts that he really should not have been thinking…

The rest of the day consisted of him and his other colleague bombarding the new girl with all sorts of trivial information. The three of them went out with some other staff for lunch and he made sure that he was behind Dawn walking up the stairs into the office, just so could check out her view from behind. He couldn’t believe that he was behaving this way, but quite frankly he didn’t care – this girl was gorgeous, funny, smart and fun to be around. She even laughed with him rather then at him, which was a change. And she had the cutest laugh as well. He was drunk on her every word, overpowered by her beauty, and followed every flick of her long brown hair. He felt alive for the first time, and didn’t want for the day to end. Unfortunately, it did, and he had to bid goodbye to his new colleague.

That night as he pleasured himself, his thoughts were filled with images of himself and Dawn making love: soft kisses, gentle caresses, inhaling her innermost scent, tasting her most intimate places, entering her slowly as he stared into her blue eyes, and reaching new heights of pleasure with this incredible girl. He imagined falling asleep with her in his arms and waking in the morning to her gentle touch.

The rest of the month and the following month went on without much excitement, except for one glorious afternoon where he had her briefly all to himself. It wasn’t a very glamorous encounter, but it felt like heaven to him. Dawn had been to an animal centre as part of her induction, and he was meeting her and their other colleague for lunch at a café nearby. As the other colleague was delayed in a meeting, it was just he and Dawn for nearly an pendik escort hour. They nervously chatted, as people do, to pass the time. She talked about a whole range of things, from her travels abroad, to her luck with men (which made him feel strangely jealous), to her father video recording his front door. He didn’t really care what they talked about, all that mattered was that he had her completely to himself for a few brief minutes. As she talked he stared into her eyes, and fantasised about them sitting there not as colleagues, but as boyfriend and girlfriend. She was the most interesting and fascinating person he had met, and he loved every second that she was sat there opposite him. He knew that none of his fantasies would ever come true: he was married (be it not in the best shape it could have been) and she was gorgeous and could have any guy she wanted – so why, even if he did leave his wife as he intended, would she want him? He didn’t care, he just sat and enjoyed her while he had the chance.

May 2002

It was the day of his first conference in his new job, and the three of them would be driving up together to Coventry where it was going to be held for the next three days. In the car on the way up he was driving, with their other colleague riding shotgun and Dawn in the back. He enjoyed the two-hour drive up as he could stare at her at his leisure in the rear vision mirror. He noticed her catch his eye a few times, but put it down to no more than a coincidence. The conference was as boring as he had imagined, but it was nice to meet his other colleagues from around the country, and as he and Dawn were the two new kids on the block, they were never far from each others side.

That evening the two of them sat down for a chat over a few bottles of Budweiser. She looked even better out of her work clothes, and he hoped that she was thinking the same about him. It was the first time since their talk in the café six weeks prior, and it was great to just relax and indulge in conversation. As they talked, the rest of the world around him seemed to just disappear and he felt as though it was just the two of them alone in a period of sheer intensity. Maybe it was the beer, maybe it was her company, maybe it was the fact that she was paying him more attention than he had received in well over a year, but he felt a connection between them. Whatever it was, he was the happiest he had ever been.

The night went on, the beer continued to flow, and still they talked and talked. It was well after 11:00pm when the two of them, along with a few stragglers went up to bed. He bid her goodnight and then turned across the hall to enter his own room. Once his door closed, he sunk onto his bed with his mind racing. He knew he wanted her, he felt that she was attracted to him, or was he just imagining it? Should he call her? Yes. No answer. Should he go to her room? Yes – but what would be his reason for knocking on her door? He glanced around his room looking for something, anything to use as an excuse. No alarm clock. He needed to get up in the morning, what better reason than that? “Greg you are a genius sometimes” he said to himself before slipping quietly out of his room and across the hall to hers.

He tapped lightly on her door three times, hoping that she hadn’t gone to sleep already. Her door opened and he saw a pair of wide blue eyes staring at him though the crack. He mumbled something about needing a wakeup call whilst looking nervously down at the floor. Was he really doing this? What would she do? Without hesitation, her door opened and he stepped inside. There was an audible click from behind him as she closed the door. He turned to see her skip past him in a skimpy burgundy chemise and dive under her covers trying to preserve her modesty. He smiled: great legs, cute ass, no knickers, and pert breasts – wow! He pretended that he hadn’t seen all her naughty bits, but the erection growing in his jeans wasn’t exactly helping his cause, nor was the fact that she was looking every bit the innocent girl with her duvet pulled right up to her chin.

He sat on her bed and spieled off his wakeup call story, all the while moving slowly up towards her. More talking ensued, with the duvet cover slowly coming down as the conversation went from attractiveness, to sex, to a game of invisible Yahtzee. They were both tipsy, and their inhibitions were waning, this came to a head when he touched her thigh for the first time and she didn’t move his hand away. He took this as a good sign and inched his hand up towards her escort pendik more private areas. This game of cat and mouse continued with each of the two players going a little further each time, until he was in his boxers and she was in her chemise with both of them laying on top of the covers.

His hands moved up her thighs as he looked into her eyes. He continued up her side to her breasts and caressed them through the thin material. He felt her nipples harden and her breathing quicken with his touch, he moved to kiss her but she turned away. He stared at her and moved his hands down to the tops of her thighs and under her hem, up into her wetness. She was soaking and he easily entered her pussy with one finger. Moving it slowly in and out he reached up to pull the straps of her chemise down to expose he beautiful breasts. He bent forward and kissed each in turn, sucking on the nipple and feeling it harden once more in his mouth. He traced each nipple with his tongue until she pushed him away and stared into his eyes. She looked so pretty, bathed in the dim light of the room, moving slowly with his fingers inside her and moaning gently.

Suddenly, she pushed him flat on his back and straddled him with her soaking pussy directly over the bulge in his boxers. Bending down, she kissed his chest and nipples while grinding her wet crevice into his hard cock. He wished that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. Her kisses moved down his body until she took him in her mouth through his boxers. He let out a huge groan as he tried desperately to fuck her mouth through the material. She looked up at him and smiled before removing the offending article of clothing and taking him deep inside her warm, wet mouth. He was in heaven, she sucked him with such skill and passion that he thought that he was going to die from too much pleasure. He looked down to see her head moving up and down his cock as she licked and kissed up and down the shaft and head. He could see her left hand between her legs as she pleasured herself while making him feel so good.

It was time to return the favour in this game of pleasure hockey, and he pulled her slowly up his body towards his mouth. She let out a moan of protest at having to stop sucking him, but as she continued her journey up his body she soon realised that it was her turn to be tasted. She straddled his face and slowly lowered her soaking wet pussy onto his mouth. He snaked his tongue out and licked her outer lips before pulling her down onto his waiting mouth and sliding his tongue deep into her inner recesses. She moaned and began to move with his tongue, riding it as though it was his cock. He reached up her body to pinch and squeeze her nipples, this seemed to excite her more and she squealed with pleasure before moving off him and laying on her back to touch herself.

He was on her in a second, and this time she did not resist his kisses, their tongues wrestled with one another, tasting each others juices and exploring each others mouth with wild abandon. He felt as though they were floating on a cloud together, he had never felt such passion, such urgency and such tenderness in his life. Fingers began to explore each other as bodies entwined and tongues joined as one in the most intensely erotic experience of his life.

The following morning he did get his wakeup call, with a knock at his door by Dawn and they were as friendly as they had been the day before. The day went by uneventfully, but he was frustrated at not having any protection with him the night before and spent the lunch break trying to source some, but to no avail. The evening arrived and once again the drinks began to flow. No Budweiser this time, as they had drained the fridge the night before, it was Becks instead. A game of Pool was played amongst four of them and as the two lovers inhibitions began to slide, some outrageous flirting broke out. Once again it was time for bed, and he was alone in his room fighting with his urge to go to her again. He didn’t have any excuse this time, so he just went and knocked at her door. She opened the door still dressed in her clothes from that evening and he stepped inside her boudoir once more.

Random chit-chat ensued once again until he slid up her bed, and kissed her passionately on the lips. She did not stop him and they rolled into the centre of the bed tearing at each other’s clothes whilst kissing deeply until they were both naked and gasping for air. He moved down her body starting with her breasts as she lay on her back and allowed his tongue to taste every pendik escort bayan inch of her skin until he came to rest between her legs. She was wet to his touch and he moved his tongue all over her soaking folds whilst sliding two fingers in and out of her. She was moaning and writhing with pleasure from his touch and he decided to push things further. Whilst continuing to nibble her clitoris he removed one of his fingers from her wetness and slowly began to slide it into her anus. Checking to see if she protested at his two-pronged intrusion, he stared up into her eyes. They were closed with pleasure and he took that as a sign to continue with his exploration of her body. He began to lick her faster, moving his fingers in and out of her now drenched little pussy and rapidly loosening asshole, she reached down and began to push his head into her while fucking his fingers with her ass and pussy and moaning loudly.

He stopped his licking just long enough to remind her to be quiet and she took that as a sign to extract revenge on him for delaying her pleasure. Quickly, she wriggled up the bed and moved into a sixty-nine position before he could roll off his back. Lowering her pussy back onto his face she enveloped his cock with her mouth and began to suck him hard and fast. He tried his best to keep up with her sucking by licking her vagina as best he could, but the pleasure was too intense and he ended up moaning into her wet slit. Dawn moved her erect clitoris up and down his tongue, so he made it as stiff as he could and she simply fucked it while lapping his hard shaft. He was getting hot between his legs and knew that she would be swallowing his cum if he didn’t do something soon, so he rolled her off him and scooted around so that he was on top of her and able to look at her pretty face.

“I want you” he breathed. “We have no protection” she replied. “There are other ways,” he said as he grinned a cheeky grin and slid his finger back into her tight rear passage. She nodded, smiled and stroked his cock up and down. “Turn around” he said, leaning back on his knees. She turned around and got onto all fours, spreading her ass cheeks wide to allow his cock into her forbidden hole. He pressed the head of his penis into her anus, but it would not slide in. “Wait” she said, reaching over to her bedside table and producing a tub of Dove Body Silk Moisturiser. Scooping out a large amount of cream she slathered it up and down his cock making it slippery and ready to enter her backdoor. Once again she moved herself onto all fours and he pushed his cock into her asshole. It slid in slowly and he stopped to see if she was okay, she simply reached around and pulled him into her ass fully. He couldn’t believe the tightness of her asshole and knew that he wouldn’t last long before he filled her with his fluid. It felt as though his cock was encased in hot buttered velvet. Slowly he fucked her, in and out, building up speed as she moaned and pushed back to meet his thrusts.

Positions changed and he was on his knees sitting straight up with her on her knees also, leaning back onto his chest. He reached one hand around to feel her breasts and pinch her nipples. The other hand moved between her legs to join her own in finger-fucking her pussy and rubbing her clit. She removed her hand, licked her fingers and allowed him to taste herself as well. “I can feel myself in your ass, through your pussy” he moaned, she simply fucked his cock as hard as she could. With the sudden change in pace his cock couldn’t take it any longer, and he began to feel his balls tighten as they prepared to release his sperm deep into her inner bowels. “Dawn, I’m going to cum, cum in your ass!” he moaned. “Yes baby, cum inside me now!” she squealed in return, and pushed back for the final time onto his cock to make sure he was as deep inside her as possible when he released his hot, thick sperm into her. His balls exploded in a wave of pleasure, releasing spurt after spurt of cum through his cock deep inside her ass.

Once the contractions subsided he slowly removed his still hard cock from her battered asshole and the two lovers lay in each others arms on the bed, staring into each other’s eyes and caressing their hot bodies. “I’ve never done that before” he said, she smiled and kissed him, as a way of saying “it’s okay”.

The following morning the conference ended and the three of them headed back to London. The drive was much more subdued than it had been on the way up, maybe it was because the two lovers were reflecting on their naughty three days away, or maybe it was because they were thinking what the future would hold for them. Either way, their lives would never be the same again, and they would both never forget those two magical nights they spent together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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