For Passion Conquers All Ch. 04


Mike was in a room, and like most rooms in a dream, it seemed vast and expansive despite his inability to discern any details about its furnishings. Other than the exotic deep blue love seat on which he sat, which was speckled with silver stars, Mike had little awareness.

Then he noticed a large white ornate door set into the near wall to his left, he felt compelled and rose from his seat.

As he stood before the door he saw that light crept out from around its four edges, only then noticing the dim lighting in this room. A force inside him told him to reach for the knob, which was large and golden. He turned the knob and then the door vanished, as things often do in dreams, and a blinding light met his eyes. He covered them. Then he heard a voice. Eli’s voice.

“Mike. Its okay. Look at me. I am the light.”

Mike put his eyes back unto the light, which was now warm and welcoming. Eli stood before him, surrounded by radiance. Eli wore a silver corset outlined with golden trim. It shone like armor. A sparkling silver thong followed downward leading to smooth legs covered by white thigh high fishnets which seemed made of fine silvery thread. Eli’s face was a fine canvas painted in sparkling silvers and cooper and his eyes were beaming pools of desire and his lips the color of pure passion.

Mike thought he saw white wings behind Eli, but then the warm light turned to a hot passionate red hue, and torrid desire filled his senses. Eli’s outfit shifted from chromatic silvers and gold into an ensemble of reds, pinks and mauve. Their eyes stayed locked on one another as Eli came forward and embraced Mike.

Their lips briefly met, a short kiss that yet could of melted the mightiest of glaciers. Filled with this heat, Mike gently lifted Eli into his arms and brought him to the loveseat, laying him down onto its welcoming cushion.

The deep blue of the seat contrasted with Eli’s fiery dress and it seemed that he floated upon a watery sea of stars. The scene mesmerized Mike with its magic.

Mike leaned into Eli and kissed him, their warm tongues danced together as Eli reached around to pull Mike closer. In an instant, Mike and Eli were naked, their warm bodies became moist with sweat as their limbs entangled with lust.

Mike was on top of Eli and their swollen cocks rubbed against one another as their mouths continued licking and tasting.

Eli’s warm breath whispered into Mike’s ear, “Fuck me Mike. I want your cock inside me.”

Mike rose up and took hold of Eli’s ankles, bringing them up to shoulder level. He looked down and grabbed his cock, rubbing it up and down Eli’s ass.

Eli began stroking his own cock with one hand while the other teased a long hard nipple, “Yeah Mike, your cock feels so good. Fuck me with that nice cock baby.”

Pushing slightly, Mike’s cock slid into Eli and he pushed it in deep until his balls touched Eli’s rim. Eli moaned with delight and he placed a finger in his mouth, biting down on it as Mike began pumping his cock slowly. Eli begged him to go faster and harder, Mike obeying as he began slamming Eli’s tight ass.

Their eyes were locked and Mike felt himself smile, he had never fucked such a goddess before. Yes, the image before him was that of a goddess. Eli was an angelic being beyond any mortal holding. Mike’s soul swam in the deep pools that were Eli’s eyes. Leaning down he grabbed hold of Eli’s long hair and thrust his tongue into his mouth. Eli sucked on it happily.

Then Mike reached under Eli, hoisting him up into the air and began bouncing Eli up and down on his cock. Eli held on to Mike’s neck and shouted with mirth with every bounce. Eli’s hard cock pressed against Mike’s belly and he loved the warm feeling of it. He held Eli close and tight now and Eli’s smooth legs wrapped around his torso all the while he continued bouncing up and down Mike’s hard wonderful cock.

With every downward motion Eli took the cock fully into his ass. He smiled with glee as he rode on and on.

Then Mike sat Eli down onto the deep blue loveseat and went to his knees, placing his hands on each one and spread them apart, “Let me taste your beautiful cock Eli!”

Eli grabbed Mike by the hair and pulled his face into his crotch, “Suck me baby!”

Grabbing the base of Eli’s cock, Mike licked the head and the salty taste of precum tickled his tongue with delight and he popped the head in his mouth fully, sucking and releasing. He slid his eager tongue down the shaft and licked and kissed at smooth swollen balls.

Mike’s mouth enjoyed the taste of sweat which mingled with the precum as he slid his whole mouth back up to the head. He began sucking fully the cock up and yalova escort down, taking it all the way to the back of his throat several times.

Mike couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to do this new oral act of pleasure and was surprised at how he seemed to know exactly how to do it. Eli again grabbed him, taking hair into each fist and holding tight while moaning in pleasure. Eli’s hips bucked up off the loveseat and sweet snow white cum filled Mike’s mouth. He sucked up and down vigorously as Eli’s hot cum flowed into his throat and out down his chin.

Eli breathed out a breath of satisfaction and called to Mike, “Come here Mike.”

He rose up from Eli’s legs and their faces met. Eli licked and sucked his cum from Mike’s chin and pressed his lips to Mike’s and thrust his tongue passed them. They kissed long and shared in the succulent taste of Eli’s seed.

Mike then spun Eli around and bent him over, “Let me fuck that nice tight ass again baby!”

“Oh yeah! Give me some more Mike!”

Grasping hold of Eli’s waist he slid his cock into his shining glorious hole. Mike’s cock slid in and out with ease and he quickened his pace furiously as he pounded away. Eli had his hands on the back of the loveseat and his back fully arched, he cried out in lustful enjoyment with every pound.

Eli looked back at Mike with those deep brown eyes, they seemed to shimmer with their silver and copper eye shadow, “Fuck Mike! Cum inside me! Fill me with your love Mike!”

Mike felt his climax approach as he moved to stand on the tips of his toes, he looked down at the perfect shape of Eli’s form and as his gaze found and lingered on Eli’s round ass he threw his head back and erupted into Eli. He cried out in ecstatic joy and all went to darkness.

Mike jerked up, throwing the sheet and blanket back. He grabbed his throbbing cock which was spewing cum and stroked it strongly. He cried out in pleasure. Mike threw himself back onto the bed, his chest heaved and his brow was soaked in sweat.

He knew that this was the most amazing wet dream he had ever had. Mike lazed there for several minutes coming down from the high, mind swimming with images of Eli. He smiled as he excitedly leaped out of bed and began counting down the minutes until the party would begin. This would be a special valentine’s. He was sure of it.

Several long hours later, Mike found himself getting more nervous every time the clock struck a new hour, each one closer to party time. He got dressed, wearing dark tan cargo pants and a long black sleeve button up shirt over a white tank top. He spiked his hair up with some gel and sprayed down with cologne.

He arrived at Julie’s house around eight thirty and the party was in full swing. After passing through the living room, which was crowded with already drunk party goers and decorated in pinks and reds, he found John in the kitchen.

John seemed to be buzzing pretty hard and was jolly and lively. He introduced Mike to Julie who seemed nice enough, he thanked her for letting him come over. John and Sarah were already hanging all over each other, Mike smiled and winked at John who smiled back and raised his eye brows winking back.

John, who had his arm around Sarah, said, “Oh, I got to introduce you to someone Mike! Hang on a sec.” He raced off leaving Sarah, Julie and Mike in the kitchen.

They only had a moment to banter about mundane topics when John came back with a brown haired beauty who he introduced as Jennifer. As Mike shook Jennifer’s hand John winked at him.

On any other day Mike would have been grateful to John, but not this time. John had probably been talking him up to Jennifer, trying to get her excited. She seemed exited. Jennifer beamed at Mike and her stare barely left him while they all stood in the kitchen chatting.

What was he going to do when Eli arrived? He had invited Eli and Mike figured that Eli was thinking of this a date. Mike didn’t know what to think about that, but he was definitely hoping to spend a lot of time with Eli. Now that Jennifer was interested in him, it was going to complicate things. Jennifer was damn hot though, John really did know Mike’s type.

Her hair was long and dark, not quite curly yet slightly wavy. Her voluptuous breasts pushed hard against the red v-neck sweater she wore which teased a glimpse of her cleavage. Her lower curves were riding in form fitting black pants. She filled them nicely. Mike was definitely attracted to her. What was he going to do?

Julie was drawn from the kitchen by one of her friends, someone Mike didn’t recognize. Shorty after, John and Sarah went off to edirne escort the living room to dance. Mike was left alone with Jennifer and he was starting to feel very nervous.

Usually Mike could keep his cool with a lady, but all he could think about was Eli. What would Eli think if he came into the kitchen and found Mike here flirting with some girl he just met?

After some meaningless chatter, he decided to tell her, “Hey, I have this, uh, friend coming soon, and I don’t wanna be rude,” Jennifer broke him off.

“Oh, John said you were, well, not attached. That’s okay, whatever.”

Mike could tell she was bothered, her face flushed a bit. Damn, he knew this would happen, “Its someone I just met, he didn’t know. I think you are great Jennifer, really. Just bad timing I guess. I’m really sorry. I’m enjoying talking with you, I just didn’t want to lead you on. I would like it if we stayed in touch though. If you want.”

Like usual Mike felt like an idiot. He wasn’t sure what the right thing to say was. Just as Jennifer was answering him, his mobile vibrated in his pocket.

“Mike, you seem like a nice guy. Thanks for being honest. I’m sure I’ll find you online?”

He could tell she was disappointed, “You sure will. Thanks for understanding. I meant what I said. I just got to check my cell for a moment.”

“Okay. I’m gonna go mingle. Nice to meet you Mike. Hope you have fun.”

With that she left Mike alone in the kitchen. He wondered if he would ever hear from her again. He couldn’t help feeling somewhat disappointed, she was sexy as hell. But Mike had something going on right now that was hot enough, and he quickly looked to his mobile hoping he would see Eli’s name there.

Sure enough it was a text from Eli. Nervousness rushed through Mike’s body. The text stated that Eli had arrived and asked Mike to come outside for a moment to meet his brother. The text ended with Eli apologizing, saying his brother was over protective. Like a brother over his younger sister Mike thought. How appropriate.

As Mike turned to leave the kitchen he was met by John rushing in. John seemed bothered, “Mike. What happened? Jennifer is in there alone. Sulking.”

Damn, Mike was looking forward to a fun night and it seemed to be falling apart before it had even begun, “Oh. Damn, man. I’m sorry about that, I invited Eli and he is outside waiting for me.” What else could Mike say?

“Eli? So what? I had Jennifer all worked up about you man. I figured she was right up your ally. Didn’t you like her?”

Mike sighed, “Yeah, she is a great chick. I appreciate you looking out for me. You always were the best wing-man! Its just that I promised Eli I would hang with him since he doesn’t know anyone here besides us. I’m not trying to be rude. Hell, either way I guess I’m going to piss off one of them, but I invited Eli, so I have to honor that first. He wouldn’t be here if not for me, I can’t just ditch him before he even walks in the door.”

John sighed, then a puzzled look crossed his face, “You sure are being real nice to Eli. Whats up with that? Is there something you wanna tell me? Remember, we are best friends.”

Mike felt his face turn red as nerves ran over his skin, “I don’t know John. Something happened yesterday. I didn’t see it coming myself.”

He tried to continue but couldn’t get the words out. What was he to say? Mike himself wasn’t sure what was going on with him and Eli. He was happy and excited about whatever it was, but telling others, that he was scared shitless about.

John pressed, “What happened? What are you talking about Mike? You aren’t making any sense.”

Mike’s mobile vibrated again as he spoke, “Damn, sorry John. Its a long story. I promise we’ll talk about it later. I know if anyone will understand it will be you,” glancing at his mobile he saw it was Eli again, wondering where he was, “I got to go out front for a sec. Just be patient with me bro, I’ll fill you in as soon as I can.”

John surrendered his interrogation and went to rejoin Sarah. Mike headed outside. As Mike exited the front door, he saw two people standing beside a car which was parked across the street against the curb. Eli saw Mike and waved at him.

As Mike got closer he noticed Eli was wearing a skin tight, long sleeved, short black one piece v neck mini dress. Small mounds pressed out from Eli’s chest lightly pushing at the v neck. Long bare legs ended in medium high shiny black heels that revealed toes which were painted in blue nail polish, matching Eli’s finger nails. His fine facial features were accentuated by various make ups.

His deep brown eyes erzurum escort were set in blue eye shadow and heavy black eye liner. Long dark hair, parted down the center, framed Eli’s face and was bobbed, curving slightly around his chin. He held a small black purse which had chrome clasps at it’s top.

Around his neck was a black choker which had three chrome five pointed stars attached to it, the one in the center larger than the others on its flanks, and a silver chain ran between each star. Mike was reminded of his dream when he saw the stars. His heart skipped a beat as he got nearer. Deep red lips smiled at Mike as he stood before them.

Mike’s chin tried to drop. He couldn’t of imagined anyone in the world could look more beautiful to him. This was insane. Eli was absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Like a goddess from a dream. Mike knew he was looking upon the most beautiful person at the party. In the world.

Eli stepped forward and placed a hand on his shoulder, he felt Eli wanted to hug him but had refrained. He began the introductions, “Mike, this is my older brother Raul. Raul this is Mike.”

The two clasped hands and as they let go of the shake Raul spoke, “So, you are Mike? Nice to meet you. I want to thank you for what you did for Ella yesterday. If its true. I won’t say I already trust you, but kicking someones ass is a damn fine start.”

Raul stared into Mike’s eyes as if trying to see into his soul. Mike wondered if he’d heard him correctly. Did he say Ella instead of Eli?

Finally he responded, “Yeah, it’s true. David got what he has deserved for a long time. Fucking with my friends is a bad idea, I think he got the message. It was the honorable thing to do. I’ll do the same thing again to anyone that treats my friends that way. Its nice to meet you Raul.”

Eli spoke up, “I knew you would get along. I told you he was my knight in shining armor Raul.”

“Yeah, you got my blessing Mike. Take care of my little sis tonight alright? You guys have any trouble, call me. Ella, I’ll be back at midnight to pick you up.”

Mike had heard him correctly, he was calling Eli Ella, and he referred to him as his little sis. Damn, Mike was surprised to find Raul so accepting of his brother’s choice in gender identity. Mike smiled to himself.

Eli answered Raul, “Okay, thanks for bringing me big bro.” Eli hugged Raul.

Mike offered, “I can take you home if you want? If that’s okay with you Raul?”

“I like you already Mike, but this time I’ll be taking her home. I’m a bit protective, as you can tell. I’m not trying to cramp your style or anything. And I ain’t no cock blocker either. But this is my little sister here, and I just met you. If you are still in good graces with Ella come tomorrow, I’ll back off some.”

“I can respect that Raul. I am very glad that you care. Again, really nice meeting you,” Mike offered a hand which Raul took. They both smiled as they shook hands.

Eli slid an arm around Mike and said, “Okay, Raul, I’ll see you later.”

Raul hadn’t drove off until Mike and Eli got to the front door, Mike could feel Raul’s eyes on his back the whole time. He tried not to let that work on his already fraying nerves. Everything was happening so fast. He was about to walk into a party where fellow schoolmates were, and on his arm was a guy. Or a gal? This was crazy, Mike was in deep and there was no turning back now. They stopped at the door and Mike looked Eli over.

Damn, Mike was blown away at the sheer beauty of his date. Yes, he realized that this was a date. No questions about it. And gazing into Eli’s eyes made him feel confident again, he was sweating from the nerves but decided to hell with everyone, he would walk into the house with pride and confidence.

He asked Eli, “I, um, noticed your brother called you Ella? And sis?”

Eli smiled, “Oh yeah, my bro is great. At first he was confused, as everyone seems to be at first. It wasn’t long before he accepted me. He is the only one in the family to do such really. And call me Ella, okay?”

Mike looked Eli up and down. He smiled and brought her closer, “Ella, you look absolutely astonishing tonight. I marvel at your beauty.”

“Thank you Mike. You look quit handsome yourself.” her eyes were sparkling up at Mike.

Mike leaned his head down, his lips found Ella’s. Sparks of attraction which were dancing with elated desires flowed through them both, and Mike felt fear and nerves washing away as waves of strength and courage replaced them. Their lips parted.

Ella giggled and wiped the lipstick that had been left behind off of Mike’s lips, saying in her soft accented voice, “You know what Ella means?” Mike shook his head no, “It means ‘young girl’ in Spanish. And beautiful fairy.” She giggled again.

Mike could only smile at the appropriateness of that. They turned toward the door and held hands as they entered, crossing a threshold into a brand new world. A world were they were together. Where they were a couple.

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