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Debbie had always dreamed of being fucked hard the fireman came to mind. Likewise any cold winter’s night when she needed a little imaginative journey to help her drift off to sleep it was the imaginary fireman who got her there. And so it seemed like kismet when she spotted a cute guy, dressed in a fireman costume at her 30th birthday party.

It was with butterflies in her stomach that Deb let her gaze drift in the fireman’s direction. At that moment he caught her eye & flashed her a smile. Oh my god she thought. If we maintain eye contact for up to four seconds I’m in.

Well. What choice did she have? She could grab the opportunity by the horns (so to speak) or she could regret it forever.

So….. she leaped at the opportunity. Debbie smoothed down her yellow striped bumble-bee costume. After a deep breath she made a mental note to stand tall, give herself a non-surgical breast lift, pull her stomach in, tense her thigh muscles. And with all the confidence of a circus ring-master, and the morality of an ally cat she approached the fireman.

“Hi” he smiled. “I’m the fireman. Would you like to slide down my pole?”

Debbie giggled. “Hi I’m Deb, it’s my party. Are you her with somebody?”

“Not with a date if that’s what you’re asking. I’m her with my brother Pete; your neighbour. “

“Oh I see” said Debbie “Well fireman, I’ve always wanted to fuck a fireman. Hard and fast with no strings attached. Are you interested?”

“You don’t beat around the bush, do you?”

“Not unless you ask me too,” Deb said displaying a wicked smile. She linked arms and said, “Take me to the bedroom.”

“Fuck yeah” he smiled.

With that Debbie dragged him upstairs & into her bedroom. Swiftly she locked the door.

With a smile he tossed his helmet onto the floor and ripped off his shirt revealing a slightly flabby chest covered in beautiful hair. Debbie whisked off her dress and laid it over the back of a chair. She stood before her new beau in nothing but knickers and her high heels.

“Get over here and get these pants off of me.”

Debbie approached the fireman, got down on her knees and began removing his pants. After undoing his utility belt, she grabbed both the waistband of hit trousers & his red undies and pushed both down at the same time.

Debbie wasn’t certain what she was expecting when she pulled the fireman’s pants to the floor but it definitely wasn’t what was before her eyes. She gasped as her eyes took in the most beautiful cock she had ever laid her eyes on. It was circumcised (her favourite) still limp, and was at about 5 inches soft, but nice and thick. The pink mushroom head was mouth watering. He had a full thick bush of brown curly pubic hair. Things were definitely beginning to look up!

Noticing bahis firmaları her surprise, he said, “Did you ever see the South Park Episode about the magic fireman?” He asked

“no” said Debbie.

Doing his best Cartman impression; “The fireman is very magical. Rub his helmet and he spits in your eye.”

Both of the giggled

“No I’m going to teach your arse a lesson, but first suck my cock!”

Moving down his bare stomach, she slowly moved down toward more interesting territories. Immediately his hard cock filled her hand and she froze in shock, not by the size of him (because it was merely an average sized dick) but by how turned on she was. She felt a tug in his cock, making him harden to her touch and causing his cock head to pulsate. She removed her hand as if she had been burned, and barely swallowing the gasp that longed to escape from her mouth.

“Don’t stop now,” The fireman chuckled. “It’s just getting interesting.”

Debbie tried to hide the gleam of joy in her eyes, as she spread her lips and sucked the mushroom head of the wonderful cock into her mouth. It felt wonderful having it slide between her lips, and she began gobbling it up, pulling it deep into her throat. The thing felt massive between her lips, and she was happy when she managed to engulf the whole thing.

She almost bit down on his shaft when he grabbed a handful of the hair on the back of her head. He began roughly guiding her head back and forth along his slick shaft. The rougher he got, the harder he got. Debbie was amazed at how large the shaft between her lips was becoming.

It wasn’t long before Debbie was only able to swallow a little more than half of the wonderful cock between her lips. This didn’t cause him to let up any, he just continued to forcefully guide her lips and down his coke can thick cock. Several times Debbie had to fight the urge to gag as his bulbous head slipped into her throat.

Finally, he released her head. She pulled her mouth off his cock to have a better look at the prize that had developed before her eyes. It was a damn monster. She couldn’t have planned it any better, and she could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter at the thought of having this piece of meat buried between her legs.

Obviously he had a different agenda. The fireman began smacking her in the face with his hard cock. It felt like she was being hit with a hard steel shaft, but at the same time it was such a turn on. His thick shaft smacked her on the cheek, her forehead, and her lips repeatedly.

“You like it when someone takes charge, huh? You like me slapping you with my cock?”


“Are you my bitch?”


“Are you my dirty slut?”

“Oh, yes…”

“take off your kaçak iddaa undies & get on your fucking knees whore!”

Debbie obediently removed her underpants and tossed them aside. With that she got on her hands & knees in front of the fireman. Her arse raised high in the air. She didn’t know how she felt about the whole thing. She wanted his pretty cock deep inside of her and quickly. However, at the same time, she worried about the “how” she had gotten into this position and “how” he was going to fuck her. She loved a take charge kind of guy, but this shit was almost too much.

Debbie felt him slide up behind her, and felt as he began beating on her arse cheeks with his massive cock. He would slam his cock down hard against her backside, then forcefully run it up and down her wet slit. She began moaning loudly as his thick cockhead slightly penetrated her moist opening then slid further up to tickle her sensitive arsehole.

“You want this don’t you whore? You want me to fuck your whore pussy with my thick cock, huh?”


It was incredible how just thinking about him made her body prepare itself. As if his sheer presence had a hold over her bodily functions, making them bend to his will. Immediately Debbie laid down on her back. Looking up at The fireman with a sluttish gleam in her eye.

“Beg for my cock! Beg me to fuck you!”

“… please…”

“Please what?”

“Please…please…fuck me!”

Debbie had never felt like such a slut in her life, and she had never begged for any man’s cock. She felt so dirty, yet so filled with lust. As soon as she felt his cock beginning to penetrate her moist opening she began to cry with joy.

“Oh god!” he growled as he came up to breathe.

“Yes,” she said hoarsely and as he directed his hard cock to the opening of her pussy, she spread herself wide, inviting him inside. He plunged inside of her and sank all the way inside in one quick motion. They moaned in unison as she tightened around him and he started a wild pace of withdrawing and pounding inside of her tight cunt. She wrapped her arms around him, trying to take him even deeper and moaned loudly as he pushed hard inside of her.

“So good,” he groaned as he paused all the way inside of her, making a few slight movements as if he wanted to maintain the pleasure of being deep inside of her warmth. “You feel so good,” he said in a strangled voice as he moaned in pleasure.

She wrapped her legs behind his back and arched her hips, and grabbed his hairy arse, making him hit directly at her G-spot. She moaned loudly as she felt him massage the tender area, forcing her to start the climb up to where she would plunge into darkness and let the climax control her body. She struggled against it, wanted to kaçak bahis make him come with her as she plunged into the pleasurable orgasm.

She held him tightly as she tried to pleasure his cock as best she could, switching between tightening and relaxing the muscles enveloping his large cock. Soon she heard him breathe harder and she tilted her hips, answering every downward plunge he made inside of her body. Massage her clit until she felt her body tightening around him.

The louder Debbie moaned, the harder the fireman thrust. She felt his hand slide up and grip the back of her long blonde hair. He pulled it hard while continuing to thrust in and out of her pussy as hard as he could. “You like this, don’t you? You like me fucking you like a whore, huh?”

“Yes…yes… YES! Fuck my pussy, make me your whore!”

“Flip over” The fireman commanded. “I want you on your hands and knees again”

She felt his cock slide all the way out. Immediately she changed positions and within seconds his dick was pushed back inside of her…. forcefully.

Debbie’s body began to shake with an orgasm and her juices literally shot out of her pussy squirting over his balls. While she shook with an orgasm, he pulled his cock out and positioned it at her slick arsehole.

With one quick push he was buried deep inside her anal passage. This was a first for Debbie, and thankfully her orgasm made the whole ordeal bearable. As he began force fucking her tiny arsehole, she kept thinking to herself this was the most intense fuck of her life.

He was just as relentless with her arse as he was her pussy. Over and over he shoved it deep inside of her, stretching her arsehole impossibly larger as it slid back and forth over his thick cock. To alleviate some of the pain, Debbie began playing with her clit.

The combination of his cock sliding in and out of her backside and her finger working her clit was almost too much for her. She began moaning uncontrollably and uttering dirty words she didn’t think she knew. WOW it felt so good, but hopefully the fireman would cum soon, was all she could think.

He gripped her hips and shoved his cock in deeper and harder, pulling her back on his shaft with each forward thrust. Finally, with a loud grunt he pulled his cock out & began to spew his hot, white jism all over her naked arse. As soon as she felt the first splash of cum hit her, she slipped over the edge into the most massive orgasm she had ever experienced. She just lay there on her arms panting with joy and pain as the fireman went to the bathroom to clean up.

He reappeared completely dressed, put his utility belt on and stepped back to look at Debbie. She had stayed in her position of submission, her arse high in the air, her anus still stretched and dripping with his warm white cum. He chuckled as he looked at her rear end, “That reminds me.” He told her.

“What’s that?” Debbie asked.

“I tried to make a coffee earlier. You’re all out of milk.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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