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“My God, I cannot believe this is happening, not again.”

“Didn’t we just have this very same fight just a week ago?” I should have known that Stephanie had not dropped it. She said she was over it, but I knew better. It had been far too easy to get back into her good graces. Now, here we were repeating the conversation verbatim. “I love you Robert.” Followed by the uncomfortable silence as she waits for me to respond. “Robert, I said I love you.”

“I heard you.”

“Is there anything you want to say to me?”

I knew I was in trouble when the first word came out of my mouth. “Look Stephanie,” I said. I let my words set the stage for what was to come next. “Look Stephanie, we just had this conversation last week.”


“You say that you just wanted me to know how you felt about me, Correct?”

” I know Robert but.”

“No buts, this is getting old now.” She answered with a yes that let me know that she was not pleased with where this was going. “So why are we having this conversation again” I asked. “We’re not, she spoke those words as she stood up to recover her things.”

“Where are you going?” I asked her. “I am leaving, you are right, we have had this conversation.”

I reached for her hand and she pulled away. Everything was going downhill fast. I stood up in an attempt to block her path to the door, “Move Robert!” I wanted her to stay, but for some reasons those words eluded me. Instead, I heard myself saying, “Fine,” famous last words of a drowning man. “Fine!”

“You want to leave, there is the door!” What I saw move across her face told me this was not a challenge I should have issued. Stephanie did not say another word. She just gathered her things and left. Why did it always have to be like this? Just when things are going well, along comes trouble. It wasn’t that I did not care about Stephanie, but why was “I LOVE YOU” so important?

We enjoyed each other’s company; we had so much in common it was scary. Stephanie is the kind of woman that does not let her looks define who she is. Although, no one would blame her if she did. What is that line? “Make a blind man talk about seeing again.” How many times did she point out her slightly uneven ataşehir escort teeth? If not that, it was the ugly moles on her legs and belly. Had it not been for her direction, these things would have been lost to me. I was too distracted by those features that caught every other mans eye.

Stephanie with her rich caramel colored skin. She is a little taller than the average women; about five feet eight, if not more. She is a perfect match for me at five feet eleven inches. Her body is tone but not so muscular that she is hard to the touch. Her breasts seem too large for her frame. My first, I thought was that they weren’t real. After my careful inspection, I have since changed my mind. All that not withstanding, her eyes are most impressive. They seem to have a voice that is independent of whatever she is saying to you. When she yells, they say I am mad at you, but we are going to work this out. When she is happy her eyes let you know there is not any place on earth she would rather be. When she is aroused, they seem to glow like one of the devils’ kids in some bad horror movie. One look and you cannot pull yourself way. In short she is Fine.

I still remember the way she looked the day we met. When I think that I had not even planned to go the gym that day, it still makes me smile. She caught me staring at her rear. With all the hours I have spent in that place, you would think that I would remember the mirrors on the wall. I had to brace myself for the earful I thought I was going to get. Instead, she took pity on my obvious embarrassment, and smiled at me with those eyes. The months that followed had been great up until last week and tonight. Snap out of it Robert. You made your stand. Besides this was not the first time Stephanie had stormed out of the room or my house for that matter. I assumed that I knew Stephanie well enough to know that the phone would ring before I turned off the lights. “Fine,” I heard myself saying to no one.

That is when the doorbell rang. I could not keep the “I told you so” smile from taking over my mouth. A quick check of the peephole validated my self-assurance. I opened the door. Stephanie was not smiling, which immediately removed the support avcılar escort for my grinning face. She moved passed me without a word and taking great care not to touch me. In the time it took me to lock the door, Stephanie had moved out of my sight. I moved through the room, putting things in their respective places and turning off lights. As I entered the bedroom, she was slipping off silk panties. My smile refreshed, I said, “what are you doing?” She answered in the same tone I had heard earlier. That should have been my first clue. “You don’t want to make love to me?” Why was I stunned? Of course, I wanted her. She must have sensed by my hesitation, because she began to move towards me. “I asked you a question” The sound of her voice and her sweet breath, created that familiar stir.

She kept talking, as she unbuttoned my shirt and pants. Her words were hypnotic. “What’s the matter, am I scaring you?” In some ways she was. I could see that glow in her eyes, my arousal was beginning taken hold. I had not noticed that she had backed me into the wall. Stephanie’s perfectly filed nails caressed my nipples. She continued to speak in that alien tone, one or two words at a time. Relax. Do not move. My heart was already racing when her tongue made contact with my nipples. I sensed that she was not being affected at all. That should have been my second clue. It is was becoming difficult to breath. My daze cleared slightly when Stephanie led me to the bed. She sat on the edge and pulled me down to my knees. No talking now, her directions were very clear. Given my earlier oral presentation, I was determined to make this one far more satisfying. Her aroma fuelled my dazed condition. Two perfectly filed nails opened her lips to reveal my goal. I took great pains to avoid any contact with her clit as I began to feast on her sweet honey.

I focused on sucking her lips and licking the inside of her thighs. Going just deep enough inside her to get the juices flowing. I put my hand on her hips and Stephanie put one leg over my shoulder. I could feel her free hand encouraging me to pay more attentions to that one spot. I could see no reason to protest. Her body tensed at first contact, and she began to avrupa yakası escort grind herself on my lips. Soon the grinding was replaced by a solid rhythm. I had to fight to hang on. I could feel those perfect nails digging into my back. I knew that she had broken the skin, but I did not care. She was close I could feel it. The familiar deep moans began to fill the room. Her release was coming hard and fast. My sweat began to burn in the fresh wounds on my back. Stephanie gripped the bed spread with both hands and held me in place with her legs. With my mouth positioned right over her clit. I licked and sucked as if this was the last bit of fluid I would ever receive. The first spasm lifted her off the bed. She supported herself on my shoulders and her own arms.

The second removed me from the hearing world momentarily. The third brought her hand to my head, to wipe away the sweat from my baldness. Ordinarily this is the point where I would take my strained erection and gently slid inside her. As I stood to do so, Stephanie quickly moved to her feet. Imagine my confusion when she began to gather her things once again. “What are you doing?”

“Come here.” I must have sounded very desperate. “No, I am leaving and I will not be back.”

“Why, I thought we were going to work this thing out.” Translation, you just going to leave me like this. “There is nothing to work out Robert.”

“You made yourself very clear earlier.”

“You do not love me.”

“Fine, is the word I believe you used.”

“Let me tell you something. If you had used any other word at the moment, we would be on the bed right now.”

“For some reason you seem to think, I have time to waste on you.”

“Did you really thing that I would continue to let you make love to me, knowing that we did not share the same feelings for each other?”

“So why did you come back,” I asked? She said, and I will never forget these words. “When I got to my car, I remembered I needed to buy batteries.” With that, she bent over, affording me one final look at her body and scooped up her panties. Before I could speak, she was out the door. That moment for me is frozen in time. I was not freed from my paralysis until I heard the door slam.

Many days have past now, I think about picking up the phone. I am too afraid to hear the voice of another man. I still have trouble saying I love you. I have not allowed any relationship to get to that point. The truth may be that the one woman I did love is well beyond my grasp. “Fine,” I sure hope I will be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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