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Copyright ©, 2003: All characters, events, and text in this story are purely fictional, and are created by and the sole property of the author. All rights reserved.

* * * * *

My wish came true sooner than I thought. About two weeks later, Drake called me at home.

“Hi, Joann. I have a proposition for you, if you are interested in doing some more figure modeling.”

He explained that a school classmate who was a well-known photographer had come to visit him. Bill, his friend, had agreed to do a shoot in Drake’s studio loft, with me as his model.

“I told him that you have a great figure, and might like to express your sensuality via a camera lens. Knowing Bill’s style, I must warn you that there might be some pretty potent shots. Interested?”

I agreed to meet them two days later at Drake’s studio. When I arrived, he greeted me warmly with a social kiss that lasted a little longer than usual, and then introduced me to his friend Bill. They were both casually dressed in jeans with unbuttoned shirts, and Drake gave me a glass of wine to catch up to them while he assisted Bill in arranging his camera and lighting. When he completed his share of preliminary setup work, Drake described what he wanted me to do.

“Bill is well known for his eye and sense of that just-right look. He is also very adept at coaching his models, and extracting the ultimate performance from them. I believe that you can become an imaginative model, Joann. You have the potential to deliver some very sexy images that will be captured by Bill’s camera. Just obey his instructions, and then do whatever your inner feelings tell you. OK?”

“Well,” I said. “I’m not sure about my potential, but I am curious about what it’s like to model for a photographer. It must be a lot different from what I did in your class. There, I just remained still for a long time. I doubt if that is what Bill expects from me.”

“No, Bill will have you moving around a lot. Let me show you some of his work while we let him get everything ready.”

Drake showed me a portfolio of dozens of photos of women, in all forms of dress and undress, including some that were very explicit. I didn’t consider that any of the photos were offensive. In fact, I was quite taken by the images of men and women together. He had captured various moments of couples expressing mutual attraction, from simply holding hands to actual lovemaking.

“Your friend is quite good. I’m impressed,” I said.

“You’re going to be even more impressed with Bill after this morning. Come on, let me take you to him, and you and he can get started.”

We walked past a disorderly array of equipment – lights, cables, props, and several cameras on a side table. There was also a laptop computer and a large monitor. Bill saw me inspecting that.

“We’ve gone digital in the business,” he said. “Now we can see immediately what we have captured, and that sometimes helps us adjust and modify until we get exactly what we were after. I understand that you became a nude model for Drake’s class by accident. Obviously, you must have enjoyed it, or you wouldn’t have agreed to this shoot. Tell me, what part of the class sessions intrigued you the most while you modeled? Did you find it difficult to have people see you nude?”

I said, “Well, at first I was terribly nervous about taking off my clothes, but I think when Helen gave me a compliment on how I looked, she made me proud of my body. It became kind of fun after that. I learned that I have nothing to be ashamed of in what I did. I also realized that you can have perfectly normal reactions with your friends, even though you are totally starkers.”

“Yes, Drake told me of your behavior in class that last night,” Bill said, chuckling. “I’ll bet that you even surprised yourself, letting a woman kiss you, and all the men fondle you. Well, today, I would like to see some more of that spontaneity and sexiness from you as well.”

He turned away from me, leaving me to ponder just what he meant.

“Drake,” Bill said. “I don’t think that we should waste any of Joann’s time and energy with the preliminary clothed warm-ups. Let’s get right into some full nudes. Is that OK with you, Joann? I’ll take care of your makeup. There’s a real trick to getting it just right for color camera work.”

I really didn’t have time or opportunity to respond one way or the other. Drake led me by the hand to a small area behind the paper backdrop that Bill had erected for the shoot.

“Just take your time, Joann,” he said. “When you’re ready to pose, come on back. I hope that you followed my directions and skipped underwear today.”

I nodded affirmative as he left me. Looking around, I saw a full-length mirror and a makeup table, plus a rack for clothes hanging. Some dresses, negligees, and lingerie were hanging on the rack. I took off my mid-length dress. A look in the mirror confirmed that I had indeed followed Drake’s no-underwear instructions to avoid strap and elastic casino şirketleri lines on my skin. Kicking off my shoes, I announced to Drake and Bill that I was ready.

“I wonder what’s in store for me.” I thought, as I walked out from behind the screen.

Bill cast a long look over my entire body. His staring eyes almost felt like fingers moving across my body, missing nothing. I felt a tingle of sexual desire warming up inside of me.

“Very nice, Joann, very nice indeed,” Bill said. “Your body is absolutely beautiful, and your breasts are even larger than I imagined through your dress. The length and slimness of your legs are simply fantastic. You must work very hard to keep in such good shape.”

I blushed at Bill’s compliments. They made me feel very sexy and feminine.

“Drake,” Bill continued. “I see what you mean about that subliminal something about Joann. I think that she and I are going to click on this shoot.”

He took my hand to lead me over to a Formica-topped worktable.

“Would you mind if I tried to achieve perfection with your image, Joann? All I want to do is some makeup and hair grooming.”

“Go right ahead,” I replied. “But this is the first time when a hairdresser worked on me in the altogether.”

Bill laughed.

“Oh, no, your coiffure is fine. It’s your pubes that need grooming. Pubic hair just does not look that good on film, and it takes way too long to airbrush out each frame. Your nipples are also too dark; I want to put a little lip-gloss on them. Joann, please sit on edge of that table and spread your legs. While I’m grooming you, we can get to know each other a little better.”

I was stunned by what Bill had asked. Nevertheless, I followed his directions and sat on the table with my legs open. My mind went into a whirl because a man whom I had met only minutes before was calmly using a small electric clipper on my pussy. He was very gentle, and the buzzing of the shaver began to arouse me. I could feel that I was getting wet. Bill noticed, too, and looked up from his work to smile at me.

“I’m going to leave a nice little tuft just above your clit,” he said. “I bet that will make your boy friends go wild.”

As he shaved my pussy hair, his fingers gently brushed away the clippings, sometimes blowing off some straggling hairs. I leaned back, closed my eyes and just enjoyed the experience for its sensuality. In a few more pleasurable minutes, Bill stood up, and handed me off the table.

“Oh, that is much better,” Bill said. “Joann, you have now got one sexy pussy. Let’s tackle those nipples next.”

With that, he cupped his left hand under my right breast, and began brushing lip- gloss on my nipple. His touch was feather-light, and the warmth of his hand on my breast felt very nice. I remembered what Drake had said about wanting me to express myself, so I grinned with a delicious idea.

“Wait a minute, Bill. How about you and Drake take off your shirt and pants? It would make me think sexy thoughts.”

Drake laughed. “Well, Bill, I’m game if you are.”

With that, I was stark naked, in the same room with two handsome young men in only bikini briefs. I couldn’t help but stare at the bulges in front, and the sleek muscled torsos and butts.

“Now that is more like it,” I said. “Now, Bill, it’s your turn to tell me what to do.”

Bill led me by the hand to the brightly lighted floor in front of the blue paper backdrop. “We’re going to do a set with that big brass bed, and all those pillows. I know it’s a cliché, but I want to you to experience the feeling. And all the while, try to imagine that the camera is your lover. Make it desire you. Make it want to fuck you.”

Bill took about a dozen ‘keeper’ shots of me in various poses on the bed. His expert coaxing got me to fondle my breasts and nipples, and use my fingers to stroke my newly clipped pussy. I got so into it, without command or thinking, I found myself thinking of the camera lens as Drake’s eyes lusting for my body, staring while I held my labia lips open to insert my fingers into my vagina. With each successive shot, I was growing hornier.

Drake had turned on a stereo with a cool jazz CD. The sensuous music and Bill’s soft voice cooing encouragement had completely captured me. His head and camera were only feet away from my body, yet it felt as natural as having a lover watching me. Turning my head away from the camera, I saw that Drake was very much aroused. I could see the head of his penis pushing the elastic band at the top of his briefs. Knowing that I could excite this handsome and desirable man was a turn on for me, and I tried even harder to look sexy. Bill finally called a break, and he suggested that Drake and I preview the shots he had taken with his digital camera.

To look at the images on the monitor, I sat down, with Drake standing just behind. He murmured something, and I turned my head just as he was leaning forward to point something out on the monitor. The result casino firmaları was that his cock under his briefs brushed directly against my mouth. Instinctively, I moved my hand up, and grasped his swollen member. Our eyes met, and the desire for each other was electric.

Drake drew back with embarrassment, but not me. That morning, I had become someone vastly different than who I used to be. I realized that Drake was well aroused, and was probably in some masculine discomfort. I sensed that this was an opportunity that was unlikely to come my way again. I was going to give myself in uninhibited lust to a handsome young man. Nudists are correct: going naked does make inhibitions disappear. I rose from my chair, took Drake’s hand, and led him over to the bed on the photo stage.

I said, “Bill, for this next set, I want to have Drake and me make real love, not simulated sex like those porno things. And I want you and your talent to turn our intercourse into something beautiful. Are you willing, Drake?”

His answer was to embrace me and fill my mouth with his tongue.

“I want you desperately, Joann.”

“And I want you, too,” I replied, while tugging down his briefs.

While Bill’s camera was clicking from all sorts of angles, Drake made love to me. I reveled in his kisses that started on my mouth and throat. His mouth proceeded down to caress and suckle my breasts. His hands explored my entire body, ending with his fingers inside me, stroking my G-spot and clitoris until I moaned and begged him to make me come with my first orgasm. I raked my nails across his back and shouted.

“Oh, God, more, more, for God’s sake!”

He spread my labia with his fingers, and used his tongue to lash across my clit. I never felt such an intense orgasm, as one wave of delirious pleasure after another rolled over my whole body. Finally, the peak of my pleasure was reached, and my clit and cunt were too tender to accept any more stimulation. I pulled his fingers out of me and tried to push Drake back.

I barely gasped out, “Oh, no more, please. I couldn’t stand it.”

Drake was an understanding and patient lover, and he gently brought me down from that astonishing peak of pleasure. He kissed my abdomen and slowly caressed my breasts. His kisses and fingers were in rhythm with my breathing, so that after a few minutes, I was no longer panting and sweating. I looked dreamily into Drake’s eyes.

“And now it’s your turn to be pleasured,” I said. “Let’s change places and I can work on that delicious looking cock of yours.”

I crawled out from between his legs, and we swapped positions, so that now I was sitting on Drake’s legs, pinning his back to the bed. While grasping his shaft with my hand, I licked the crimson head of his cock, tongued the crack at his cock’s tip, and looped the tip of my tongue around the head.

Drake moaned. I could feel his cock pulsing, building with eagerness to explode. I tried to slow down his coming by squeezing his cock at the base next to his balls. At the same time I took his whole head into my mouth, sucking gently. Drake and I were able to communicate to each other, and he slowed down his actions to extend this foreplay.

When his cock stopped pulsating, and his thrusting stopped, I knew that I could resume raising his excitement. This time, I began nodding my head to slide his cock in and out of my mouth. Drake’s torso and legs began to thrust upward and I let him move his cock in and out of my mouth. I encouraged his excitement by tickling his nipples with my nails and fingers. It did not take very long until Drake was tossing his head and groaning in ecstasy.

“Oh, God, this feels good. I’m going to come soon!”

I heard Bill shout.

“Now, Joann, mount him! Let me get some shots from behind you. I want to shoot his cock in your cunt.”

I had completely forgotten that Drake and I had a spectator, and that all of our lovemaking was being photographed. Drake’s cock fell from my mouth as I straightened my back. I smiled at Bill and nodded my head, then looked back down at Drake.

“We’ve got to do it his way, lover. We’re only the models in this shoot.”

I gave one more look over my shoulder at Bill, who was standing at the foot of the bed, his camera just a few feet from my ass. I winked at him.

“Be sure to get a shot of when Drake comes,” I said.

Holding Drake’s hard cock with both hands, I positioned it to let me slide down, completely swallowing him inside me. I gasped with the sudden filling of my vagina. Drake grabbed my ass, and I let his legs and cock set the pace of my thrusting up and down. I had never felt my body so sexually alive, yet my head and senses were totally clear. It was as if I had been divided into two beings: my pussy and hands were totally committed to Drake, while the rest of me followed Bill’s directions.

“Bend more toward Drake,” Bill said. “Let me see more of his cock in your cunt. That’s it! Now, Drake, fuck her güvenilir casino to the finish!”

For the next few minutes, my lower body was enjoying the most energetic and exciting fuck of my life, while my other parts could hear the camera clicking and Bill’s coaching. With two more violent thrusts, Drake exploded his orgasm into me, and my vagina was awash with burning pleasure. I matched his thrusts with contractions of my pubic muscles, draining Drake of every last drop of his semen. All this energy left us both gasping for breath, and I fell inert on top of Drake.

“Oh, my God!” exclaimed Bill. “You guys won’t believe how beautiful you both looked. I’ve got some shots of the century! Just look at the front of me; I’m all wet, too.”

I rolled off Drake’s cock and body, resting on my elbow to stare at Bill. There was a large dark stain on his briefs from his cock’s pre-come, and his erection was straining the cotton cloth to its limits. I turned to Drake, who was also staring at Bill.

I said, “Drake, you’re going to have to excuse me for a few minutes. I think that I should take Bill out of his misery.”

Drake smiled at me and nodded his head in approval. He got off the bed, and I lay back down on my back. With a finger waggle, I invited Bill to join me. Bill put his camera on the floor, and pulled down his wet briefs. He kicked them away and eagerly moved toward the bed.

“OK, Bill,” I said. “Now it’s your turn with my pussy. I’ve heard that it feels good to a man to fuck a just-fucked woman. Show me what you’ve got, big boy.”

Bill knelt on the bed between my legs. I dipped my fingers into my pussy, which was wet with my moisture, and Drake’s cum. I lubricated Bill’s cock with the collected moisture, and then guided the rod into my vagina. Grunting with surprise at Bill’s size and my swollen tightness, I began to match my new partner, thrust for thrust. It did not take Bill long to release the orgasmic excitement which he had built up as the photographer/voyeur. He gurgled and moaned with his ejaculation.

I gasped with my own orgasm as I felt his cum splash my insides. He lay across my body, regaining his breath, while I gently stroked his back. I closed my eyes and tried to remember all the details of this incredible morning. I realized that I was a changed woman, now one who adored being nude and being fucked multiple times. I also visualized the kind of pictures Bill had taken of me – totally naked with a trimmed pussy; finger-fucking myself; and fucking Drake.

A few minutes later, Bill withdrew and got off the bed, so that I could get up. As I stood on the floor, I felt both men’s cool, sticky semen leak from my body down my leg. I looked at them both.

“I think that I had better take a shower and put on some clothes, ” I said.. I declare that my modeling session is now over.”

I walked back to the dressing area. Bill and Drake had their final look at my naked body. I showered in Drake’s bathroom, and the warm soapy water soothed my still excited body. It also gave me time to do some serious thinking. After drying off with a fluffy white towel, I pulled my dress over my head, put on shoes, and walked back to the studio. Drake and Bill were putting away the props and equipment.

“Gentlemen, that was one hell of a figure study,” I said. “Bill, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I can never sign a release for you to publish any of those pictures.”

Both Drake and Bill looked up from their work. I saw Bill looking at me, questions in his eyes. I felt that I owed them an explanation.

“I don’t feel guilty that I let you take them, nor am I ashamed of how I may look in them. In fact, there has never been a day when I was more proud of how I used my body. But what we shared today is too personal and private. The things you did to me today, I will never forget.”

I embraced and kissed first Drake on the lips, then Bill.

Bill said, “I understand, Joann, and to be honest, once things got going, I, too, knew that something like this could never be understood by anyone else. I am going to develop the pictures, though, and make up a book of the best of the best. Each of us will get a copy, and then I will destroy the negatives.”

“You know, Drake, you were absolutely right when you convinced me that Joann was the perfect model for this shoot. You predicted that I would be able to extract exceptional feelings from her. Thank you, Joann, for a photographer’s dream session.”

Three weeks later, the FedEx delivery driver handed me a package. The return address had Bill’s name on it. I was so excited, that I almost gave the driver a kiss. Immediately, I went upstairs to our bedroom, took off my clothes and opened the box. Inside were two leather albums, and a note from Bill.

“My lovely Joann, here are the results of that wonderful shoot we had together. I have made up the first book with pictures that are all of just you, and show you as the truly sexy woman that you are. Who knows? Maybe even you’ll be daring enough to put it on your coffee table as an art book. The second book contains the shots of you and Drake. You will know just who should see them. Thanks again for such a wonderful experience. All my love, Bill.”

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