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[Hope everyone enjoys this new one, don’t be afraid to comment positive or negative. I’ll write a 2nd part if anyone wants me to.]

It had been a long time coming, to be honest I didn’t think it would ever happen, but there she was, walking up the front steps with her sweet smile on her beautiful face.

For years we had played a merry dance of pretending we were just friends, spotted with the occasional hidden kiss and cheeky grope. But now finally here we were, free of poisonous exes, free of responsibilities, free to finally be together. To be honest I didn’t think it would ever happen, for the longest time we had both believed our feelings were only one way. Until in a quiet corner of Christmas party my drunken hand could no longer resist her amazing arse, rather than being slapped like I was expecting, she smiled. Then we embraced and then we kissed, a minute that felt like an eternity of nirvana. Then we realised what we were doing and snapped apart, blushing at our breach in decorum. A series of misunderstandings, hidden talks and stolen kisses followed. Until we decided we would have to stop it, we both had families to care for and had too much to lose. But all that was in the past now, time for a new start, a new beginning for the two of us. Sure we are older, with fringes of grey, sagging bits and wobbly bits. There was nothing that would stop her from being gorgeous, I thought as I looked into a shining blue eyes as she walked past. Glancing down to admire the curves of her fantastic arse, swaying as she walked through my front door, a cheeky smile on her lips as she saw my gaze.

Walking inside, we stood in my front room and embraced, my arms pulling her in close, feeling the incredible fuzzy warmth of her body against mine. I’m not sure how long we stood like that, but after a while I started to edge a hand down towards her bottom, hoping that she would allow me another feel of that booty. But before I could get below her waist, I suddenly felt a hand grab my own arse. I pulled my head back to see her laughing at the surprise on my face, “See how you like it” she grinned giving my bum another cheeky grope.

“Oh it’s like that is it?” I joked in mock shock, before pulling her close and grabbing a big handful of her big arse. She gasped and moaned, as my hand squeezed, our lips met and we kissed for what felt like forever.

I had planned a evening of wining, dining and romance, but all that was forgotten as we kissed and caressed each other. My rock hard cock was straining to be free of my clothes as it pushed hard against the increasing warmth of her crotch. Our hands pawed at each other, desperate to remove the clothes that came between us. With a few pulls, yanks and tears we eventually stood before each other as naked as the day we were born. I stood back to admire her, taksim rus escort some might have turned their noses up at the sag of her large boobs or the curve of her stretch marked tummy, but to me she was gorgeous. I could tell she feeling self conscious as she began to blush and cover herself. “You look absolutely gorgeous,” I smiled as moved her hands away and kissed her again. “And if you don’t believe my words, then I think he proves they’re true,” glancing down my erection pointing at her, the hardest it had been in years.

She blushed even brighter, a shy smile lighting up her face as she slowly dropped to her knees, trailing her fingers down my stomach till they met around my cock.

“He really is pleased to see me,” she giggled as her fingers traced the stem, causing the head to swell and twitch towards her sweet mouth that was moving ever closer. I drew breath sharply as her fingers slid up and down my shaft, gently she kissed the tip of my cock causing it to jerk with excitement. With a smile she kissed her way along my member, then across my swelling balls. I groaned as her tongue run along the side of shaft and rolled around the head, caressing every sensitive spot. She looked up into my eyes, a cheeky grin spreading across her lips as they slowly engulfed my the head. Then suddenly she stopped, pulled back and went back to gently stroking my shaft. After a while she again looked deep into my eyes and took my cock in between her luscious lips, only to stop just as she got past the head. I whimpered as she teased my raging cock, I ran my fingers through her long blonde hair, caressing her sweet face encouraging her to take all of me inside her sumptuous mouth.

Slowly, ever so slowly her lips parted, taking my cock a millimeter at a time. A whine escaped my throat as her lips and tongue caressed me, taking me in deeper and deeper, then slowly easing me back out.

It felt incredible, I’d never felt a blow job so sensuous, so tender, so hungry. I was lost in ecstasy, her mouth was my whole world as she sucked harder and deeper. She looked up and my enraptured face, her devilish smile loving what she doing to me. I could feel my balls tightening, my cock swelling as an orgasm began to swell inside me. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum,” I gasped and to my surprise she sucked even deeper. There was no way I could hold back against the onslaught of her ravenous mouth. With a loud grunt I came, followed by a long groan as pulse after pulse of cum, shot into her mouth. Her eyes went wide as I forced my cock in deep and she choked on the sheer volume of my seed going down her throat. Everything blurred as my mind was lost in my orgasm, my fingers digging into her hair, desperate to feed her all my. Eventually my orgasm ended and I pulled slowly out, she coughed and forced taksim türbanlı escort down my cum, eyes wide and blinking.

“Sorry about that” I gasped, my face going even redder, “I got lost in the moment.”

“It’s quite alright,” she giggled, “I can tell you needed that.”

“You could say that” I sighed, “now I think there’s something you need.”

I smiled, lifting her up and settling her down on the sofa. I knowing smile spread across her face and she wiggled herself comfortable.

I knelt before, her looking up at her beautiful sexy body, flushed with the heat of passion. I lifted up her long left leg, cradling her ankle in my strong hands and kissed her foot. She gasped with surprise and then purred with pleasure as my lips and fingers gently caressed her sensitive sole, sucking on each toe I watched her eyes close as big blissful smile crossed her face. I did the same to the other foot and proceeded to kiss my way up her leg, gently brushing the sensitive spot behind the knee, making her sigh as I kissed up her thigh. She whimpered as I skimmed the edge of her public mound, teasing her glistening pussy, as I continued on kissing up her tummy. I kissed my way between her breasts, my fingers trailing over her sensitive skin, they circled her deep pink aureola as her nipples hardened at my touch. I kissed my way up her neck and nibbled at her ear, then across to her mouth. We kissed with a passion I’d never felt before, our tongues dancing together, I cared little for the salty taste on her lips all I wanted was for our lips to be together.

Eventually I managed to pull myself away and slowly kissed my way back down, taking one of her voluptuous boobs in my mouth I began to suck. I nuzzled in, sucking and licking. Whilst my hand caressed, squeezed and pinched the other breast. Each action was answered by moans and groans, her eyes rolling back in ecstasy. After sometime I felt a hand caress my head, gently pushing me down. She whimpered desperate for attention further down, a pleading look in her eyes, with a smile I slid down until my face was level with her hungry pussy. It glistened with her juices, the lips swollen red, waiting for my tongue and fingers.

I spread her lips and she moaned deeply, pulling her legs apart as far as they could go. I then ever so slowly and gently ran my tongue up from the bottom of her pussy, around the outermost edge of her lips, stopping just short of her clit. I then did the same on the other side of her pussy, then back to the other. I repeated this on each side, getting further and further in each time, every time halting just before her throbbing love bud. By the time my tongue was circling inside her pussy hole, she was whimpering every time I went near her clit. I circled my tongue around it, spiraling taksim ucuz escort closer and closer. Until I darted my tongue right at it and closed in for a little long suck of her swollen clit, then she came. Her hips rocked back and forth as her orgasm pulsed through her, she squeezed her breasts as arched her back, moaning at every wave of pleasure. As the waves subsided I slowly slid two fingers inside her, feeling the hot warmth of her pussy, still throbbing from her orgasm. I pushed them slowly in and out, listening to her moans, trying to gauge the most sensitive places. I curled my fingers caressing her G-spot, hearing her groan and swear with pleasure as I slid a third finger in. Soon I felt her pussy squeeze my hand as another orgasm took hold. Much stronger than the last, she bucked and ground her pussy against my fingers, forcing them to fuck her as hard as they could. She dug her fingers into the sofa, as mine were soaked in a gush of her sweet juices, drenching the cushions. A long sigh escaped her as she came down from her high, she collapsed back on the seat a big grin on her face.

I took a long slow lick of her pussy, then slowly I kissed my way up her body. Kissing her deeply on the lips, I pushed my cock into her welcoming pussy, we both moaned as her warmth surrounded me. I gradually started to pump, my cock going in deeper at every push, feeling every millimeter of her pussy. I kissed her lips, her neck and her boobs as we fucked. Sucking on her iron hard nipples, listening to the beautiful music of her moaning in ecstasy, lost in the sensation of my cock in her pussy. I leaned back and lifted her legs up, pushing her feet on to my shoulders and heard her gasp at the new angle. I slowed my thrusts, pulling my cock all the way out and then pushing it all the way in. Her pussy felt so good, she groaned as I pumped slow and hard, bouncing on her long legs. I could feel my balls tightening again, ready to fill that sweet pussy with my cum.

I thrust harder and faster, trying to drive my cock in as deep as possible. She knew I was ready to cum, she moaned and groaned, encouraging me to fuck as hard as I could, to fill her full. She squeezed one of her breasts, tugging hard at the nipple, whilst the other hard thrummed over her clit. I could feel her own orgasm brewing, her pussy squeezing my cock, trying to milk it of cum. I drove myself in as hard as I could, she cried out as she began to shudder, her orgasm tipping me over the edge. I growled with an animal’s ferocity as my cock sent spurt after spurt deep inside her. She wrapped her arms and legs around me pulling me as close as possible, kissing wildly and randomly, trying to become as one passionate being. My balls ached as they emptied themselves entirely into her, we stayed locked together even after I started to go soft, just enjoying being joined.

Eventually I pulled away and collapsed next to her, cuddling up with tender smiles filling our faces. We sat together in each others arms, chatting and laughing at anything. It was then we realised how hungry we were and I decided to order out for pizza, anyway I’d need to keep my strength up for tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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