Freedom and the Widow Ch. 11


Eric had feared that the feeling of being dominated would only be novelty and would wear off with the more time he spent with Victoria; likewise, Victoria had also wondered if she would lapse back into her old persona and simply become the ‘little lady’ again, but as the days passed, both were consumed by their new roles in life and realised that their lives had changed forever. Victoria now revelled in her superiority automatically; Eric automatically obliged in ensuring that she knew that he knew his place – cock and pussy both in a luxurious state of semi-arousal during their co-operation throughout each day during what were formerly the most mundane of tasks. Eric drove her to the plage like chauffer, tended and rubbed in her sun lotion with throbbing cock; Victoria accepting his now slave like attention, both conscious that onlookers were sensing that this was a relationship where the woman was firmly in control and showing her natural dominance. Both were now enjoying and relishing each opportunity to display publicly this way, and though the sun of the south of France was exquisite, both were looking excited by the prospect of returning home to express their new roles there; Eric’s cock stiffened at the thought of being leashed and humiliated at home, Victoria could not wait to shock some of her staid friends with her new dominant and liberated image; she was also relishing meeting new friends through Wanda’s ‘circle’, and parading Eric, suitably leashed and dominated, before them.

The women chose their favourite leather outfits for the party at Gassin; Madame Dominique Martin was known for her extreme dominance and the women were nicely aroused even before they arrived, such was their anticipation, gained from prior functions there. Eric’s cock was rigid as he was led by his leash from the car by a proudly dominant Victoria, after they had arrived at the grand house. The smell of the women and their shiny and aromatic leather had ensured his cock was stiff and dribbling. Equally, the ladies were moist and erotically charged as they wondered what Dominique had in store for her new slave, Bernard; they knew his humiliation would be sublime, and it would not belong before the severe dominatrix tired of him, and would sell him off to a suitably stern and mature woman in need of pampering.

Dominique was a superbly dominant and independent woman who processed males whenever the whim aroused her; they were captured by her subliminally attractive persona, hopelessly hooked by her, and then broken and defeated by her. Dominique so loved to indulge her friends by inviting them – and their slaves – to witness their complete and utter humiliation and domination; the submissive male in question also benefitting from the delicious situation of being broken before an audience. Cherie and Wanda had witnessed many delights there; even ceremonial castrations, performed on willing submissive and totally broken males, who were made to beg to have their balls removed, allowed to shoot their cream one final and luxurious time, and then emasculated before an eager crowd of women, who showed their complete satisfaction on seeing a once proud pair of balls held aloft. The willing male, now free of the self-inflicted torture that the raging testosterone created within his now removed sack, taken away by his smiling mistress to begin a life fulya escort of total servitude as a eunuch; he would now watch impassively, but still humiliated as his mistress enjoyed sex with other males; cleaning duties allowing him to enjoy the taste of his mistress and semen he could no longer produce, spent by a grinning sire who would also add to his perpetual humiliation.

Eric was led into a large central room, where Wanda introduced Victoria to an array of deliciously superior women who gleefully commended her on ‘coming out’ and realising her true position in life. They also smiled and sneered at the kneeling Eric, gently whipping his erect cock as he knelt, naked except for the leather harness which displayed his new life of bondage and submission to his mistress; they were equally delighted to learn his story from his mistress, his recognition of knowing his true place just as pleasing. A big auburn haired woman licked her lips as she Eric’s balls playfully with her leather crop; his cock stiffened as she stepped close, offering her huge thighs close to his face and allowing him a whiff of her excitement.

“You make sure you behave and serve your mistress well, else we’ll see you back here as a personal guest of Dominique’s; Bernard won’t be here for long after all.” Victoria smiled at the woman and then tugged at Eric’s leash, as if to reassure him that he would not be going anywhere without her in the foreseeable future; she intended to own and enjoy him for a while yet.

The women chatted as though at a women’s institute meeting, sat in a circle of tables surrounding a central area; their respective male subordinates made to kneel in front of the tables, facing the central area where the slave who faced the imitation from Dominique would be displayed. The room was bedecked with huge mirrors in order that all parties would not miss any part of the proceedings; the slave would enjoy watching whatever treatment was dealt out, and would not escape it, short of closing his eyes. The women applauded as Dominique made her entrance; Eric noted how some of his fellow slave’s cocks stiffened and bobbed visibly as the supremely dominant woman made her entrance – some had witnessed her several times before, and yearned to be owned by her, dreaming of being cruelly broken and disposed of, some would indeed lose their balls to her in the future. Their respective mistresses grinned down on their charges, knowing their thoughts and enjoying the sublime tease they would now endure; some already had new males lined up and would offer the existing ones up to Dominique at the end of the evening, ensuring that the males overheard that they were being offered gratis, being worthless and of no further use other than for group entertainment, punishment, and perhaps public castration. But first they would witness Bernard being broken.

Dominique looked magnificent; the delicious folds of her shapely mature body wrapped tightly in shiny black latex, her bulging cunt exquisitely outlined in the beautifully skin tight material, and unavailable at the moment, hidden behind an inviting zip which would be undone when the aroused lips and sticky asshole locked away by it were ready to be serviced. Bernard trailed behind her on all fours, his face a look of bewilderment; he was learning fast that bebek escort he was not anything special in Dominique’s life, but merely a tool in an episode of it. Dominique had taken great delight in making him feel special, only to dash his hopes with the truth which she had casually and cuttingly mentioned to him, having taken him in and gained his confidence; breaking male’s spirits this way gave her an immense erotic thrill, she loved being cruel.

Now Bernard would realise his true destiny; a toy to be played with till she tired of him, his face in complete shock as the wicked female led him before the crowd of eager women. Despite his fear his cock jutted rigidly erect as he waddled on all fours like a lamb to the slaughter, a huge dosage of Viagra ensuring he would not fail to entertain his mistress and the crowd as he was put to good use. He could not help but witness his own shame and excitement as his eyes met the many reflections available to him. Behind him strutted two young debutant dominatrix, beaming with pride and carrying canes, the two also clad in latex, but purple, both mimicking their mentor in displaying bulging cunts which concealed their feminine honey which would be sampled by the punished male when it was deemed he had earned the privilege.

Dominique gained great pleasure in tutoring young ladies who openly displayed their naturally dominant tendencies at an early age. They were indentured to her at 18 and took up residence at the big house, coming from all over Europe; she had six living there at the moment which was the capacity; there had been a steady increase in recent years, so many females naturally assuming their superiority these days. Dominique loved to indulge them, getting deep erotic pleasure in seeing pert young females boss, h humiliate and punish males twice their age with impunity; the relish with which the young dommes administered their punishments confirmed the pleasure was mutual. The two she had chosen for today’s special task would not let her down. Dominique sat smiling in an open chair, crossing her magnificent legs; her ample and elegant thighs displayed for the pleasure of the on looking slaves, who like Eric, yearned to be allowed to masturbate in honour of the supreme and erotically cruel woman; someone else would be allowed this pleasure. The two sneering harpies had Bernard sit on a padded bolster-like stool, which had him assume a semi-kneeling position, the bolster separating his feet from his buttocks. The bewildered male looked to his mistress as the two delectable latex-clad bitches strutted impatiently, betraying their youthfulness. Dominique smiled with supreme pleasure and then looked at Bernard with utter contempt.

“You will now masturbate whilst these two young ladies allow you the taste of the cane for the first time this evening; I intend to break you completely for the pleasure of our guests. You will give a good show of your cream each time you come; I will not tolerate short measures.” The crowd of women laughed contemptuously as Bernard let out an audible whimper as the smiling latex-clad girls flexed their canes and Dominique’s bulging cunt squirmed with arousal in the heat of the latex as she pointed sternly to his cock. No sooner had he begun to stroke his rigid cock, than the air was cut by the whoosh of the florya escort first stroke of the cane. Bernard yelped yet maintained working his rock hard cock; both he and Dominique appreciating the combined pleasure and pain; he first hand as the two eager young dommes took turns in flexing their young muscles with gusto, the stinging pain tempered by the smiling dominant vision before him, the pleasure of stimulating his cock, and the divine humiliation of being thrashed by two teenage dommes before an audience of women.

Dominique’s pussy buzzed in the latex as she watched with great pleasure as the humiliated male grimaced with pain and ecstasy as he began his journey to total defeat. Eric’s balls were ready to burst as he watched the two lithe figures stretch and shimmer in the tight purple latex, their faces grinning demonically with abject pleasure as they thrashed their victim. He could see clearly how they relished carrying out the task before an audience, and the sight of their hot needy cunts in the beautiful latex had him close to orgasm. Victoria was also hit by a fresh new erotic tingle as she watched the three women subject the hapless male to the divine torture; having seen several canings at Cherie’s, she was beginning to build an appetite for it, and the obvious pleasure on the faces of the young ladies was so apparent as they inflicted the stinging pain with their rattans. She looked down at Eric’s bare back and ass with her pussy tingling in her leather cat suit; he seemed to sense she was looking at him and turned to face her, his cock oozing pre-cum at the divine thought of being caned by his mistress. As the delectable sound of the cane rang in their ears, Victoria smiled as the mutual thought passed between them.

“Yes Eric, I shall have the pleasure of disciplining you that way when we return to Cherie’s; you have interrupted my enjoyment of the show by distracting me, and shall be punished.” Eric’s balls tingled as he humbly returned his attentions to Bernard’s degradation, Victoria smiled at her own innovation in justifying her indulgence with the cane; the grey life she had known before was fast becoming a distant memory.

No sooner had they returned their attentions to the main attraction, when applause and contemptuous laughter rang out from the watching crowd of dominant women; Bernard had succumbed to the taunting latex-clad vision before him, and the delectable stinging pain of the youthful punishers behind him. The women’s derision greatly enhanced his lush and humiliating orgasm as he spurted hot semen in generous quantities. The young ladies in the tight purple latex had been relentless with the strokes of their canes on seeing the first sight of their quarry’s cream, and applied their rattans with utmost vigour in whipping the last drop from him; their broad smiles as much to do with relief as their bodies squirmed within the hot latex, both aroused pussies close to orgasm with the delicious stimulation.

Those pussies would have to wait their turn though; as Dominique smiled with satisfaction on watching her latest toy caned to a humiliating orgasm, she now felt in need of attention herself. Through tearful eyes, his cock temporarily limp and spent, Bernard watched as his spiteful mistress slowly unzipped the crotch of her latex outfit. His cock was already beginning to rise again as he eyed the inviting lips of his mistress’s hot cunt and sweaty asshole. She sneered at the feeble male and simply beckoned his approach with her finger; he duly obliged and his cock completed its revival on his nose appreciating the rich scent of his mistress. The show would now continue.

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