Filling the Emptiness Pt. 02


Eloise lay across a saddle, her silver gown around her waist. Her chemise was pushed up and her bottom was bare to the cold night air. Inside the grand Cleary home, a celebration was underway. Her finger tips brushed the dirt and another whip across her bottom made her whimper. She was on number four and she wasn’t sure if she could bear another. The pain was searing and quick. As quickly as it lashed, it faded and another came down across her bottom. She cried out and he took a cloth and shoved it into her mouth. Another lash and another. All the way to ten. Eloise’s face was covered in tears, her screams muffled by the cloth he had gagged her with. She felt his hands, calloused by hard work but gentle with the cream he applied on her bottom. The pain in her bottom was second to the throbbing between her legs however and she yearned to rub the ache to make it go away. It was maddening. All of a sudden, her hands were free and she reached down to massage the ache for the first time…

Eloise awoke suddenly. It was dark in the room and Caleb laid beside her fast asleep. She had been dreaming of Samuel. It had been some time since she had dreamt of him and she sighed. The ache that had been present in her dreams was present in her waking state. She thought of how Caleb had rubbed it and slid her hand down her belly. She felt the soft hair between her legs and gently strokes the lips that hid all the pleasures that were to be had. She looked at Caleb again… He was asleep. Could she touch herself and create that feeling Caleb was able to give her? She slid one finger between the lips and felt the wetness. She stroked the hard nub between her lips and pleasure shot through her groin and made her toes curl. She rubbed it some more. She was lost in a fantasy that included the horse whip and a Betturkey mouth between her legs and so close when a larger hand grabbed hers.

“What are you doing?” Caleb asked quietly.

Eloise was horribly embarrassed. “I….” How could she respond? Nice ladies didn’t touch themselves like this. It was a spot only for her husband to explore.

A light was put on and he stared at her in the dim light. Caleb pulled the covers aside and shoved her night gown up around her waist. “Show me.”

“What? Oh, oh no, I couldn’t.” She was red and deeply humiliated.

“Show me what you were doing. Show me how you were touching your pussy.” Caleb took her hand and pressed it between her legs. “Show me how you pleasure yourself.”

“I.. I don’t. I never have..”

“But you were. And I assume you have done it before.”

“No! I have not.”

His eyebrow raised up questioningly. “Never? Really? And all of a sudden it just occurred to you to do that?”

“Well… Yes.”

“Explain this to me, pet.” Calebs fingers found her labia and made lazy circles around the nub she had been touching.

Eloise did not respond. Caleb flicked her clit. She gasped and her hands flew between her legs. He pushed them away and he flicked it again, watching her face the entire time. She grimaced in pain at the same time her eyes rolled back in pleasure. Caleb felt his cock get even harder as he watched his wife respond to pain. He flicked her one more time, harder. A noise escaped her lips and her eyes closed.

Caleb took her hands and pinned them above her head. “I asked you a question. And if you’re not going to answer, I’m going to give you a reason why you are unable to answer.” He straddled her chest, and pressed his cock against Betturkey Giriş her lips. Her eyes flew open and as she opened her mouth to protest, his cock went into her mouth. She gagged and he pressed deeper. He pulled back then pushed back in. Thrice more and then he moved off her chest.

“Eloise. When were are intimate, if something occurs that you cannot accept, you only need to press against my skin twice like so, and it will end immediately. If your hands are not available, you may also say ‘moon’ and things will instantly stop. Do you understand?” They stared at each other as the silence stretched between them and slowly she nodded her head.

“Good girl.” He said. Then he pulled her up and sat on the edge of the bed. “I’m going to try something, pet.” He put her across his lap, her head nestled into the bed. He massaged her bottom and she made a noise. One hand slid into her curls and he pressed her face into the bed at the same moment that he sparked her bottom, five quick, sharp slaps. She screamed out, the bed muffling her noises. He slapped her again. Her hand came back and he wondered if she was going to stop him but she didn’t. She covered her bottom and he slapped her hand away while pressing her face into the bed. More slaps on her bottom. Even in the barely lit room, he could see her bottom was red and the heat was emanating from it. He alternated slaps from cheek to cheek, in the middle, at the bottom and across her thighs. She was crying out but did not stop him.

Caleb pulled Eloise onto the floor. “Kneel.” He said and he pressed her head into his lap. She was gasping and crying. He stroked her hair and shushed her. “Sh, pet. You did very well. What a good girl you are, darling. Now, you mustn’t touch yourself again without my Betturkey Güncel Giriş permission. I may allow you to do so, but you must ask.” He massaged her neck. Eloise quieted her crying but her breathing was still erratic. “There you are, darling. Sh, very well done. As a treat, I will allow you to kiss my cock again. See how hard it is? You did that.”

Eloise looked at Caleb. When he had stuffed it into her mouth before she had been utterly dismayed, but wildly aroused. She looked at it, hard and pink and leaned over to kiss the tip. Then she licked it. He groaned softly and she took the soft pink tip of his cock into her mouth and sucked it. She looked up at him and his face was indicative of the absolute pleasure.

What power! She could make him feel so good with just her mouth? She moved her mouth down further then reached up to cup the two testicles. His eyes flew open and she took all of his cock into her mouth, feeling it hit her throat. She gagged but continued on. Moving her mouth up and down his cock, dragging her tongue in zig zags and circles. He thrust his hips up and grabbed her hair and started moving his hips rapidly. She grabbed his thighs and allowed him access to her mouth.

“Yes. Eloise. My pet. Yes. I’m going to fuck your sweet mouth and pour myself into it.” Faster and faster. His cock hit her throat over and over and she gagged but did not stop him. She could see what pleasure he was experiencing and didn’t want to stop. She wanted to give him this pleasure no matter what.

Caleb let out a long, low groan and he filled her mouth. She let it hit the back of her throat and quickly swallowed it. It had a slightly metallic, salty taste. Not pleasant but not terrible.

He pulled her up onto the bed and kissed her. Laying her on her stomach, he lifted her night gown around her waist and retrieved some cream. He massaged it into her bottom, slowly and carefully. Eloise pressed her bottom into his hands and he smiled. He couldn’t wait to explore more with his wife. To show her how she could please him and submit to him.

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