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Lena and I have been waiting for this concert for months. The thought of it was one of the few things that helped us make it through our third year exams. And now, here we are, out in a field in the middle of nowhere listening to all of our favourite bands performing on the outdoor stage.

The sun is just setting on the horizon, casting an orange glow on the crowd of young adults writhing and dancing to the music pounding through the speakers. There isn’t a sober body in the crowd, or a single person without a drink clasped in their hands while they belt out the lyrics of the current song.

Lena and I hadn’t managed to get a spot near the front of the audience, so we’re stuck watching from somewhere in the middle of the sea of bodies. But the liquor coursing through our veins leaves little for us to complain about.

“I forgot how much I love this song!” Lena shouts over the music, a throwback by the all-girl band on stage right now. She has a hard lemonade clasped in one hand while her hips grind to the beat and she belts out the words as best as she can.

I can’t help but laugh as she royally fucks them up. I throw one arm around her shoulders, keeping my drink balanced in my other hand, and start swaying along with her.

Between the humid summer heat and the complete lack of fresh air in the crowd, we’re both slick with sweat. I’m glad we had decided to wear our denim shorts, rather than jeans as we’d originally planned, because at this point I may have been quite tempted to strip out of those jeans. The desert can get quite cold at night, but the hundred bodies surrounding us does wonders for keeping the cold at bay.

“Do you remember when we used to dance around to this song in your bedroom?” Lena calls out over the music, her lean body swaying to rhythm.

“In our underwear?” I ask, laughing loudly. “Of course!”

“I miss that!”

I don’t think much of her comment. I’m well aware that Lena makes very little sense when she’s hammered. Neither do I, for that matter, but I’m still a few drinks behind her.

As the song changes and the crowd cheers loudly, Lena shakes her long black hair free from her ponytail with a small whoop. I watch, entranced, as she swings the damp black tresses back and forth in time with her hips.

I knock back the rest of my drink, the burn of liquor making me feel all tingly inside. I don’t immediately feel it, but I start to loosen up more as the loud music continues to pound through the speakers. Soon, Lena and I have our arms wrapped around each other as we start dancing and swaying together.

“Don’t look now, but there’s a boy staring at you over there!” Lena calls over the music, her breath blowing hotly over my ear as she sidles closer to me. “I think he wants to dance with you!”

I hitch my chin over my shoulder, doing the exact opposite of what my best friend just told me to do. Sure enough, a guy about our age, in jeans and a wife beater, is watching us dancing intently from a few feet away.

I shake my head loosely as I look back at Lena and grin drunkenly. “Sucks to be him then, ’cause I like the dance partner I have now!”

Lena giggles, twirling me around in a small circle, the best she can manage in such cramped quarters. She spins me around a few times, making me dizzy as my shoulder-length red hair fans around me, until she stops, leaving me wobbling in front of her with my back to her.

At some point she had to of dropped her cup on the ground, because I can feel both hands grab onto my hips from behind, pulling my ass firmly against her hips as we dance. It’s not the first time we’ve danced together, of course, but Lena has never held onto me so tight. She’s probably afraid we’ll get separated in the crowd.

We’re far from the only pair of girls dancing like this, as I grind my ass against my best friend along with the music. Lena’s hands encourage me, sliding over my hips and the slick skin of my waist.

The longer we stay like that, the more those soft hands stray, travelling up under the hem of my low crop top and lightly tracing the length of my ribs. The tips of her fingers leave trails of electricity as they dance over my skin, and I lean my head back into her shoulder behind me.

I’m surprised when those small hands of her’s continue their journey upwards, stopping only once the length of her thumbs comes to rest just below my tits.

I grind my hips against casino şirketleri her, taking control of the movement now that her hands aren’t there anymore. The idea of my best friend practically feeling me up in front of a crowd of concert goers is adding to my high, sending a thrill through my body and in between my legs.

The song changes again, to one that I recognize quite well. It’s upbeat and sensual, the kind of song you’d see a stripper dance to at a club. Lena’s hands begin to travel again, only this time, it’s just one of them. And it seems to be following the same direction as all of the heat in my body.

Before my intoxicated mind can catch up, to it, Lena slips her hand down into my shorts in front of hundreds of bystanders.

“Oh, fuck,” I whimper loudly in surprise, the feeling of her fingers rubbing against my thin satin panties driving me completely wild. It quickly becomes difficult to focus on the blaring music filling the air as her fingers move quicker and quicker in my shorts.

This is new, at least for the two of us. And I can’t say I don’t like it.

As Lena continues to move her skilled little hand around in my shorts, her other one clutches my tit roughly under my loose crop top. I groan as she pinches my nipple between her fingers, my eyes fluttering shut as the high intensifies.

Now, I’m not one to cum just from someone’s hands playing with me, but the second I feel Lena pull aside my panties and slip a finger up inside me, I scream in pleasure, letting the hundreds of people around us know how talented my best friend really is.

Thankfully, nobody pays us any mind. The couple next to us is too busy trying to swallow each other’s tongues, and the rest are too absorbed in the music.

“We should get out of here,” Lena purs loudly into my ear, her hands slipping out from under my clothing. “I might get arrested if I pull down your shorts and start eating your pussy in front of all these people.”

“Oh, fuck,” I moan, her words sounding heavenly. “Yes please.”

My best friend quickly loops a couple of her magical fingers through my belt loops and starts pulling me through the crowd. I’m not sure where we’re going, but I happily follow her in a lustful haze as she shoves her way through the throng of concertgoers.

The farther we get from the stage, the thinner the crowd gets, until we break free and are blasted by a gust of cool, evening wind. There’s a couple of people milling about, buying snacks, refilling drinks or taking a drag of a joint. We ignore them all as Lena turns and drags me towards one of the few outbuilding that sticks out in the middle of the sandy desert flat.

It’s a washroom of sorts, with a half dozen stalls and a couple of sinks on either side. Lena all but kicks open the door to the women’s side, making me giggle like a little girl.

The moment we’re inside, my best friend shoves me up against the nearest wall. Her tongue quickly invades my mouth, tasting of pink lemonade and vodka. I eagerly return her hot kisses, our bodies pressed together as our hands grab at the thin fabric separating us.

“I’ve wanted to do this since high school,” Lena pants heavily, pulling away from my mouth, only to suckle on the skin over my collarbone. Her tiny hands make quick work of my shorts, squeezing between us and flipping open the button with ease.

“Why didn’t you?” I groan, leaning into the wall as she yanks my shorts off of my body until they fall to my feet.

Lena only shrugs, meeting my gaze with lust burning in her bright green eyes. “You were riding that idiot, Owen’s, dick. I figured you wouldn’t be into it.”

“I would’ve been into you, Lena. You’re gorgeous,” I tell her, squeezing her soft, round tits in my hands. “And your tits are fucking amazing.”

“Mm,” she moans, dropping to her knees in front of me. “Keep talking about my tits. It’s hot.”

And I do. I tell her how soft and perfect they are, and I tell her just what I want to do with those bouncing C-cups of hers. But before I can finish, she swiftly pulls down my panties and buries her gorgeous face in my cunt.

I feel her tongue lap at my swollen lips, and I moan her name loudly. My hand tangles in her silky black hair, and I press her even farther into me until I feel her nose buried deep in my curls.

“Oh, yes, Lena,” I moan as her wonderful tongue gets to work on the task at hand. casino firmaları “Just like that.”

Looking down, I can see Lena grinning up at me mischievously as her tongue strokes and laps at my dripping cunt. The stark combination of her hot mouth and the cool metal bar in her tongue as she sucks my clit between her lips sends an intense shiver down my spine.

There’s a knot of pleasure building in my stomach, the kind that almost always promises an earth shattering orgasm. With one hand, I entangle my fingers in Lena’s silky black locks and hold her head firmly against my neatly trimmed pussy.

“Mmm, Lee. Make me cum, Lee. Make me cum,” I moan as she feverishly munches and suckles at my wet snatch. I’ve been eaten out before, but never like this. Nobody ever put this much effort into making me cum before.

My lips part in a silent scream, my breath coming out in a pornstar-worthy whimper as Lena flicks my clit furiously with her tongue. Each time the cool metal ball there brushes against my sensitive bundle of nerves, I feel a jolt of pleasure course through my veins.

“I’m almost there Lee. Oh, I’m gonna cum soon, I’m gonna cum,” I whimper, my fingers tightening in her hair to the point where it must be hurting her scalp, but her pain is the last thing on my mind.

Because as Lena gently nips at my throbbing, swollen clit and sucks it in between her beestung painted lips, I feel a tremor rock through my body and I scream as a massive orgasm crashes into me.

“Oh, fuck, Lena! Oh fuck!” I scream as I grind my gushing cunt into her face, forcing her to continue tongue-fucking me until I come down from my high. She does so excitedly, not easing up her attack until I’ve stopped shaking where I stand against the bathroom wall.

Even in the dull fluorescent light of the bathroom I can see the way her smiling face glistens with my juices. She doesn’t seem the least bit bothered as I pull her to her feet and bring my mouth down on hers.

I taste myself as I slide my tongue into her mouth, stroking hers and playing with the little silver bar hiding in her mouth. She moans into my mouth as I reach up and squeeze her bouncy tits in my hands. Through her tight black shirt, I can feel her nipples harden and I resist the urge to tear it off of her, just so I can wrap my lips around them one at a time.

Our kisses are hot, making up for years worth of lust and resisted temptation. I almost don’t want to stop, but I manage to tear my lips away from hers just enough to see that mischievous and hungry glint in her pretty green eyes.

“You don’t think anyone’s going to walk in, do you?” I ask suddenly, my head whipping around to face the door, practically expecting someone to walk in on the two of us– me being half naked– in a public washroom.

Lena tangles her fingers in my hair, forcing me to look back at her. “I doubt anyone would complain if they did,” she smirked, leaning in to kiss the side of my neck roughly.

I groan as her lips pull at the sensitive skin of my neck, my hands squeezing her tits tightly.

Keeping a firm grip on one of her round c-cups, I let my other hand glide down the fabric over her shirt and her tight abdomen, until I feel the zipper at the front of her shorts. Making quick work of it, I flick open the button, slide the zipper down as far as it will go, and not-so-gracefully thrust my hand inside of her panties.

She lets out a small cry of pleasure as my sweating hand first gropes at her smooth, bare cunt.

“God, Lena, you’re already so wet,” I groan as my hand slides all around her glorious pussy lips. It’s quite apparent that everything she did for me wasn’t purely for my pleasure. It seems to have pleased her just as much.

Now, it’s my turn to pleasure her.

I pull my hand out of her shorts with a flourish, and bring my fingers to my mouth, sucking on them for her to see. The taste of her juices is like a drug on my tongue, making me want her more than I already do.

So, without further distraction, I drop to my knees on the tile floor and yank her shorts down her pale, shapely legs until they’re pooled around her ankles.

Her panties leave nothing to the imagination, clearly displaying her soft, smooth cunt through the thin sheer lace. My mouth practically waters as I put my hands out in front of me and, painfully slowly, I pull them down to join her shorts.

I draw güvenilir casino out her wait, first gently stroking her lips with my unsteady fingers. Her resounding groan of frustration lets me know she’s not pleased by this. So, carefully, I slip one finger between her legs and thrust it into her cunt.

Lena rocks her hips, encouraging me to pick up the face, but I’ve quickly found out that I enjoy watching her wait for it. So I continue at my own pace, thrusting my one finger into her slowly as she clenched her walls around me.

“Oh, come on, Tasha. Don’t be a bitch,” Lena growls above me, thrusting her hips towards my face.

A sly grin spreads over my face as I soak up the desperation I hear in her voice. I lean in and press a wet kiss to the inside of her thigh, careful to avoid getting too close to her cunt.

“I hate you so much right now,” she grumbles huskily.

Feeling generous, I slip another finger into her easily, picking up the pace just a little. “Better?” I ask smugly.

“No,” she groans. “Just fuck me already, won’t you?!”

Whether it’s the guilt of holding back, or just how hot she sounds, I’m not sure. But without another thought, I do just what she asked.

I bury my tongue between her slippery lips, lapping at her juices hungrily as I thrust my fingers roughly into her wet snatch. Lena lets out a cry that’s somewhere between relief and pleasure as she grasps frantically at the tiled wall behind her, searching for something to keep her standing.

Slowly, her body slides down the wall, until she’s holding herself just barley off the floor. I don’t make it easy on her either, relentlessly grinding my mouth against her swollen cunt until her legs begin shaking.

Not lifting my face from between her legs, I pull my fingers free from her snatch and hook one of her pale legs over my shoulder, and then the other. Lena slumps down onto the floor now, grabbing at her tits while she moan and cries out my name. “Oh fuck, Tasha! Yes, fuck, right there!”

She squeezes her legs around my head tightly, bringing my mouth harder against her. All I can taste is her wetness against my tongue, and all I can smell is the musky aroma of sex. It drives me crazy, as my own clit begins the ache between my legs.

I can’t help but reach down with one hand, massaging the swollen bundle of nerves between my legs while I eat out my best friend with everything I’ve got.

Determined to give Lena the most amazing orgasm she’s ever had in her life, I press my tongue hard against her clit, lapping at it frantically as I shake my head from side to side.

Her moans quickly turn into screams as her legs begin to shake. Her one hand pulls at my hair roughly, while the other finds a home beneath her shirt.

“Fuck, Tasha, fuck, you’re gonna make me cum! Please, please, I’m gonna cum!”

No sooner had the words left her gorgeous lips, I felt a sudden gush of wetness against my tongue. Lena lets out a scream of pure ecstasy, as her body shudders against me, her grip falling free from my sweaty locks.

As Lena’s orgasm fades, I lick my lips, pull my hand away from my clit and unwrap her shapely legs from around my head.

After a moment, she wraps them playfully around my waist, pulling herself up lazily until she’s straddling my lap. The blazing, post-orgasmic smile on her face is contagious, and I spread my lips in a matching one.

“You’re really fucking good at that,” she giggles, her teeth biting into her lip in a way that turns me on in all the best ways.

Despite the fact she couldn’t hold herself together two minutes ago, I can’t help but notice that the lusty glint in her eye has returned. Then, with a mischievous smile, Lena wraps her arms around my neck and very deliberately she grinds her hips against mine, her eyes never leaving mine.

A loud moan escapes my lips as I feel her slick cunt rub against the sensitive mound between my legs.

But before I can even ask Lena just what exactly she’s planning on doing to me, the door to the washrooms flies open, and I whip my head around to stare at the intruder with wide, panicked eyes.

A leggy blonde girl, barely older than us, stands in the open doorway, her beestung lips slightly parted as she takes in the scene in front of her– Lena and I both naked from the waist down, the cum on my face obvious in the fluorescent lighting.

Despite being in this compromising position on the floor, I can’t help but notice that this girl’s tits are practically falling out of her crop top, a fact that is doing nothing to help my building orgasm.

The girl blinks quickly, but she doesn’t look away.

“Holy fuck.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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