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You can enjoy this story without reading the other episodes in the series, but if you enjoy this one please do go back and read more about the education of Diana and Fanny.


It was the morning class at Mrs Castlewick’s School for Young Ladies, and 18 eager faces were turned towards the naked couple standing before the bed at the front of the room. Although if the truth be told, perhaps not all 18 faces were equally eager despite the ladies now being well into their second week of the term. But by and large they were keen to continue their education in the carnal arts — for there was no surer way to find and keep an eligible gentleman than by ministering to his basest urges.

Mrs Castlewick’s finishing school was founded on the simple truth that no matter the fortune, the looks or the connections of a young gentlewoman, if she could perform like a harlot in the bedroom she would find herself a good match. And as an education in this field was difficult to come by outside of a bordello, Mrs Castlewick had used the inheritance from her late husband to fill a gap in the market.

The 19th and 20th faces that should also have been at the lesson were hurrying towards the classroom. Diana Mapleton and Fanny Appleshaw were late, Diana leading the way and Fanny trying to keep up. They had been with Johnson the gardener and had failed to notice the time. For although it was a requirement of the school that the young ladies take every opportunity to practise what they had been taught (and a requirement of the staff that they make themselves available to the young ladies), Mrs Castlewick was a stickler for punctuality.

‘This is all your fault, Diana,’ gasped Fanny as the two of them paused for breath before attempting the staircase that led to the classroom. ‘I told you that we had not enough time, but you would insist that I fellate Johnson.’

Diana, older by two years and with the confidence that came with it replied brusquely, ‘Nonsense, Fanny. Had you not fiddle-faddled like an old maid you could have done the deed in no time. You clearly need the practice, so it was quite sensible in me to ensure that you did so. And anyway, you should say ‘suck’ or ‘blow, not ‘fellate’ like some gel who’s swallowed the dictionary.’

Fanny sighed and started up the stairs at a trot. She had to admit that Diana was right about her needing more practice. What seemed to come so easily to her friend, who could bring a man to a shuddering climax in a matter of minutes, seemed to take her far longer. And when Johnson had finally released his seed into her mouth, she had found the experience not particularly pleasant – too reminiscent of the recent occasion when Diana caused Johnson and his colleague Fletcher to both spunk all over her face.

At the door to the classroom they paused, exchanged glances — worried on Fanny’s part, bold on Diana’s — opened the door and entered.

‘Miss Mapleton, Miss Appleshaw. You are fifteen minutes late. Pray tell me what was so occupying your time that you could not do what the rest of your classmates have managed and arrive on time?’ Mrs Castlewick looked at the pair expectantly, as did the entire class and the naked couple.

‘Begging your pardon, Ma’am,’ Diana replied. ‘But I was assisting Miss Appleshaw to practise giving oral pleasure with Johnson, and she took so long to make him cum that I’m afraid we are late. But after bahçelievler escort all, you did instruct us that once one commences the giving of pleasure to a man, one should never leave the business unfinished.’

The class tittered and Fanny turned bright red, supressed an urge to stamp her foot in anger and instead glared at Diana. ‘Why is she always so beastly?’ she wondered to herself. ‘And why do I always allow her to be?’ But Fanny had long admired her friend (and if truth be known, her feelings went far beyond admiration), and was resigned to the price of her company being occasional ill-treatment.

As the two your ladies took their seats, Mrs Castlewick resumed pointing out the basic principles of sex to the class. ‘Now girls, you will observe that our demonstrators are in a state of readiness to begin the act of coitus. There are many, many terms for this act as I am sure you will be aware, so I need not list them all now, but shall use the terms ‘intercourse’, ‘love-making’ or ‘fucking’ as the case requires.’

‘You will observe that Fletcher’s manhood is erect as a consequence of the fellatio that Sarah has just performed. We have covered fellatio extensively in previous lessons, but I shall point out that as a precursor to intercourse it has the added advantage of lubricating the member in order to make entry into the lady easier.’

Fletcher’s manhood was indeed erect. At seven inches it was of a size that would not appear too intimidating to the young ladies but that was sufficiently large for it to be observed from the back of the classroom. Fletcher’s short blond hair matched the thatch of blond hair from which his erection emerged. He was employed as a gardener, which trade gave his slim body a taut, well-muscled appearance. Like all male employees of the school, he was duty-bound to provide demonstrations and tuition to the students whenever called upon.

‘You will also observe,’ continued Mrs Castlewick, ‘that Sarah’s snatch has also become well-lubricated — a result no doubt of the pleasure that she obtained from sucking on Fletcher. Sarah, be so good as to spread your lips so that the class may see how wet you have become.’

Sarah did as she was asked. A chamber maid, she had been at the school for six months and did indeed gain much enjoyment from participating in the demonstrations. This was her fourth or fifth time with Fletcher, and the memory of the copious amount of jism that he had ejected on to her bosom when she had demonstrated a tit-fuck was in no small part responsible for the sticky wetness that the class now craned forward to see. One girl in particular, she noticed, licked her lips as she leaned in for a better look. She recognised her as Miss Clara Pennywhistle — she had brought her fresh linen two days ago.

‘The wetter you are able to become prior to making love, the more pleasurable the sensation for the gentleman. Indeed, the mere fact that a woman is found to exude love juices will cause her to rise in the esteem of many gentlemen.’ The students nodded gravely in response to Mrs Castlewick’s advice.

‘We will cover the finer points of preparing yourself for your suitor, as well as a range of positions in which you can pleasure him, in next week’s classes. For now, I wish you simply to watch as Fletcher and Sarah show you some of the basic points. Please now bahçeşehir escort come and stand in a half-circle around the bed. Sarah will lie on her back and spread her legs, allowing her to open somewhat and permit easier access for Fletcher.’ Sarah lay down, her generous breasts spilling to either side of her chest. A thick dark bush covered her snatch and all the girls could see the little beads of wetness glistening on the hairs closest to her lips.

‘Fletcher will now lie over Sarah, supported by one hand, while with the other he takes his organ and guides it into Sarah’s wet cunny. It is also permissible for the lady to guide the gentleman herself. Miss Mapleton, Miss Appleshaw — you will have a better view if you move around to the side.’ Miss Pennywhistle, please direct your attention away from Sarah’s breasts and towards her pussy. Watch now, girls, as Fletcher enters Sarah. Note how the lips stretch to accommodate the member. None of you have anything to fear from even the largest man. Now you see that he is fully inside her, or ‘balls deep’ as the common folk say. ‘Sarah, pray tell the class how that feels’.

Sarah did her best to keep her voice as steady as she good, for she wished to be well thought of by the educated ladies of the class. But the sensation of Fletcher sliding his well-proportioned cock into her, combined with the anticipation of the pounding that was to come, made her quaver as she replied, ‘It feels, oh, Ma’am, it feels… good, Ma’am. That is to say, it fills me up nice and it don’t ‘urt at all.’

‘Thank you, Sarah. Fletcher, please proceed.’ As Fletcher began to thrust slowly in and out of Sarah’s wet pussy, Mrs Castlewick took a moment to survey the class. One could tell a lot about a young lady’s prospects of doing well at the school by observing their demeanour during the first demonstration of intercourse. By and large she was satisfied with what she saw. Attentive faces, some whispered comments and suppressed giggles. Several girls who were pressing their hands into their laps with rather more vigour than was strictly necessary, and Diana Mapleton seemingly enraptured by the sight of Fletcher’s cock — leaning as close to it as decency would allow. Clara Pennywhistle, though, still seemed more interested in the way Sarah’s breasts moved in time with each stroke. Mrs Castlewick made a note to herself to speak to the girl soon.

Turning her attention back to the couple, she continued her commentary to the class. ‘You will notice now that Fletcher is beginning to thrust more quickly. This is quite common. The more skilled gentlemen will even vary their pace several times during a bout of lovemaking, but in general as the moment of climax approaches all men will pound away for all they are worth. Fletcher’s balls are banging up against Sarah’s buttocks as he increases his pace. Many men will greatly appreciate your telling them that you can feel their balls slapping against your arse. Remember that a well-judged phrase uttered during intercourse can add greatly to the gentleman’s enjoyment.’

‘Fletcher, stop for a minute and explain to the class what you are feeling now.’ Fletcher completed his stroke, burying himself deep inside Sarah’s by now sopping pussy. His firm arse and muscular thighs paused and he turned his head to one side to address some of the girls.

‘Well, Ma’am, Miss bakırköy escort Sarah’s pussy is right wet, so I’m slidin’ in and out real easy. Miss Sarah is quite tight and I’m in ‘er quite deep, so each thrust feels real good on the end of me cock. I can feel me balls hittin’ up against ‘er an’ all.’

‘Thank you Fletcher, you may continue. And now, Sarah, I wish you to pretend that the class is not here, and that you and Fletcher are fucking in a private corner of the house. Please demonstrate how a woman of some experience fucks.’

Sarah had been lying quite still up to this point, so as to better allow the girls to concentrate on Fletcher’s actions. Now, however, she reverted to her normal self. She took hold of Fletcher’s arse and pulled him into her, raising her hips up to get him as deep inside her as she could. She whispered into his ear (though loud enough for the class to hear), ‘Fuck me, Fletcher. Fuck me good an’ ‘ard. Pump yer fat cock into me.’ Fletcher couldn’t now withdraw as far as he had been, but he increased his speed. Skin slapped against skin, and the classroom filled with the thick, musky scent of sex.

“Do you like that, Sarah? Is that ‘ard enough for you?’ Fletcher grunted back. His face had turned red with the effort of pounding away and his breath was coming in gasps.

Now leaning in much further than decency ever would allow, Diana Mapleton was in a trance-like state. There was something about the sight and smell of a cock that had an almost narcotic effect on her. Sitting next to her, Fanny saw the way her friend was enthralled by the sight of Fletcher’s cock burying itself to the hilt in Sarah’s cunt and then sliding right out so that only the head was inside her. Fanny knew that Diana’s pussy would be oozing with sticky love juices, and the thought made her own pussy throb with longing. If only Diana would let her smell, let her touch, let her taste. She heard Diana begin to whisper over and over to herself, ‘Fuck her with that gorgeous cock. Fuck her with that gorgeous cock. Fuck her with that gorgeous cock.’

Sarah released one hand from Fletcher’s arse and used it to grab her left breast, squeezing and kneading and pinching it as she kept forcing Fletcher deeper into her with her other hand and bucking her hips hard into him. ‘Oh fuck me, oh fuck me, oh fuck me, oh fuck me,’ she gasped, getting louder and louder as Fletcher thrust home faster and faster. His cock pistoned in and out of Sarah’s wet snatch and at the exact instant Sarah moaned ‘Fuuuuccccckkkk,’ Fletcher let out a strangled cry and spewed jet after jet of cum deep into Sarah’s pussy. He held himself inside as he emptied himself, not withdrawing until the last sensations had subsided, and Sarah’s gasps had quietened. When he did pull out, a stream of sticky jizz dribbled out of Sarah’s box, pooling on to the sheets (for Fletcher was renowned within the school as the man with the most copious ejaculation).

Diana turned to Fanny, her voice low and husky. ‘Was that not the most exquisite sight?’ Drawing closer Diana continued, ‘Fanny, I am wet through. Would you help me to change my drawers? It is so hard to remove them by oneself with all these skirts and petticoats in the way? Would you help me take off my sopping underwear and dry me off? Would you, Fanny dearest?’

Fanny took her friend’s hand, squeezed it and was about to reply when Mrs Castlewick said, ‘Thank you, Fletcher, thank you Sarah. Class, we shall have a short break for refreshments before we resume, when we will discuss what you have just witnessed. I shall see you back here at 11 o’clock. Miss Mapleton, Miss Appleshaw. You will remain here and copy out 50 times, ‘I will not be late for class’. Class dismissed.’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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