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She’d been sitting next to him on the plane for hours now and she felt like she was going to come apart. That was the trouble with First Class, she thought, those goddam roomy leather seats that would be so perfect for fucking if only everyone else would just keep their noses in their fucking Da Vinci codes while the grown-ups rutted like dirty animals in heat.

She’d been sending her seatmate telepathic messages ever since they sat down, but his antennae didn’t seem to be picking up her signals. Didn’t he see the line of sweat trickling down between her magnificent tits, her beautiful, luscious, they-don’t-make-them-like-this-anymore big-ass tits? She had tried to show him when she removed her cardigan, one slow button at a time, leaning forward awkwardly as if she didn’t have enough room, twisting her frame toward him full on, practically falling into his lap as she offered an “excuse me” that she obviously didn’t mean.

The one line she wouldn’t cross to get his attention was acting like a dumb girl. That was the last thing she was. She’d been a tough, smart hot-blooded woman since her very first period, ignited by the awakening sex that took hold of her like a broom handle shoved up her ass. She was the eighth grader with the biggest rack in school, the kind that gave boys hard-ons they couldn’t hide; she wanted to grab every one with both hands and squeeze their iron cocks in a death grip and wring every drop of cum she could extract from their aching balls.

It took no time at all before the animal sex drives of the hot aggressive boys overcame their sweaty humiliation and they advanced on her. Her excited nipples were so big and so constantly hard that they protruded through every bra and sweater she wore, sending out a beacon to all nearby young men in heat. When boys approached her or, just as often, when she approached boys, they would both be flushed like fire hydrants from head to toe, ready to explode from trying to contain themselves while they really wanted to fuck and suck and eat and lick and blow and fuck and suck some more, covering themselves in sweat and cum and stink.

Before too long, their self-restraint gave way and she devoured as many boys as she possibly could. They buried their faces deep into her un-fucking-believable tits, and squeezed them much too hard, pinching her udder-sized nipples much too hard, and still she told them she wanted “more, more, more.” The first time a boy inserted his ample cock between her tits she knew the singular joys that only come from depravity. Instinctively, she locked his cock between her smooth mammalian flesh, and pushed and pulled the compressed cheeks of his ass until he released ribbon after ribbon of disgusting sticky mess that she rubbed all over her chest while she fingered herself like a jackhammer.

Oral sex was another revelation beyond anything imaginable. The first boy who asked her to blow him was too young to appreciate what an enormous cock he carried, and he didn’t have to ask her twice. She threw him down on her pink bed in her parents and tore off his belt, yanked down his zipper, and dove inside his boxers without even removing them. The size of the cock, its complete rigidity, its beautiful arch, the ugly veins that trailed its prodigious length, the scraggly, wiry hair that engulfed his glorious balls, all of it belonged to her alone to mistreat however she wished. Her imagination did not let her down, as she two-fisted his pole and stuffed it into her open and waiting mouth, never, it almost seemed, to be seen or heard from again.

She sucked him fiercely, pumping like a piston doing 80, slobbering her spit everywhere, scraping with her teeth, making him jump, but not letting up on her vice grip. She took both balls into her mouth, first separately, then together, while she raked his cock with her fingernails, scraping him raw before swallowing all of him and covering him with the soothing juice of her steaming mouth. She did not let him pace himself, she just fiercely attacked him with every weapon at her disposal with no regard for hygiene or safety. She knew she was in for a terrible mess, but she pressed on without relenting in any way, her only concern being to make his sexual stimulation as unbearable as possible. He came with a roar, a stiffening like çatalca escort rigor mortis that drove his entire body through the head of his penis and out the opening, shooting wave after wave of warm disgusting glue into her ready mouth, as she made no effort to withdraw or protect herself, the goo running over her lips and down her neck telling her that she had done it just right.

She fucked a boy – a different boy – for the first time two days later. They’d been to the movies and spent the whole two hours feeling each other up. Her panties were soaked, her bra was stretch in every direction, her lips were puffy and swollen, her tongue ached from overuse, and they were both breathing like sled dogs. She made him cum twice in his pants and her hands were sticky as if she’d gone swimming in it.

As they dove into the car afterward, they just drove around the back of the mall next to the dumpsters and the loading docks and scrambled into the back seat, shedding their pants and shoes and socks on the way. She pushed him back against the door as he tore open her shirt and wrenched off her bra. The windows were coated in thick fog from the radiant heat emanating from their fevered bodies. She drove her tongue into his mouth as he helped himself to handfuls of her tits, as she reached around to find his hard cock, ready for action, which she put to immediate use. She gripped it into position and sat back on to her full, ripe ass as he cantilevered his was into the canal of her pussy, ready to elongate itself to receive him however deeply he was prepared to penetrate her until there was no room left.

He took fierce possession of her buttocks checks, leaving marks as he heaved her full weight in the service of his buried cock. She straight-armed his chest with both hands, rocking her pelvis to pulsate the hole he was filling so nicely, changing course to grind her clit into his pubic bone, making her think she was going to faint from the overwhelming concentration of intense pleasure that engulfed the entire region between her legs. She punished her cunt with his metallic weapon, making it hurt him as much as it hurt her. He seized control of her pendulating breasts, squeezing them with all his strength which she willingly absorbed, shoving her tits to his face so he would abuse her stiffened nipples with his lips and mouth and teeth. His teeth hurt her, so she made him keep doing it, while she made sharp begging noises and ratcheted her pussy harder and faster, forcing her to release nastier noises laced with foul, disgusting profanity of the “motherfucker, cocksucker, oh god, fuck my cunt, yeah, fuck me, yeah, my cunt, my fucking cunt, keep fucking my pussy with your fucking cock” variety. You could have sold tickets.

She hadn’t known girls could receive oral sex until one time in high school when she’d “forgotten” to wear panties and she kept letting her mini-skirt creep up her thighs until finally Mr. Goldberg noticed something unusual about the way she was slouched down in her seat with her legs wide apart. He made her stay after class and explain what she thought she was doing, which wasn’t easy since he clearly had this big stiffie in his pants. So she asked him if there was anything she could do and he ran to lock the door and pull down the shades, and before she knew what was going on his face was buried in her pussy and she could not stop cumming no many how many orgasms he sucked out of her swollen and hardened clit. After that, she asked every boy she was with to do that to her.

The first time she ate another girl was in college when she was pledging her sorority. Everyone had been led down into the basement and told to strip from the waist down, which was also the first time she had seen a shaved pussy. The older girls picked two pledges and made one lay on the couch on her back with her knees up, while they pushed the other’s face down into her crotch. She watched the shocked expressions on all the other girl’s faces, but all she was thinking was when will it be my turn, as she drove three fingers into her dripping box.

When her turn finally came, she didn’t need any help pushing her partner down, as she grabbed her thighs and buried her face and stuffed her tongue deep in the girl’s wet and smelly esenyurt escort hole and she thought she would faint from the disgusting pleasure of it all. She made that girl scream and ended up doing three more girls, two pledges and a senior, who spun around to wedge her face under her pussy and pushed her ass down with both hands so they were both eating each other at the same time, which she later found out was called 69. She drenched that girl’s hair with the juice from inside her and to this day nothing makes her cum more than doing 69 with a beautiful woman.

One time a handsome tennis stud was going down on her gloriously. He was a real expert, patient and slow, making her squirm uncontrollably as he fucked her with his fingers while he lovingly sucked her clit, making her spasm and whimper and, for the first time ever, spray hot liquid all over his face. She grabbed her thighs and pulled her knees back to her head and rolled her ass up to the ceiling so he could climb deeper inside her and violate her completely.

Suddenly, she couldn’t feel his tongue in her pussy, but she thought that she could feel something touching her asshole. Straining to raise her head and see what the hell was going on, she saw that he was painting her shit hole with his tongue, make long strokes up her crack and then flicking and probing the hole, while he punished her clit with his thumb. This isn’t possible, she thought, as she involuntarily reached for her ass cheeks, which she spread as wide as possible to give him more room, which he immediately took advantage of. When he buried several fingers deep inside her pussy, she squirted herself all over his face and her head fell back onto the bed.

She made some noise, but it was unrecognizable to her. Now she was sure she could feel something going inside her asshole and when she looked up again the long beautiful middle finger of his right hand was buried up to the hilt of her ass. His tongue returned to her pussy while he slowly withdrew his finger, and then slowly slid it back in. As he repeated this maneuver, she could feel her cum replenishing, and she actually started to worry that she wouldn’t be able to handle the mounting orgasm that was gathering itself from somewhere deep inside.

His finger kept churning her ass with increasing speed, and somehow she made him push it in deeper until it started to hurt deliciously and it needed to be much faster. She squirmed under him and rocked her ass and pulled his hand and made him ream her faster and harder and wrapped her legs around his back and got ready for the approaching spasms. He did not relent with his mouth, sucking her clit between his teeth and ramming his finger in and out of her ass as deep as it would go and then some, and she knew the orgasm was marching through her and that she had better just get out of the way, let this man finger fuck her anally and eat her pussy and suck her clit and when the fluid came it would not stop, as it sprayed everywhere for an unknown amount of time, and now she knew she was making a lot of noise, no words, but very high pitched, shaking violently, as she grabbed his hand so he couldn’t take his finger from her shitting place, while she rode it out as best she could. She came so hard it scared her.

Of course, he was the first man who ass-fucked her for real. Ever since he’d finger her ass that’s all she could think about for days, and she masturbated obsessively with her own finger embedded deep in her behind. But it wasn’t enough. She tried dildos and vibrators and plugs and vegetables but none of them satisfied. Finally, she called him at his parent’s house and said she needed his cock up her ass right away. He told her to come right over before his mother got home and she raced out to the car. He met her at the door and they banged up the stairs to his room, falling on the bed as they ripped off their clothes. She swallowed his entire hard-on while playing with his balls, as he shoved his face into her wet cunt.

It wasn’t long before he was rimming her asshole again, which drove her so crazy she removed his cock from her face and dove for his shit end. After just a moment’s hesitation, she explored him with her own tongue, carefully at first, and then slobbering him and etiler escort spreading his cheeks wide apart. When he jammed his finger into her tight ass, she violated his with her own, and frictioned her clit and her wide-open pussy across his face. She began cumming immediately, which only made her stick her finger farther up his ass, causing him to reciprocate roughly. The pain was intolerable and exquisite. The orgasms spilled out of her like dirty words.

She couldn’t wait any longer. She sat up abruptly, extricating both of their fingers from their respective asses, and forced him back down onto the bed. She straddled him from above, and smeared cunt juice all over and inside her asshole. This was going to hurt, she knew, she just knew it. She grabbed his iron cock and positioned her asshole right above him, pushing out her anus to widen the opening as much as possible. Lowering herself and leading him in at the same time, she searched for a way past the protective sphincter muscles. There was some resistance, but also a compelling invitation, a desire for complete penetration that relaxed her muscles and enveloped his insistent cock.

It was excruciating, not because it hurt so much, but because it felt so dirty. There was a tightness, a fusing, a feeling of forced invasion that vaginal intercourse did not provide. She closed her eyes and threw her head back and pushed her chest out as she lowered her weight down onto him and took more and more of his dick up her grateful ass, until she found the point of refusal, making sure there was nowhere else to go. Finding his fingers deep in her cunt and his thumb mashing her clit, she clutched at her tits and pinched and pulled her nipples, trying to extend the sensation throughout her body. Her hips ground involuntarily, front to back, side to side, and she reached back for his tight ball sack, while he continued to impale her on his rod for all he was worth.

His mother suddenly opened the door and took in the tableau displayed before her in all its glory, just as he was filling her shitter with his plentiful cum, with his mouth full of her bursting nipples and her long hair had covering her face. Neither lover paid the mother any mind.

There had been other sexual firsts that followed those early years involving threesomes, foursomes and moresums. She was a welcome guest at every invitation-only sex party where she encountered and participated in one new thing after another, including positions, techniques, toys, machines, games, places, lubricants, apparel, harnesses, and other contraptions. Every new experience enlarged her repertoire and brought new kinds of ecstasy into her abundant sexual life.

And now, sitting on this plane, in the grandiose luxury of First Class, with its sumptuous and roomy leather seats and ample leg room, sharing a two-seat row with a handsome and virile-appearing young man a few years her junior, her brain had settled into a sex jag that would not relent and could not be assuaged. She had pretended to be rubbing lint of her blouse so she could sneek a nipple squeeze, but it felt too good and she left her hands there too long. She did not delude herself into thinking she was being discrete. She tried diddling her crotch with her hand under a blanket, but it was all too obvious, even in peripheral vision, what she was up to, and she couldn’t do it nearly vigorously enough to satisfy.

Finally, she had to do something, so she leaned heavily over to her neighbor, placing her hand on his muscular thigh, to ask if he could let her move into the aisle and head to the bathroom. It wouldn’t be the first time she frigged herself in an airplane bathroom. As she moved across him, she gave him one more close-up view of her soft, smooth and plentiful breasts, even lingering a little beyond the time needed to get by and offering what she had found in the past to be sufficient eye contact to complete the message.

There was no one else waiting for the loo, so she pushed in the folding doors and made her way in to the tiny cubicle. Before she could begin, with her back still facing the door, she was joined in the confined space by her seatmate, who welcomed himself in by fusing his abdomen to her back and buttocks and reaching around to the front of her to help himself to gluttonous possession of her opulent breasts. They turned to face each other and bury their tongues as deeply as they could manage and explore the wet deep darkness of each other’s mouths.

As their faces separated, they breathed deeply for a few moments, before saying, “Well, how should we begin?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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