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Big Tits

This is the second chapter in the ‘Fifty Cent Piece’ short series. I hope you enjoy it. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. All rights reserved, © Northern_One, 2012.


After Anna left me I drifted into a contented, post-coital sleep. I woke up a couple of hours later and the sun had gone down, the open door of my van allowing a cool breeze across my still naked body. I leaned over to close the door and, shivering slightly, climbed under the duvet to warm up. As I lay there I played over in my mind the events of the afternoon and of the night before. Anna had blown my mind. I’d got off with girls I didn’t know well and had a few one night stands in the past but none of those compared to the 24 hours or so since I met Anna. I’d never met a girl so beautiful so forward. In the time we’d spent together we’d probably been naked for more than half. How could someone be so damn horny yet so easy to get on with too? She didn’t come across as slutty either, I didn’t get the feeling she often behaved the way she had but I couldn’t be sure. Something in the back of my mind told me to be wary but a lot more in the front of my mind and between my legs told me to make the very most of the amazing opportunity I’d been presented with. Whatever happened she’d done wonders for my ego.

Even thinking about what we’d done a few hours before was highly arousing and I soon found my hand stroking my rapidly-hardening cock. I conjured up mental images of Anna’s spectacular body, the feel of her skin under my hands, her firm tits and ripe bottom, the taste of her pussy and the feel of it tight around my cock. I thought back to my first encounter with her in the shower, imagining the exquisite sensation of her expert hand around my throbbing cock, gripping me tight, wanking me off. I grunted as I came, thick ropes of spunk coating my chest and stomach and instantly I fell back into a deep sleep.

I slept through until 5.30 the next morning, a time normally completely alien to me. I felt groggy, having slept so long and opened the door to let in some fresh air. Dawn was just breaking and it looked like being another sunny day, only a few long, wispy clouds in the pale blue sky. There wasn’t a breath of wind, the storm of a couple of days before having moved way out to sea, taking any opportunities for some more sailing with it. Pulling on my shorts and t-shirt I climbed out of the van and stood, yawning and stretching, feeling pretty good about the world as I looked towards the beach, the sound of the waves a constant presence. As I strolled to the wash block to relieve myself and brush my teeth I saw that Anna and her friends’ campervan was still there. Grinning to myself as a memory of the day before came to mind I walked down to the beach, enjoying the solitude that being up early affords and strolled along the sand, the waves lapping around my ankles. I could see some seals on the rocks at one end of the beach and I slowly walked towards them, keen not to spook them. I watched them slowly lumbering around on the sand, so ungainly compared to when in the water. The big, gnarled males made it fully apparent if I strayed too close. I knew to keep my distance though and was happy to admire them from far enough away so as not to bother the protective males.

It occurred to me then that until yesterday afternoon Anna had had her own protective male. I didn’t suppose he would come back having been given short shrift by Anna but I rather hoped not. With any luck today would bring as pleasant a surprise as the last couple of days had. A momentary pang of guilt flashed across my mind as I thought about my own relationship with Amelia. We hadn’t formally split up, after all, and I’d slept with another girl. I reassured myself that we were, to all intents and purposes, no longer an item and told myself to make the most of what I had.

The sun was properly up now and with the lack of wind it was already pleasantly warm. The waves were much smaller than they had been and the water looked inviting. I looked up and down the deserted beach and slipped out of my t shirt and shorts and jogged into the surf.

I hadn’t been in without a wetsuit before and the temperature of the water took my breath away at first. Even in the height of summer the South Island was never going to rival the tropics. I soon got used to it though and spent a few minutes swimming and floating, enjoying the freedom of being naked in the water.

There was still no one around when I came back to my clothes and I walked back up the beach naked, hoping no one did appear but not really caring if anyone did. I was enjoying the feeling of being naked out in the open and, if the truth be told, meeting Anna had sent my hormones crazy and I was in a state of near-permanent horniness. Even as I walked along the sand I couldn’t resist giving myself a little stroke as I thought about what might happen later. As I approached the camp ground, now dry, I put my shorts on more to protect other people’s modesty than out of any great desire to be dressed but I did reason that being faced with a semi-erect penis might not be everyone’s idea of a pleasant sight this early in the day.

I was hungry. I hadn’t eaten since the previous lunchtime and had expended quite şişli grup yapan escort a lot of energy the day before, what with the windsurfing and the fucking, so I drove to the village store to buy some provisions.

The shop was just opening up when I arrived and I spent a few minutes chatting with the guy who was working there. We exchanged pleasantries and chatted about the weather. I told him I was a windsurfer and we agreed there wasn’t much hope of anything along those lines for the moment so I asked if he knew of any good mountain biking trails in the area. As luck would have it his brother ran a bike-hire shop only a few kilometres away inland and he said he’d phone ahead to ask his brother to mark out some trails on a map. As we were chatting I noticed a story in the paper about a robbery at a backpackers’ hostel. The last time I’d bought a New Zealand newspaper the crime reports column featured an incident in which a bottle was broken outside a bar and another where a backpacker’s bobble hat had stolen. I loved the place.

I bought enough for a good breakfast as well as lunch and dinner that day, ensured there were a couple of fifties in my change, said cheerio to the shop assistant and set off back to camp along the now-familiar road. Knowing there was a place to hire bikes nearby made me wonder if Anna might like a day out with me. It was a beautiful day, I had my own bike and we could hire her one and set off into the forest. I had no idea what her plans were, of course, but the events of the last couple of days gave me hope that she was up for some more fun. Her figure certainly suggested she was fit enough to handle a gentle ride. Or a less gentle one, come to that.

Smiling at my own joke I pulled into the campground and parked in the spot I’d been using. I had breakfast cooking within minutes and had polished off my bacon and eggs before the kettle had even boiled. Feeling much more human after a couple of mugs of tea I unshackled my bike from the rack on the back of the van and gave it a quick once over to check the wind hadn’t inflicted any damage. I was a vaguely serious cyclist once upon a time and had even done some courier work after university before a knuckle-dragging white van man decided I was fair game and knocked me off. I wasn’t badly hurt but my bike was a write-off and I’d decided my life wasn’t worth risking for a few quid a week so it was a short-lived career. Incidentally, his career was similarly curtailed thanks to a CCTV camera: the only time I’ve ever not minded Britain’s status as the most surveilled country in the world. The last remnant of the insurance pay-out and compensation from that incident sat before me, my pride and joy in carbon fibre and aluminium.

Satisfied my baby had weathered the storm I thought about my next move. A few other people were up and about now but I hadn’t seen any signs of life from Anna’s campervan. I hadn’t even seen the friends she was travelling with, never mind spoken to them so I was a bit reluctant to get them out of bed on the off chance their friend might fancy a bike ride. It was still early so I picked up my book and waited for the world to catch up.

I didn’t have to wait long. Anna appeared in front of me just as she had the day before, blocking the sun as I lounged in my deckchair.

“Hello,” she chirped with her Scandinavian lilt. “Good sleep?”

“Very,” I replied. “You wore me out.” I stood up to greet the Norwegian blonde that had suddenly entered my life with such vigour. I bent my head to kiss her and she responded with an eager tongue. One hand held the back of my head, the other slipped between us, cupping me. My cock responded instantly and poked outwards comically as Anna stepped back.

“Yesterday was fun, Sam. You made me sleep well too. I had nice dreams.” As Anna spoke she rubbed her hands over her body, squashing her tits together and running her hands down between her legs. My cock twitched at the thought of what she might have in store for me today.

I wasn’t surprised when Anna rifled through my storebox to find herself some breakfast — I was becoming used to her free and easy way with my things – and I lit the stove to boil some water in anticipation of her asking for coffee. I’d probably have been less tolerant of her helping herself if she hadn’t been quite so sexy but she was and my erection governed my brain far more than any faint thoughts about inappropriate behaviour did.

I handed Anna a coffee and she sat in my deckchair and ate a banana, winking at me as she slid the fruit between her lips. The temptation to pull down my shorts and demand she replaced the banana with my cock was strong but I managed to retain an element of gentlemanly conduct and instead asked her if she had made plans for the day and what her friends were up to. She told me they were going wine tasting so she was mine for the taking and when I suggested a day in the saddle she agreed.

“I don’t have any cycling clothes with me Sam, will I do like this?” she asked, her arms outstretched.

Anna was wearing the same black bikini top she’d had on the day before and some cut off denim shorts. She might not have cut it in the Tour de France but I wasn’t şişli masöz escort complaining. Her full breasts were barely contained by the flimsy top and her shapely bottom was accentuated by the tight shorts. I was already looking forward to watching her long, tanned legs as they pedalled with the sun glinting off her ankle bracelet.

“You look good to me,” I told her. This was an understatement to say the least. “Don’t worry, we won’t be tackling anything too difficult but I’ll put on my cycling stuff — one of us has to look like we know what we’re doing,” I laughed.

I fished around in my holdall for my cycling shorts and my old club jersey. I stood in front of Anna as I changed, my morning’s skinny-dip having given me a taste for some naturism. I pulled off the t shirt and slid my shorts down, my semi-erect cock bouncing around as I did so. Anna wolf-whistled and made a grab for me. I jumped back, out of her reach, pulling my shorts up as I did.

“Uh uh,” I laughed, “I’m not that easy. I need to save my energy for the bike ride.”

Anna hesitated, weighing up how serious I was. “Come on Sam,” she said pouting sultrily, “don’t you like me playing with him?”

I laughed out loud at the very thought of me not liking it. “Of course I do but I want to get out on my bike. Plenty of time for fun later.”

Anna’s bottom lip shot out in disappointment. I knew she was used to having what she wanted and despite the fact I’d have loved to have some fun there and then I wanted her to know she couldn’t have it all her own way.

“You’re mean Sam,” she sulked.

“Bullshit,” I laughed, “I’m saving myself.”

Anna frowned again and turned away. A sudden wave of panic shot through me. I prayed I hadn’t messed this up. I felt ridiculous standing there in a pair of cycling shorts, my erection bulging out of the front, a stunning girl annoyed with me because I wouldn’t fuck her. I wondered how to defuse the situation. Perhaps I’d misread Anna and she wasn’t as cool and laid back as I’d thought. She turned to me, her face still displaying a slight look of anger.

“I’m going to change my shoes,” she said. Her voice had a sulky teenager’s tone. I breathed a sigh of relief. I’d obviously pissed her off but apparently not enough to completely blow it.

A few minutes later I’d made a packed lunch for us both and reattached my bike to the rack. I saw her old blue campervan drive off, out of the campground. I couldn’t see inside and it crossed my mind that perhaps she’d had enough of me and gone with them but a moment later Anna appeared, having put on some trainers. She gave me a smile but I sensed I had some work to do. She climbed into the passenger seat and waited for me to join her.

As we drove inland towards the bike hire shop there was still some tension in the air. I’d imagined Anna being quite frisky on the journey, flirting and teasing but there was little of that on display. She sat primly in the passenger seat, her hands clasped together in her lap. Aside from her attire she couldn’t have been more different to the sexy, flirty girl I’d known so far. I tried to make sense of what was going on. She couldn’t be that annoyed I’d not submitted to her demands as she was here with me but not for the first time her behaviour had given me plenty to ponder. For a second I pictured Amelia in her place. The tense atmosphere was certainly familiar anyway but its cause was definitely something new. As Anna looked out of the window at the scenery I looked at her tits. I just hoped I’d still have the chance to do more than look.

The drive didn’t take long and we were soon set up with a bike for Anna and a map of easy trails through the forest which the guy in the shop had ready for us. I guessed not every customer had quite such a hands-on service when it came to adjusting the bike to fit but I couldn’t blame him and Anna had started playing up to it in her innocent yet flirty way. He could barely take his eyes off her tits and Anna was taking the opportunity to show them off as much as she could whilst somehow retaining the playful manner that made her all the more alluring. Having made extra sure the saddle was comfortable we waved him goodbye and left him to deal with the consequences of touching up a giggling Scandinavian sex bomb.

The attention she’d received from the bike-hire guy had restored Anna’s mood and she was all smiles as we set off into the forest at a leisurely pace. I wondered if she was actually slightly insecure and needed attention and flattery to reassure herself that she was pretty, as ridiculous as it seemed. Of course, she might simply be the raving nympho that she’d shown she could also be. I told myself to stop worrying about it so much and enjoy the holiday fling we were having, or whatever it was.

We were riding along a gravel and stone track, pine trees on either side, shorter by the track but becoming taller further into the forest. We’d chosen the easiest trail, an 18 kilometre loop on the edge of the forest. The ride was very easy, the sun was warm without being too hot for cycling and there was a gentle breeze. More challenging trails led off into the forest and up into the hills further inland but I was perfectly şişli otele gelen escort content meandering along, admiring my fellow rider. Despite the helmet the bike hire guy had insisted on Anna looked as stunning as ever. Her hair was back in a short ponytail and with her big sunglasses on only her mouth was really visible. Her mood having improved, her sexy smile was back and her lips glistened as she moistened them with her tongue. The bikini top really wasn’t supportive enough for cycling and even though the bumps on the track were small her fabulous breasts were bouncing delightfully. Cycling next to her was such a visual treat, I barely noticed the beautiful surroundings.

Although the atmosphere had thawed Anna wasn’t saying much but I wasn’t either. It wasn’t an awkward silence, we both were happy to coast along but her flirting at the bike shop had tickled me and I was wondering about her motives. I hardly knew anything about Anna, our relationship thus far having been almost entirely sex-based but I was intrigued. I had no idea what might happen next. Might this thing between us have legs or was it literally a holiday romance? Anna had gone from being in relationship with a long-term boyfriend one day to spending most of her time with me. What was it that she wanted? Attention? Reassurance? Sex? For all I knew she had done the same wherever she went. Unpleasant thoughts associated with unprotected sex flashed into my mind but I decided to ignore them. I looked at her, the picture of health and reassured myself. Still, I was curious and decided to probe her a bit.

“I think the guy back at the bike shop liked you,” I said.

She looked at me and gave me that mischievous grin. “Yeah, he was cute. Did you see him feeling my bum?”

“I could hardly miss it,” I laughed. “Are you always like this?”

“Like what, Sam?”

“You know,” I hesitated. She’d immediately put me on the back foot. “Flirty? Sexy?” I said, suddenly less sure this was a good idea.

She skidded to a halt and took off her sunglasses, looking right at me. She had an amazing poker face, I couldn’t read her at all. That sense of mild panic rose inside me again. Had I really blown it this time?

“What makes you say I’m flirty?” she asked. As she spoke she whipped her bikini top up, and jiggled her magnificent tits at me, bursting into fits of laughter. She started playing with them, squeezing them together, rubbing her nipples.

“Do you like my tits, Sam?” she asked, coyly.

I was temporarily mesmerised. Her hands squeezed her perfect breasts, her fingers pulled at her nipples. My investigations into her background would have to wait.

“I fucking love them Anna.” I got off my bike and stepped towards her. I held her firm right breast in my hand and we kissed. Her tongue wriggled its way into my mouth and we stood in the middle of the track, my hands all over her perfect tits, kissing passionately. Her spell was casting its magic on me once more and my instantly erect cock was doing my thinking for me.

I kissed my way down her neck and onto her breasts. Still holding and squeezing them I licked her hard nipples, my teeth grazing them, then greedily sucked. Anna gasped as I nibbled and she pulled me closer to her chest, encouraging me to suck and squeeze. Her other hand went straight down the front of my cycling shorts, finding my cock already hard. I whimpered as she gripped me and began to rub.

“Am I allowed to play now then?” she asked.

I did my best to reply, my mouth full of sumptuous breast.

“God yes.”

I tore myself away from her tits and we kissed again as she pulled my shorts down further, giving herself better access. She started wanking me hard and fast and I groaned as the sensations shot round my groin. Anna was still astride her bike and was still wearing her helmet. I’d have happily let her finish me off right there in the middle of the track but my knees were already getting weak and I wanted to sit down. I gestured toward the trees and Anna nodded. Her hand never left my throbbing shaft as she swung her leg off the bike and we stumbled our way into the forest.

A few metres in there was a gap where a tree had fallen and, taking her hand, I moved us towards it. Half sitting, half leaning against the fallen tree I took Anna’s face in my hands and kissed her again. I unclipped her helmet and it fell to the floor as she pulled my top over my head, her hands running over my body before her right hand went back to work on my aching cock. Anna gave me that mischievous grin and sank to her knees, my glistening head now right in front of her face. She looked up at me and licked my shaft from top to bottom, her eyes glinting as she did, her hands on her own nipples. I shuddered at the feel of her tongue on the sensitive tip and my erection bounced of its own accord in time with my rapidly beating heart. She licked the full length again then took me into her mouth, her hands rubbing up and down my thighs and onto my bum. She began sucking hard and fast, taking me deep into her mouth. One hand rubbed my tightening balls and her other hand slipped between my legs and she began to gently rub my arsehole. I was in complete ecstasy, the feeling was almost unbearable it was so intense. I felt my orgasm begin to build as Anna’s amazing mouth slid up and down me, her tongue pressing hard against the underside of my cock as she sucked, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked me. I didn’t think I’d ever been so hard in my life and all I could do was hold onto the tree trunk as the climax built and built.

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