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We are standing face to face.

I can feel your breath on my skin.

My anticipation of this moment is at its apex.

You take a step, closing the gap between our bodies.

My body is slightly chilled by the coolness of the wall, at the same time on fire with yearning.

Your hands are on the wall at the side of my face.

If I turn even a little, I could kiss your bicep.

Our eyes are locked.

Can he see me?

Does he know me?

Does he want me?

You roughly grab the back of my neck, pulling me to you.

You hesitate and then, like a vampire, you seize my throat.

Closing my eyes I submit.

I am yours, go ahead.

I lean my head to give you more to devour.

Kissing and sucking you make your way to the ridge of my collar bone.

I shiver with excitement.

Goose bumps everywhere.

You undo my blouse, one button at a time and the thudding in my chest is almost audible.

You peel back the cover and a moan escapes your intense façade.

Briefly you gaze at my bare breasts and then gently take one into your mouth.

You nibble on my tight, pink nipple, flicking with your tongue, driving me into a frenzy.

I take hold of your head, my fingers in your gorgeous blonde hair, holding you tight to me.

My insides become fluid as my pulse quickens and my breathing catches.

Your restraint is weakening, primal urges threatening to take over.

I am melting into your serene dominance and feral intent.

You quickly unfasten my pants, jerk them down and then off.

I’m craving for you to enter me, itching for that filling penetration, but I know that the reward will be greater if I let your body dictate my response.

With your strong capable hands, you pry my legs apart and move to your knees.

Lifting one leg over your shoulder, you pause, before me.

Breathing in my scent as you look up.

I am still, yet frantic.

Curious and anxious.

My hands splayed against the wall on either side of my hips.

I am panting with eagerness.

My hair hangs down covering my exposed breasts.

My tummy quivers as I hold every muscle in my body tight.

I hold my breath.

What is he waiting for?



‘Touch me.’ I whisper.

From deep inside your chest, you growl your capitulation.

You lovingly pet and paw with one warm hand, while you pull me closer, kneading my ass with the other.

‘Taste how I desire you.’

Your capable finger tips trace the edges of my swollen lips.

I watch in erotic fascination.

Your concentration is intense.


Hunger makes you salivate.

I swallow hard too.

Now the tips explore.

Into the folds of my soft wet pussy.

I exhale.

You test the flavour; salty and sweet.

You look up.

Yes, I’m still here.

Watching you suck your fingers makes my knees weak, muscles tense.

Stroking the petals of my blossoming orchid.

Opening and spreading to liberate my hard clit.

Oh my God, your tongue is so gentle; the movement so slight.

More; please more.

In one motion you envelope it with your mouth.

I close my eyes and sigh into the intensity of the sensations.

Your tongue flicks, softly at first, then with more pressure, you lap there continuously.

My moans escalate almost immediately, filling the room, replacing the silence with ecstasy.

Your tongue is long, thick, hot, and now wet with my juices.

You tease and taunt, trying to make me beg.

‘Oh God Mike’ I giggle.

‘Your killing me’

I’m close; so taksim elit escort close.

You pull back, your face glistening.

Eyes dark and rapt.

Each time I almost get there you slow or stop, you won’t let me, till you want.

You lick your lips, savoring my taste and moan with satisfaction and pleasure.

Ten minutes later I’m craving like mad.

Enough is enough, I need more.

I pull you up by your face.

Kissing you, tasting me, cleaning you.

The scent and flavour like a wonderful drug.

My turn to growl.

There goes your shirt onto the floor.

Your cami’s off too.

Damn! No underware? Nice.

You try to regain control, but now it’s my turn.

I back you into the living room, past the window, to the couch.

I force down, because you acquiesce.

Not giving you time to catch your breath, before it’s my turn to kneel.

My hands are on your thighs.

Cool on your hot flesh.

They slide up to your chest.

Your hair tickles my palms.

To your shoulders, down your arms.

I take your wrists and move your hands, over your head.

‘Keep them there.’

Am I asking or telling.

Does it matter.

I lean forward and kiss you, my hands journeying back down.

I kiss your cheek now, then your earlobe, nuzzling behind it.

Does my hair tickle?

And softly like a butterfly I feather kisses along your neck.

Front and centre on your chest your heart vibrates against my lips.

You throw your head back, accepting your loss of power, however temporary

I know you.

I know what you like.

I have thought about it.

And dreamed about it.

And I’ve seen too.

You like to be caressed.

I will caress you.

Touch your skin with my hands and my mouth.

Your skin is flawless.

The way the hair slightly covers everything is enticing.

To feel you against my skin will be my undoing.

The nipples right?

They are hard now.

How do they feel under my tongue.

Licking and sucking even biting.

My hands follow me down.

Across your tummy, round to your waist.

Down your thigh to your knee and back up the other side.

You smell musky and masculine.

Dark and fresh.

There they are.

They are waiting.

I look at you as I lower my head.

Still looking as I lick them.

Long slow strokes of my tongue.

‘ooo ya baby that’s it,’ your voice is a ragged whisper.

Your firmly in my grip.

So hard and hot.

My insides are melting.

I arch my back squirming to soothe the internal ache.

My mouth is craving, watering and ready.

I slowly, with an open mouth, lick up your thick shaft, dreaming of when it will ram into me.

I suck around the hard mushroom tip, swirling it and tasting it, but desperate for more.

Licking and flicking the sensitive part where the ridge joins.

I stroke you slowly, twisting and turning my mouth and my hand.

I have to close my eyes, this is exquisite and heady and I can’t concentrate on much else.

My nose nuzzles in your hair there, the smell making me high.

Faster I need to taste you.

I chase my hand with my tongue moving up and down on your shaft.

I look up at you, your head tilted, eyes closed, jaw grinding side to side.

I reach my left hand up and rub your chest, pinch your nipples and you grunt.

I work my mouth up and down on your cock, barely sucking now, teeth protected behind my lips.

Nothing is going to stop me from tasting you.

The idea of this taksim escort makes my pussy clench.

Damn I think I might loose it.

You grab my head and my loud moan reverberates through your penis and compels you to thrust deeper.

My hands grip your ass pulling you closer than you dare to thrust.

You’re moaning and grunting and fucking my mouth hard.

‘Sam, your gonna make me cum.’

You splash into my mouth with one very deep thrust.

I’m still sucking and slowing, swallowing it all.

I’m careful not to waste one precious drop of your sweet, delectable cream.

I clean you and calm you.

Then pull completely away.

Back where I started, hands on your thighs.

Your eyes are so patient, peaceful and kind.

Do you know what I’m thinking.

Do you want to continue.

Your breathing is back to normal now.

My body is quivering.

You look so powerful sitting there.

Leaning back in to the couch.

One hand on each leg.

Your head relaxed, eyes fixed on me.

You don’t speak you just stare.

I rise and climb on you, my hands on your shoulders.

The muscles contracting beneath my fingers as you hold my waist to guide me.

One leg.

My nipples brush your lip.

And then two.

But before I can sit, you stop me.

And hold me in place.

Your hands grasping my hips.

I’m frantic.

I want you.

I need my release.

I’m strong too, I press down and grind you to cave.

‘Please Mike, I want you.’

So close now, my own fault but help me, bring me.

You smile so tenderly but with the essence of a wolf.

You tease me, you like it.

But you need time too.

Don’t think I didn’t notice the hunger in your eyes.

I struggle, and giggle.

‘You’ll loose’ I predict.

You can hold my hips but not my hands.

To pull up is much easier.

And once up you, can’t help it, my breasts in your face.

‘C’mon Mike don’t you want me?’ I say with a smirk.

And rub my mound into your chest.

I can smell me, can you?

How long will you last?

I bend my head and lick your ear, sucking on the lobe.

I whisper in a deep sexy tone.

‘I’m so wet for you, c’mon, don’t you wanna feel me wrapped around you?’

Stone cold, you don’t fool me.

You try not to smile.

But I can see your pulse quicken in your neck.

‘Ok then, you win, more discipline than me.’ The truth maybe not, no checkmate’s been called.

I hug your neck and bury my face.

I kiss and suck the back as I slide my hand down between my legs.

Little moans, little groans, so close to your ear.

You sit up a little straighter.

A little louder, I’m going to do it, damn with you then.

Can you take if I cum, right here on your chest.

I am grinding it’s shameless, but I have to.

‘Oh…mmmmm,’ there’s no holding back.

What’s that, is your grip tighter, I think it might hurt.

‘Yes, Oh shit Mike.’

Looking down at you, my hair falls over your face.

I pull your hair roughly, look deep into your eyes, you kiss my eager lips.

My hand still pleasing but wanting the man.

‘No, not yet Sam, did I say you could cum.’ You try to command.

The crack in your voice betrays you, and so do your eyes.

You forget I have powers and you know you will yield.

I reach down further and take hold of your cock, I know what to say.

‘Please Mike…I NEED you…FILL me…STRETCH me with all that you have.’

Sliding the head up and down my slit.

Your hips rise.

On purpose?

You taksim eve gelen escort groan and grin.

Damn you’ve got this all planned.

You tease me, I love it but want to have more.

Slowly you enter.

I am breathless as you stretch me.

‘Oh God you feel good.’ I can hardly speak.

Excruciatingly you keep me so still.

‘Damn your so tight’

Finally in all the way.

I hurts but it’s delightful.

Our eyes are now closed.

The pressure of you filling me is ecstasy.

Breath, just a minute let me take this all in.

Incredible, this second I don’t want to forget.

I feel dizzy and stoned; dopamine over dose.

My fingers dig in now and I think I might faint.

Eyes open, your staring, I need to be close.

I carefully lean forward, gasp a little and exhale.

Eye to eye, my mouth before you, but this time it’s deliberate.

So tender you grab my face and hold it static.

The softness of your kiss, tears my heart right apart.

Moans of satisfaction felt between our two tongues.

But once languid and loving, ignite the tension again.

I fist you, inside me; your hips start to move.

And grinding in circles is so crazy wild.

Your hand flat on my tummy, your thumb rubbing hard.

I slide up and down as I rotate my hips round and round.

Clenching and releasing, I need to inhale.

I through my head back.

‘Oh…God…Mike!’ oops too loud.

Who is this inside?

One hand slides up my back pulling my nipples to your mouth.

‘Oh shit Mike, I can’t take that, It’ll make me cum.’

“No don’t. Not yet. Move now.” You demand.

You twist and lay me on the couch.

Never leaving my grip.

I wrap my legs around your waist.

You force your cock deeper inside me which I didn’t think you could.

One thrust and two thrusts.

Your body solid on mine, you move against me.

Oh yes the chest hair.

Gliding in and out so slowly.

I can feel you getting bigger, and harder.

Kissing your mouth.

Probing with our tongues.

My hands on your ass.

Connected so completely, so deeply.

Body, legs, arms and mouth.

I could make love to you all night

‘Mmmm Mike, cum into me.’ My invitation so bewitching.

You growl.

You liked that.

My insides pour out.

‘Samantha, fuck.’ you sound deep and dark, like early morning.

You turn me and move in behind me so we spoon on the couch, allowing you to enter me from behind.

Your hand tracing the shape of my hip you grab hold and pull me to you.

Your hand is on my waist and your other arm stopping me from tumbling off the couch.

You’re sliding in and out, in and out.

‘mmm Mike I want to cum with you.’

I clamp tight to feel the ridge of your rock hard cock.

It gets me so close now I can hardly hold on.

You burry your face in my neck, and whisper hoarsely, Cum now.”

You start pounding into me harder.

My body building with heat.

My eyes closed.

My head turned.

Keep quiet.

So close.

Listen, he’s building.

Grunting moans in rhythm.

Get ready, hold on.

Cum with him, cum with him.

He’s ready to explode.

God damn!

Toes curled.

In one moan we both cum.

I feel it thundering through my body.

We cum as one.

And there it is, the sensation of your cum running through my insides.

What I have wanted for so long.

I’m spent, and so are you.

But the pulse still passes through me.

Not quite the beat of my heart.

I hear your breathing.

I am smiling.

Is he ear to ear?

We lie on the couch, with you still inside of me.

Your arms wrapped around me.

So protected and safe.

I’m tremble.

But I am not cold.

What’s he thinking?

Why do I ask I should know.

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