Flight to Submission Ch. 20


David appeared at the entrance to the library and caught the attention of Mac and Master G, who rose and walked over to him.

“How is Stephanie?” Mac asked. He was worried that he might have pushed her too far.

David looked at him for a time, his face betraying no expression, keeping his friend in suspense. Finally he took pity and smiled.

“She will be fine once she’s had time to relax and recover,” he said.

Mac breathed a sigh of relief.

“Are you two ready for the final test? David asked.

“Oh yes!” they replied fervently.

The events of the evening had left them both highly aroused and this final test was at last going to give them the release they needed.

“Remember,” David cautioned them, “we are going to have to maintain ourselves under strict control. This is not something that Stephanie has undergone and we have to make sure we do not give in to our desires. This evening is ultimately for her benefit, encouraging her growth, refining and enhancing her body’s natural instincts, helping her reach her full potential. All of that could be at risk if we are not extremely careful!”

The two Masters nodded earnestly. All week David had been explaining how special this particular sub was and how high he had set his sights for her. They were very well aware of what was riding on this last test.

“Very well,” David said.

Stepping further into the room, he addressed Sue and Mistress C.

“Ladies, please excuse us while we prepare for the final test,” he said. “I would be obliged if you would see that Master G’s sub is kept company until his return.”

The two ladies nodded their acquiescence and the three men left the library to return to the display room.

Once there they removed the trolley from the dais, putting it back in its place. Next David pressed a button and a track whirred to life. Out of the shadows came a metallic chinking and slowly the source of that sound came into view. Suspended from a substantial hook in the track system was a horizontal, hollow square, metal frame. Thick chains hung down from each corner. Suspended between these chains was a thick, webbed, black leather sling. There was an assortment of attachments dotted around the outside of the sling. There was a further chain hanging down in the centre of the frame, slightly shorter in length than the others.

Once the apparatus was in position above the centre of the dais, David lowered it to the floor. Mac, in the meantime, had made his way to the drawers and was selecting a number of items, which he laid out on a small trolley. He wheeled this back to the stage and Master G helped him lift it into place.

David went to the back of the room and exited through the door that Kristy and Bobby had used earlier. It led to a room that was used specifically to clean and sterilize equipment. He opened a cupboard door and brought out a metal bowl, placing it in the sink. He took a liquid cleanser and poured a liberal amount into the bottom of the bowl. The cleanser was a combination of an astringent, antiseptic, and liquid soap. Next he ran water until it reached the temperature he wanted and then filled the bowl. He removed a matching lid from the cupboard and fitted it over the top of the bowl. The lid would keep the water at the desired temperature until needed. He carried the bowl over to a trolley and then opened another cupboard and removed a pair of dark red, fluffy hand towels. He placed them beside the bowl and then wheeled the trolley out to the dais. This time it was Mac who assisted in lifting it into place.

With the equipment ready, the men each withdrew a cock ring from their robe pocket and secured it around the base of their shaft. They had no intention of cumming too soon! They rearranged their robes and returned to the library.

“Kristy, bring the sub to the display room,” David commanded.

Kristy rose and gracefully left the room in compliance.

David gestured towards the door.

“Shall we?” he asked his guests.

They were more than happy to oblige and made their way back to their seats in the display room. This time they were seated before Stephanie made her entrance, eyes dutifully lowered as befit a good sub. She was therefore unaware of what was waiting for her on the dais until the last minute.

“Position 1!” David commanded and Stephanie swiftly stood with her feet widely spaced, her hands behind her head.

“Mistress S, may I have the use of your sub?” he asked Sue formally.

“Of course, Master D,” she replied with equal formality.

David beckoned for Kristy to step onto the stage then turned and addressed the guests.

“For this last task the sub must be carefully prepared” he said. I have asked Mistress S if her sub will do this for us and she has agreed.

He quietly explained what he wanted to Kristy. She was slightly shocked at first but knew better than to show any sign in front of others. She therefore walked over to Stephanie and stood behind her.

“Brace yourself,” she muttered to the ankarakazan.com girl, her lips hardly moving. “Remember your training!”

Stephanie didn’t have much time to wonder about the meaning of the words as she felt Kristy’s hands unlacing her corset. She suddenly realised what her friend had meant. She was to be undressed in front of everyone. She trembled slightly. While she had become used to being naked in front of her Master, she was not sure how she felt about being so in front of several people. Nevertheless, she was determined not to disappoint her Master. She took a deep breath and steeled herself for what was to come.

By now Kristy had loosened the corset and released the stockings from the suspenders at the back. She now moved to the front and released the suspenders there, giving Stephanie a glance of sympathy as she did so. She wasn’t sure if the girl noticed as she had a look in her eyes that showed her focus was directed inward.

Slowly, making it as much of an art as possible, she rolled the stockings down to the tops of Stephanie’s boots, which she unlaced and removed.

David walked forward and unlocked the cuffs circling her wrists and ankles, removing them and placing them on one of the trolleys.

Now Stephanie was standing at the front of the dais, her naked body bathed in the circle of bright light. Part of her, the ‘old’ Stephanie, longed to cover herself up. The ‘new”‘Stephanie, however, was proud of who she had become and secure in her Master’s faith in her. She therefore kept her eyes down but stood tall, elbows pulled back so that her breasts were thrust out in front of her, pelvis tilted and legs spread wide.

She couldn’t see how proud David was of her but everyone else could.

Next, Kristy removed the lid from the bowl and soaked the first hand towel in the hot water. She proceeded to thoroughly wash the perspiration from Stephanie’s body, making sure to clean thoroughly between her legs. She rinsed the towel before dipping it inside the young woman’s pussy making sure it too was cleansed. Finally she once again rinsed the towel before moving behind Stephanie and thoroughly cleaning around and inside her back passage.

By this time Stephanie had almost forgotten that she was naked in front of several people. Despite the intensive nature of the evening, or perhaps even because of it, Kristy’s touch was once again stirring her body’s natural instincts. What she didn’t realise was that David had been carefully training her body and mind to be ultra-responsive to the slightest, intimate touch.

Kristy switched the wet towel for the dry one and proceeded to give Stephanie a vigorous rub down, which left her skin pink and glowing. David nodded his approval and helped her remove the trolley from the dais. Kristy swiftly wheeled the trolley back into the annex before returning to kneel at her Mistress’ side.

Now it was David’s turn to move to the edge of the room and open a special cupboard. He withdrew several items from inside then returned to the stage.

“Mistress S and Mistress C, may I have the use of your subs?” he requested.

“Certainly,” they replied, gesturing to both their subs that they should move onto the stage.

“Bobby, I want you to hold this sub by the shoulders to steady her while Kristy laces her into her garment,” David instructed. “Kristy, you are to lace this corset as tightly as you can. There is to be absolutely no slack whatsoever. My sub’s safety depends upon it”.

Both subs nodded their obedience and took up their positions. David handed Kristy a corset made of very sturdy, black leather with Kevlar boning, together with the special tool used to tighten its laces. She wrapped the garment around Stephanie’s torso and proceeded to lace it up, making several passes and each time tightening them further.

Each time she pulled at the laces, Stephanie was pushed against Bobby’s chest. He too had been highly aroused at the sight of the various tests that Stephanie had undergone that evening. Finally he lost control and tried to rub his caged cock between her pussy lips. Immediately he felt David’s hands on his shoulders dragging him away. Heat burned his cheeks as he realised what he had done. He risked a glance at his Mistress and saw her face was like a thunder cloud. He swallowed hard. There would be no reward for him tonight. Instead he was likely to receive the harshest punishment she could mete out. He shamefully realised that it was what he thoroughly deserved. After all, he had badly embarrassed his Mistress in front of her respected colleagues.

“Get him out of here,” David said icily.

“With pleasure,” Mistress C replied. “Master D, would you have somewhere private where I can speak to my sub?”

“Certainly,” David replied courteously. “The training room is at your disposal”.

Mistress C glared at her sub. “On your knees” she grated.

Bobby swiftly and fearfully obeyed and crawled out of the room after her as she made her way to the training room.

Once there, she commanded him to assume Position 3. Trembling, he obeyed. He heard her heels clicking over the floor, walking away and then back towards him. He felt a greasy lotion being spread around and inside his asshole before a huge butt plug was swiftly inserted.

“Position 1” his Mistress barked and suppressing a groan as his anal passage protested at being filled so full, he quickly obeyed.

Next Mistress C wrapped a thick, high posture collar around his throat and secured it with a heavy padlock. Next to come was a set of very heavy cuffs locked around his wrists and ankles.

“Back up,” she ordered.

He dutifully backed up several steps.

“Stop,” she said and he obeyed.

Now she slipped a hood over his head and laced it tightly in place. He was enveloped in darkness as the hood fit so snugly that no trace of light came through either the mouth or nostril apertures.

He felt his Mistress’ hands push him firmly backwards again, the pressure ceasing only when he felt an unyielding surface at his back. He felt her attach something to his wrist cuffs then groaned as his arms were dragged up and out one at a time. She repeated her actions with his ankle cuffs until he was bound tightly to a solid, wooden X frame, his limbs stretched taut.

He yelped as sudden pain shot through his nipples as his Mistress attached heavy weights to each of the rings, and again as she attached another to the cage imprisoning his cock and balls. Finally she spoke.

“I have never been so ashamed and embarrassed in my life,” she said icily. “This will be your immediate punishment but I am going to have to think long and hard about whether I wish to continue with you as my sub!”

Behind the mask, his eyes leaked hot tears. He desperately needed the discipline and lifestyle that she provided and he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that if she terminated their contract, he would never find another Mistress of the same calibre. Word gets around fast in the Lifestyle and he knew it was only a matter of time before his transgression was known. At that point, he could forget all about finding a decent Mistress. Nobody would want to touch him!

“I will leave you to contemplate your actions” Mistress C said, steel in her voice.

He heard her heels clicking across the floor and the door opening. Just before it shut, the plug in his ass sprang into action, strong vibrations shooting through his body. Bound, confined and caged, there was nothing he could do but endure the torture that lay ahead of him.

By the time Mistress C returned to the display room Kristy had managed to lace Stephanie into the special corset (with David’s assistance). David had then wrapped thick, sturdy, reinforced, sheepskin lined, leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles and a soft but thick collar around her throat. All three Masters and Stephanie were now waiting patiently for her return.

“Did you find everything you needed Mistress C?” David asked.

“Thank you, yes Master D,” she replied. “I must heartily apologise for the actions of my sub. He will not be accompanying me here again, I can assure you!”

“While I am not happy with his behaviour, I do not hold you responsible,” David assured her. “However, I would recommend that it may be prudent to return to basic training if you decide to forgive him.”

Unwilling to trust herself to speak further, so great was her anger and embarrassment that she gave a curt nod and resumed her seat. David caught her eye and conveyed his understanding and sympathy but he too was incensed that her sub would have the temerity to take advantage of Stephanie in front of everyone. She had been quite distressed and it had taken him some time to soothe her.

David turned to Stephanie. “I want you to move to the centre of the dais and lie face down on the leather,” he instructed.

Stephanie did as she was told. She had recognised the corset she was laced into and had an idea of what lay ahead. Already her pussy was quivering in anticipation.

“Hands behind your back at your waist,” was David’s next instruction and Stephanie dutifully complied. David reached out to the trolley and using a very thick, double -ended clip, locked her wrist cuffs together. He nodded at Mac and Master G and standing either side of her they drew her ankles up to her wrists and held them in place as David locked them together. He then reached for the central chain and locked both sets of cuffs into it. Stephanie was now securely hogtied.

David checked the attachments thoroughly to make sure there was no weakness or fault with the equipment and then took a remote control out of his robe pocket. He pressed a button and the equipment slowly rose from the floor, gently swaying from side to side. When the sling was around hip height he stopped the ascent. He now took a leather hood from the trolley and placed it over her head, lacing it snugly at the back. Unlike the previous hood, this one had eye holes so that she could see what was happening. It had a long thong attached to its top, which he drew back to the chain and secured. Stephanie’s head was now raised so that she looked straight ahead. He moved around the sling using clips to secure her corset to the leather strapping until she was held completely immobile.

He nodded to Master G, who took a ring gag from the trolley, placed it into Stephanie’s mouth and fastened it securely at the back of her head. She was now ready but there was one last thing the Masters needed. Mac and Master G headed off the platform and returned with a well-padded bench, which they placed directly underneath the sling. David released two sections of the sling directly under Stephanie’s breasts and pussy and they were ready.

He turned and addressed the women seated and kneeling. “This is my sub’s last, and most demanding test,” he said. “She will be pleasured and used by all three of us at the same time. If she performs well, her reward will be that I allow her to cum, but she must achieve the standard necessary for that to happen. Once the final test is over I will ask each Master and Mistress whether they feel she has performed well enough in each of her tasks to graduate to the next, more advanced level of training. Only if all of us agree will she be allowed to do so.”

With that he turned back to face Stephanie and nodded for the other two Masters to take their places. As one, they all slipped off their robes, revealing firm, muscular bodies. Master G moved to the bench and slid himself onto it. He was perfectly placed to stimulate both her breasts and her pussy. Mac moved up to Stephanie’s head and placed himself directly in front of her open mouth. David wheeled the trolley closer to Stephanie so that each of them had easy access to what it contained, then positioned himself in his favourite place, behind his sub’s ass. Again he nodded to the Masters and they began.

Master G reached up and started to lightly trace circles around her breasts, his touch the barest of whispers against her skin. Again and again he repeated his actions, his touch maddeningly light but nevertheless effective. He was rewarded by the sight of her nipples swelling and engorging. Mac eased his cock through the ring gag and ordered Stephanie to pleasure him. This she did eagerly. Master G’s actions had already set her pussy throbbing and she was eager to prove how grateful she was for their attention. With her mouth held open by the O ring, she could not use her lips and with her hands bound behind her it meant that her only resource was her tongue. Resolutely she brought it into play, licking, flicking, swirling it around the Master’s cock.

So intent was she on what she was doing that she almost missed David’s first touch as he lightly but liberally coated the area surrounding and inside her asshole. As she felt his fingers at its entrance she moaned, the sound vibrating around Mac’s cock, causing it to stiffen and engorge. Below her Master G switched his focus to her nipples, first dragging his nail across their surface then pinching and twisting them unmercifully. Stephanie’s moan turned into a groan as her pussy throbbed and pulsated in reaction and Mac’s cock swelled even more.

David’s fingers were now penetrating her ass, first one, then two, then three, each stroking and stretching her passage. Shivers started to run through Stephanie’s body at the co-ordinated assault from the three Masters.

Master G now moved one of his hands down and slid them between her pussy lips. She was dripping wet. He stroked his fingers up and down her slit before plunging them inside her, crooking them to find her G spot.

Stephanie shuddered and stepped up her efforts on Mac’s cock, her tongue working frenziedly up, down and around his shaft. He could feel an intense pulsation deep in his groin and was grateful for the cock ring that was sustaining him!

When David felt that Stephanie was ready he slowly eased his cock into her, keeping up the pressure until his manhood was buried to the hilt inside her. Slowly he withdrew almost completely before once again burying himself in her. Stephanie groaned. She was consumed with desire. Master G’s fingers were driving her wild, her pussy was throbbing, white hot heat was travelling up her legs and she desperately wanted her Master to increase his rhythm as his current pace was leaving her begging for more.

Keenly attuned to his sub’s body language, David obliged, stepping up the speed and intensity as his cock speared her ass over and over. His hands were now on her hips, steadying her as he drove into her. Master G now alternated between plunging into her pussy and stimulating her clit, his fingers flicking, teasing, pinching it until like her nipples, it too became swollen and sensitized. Mac moved his hands underneath her breasts and tortured her nipples as her tongue worked its magic on his cock.

The three Masters worked in unison, driving Stephanie slowly further and further towards orgasm. At times they would slow their place almost to a halt, leaving her teetering on the edge before stepping up the action once again. Finally David determined that she had reached her limit. He cleared his throat, a pre-agreed signal between the men.

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