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As long as I can remember, boys, men & women have been ogling me. My name is Nicole, I am 20 years old, 5.7ft, black hair, green eyes & built like a wet dream. My best feature is definitely my double D very fuckable breasts. I love the attention & go out of my way to arouse all & sundry. I have always been able to fuck whoever I wanted except for my best friend’s dad, Mr. Kyle Donovan. He is soooo yummy!!!

He is 39 years young, 6.3 ft, black hair tinted with silver, blue eyes & a 10 inch dick as thick as a soda can. Who would not want to fuck that? Fucking him became my whole reason for living since I saw him fucking his wife one night at the pool. I could not believe his stamina & I nearly fainted when I saw his gigantic dick. His cold, bitch of a wife, refused to give him head & only agreed to fuck him if he bought her a new Mercedes. Seems to me like she was one of the best paid prostitutes & did not even deserve any of the “gifts” she received. The stupid bitch, I will fuck him for free at the drop of a hat, no incentive necessary.

I slept over at their place quite a lot & I think that Chrissie, his daughter knew of my infatuation with her father because she always tried to get us alone, together. It never worked because the step bitch must have known that given half an opportunity, I will fuck her husband blind, so she was always present whenever I was there. Chrissie hated her step mother & would have done anything in her power to break up their marriage. When opportunities are few & far between, you have to create your own.

Chrissie’s birthday party was coming up & she told me that her father were throwing her a party & that he consented to fly her & the step bitch to Italy to do some shopping as a birthday gift the day after the party. In great detail, Chrissie informed me about their flight time & said that I was welcome to stay even after they have gone. She actually made me promise to stay. In hindsight, I now know that she was trying to get the ball rolling between her father & me.

Dressed to fuck, I arrived at her party in a white, semi-transparent halter top mini dress, 4 inch stiletto’s & no underwear.

I may be a bit vain but I do know that everybody was checking me out throughout the evening, even Mr. D, Chrissie’s dad. I asked the DJ to play a long slow song when he saw Mr. D & me dancing. Mr. D was dancing with everybody & I knew that my turn would eventually come up. Very patiently I waited & when he asked me, I gave the pre arranged sign to the DJ.

Even before he pulled me tight into his arms, I felt his erection. Wow, 10 inches of thick aroused dick pressed against my pussy was making me cream. I have never been so turned on, ever! At least I now knew that I affected him similarly. Moving slowly, I guided him towards the darkest corner of the dance floor, he seemed oblivious to my nefarious plans. Taking his hand, I pulled it into the bodice of my almost non existent dress. I know that I shocked him but he did not remove his hand. Pushing pangaltı escort into his palm, I rubbed my nipple sensuously across his rough appendage. Taking my nipple between his thumb & forefinger, he plucked roughly & had me moaning into his ear.

By now his dick was almost bursting through his trousers & I just had to feel its pulsing thickness. I softly whispered that I wish that he would fuck me with his huge dick & started squeezing it. I could feel the wet spot on his trousers where he ejaculated pre-cum, straining to achieve fulfillment. No way was I going to jack him off, if he wanted to come, he would have to ejaculate inside of my quivering pussy.

Reluctantly removing my hand from his dick, I took his breast filled hand & slid it slowly down my body. My bare pussy pulsing in anticipation! Sliding his fingers across my pussy lips, he took control & inserted two fingers inside of my sopping wet pussy. His thumb caressing my engorged clitoris, I creamed on his hand. Slowly fucking me into oblivion with his hand, the music slowly came to a halt. Fuck, not now, not when I’m about to reach the most intense climax of my life!!! Moving apart, I promised him, later…

Well, I guess that you could say that the rest of the evening was a global fuck up, me horny as shit & Mr. D trying to hide his erection from curious eyes. Deciding that I might as well go to bed when everybody started leaving, I left the party. Going to bed, I had to fingerfuck myself just to feel comfortable again. Next day I only awoke around noon. Chrissie & her step mom had already left hours ago for Italy.

Leisurely taking a shower, I had to pleasure myself again just to get the edge off. Dressing in my skimpiest bikini & boy shorts, I went downstairs to have breakfast. There were still some of last night’s guests that slept over sitting around dining room table, others were swimming, etc. Taking a breakfast roll & coffee, I went outside to work on my tan.

Parking my horny butt next to Mr. D’s lounger, I proceeded to slip off my shorts I definitely wanted a front row seat to that performance.

Finishing my meager breakfast, I could see Mr. D eyeing my ample assets. Jiggling my DD’s & slightly opening my legs to see if I could get a rise out of him, he covertly started rubbing his rising erection. Lying on my stomach, I asked him to rub suntan lotion on my backside, while slowly removing my bikini top.

Very sensuously he started massaging the suntan lotion onto my back, every now & then lightly touching the sides of my ample breasts. Turning my head to the other side, I was faced with his enormous erection right in front of my face. What a gorgeous view, his cock head could not be contained inside of his speedo & taunted me mercilessly. How I wished that we were alone & that I could suck him dry. Holy shit, this was going to drive me insane.

The whole day was dedicated to flirting & staying on the sharp edge of undiluted lust. By nightfall, pendik escort everybody has thankfully left & I went outside again to relax in the Jacuzzi. Taking off my bikini, I slipped into the lukewarm bubbling water, knowing full well that Mr. D won’t be far behind.

Not five minutes after I came outside, Mr. D arrived with a bottle of champagne & two glasses. Taking off his robe, he still had the super sexy speedo on. He entered the Jacuzzi & sat opposite me filling the glasses. My breasts bobbing on the surface was mesmerizing him so I started playing with them. Holding a glass out to me, I asked him to stand up & bring it over to me.

I really wanted to see his big fat cock through the wet fabric of his speedo. He slowly got up & once again I saw his fat cock head peeking at me. His cock was HUGE & I loved it! When he stood in front of me, I licked my lips & moved my head nearer to his cock. I started by licking his cock head while taking the glass from him. I asked him to remove his speedo & took a sip of champagne. Champagne still in my mouth, I tried to work his cock head into my warm mouth.

It was difficult due to his size but ever so slowly I succeeded. Fucking his cock with my mouth, I deep throated him I did my best suck job ever. Sucking, deep throating & humming till he came in great spurts in my mouth while roaring his pleasure. Cum leaking from my juicy suck lips I cleaned him off completely.

Slowly he sank back into the water next to me & pulled me on top of his lap.

At this stage I was so horny I just wanted to fuck but Mr. D had other plans for me. He kissed me senseless while finger fucking my pussy. I moved closer to his cock & it was hard again.

Fuck me Mr.D, Fuck me hard!

Baby, call me Kyle & I will fuck you, but first I want to have a taste of this juicy pussy.

Oh Kyle, I need your big fat cock inside of me, now!

No Baby, stand up, let me taste you. Slowly he pulled me up so that I stood open over him, my pussy bared in all its creamy glory.

Sucking my cunt lips into his mouth while fingering me with three fingers had me climax almost immediately.

I’m cumming, oh fuck yeah I am going to spurt my cream into your mouth…

Give it to me baby, I need your honey on my tongue.

I hoped that we would get to fuck now, but once again he started licking my pussy. Fluttering his tongue between my cunt lips, pushing his erect tongue deep into my pussy & then sucking my clit, WTF? This was way too much sensation for a horny slut on the edge of raping any man.

Suck me Kyle, I want to cream into your mouth again, oh please baby….

Screaming my second release, I grinded his mouth into my spurting pussy.

Slowly lowering me onto his lap again, his enormous fat cock rubbed against my very sensitive clit. What do you know, I came again…

Kyle did not stop, taking my ass cheeks into his hands; he rubbed my pussy against his cock until we were groaning rus escort again.

Do you want me to fuck you now baby? You have been teasing me for years & now I will fuck you senseless. I want you screaming my name when you cum, okay baby?

Anything Kyle, please just ram you big fat juicy cock into my pussy, I want you to fuck me so hard that I can’t walk tomorrow. Fuck me now!

Lifting me, he turned & placed my hands on the rim of the Jacuzzi, while coaxing my legs apart. Pushing his cock between my legs but only rubbing my clit with his cock nearly had me out of my mind.

Please Kyle, I need your cock now, I begged. Please, please, please… Fuck me now.

Taking his cock in one hand, he only entered hic cock head, swirled it around my pussy, then withdrawing completely.

I was going insane. Never have I ever felt so in lust. I swear, I would have fucked just about anything in my mindless state.

Kyle pulled my back against his torso & told me how hard he was going to fuck me. His cock still rubbing against my pussy & his hands exploding against my engorged nipples. Pushing my tits up so that I could suck them had him bucking wildly against me. I knew that I had to have his cock inside of me soon so I started rubbing my clit then inserting my cum soaked fingers into his mouth. That did it…

Roughly pushing me forward again, no warning, he rammed his 10 inch fat cock inside of my tight pulsing pussy. Pain & pleasure mingled in my overly sensitized body.

Do you like my big fat cock inside of you baby, fucking your pussy so hard? You drive me insane with need baby, I don’t want to stop fucking you, ever.

Oh please Kyle, don’t stop, don’t ever stop, but I knew that we weren’t going to last long.

I love your cock baby, shoot your cum deep inside of me, I need to feel your juices boiling in my stomach. Shoot it now, I am cummingggg….!!!

Fuck, fuck, fuck baby, I am fucking you so hard, my cum is starting to spurt…..


Slamming hard into me, he kept his spurting cock against the opening of my cervix. Orgasm after orgasm rushed through me. Coherent thought fled & I could only hang on until he was wrung dry.

Eventually he sat down with his still spurting cock inside of me, pushing me up & down his still hard cock & fingering my clit. Another, smaller orgasm had me milking the last juices from his cock. I could not believe it. I stopped counting the number of orgasms I had. I have been well & truly fucked.

Gently he turned my lips to his seeking mouth & gave me the softest most erotic kiss of my life.

Baby, I have never experienced anything as mind blowing as tonight. I will never give you up & I won’t stop fucking you, is that clear?

Yes Kyle, I would have kept on trying to seduce you if you did not want to continue after tonight. I can’t lose this; I think I am addicted to you.

Good baby, my wife can go to hell for all I care, the frigid bitch, I can’t stand her anymore.

I know babe but don’t leave her yet, I love the thrill of doing this behind her back. I want to fuck you while she is in the same house as us. I want to play with your cock while she sits across from us at the dining room table & feel you cum into my hand. I want to…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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