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I was watching the news today, and I got SUCH a hardon looking at the reporter’s beautiful legs! I’m homosexual, a real queer, but the sight of sexy women makes me really hard. And it’s not so much that I want to fuck them as it is that I want to BE them.

Yes! I enjoy having men slaver over MY bare legs! And that’s exactly what I have been doing for several years now: living, dressing, and behaving in every way, like a sexy girlie-girl WOMAN! And here’s the thing: I can do it and get away with it because I am small and delicately built, and I have virtually no body or facial hair. I have a small heart shaped chin, and what few sparse blonde hairs grow on my face, I simply pluck them out with tweezers. This, not even hint of a 5 o clock shadow. When a man leans in to kiss me, my face is smooth and soft. And if it couldn’t be any better, when I was in my early 20s, I began to develop breasts! Real, female looking breasts. Tits. And they’re not man tits or “moobs” either, because I am in no way overweight.

When a man opens the door to my booth and looks in, he sees a naked woman, but with a dick. And if I’m crossing my legs, hiding my penis, most guys think that I am a biological female. Mind you, I don’t go out of my way to try and deceive anyone as to the true nature of my gender, as this can lead to some unfortunate incidences – gay bashings, for example. Normally, if I am seated in manner as described above, I make sure my peeny is exposed. But the point is, I have a beautiful female appearance and manner.

I can remember growing up and justifying myself because I got so turned on by sexy women. I figured, how can I be a fag if I love looking at these hot bitches? Of course, I now realize that I was identifying with these women. Before marrying Teri, between the ages of say, 14 and 21, I did participate in a few isolated homosexual experiences, things that, again, I rationalized as youthful “experimentation.” I also had a few heterosexual experiences as well, all with Korean masseuses. Truth is, I have always been awkward and shy around women, which is why I went to prostitutes. These visits got me really “into” Asian women, and I would spend hours gazing at and masturbating to, pornography that featured Asian women. That eventually led me to visiting Asian dating sites, and, ultimately, to Teri.

As a feminine homosexual, I am totally turned on by this. I was a latent homosexual who was married to a sexy Filipina. And to be honest, I had encouraged my wife to fuck around outside of our marriage because it turned me on so much. She is an extremely sexy girlie-girl to begin with, and had been a bar girl in the Philippines prior to our marriage. That’s how I got into her head. I started by asking her about her life in the bar – always when we were having sex – for a couple of reasons: One, I knew I could use the fact that we were both horny, to initiate these conversations; and two, when I wasn’t horny, I’d get jealous to hear about her experiences. Also, I encouraged her – her name was Teri – to dress as provocatively as possible whenever she went out. And she did, too. Of course, this would attract men to her, and that’s exactly what I wanted! Because she would always tell me when a guy came on to her, and I would bring it up during sex and ask her questions, like, “Was he handsome?” Or, “Did you like him?” Stuff like that.

About 4 years şişli elit escort into our marriage, I saw an ad in the local paper from a club that was hiring cocktail waitresses. It so happened that I had been laid off, and Terri had been talking about getting a job. So I showed the ad to her and, at first she said no way, but a few weeks later, she brought it up. I pretended to be uninterested, but my heart jumped in my chest. I told her I’d look and see if they were still hiring and, to my delight, they were! She called the number and spoke to a woman who told her to come out for an “audition.” The woman told her it was a bikini club, and to make sure she was wearing heels to the audition.

It was a sweltering afternoon when I kissed Teri goodbye as she left for her audition. She had to be there by 3. As soon as she left I ran into our bed, stripped completely naked, went to the porn sites on my laptop, and jerked off until the phone rang. 2 hours later. It was Teri, she had been hired and they wanted her to start immediately. I congratulated her and asked her the name of the club. She told me it was called The Ace Of Spades. She said they don’t close until 3 a.m. and I told her that it was ok with me.

After she hung up I Googled the club and was shocked to see that it was basically an African-American hangout. Now I was really horny! My wife, strutting around in a string bikini and high heels for black guys?? I almost came just thinking about it! I seriously had to struggled to control myself to keep from coming. I jerked off so many times that afternoon and night, and I couldn’t wait for Terri to get home – not because I was eager to see her, I actually liked it when she was gone – but because I had so many questions about the job.

Teri got home at 3:30, and she was loaded! I mean, she had at least 4 hundred bucks in cash! All tips! She explained that the girls weren’t paid like in a regular job, in fact they had to pay the club a fee every night just to work there. Anything they made over the fee, was theirs to keep. I was amazed that she could make that much just serving drinks, and she admitted that, to make good money, you had to be “friendly” with the customers.

And it wasn’t just waitressing either; the club had a stage and the girls had to dance. It was supposed to be bikini, but the dancing was totally nude. Plus there was a section of the building that was separate and was used as a VIP room. Part of that was open, and the other part had a corridor of private booths, where the girls could give private “dances.”

I asked Teri about the club and what kind of guys went there, and she was up front about telling me it was strictly black. How about the girls? I wanted to know; were they black too? And Teri said the girls were mainly white with some Latinas, a couple of light skinned blacks, and that she was the only Asian. I asked her if the guys were allowed to touch the girls during the dances and she said, “Of course!”

I found out that Teri, my cute Filipina wife, had given several blowjobs to black men that night – including the club’s owners. “That’s how you pass the audition,” she said, adding, that she had been fucked also. Because of that, the owners had waived her club fee that night.

Now, a normal guy would have been outraged at all of this, but then, a normal guy wouldn’t have şişli escort sent his wife out to get a job like that in the first place. Like I said, I’m gay, but at that point I wasn’t even admitting it to myself. I used to make all sorts of rationalizations to explain the obviously gay shit I was into – like having my wife fuck other men! I mean, right from the beginning I liked Teri because she was really girlie, and I identified with her; that included living vicariously through her. And Teri figured out early on that something wasn’t quite “right” with me. Some of it was because I enjoyed advising her on her hair, makeup, and clothes, and some because I like asking her questions about men she had been with – asking her if they were handsome, or did they have a big cock, things like that. And now that she was working at the Ace of Spades, I just got more blatant.

One afternoon after Teri left for work, I was masturbating as usual to internet porn. My favorite at that time was interracial porn; I loved seeing Caucasian, Asian, and Latina girls serving these absolutely GORGEOUS black men! A few months before, I had begun experimenting with wearing Teri’s lipsticks and outfits while Jerking off. The first time I tried it I was absolutely thrilled! I have sort of longish blonde hair, and after applying some sexy lipstick, I tousled it up, and when I looked in the mirror, absolute electricity coursed through my entire being. Suddenly all doubts left me, and in that moment, I stopped lying to myself and embraced completely my femininity. Teri’s a Filipina, and is a pretty small woman, but I’m small too, and most of her sexy outfits fit me except her high heels! And to me, high heels are EVERYTHING! So I went to Target one evening and found a couple of pair of really sexy high heels in just my size!

So anyway, on this particular afternoon the thought popped into my head to go to an adult bookstore. It was a really hot Saturday afternoon, around 2 p.m. Teri had just left for work. I got in the car and drove to the adult bookstore. My route took me near The Ace of Spades, which I had never seen before. So I decided to take a look. This place was located in a real ghetto area. As I drove past the building I saw a crowd of thugged out looking black men hanging around out front. I could hear loud music blaring from within, and I spotted a Caucasian woman with a shaved head and lots of tattoos going inside. She was wearing jeans and a halter top, and the tattoos were clearly visible on her body. I was reeling with excitement; my own wife was in there right now! I pushed down on my hardon and gunned past, heading adult bookstore, about half a mile down the avenue.

The bookstore, called SECRETS, was on the same side of the street as the Ace of Spades, just a half mile farther down. I had been there once before, a few weeks earlier, mainly just to scout it out. this afternoon I was there for business. though I had participated in a few gay things before, I had never actually sucked anyone’s cock. I had made up my mind that today, I was going to do that. I parked near the entrance and walked to the door.

The sun was bright and hot. I was wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts and a baggy sweatshirt to conceal my 2 piece string bikini and high heels. The air conditioning felt good. I went to the desk and paid 6 dollars, and getting 6 şişli eve gelen escort paper tokens to feed into the video machines in the booths. Then I entered the arcade, which was located in back of the store. The doorway to the arcade had lights surrounding it, and long tinsel type stuff that you pushed aside as you went inside. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the darkness in the arcade. There were a couple of hallways, each lined with video booths on either side. I saw a few guys lurking around in the dimly lit arcade as I made my way to the back, chose a booth, and went inside, locking the door behind me. I was no sooner in than I heard someone trying to open my door. But I wasn’t ready yet. I hurriedly stripped naked and got into my high heels, before applying some red lipstick to my full lips. I ran my hands through my thick hair, tousling and teasing it up. I put a paper token in the video machine and began watching an interracial porn video. I reached over and unlocked the door – and waited. Shortly thereafter I heard the doorknob being stealthily turned and the door was cracked. I saw a Latino guy with a shaved head peering in. He stared at me for a minute and then silently closed the door.

I was nervous. What if he beat me up for being a faggot? But I was determined to continue. I was masturbating to the video a few minutes later, when the door opened again, this time wider. It was the same guy and he was massaging an obvious bulge in his athletic shorts. I smiled even though I was scared. He stepped in and closed the door behind him. I sank to my knees, ready, willing, and able, to make this man happy. I reached up and squeezed his cock through his shorts. It was big and really hard. He groaned and his hand reached down to cup my tits. A shiver ran through me as I felt the roughness of his hand on my soft bare tits. I pulled his shorts down, freeing his hard penis. It bobbed straight up. I took it in my hand and placed the head on my tongue, and began nibbling and lapping the head, before taking the whole thing into my homosexual mouth. I finally had a man’s cock in my mouth. As I began blowing him, I ran my hands all over his strong bare legs. I thought of my sexy Filipina wife, Teri, less than a mile up the street, probably doing to some black man what I was doing to this man right now! Suddenly he groaned really loudly and grabbed the back of my head and began skull fucking me. Suddenly his cum flooded my mouth and I struggled to swallow fast enough as it pumped out of his balls. The taste was strange, but one I would soon come to be very familiar with. As soon as he came he pulled up his shorts and quickly left without saying a word.

I sat on the floor, the taste of his cum fresh in my mouth, my head swirling with emotion. That was it. There would be no going back. I was a faggot now, and there was no denying it anymore. I sat back up on the bench and began applying a fresh coat of lipstick. The Latino had left the door cracked and I saw a young black guy looking at me. I was sitting there with my legs crossed, applying lipstick, and I smiled and twinkled my fingers at him. He stepped in and pulled out his cock. I slipped off the bench into a lewd squat at his feet and blew him. He came after only a minute. I stayed that night until almost 2 a.m. In that time I sucked off at least 12 men. Many of them wanted to fuck me, but I was a little scared to do that. I got home about an hour before Teri, and I engaged her in a conversation about her work and how many men she had sucked off that night. I was proud to know inside that I had given more blow jobs than my wife! Of course, she had made a lot of money, while I had sucked free.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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