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The next day Romeo sees RoseBud70 is online and instant messages here, “Ready for more?”

“I was born ready. Where did you leave off at?” Responds RoseBud70.

“With you as a quivering naked woman lying on the beach with champagne, strawberries, whipped cream and chocolate sauce on ice.”

“And. . . Are you going to pick up from there?” RoseBud70 asks.

Romeo continues his fantasy, “When you finally release me from your grasp, I reach over and open the cooler, pull one strawberry out and dip it in the whipped cream. Then slowly bring it to your lips and feed it to you. Then I pour the both of us a glass of the champagne, dropping a couple of pre-sliced strawberries into each glass. I hand you your glass and propose a toast, saying that this is to us, and the wonderful night ahead of us. Then I feed you some more strawberries, knowing the energy you will be expending shortly will exceed what you currently have left.”

“You would do that for me?” RoseBud70 asks.

Romeo quickly replies, “Soon you will see why I would have no choice but to.”

“Kinky?” RoseBud70 questions.

“Maybe, maybe not, it all depends on what you think is kinky. Let me continue so that you can enjoy yourself more.” Romeo responds.

RoseBud70 playfully quips, “Yes master.”

Romeo continues, “As I feed you the strawberries with whipped cream, I take one and instead of feeding it to you, I smear the türbanlı escort whipped cream on one of your nipples and begin to lick it away. Then I start to slowly pour small amounts of my champagne on them and lick it away. Before too long I start grabbing an ice cube at a time and rub it over your nipples, making them hard, then licking and nibbling on them. As your breathing quickens again, I start to rub the ice gently alone other parts of your body. This makes you hot, and you start to gently rub your hot moist labia, searching for your clit. I take this as a cue to finish where I had left off, and take a piece of ice and trace its way down to your glistening labia, massaging them gently for a little while with the ice, then your clit. As you begin to be rougher with yourself, I take a few pieces off the ice and slide them into you while sliding a couple of fingers in as well. Lowering my face to your sweet nectarous flower, licking and lapping up what dew there is left. You begin to quiver as the contrast of the cold ice and the hotness of your pussy intermingle.”

“Yes, that sounds so good!” RoseBud70 notes between the lines.

Romeo continues, “Before too long you are nearing a second climax, but before I see you are there, I roll you over and have you kneel down and lay your body forward.”

“Mmmmmm, doggy?” RoseBud70 questions.

“No, something that is better ümraniye escort for right now.” Romeos returns, then continues on, “As you kneel there with your beautiful ass high in the air, I get behind you and start to eat your sweet pussy out from behind.”

“Oh my god! I think I am going cum now, that just made me so hot!” RoseBud70 notes.

Romeo returns to the fantasy, “As I devour the sweet salty nectar of your flower, I grow bold and aroused by the sight of your perfectly pink brown eye staring at me, and I start to stray away from your luscious lips, to trace up and down and around that seeing eye that only pleads and begs to be given attention.”

RoseBud70 confirms her approval by typing, “Mmmmmm, yes, that will feel oh so good.”

“I circle it with my tongue, slowly getting closer to the bulls eye that taunts me. As I near it, I grow braver and dart my tongue across it, criss crossing it like I am marking an X on the spot where my buried treasure might be. As I am doing this, you lean back into my face trying to get me to hit my mark sooner, while reaching back with one hand to grab at my head to steady it straight to its mark. I get the point that you are liking what’s going on and I go ahead for the bull’s eye, licking the puckered little hole in spirals, then up and down, then from side to side. You have managed to get a hold of my head, and are pulling my acıbadem escort face into you as you force your body back.”

“Aaaahhhh, there I go, yeaahh, I am cumming!” RoseBud70 quickly makes known.

Romeo continues on, “Before too long I work the tip of my pinkie in, and slowly work it in and out as I continue to lick veraciously at my prize. You start moaning and asking me for more, so I start working my middle finger in, then out, and back in again. Keeping it moving like a piston on a locomotive train. Soon you are screaming in pleasure, for me to give you more and faster, so I include another finger and move them as fast as I can. Then as I see your hand fervently rubbing your clit, almost to oblivion, I realize that you are about to blow.”

“Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh god yeah, I am about to blow!” RoseBud70 quickly notes.

“I quickly drop down and slide under you, and place my mouth over your sweet honey pot, awaiting the flood that I know is coming. Doing so just in time, cause you begin to squirt fervently as your body tightens, and your body quakes. I almost drown under the downpour, but do my best to drink down every last drop.” Romeo finishes.

RoseBud70, having trouble typing because she was definitely quaking herself, quickly quips, “That all you got!”

Romeo replies, “No, but we can continue more later. I really need to get going for now, but I will be online later if you want to see more?”

RoseBud70 responds, “I will be awaiting you, and searching for you to return. Please don’t keep me waiting any longer than I should need to!”

“Trust me when I say that I won’t, there is more, and I want to make sure that you see it all.” Romeo replies before signing out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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