Friday’s Secrets


As a Sophomore, I did not have to arrive at school for two weeks, but my Mom, Kay, was taking my younger sister, Ellen, to UVM to attend the freshman orientation functions, so I went along.

Though I did not pledge for a fraternity last year until October, I had heard that the parties held by the fraternities during the freshman orientation two weeks were a blast. The upper class men, with no school responsibilities, went to great lengths to get the best looking freshman girls to attend their parties. Once there, they wanted to have sex with them. Once a girl was in the sex act, they would have several guys parade into the room, so the girl knew that “everybody” knew she would fuck. They would pass her name on to the other frats so that she would be pursued everywhere she went.

One of the favorite tricks was to appear at a bookstore line. A guy would go down the line with a clipboard and ask the best looking girls what her name was and her dorm room number. Being new, and trusting, they would provide the information without any hesitation.

Would you believe it? While Ellen and Mom were in the bookstore line, one of my fraternity brothers comes alone with his clipboard. I was sitting on a bench some distance away. I smiled to myself when he stopped to chat with Ellen and Mom. Ellen seemed to do all the talking.

You might be interested is some details. Mom had me when she was eighteen, and Ellen when she was nineteen. So, she is thirty eight now. She does not look it. Often people take her and Ellen to be sisters. She, like my sister, has bright red hair. She has put on some weight. I would guess that she would be one hundred and fifty pounds. He fanny is a little big, and her breasts look like they would hold up a beer can. Ellen, on the other hand, is about one hundred and twenty with small tits.

The guy moved on to talk to other girls. It was fifteen minutes before the woman rejoined me, and by then they were in a hurry for some lunch. I forgot about the clipboard guy.

Four hours later, we were having a Coke in Ellen’s dorm room. The phone rang, just as I went into the Jon to pee. When I came back out Ellen was all excited. Mom was laughing. Seems that the guy with the clipboard had called and had invited Ellen and “Her nice looking friend” to a party at my fraternity.

I was about to say something about “don’t go,” when the thought hit me that Ellen would be safe with Mom there, and they both would have a good time. Music. Dancing. Lots of people.

I told them that I would arrive an hour or so later then them, and would not let anyone know that we knew each other. Mom just smiled, while Ellen had a puzzled look on her face.

After they left for the party, I though about Mom. Dad was killed by a truck four years ago. She received enough money to live well, but life was pretty dull. She kept her job as an assistant town clerk. There had been no men in her life. I had heard stories that when she was at UVM that she did her share of hard partying.

Just after ten thirty, I walked into the rear door of the frat house. Ted Burton, and Bill Black were in the process of refilling the punch bowl. Both Betturkey had wicked grins on their faces. “What’s up, Guys?” Ted explained that when the party started that the punch was 1 qt. 150 proof vodka, 2 qt. Hawaiian punch, 1 qt. ginger ale, 1 qt. pineapple juice, and a pint of lemon juice. As the punch was used, it was replaced by a mixture of 50 percent 150 proof vodka, and 50 percent other stuff. Bill said,” There are some very drunk folks out there right now.”

I took a 12 ounce glass of the stuff. Boy, was it smooth. You could not taste, or feel in your mouth that it was as potent as they said it was.

The main floor was jumping. Loud disco music, dark with spinning lights, and at least seventy guys and gals moving to the music. It took me awhile to spot Ellen. She was over near the door to the TV room. She had a messed up look. Her knit top was part way out of her skirt, and her hair was messed in back. When the music stopped, I saw why. Bob Wilson, who she was with, was running his hands all over her. She swayed from the vodka. He was gunned too. They sort of leaned upon each other.

When the music resumed, they danced again, so I moved on. Mom was dancing, off to the side near the stairs with Gene Steady. I could just see them. Even though the music was playing they were stopped. As I shifted position to see better, I could see that Gene had reached under her sweater and undid her bra. His right hand was under her sweater, and there was no doubt that he was playing with her left breast. I had to walk further to my right to get closer.

Then I saw it. It shocked me. My Mother, Kay, had her hand on the front of Gene’s pants and was rubbing his cock. I spun on my heels and retreated to the kitchen. I had to gather myself. I took another glass of the punch and drank it right down. Then, I took another, and drank it too.

I just sat at the kitchen table for ten minutes. I just had to go see what was happening. I just had too! I was very drunk. Staggering, I walked to the foot of the stairs. Kay and Gene were nowhere to be seen. I went upstairs. Each of the first three bedrooms that I looked into had a couple fucking in them.

The door to the fourth was cracked open. I got on my knees and pushed it open six inches. I was eye level to the bed. I was looking at the rear of a standing man as he dropped his pants. On the bed, to either side of him, I could see a woman’s legs. He climbed onto the bed and pushed her legs further apart. His cock hung between his legs, monster that it was. As he covered the woman with his body and placed his cock at her slit, I could see the red unshaven cunt bush of my mother, Kay.

The end of the cock, even though it was normal size, was dwarfed by the thick member that followed it smoothly into that red haired cunt. “Push it in me, Baby” Kay said with drunken speech. I was seeing my mother get fucked.

“Good for her,” I thought as the action picked up before me. I crawled up to the bed so that my face was three feet from the cock thrusting in and out. The cunt lips would disappear on the in thrusts, and then reappear as the cock withdrew before Betturkey Giriş pumping in again. They pumped on and on for a good fifteen minutes before she cum with a long moan. “Oooohhoooo” “Oooohhhooo” “Oooooooooohhhoo.

I crawled out of the room. “Better go down stairs.” I mumbled to myself. Had to keep popping my eyes to keep them open, I was so drunk. “Wonder where Ellen is?”

I found Ellen and Bob stopped, both drunk, and leaning against each other, not moving. It appeared that if either moved the other would fall flat on their face.

Shit, I was in no condition to help. I sat in a sofa chair, just watching. Tom Brown came along. He put his arms around both of them and walked them to a Sofa. He eased Bob down onto the sofa. He picked up Ellen and carried her toward the basement stairs. There is a big mattress down there.

It took me three tries to regain my feet. It was five minutes before I got to the basement level. In the red glow of the Exit light, I could see Tom part way on top of Ellen giving her a French kiss. His right hand was busy removing her panties. She was too drunk to notice. He slid between her legs. His right hand guided his cock to the opening of her cunt and then his attention returned to kissing her and rubbing her tits.

Every so often, his ass would thrust forward, just a fraction. as he inched his meat into her little by little. I wondered what was going on in her mind. Then, I saw it. Each of her legs raised a good six inches to allow Tom to bury his meat into her cunt, which he did. Ellen’s hands moved from the back of Tom’s head to his back, as her ass thrust to meet his downward meat injection. Ellen was fucking a man she had never spoken to. Would you believe that? I watched for several minutes. I felt a movement by my shoulder. It was Big Ray, our football jock. Ray was big all over, with eight inches of cock.

When Tom finished filling Ellen cunt with his sperm, Ray put both hands on his ass, and moved him off Ellen, and to one side. Without saying a word, he removed his clothes, and climbed between Ellen’s legs.

Strangely, Ellen just accepted the fact that this man was going to fuck her. She shifted her legs upward and outward to accept the greater mass of his body. Ray put his head next to hers, and grabbed her ass with both hands, as he slid his cock into her.

Ray, cold sober, gave her a proper fucking with fast hard pumps. Ellen, for her part, reacted to the greater stimulation by cuming two times, both with her low voice grunting out Ohh!, Ohh, Ohh, Ohh. Have you ever watched your sister fuck? Would you want to?

I just had to have another drink. As I walked by the stairway, I saw Kay walking down…Naked. I had never seen her naked. Her tits swayed, as she used two hands to hold onto the rail. She was very drunk. I stared. She was a very sexy attractive woman. She did not see me. I saw she had a big smile on her face.

What I did next, I can’t explain. I walked over to a group of five guys and told them that there was a girl on the stairs that said she needed more sex. Take her back upstairs. Wow. Talk about a reaction. They Betturkey Güncel Giriş were over to her and hauling her up the stairs in seconds. I found three other guys and told them that Ray need help fucking a girl in the basement. Off they went to help.

I went into the kitchen and slowly drank another glass of the punch. Twenty minutes later, I made it up to the fourth bedroom again. Kay was laid out on her back, legs open, asleep, with cum wetting the bed between her legs. A guy with cum running out his cock was laying next to her. Four other guys were asleep on the floor.

I climbed between her legs and put my head next to hers, facing away for her head. My cock slid into her. It was a minute or two before she was awake. I pumped harder. Her cunt begin to grip my cock. Her ass moved to my rhythm, then as I cum I felt her vagina wet again as she cum with low moans.

Her face never turned towards me as I slid off her body. She was asleep again as I slipped out of the room. She would never know that I had pleasured her.

It took a few more minutes to get to the basement. As I neared the group, I saw a guy hand Ellen a full glass of the punch. He tipped it up so she drank it right down. Her speech was slurred as she said, “Thatssss ennnought forr meee.” With three guys with a hard on standing around her, there was no doubt that she would get “More.”

Ellen was pushed slowly on to her back. A guy lay beside her with his cock in her face. He pinched her nose a second. As she opened her mouth, he inserted his cock about four inches. Holding the back of her head, he begin to head fuck her.

I bumped the guy trying to get on her, and happily lowered my body between her legs. She too, had a red cunt bush. But, her’s was neatly trimmed. Here was a cunt that had been just feet from me, in an adjacent bedroom, for the last eighteen years. Finally, I would get to pound my cock into it. I enjoyed it as I found that my cock reached the end of her tunnel. I loved it as she gargled out around the cock in her mouth, “I’m cuming. Yesss. Yesss.”

I bucked and threw my hips behind my cock, as it spurted a load of hot jism into her. Ellen never knew it was me. As I rolled off, another guy replaced me to carry on Ellen’s fucking.

I went up to my room, and fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning only the frat boys were in the house. At noon, I called Ellen’s dorm room. In a sleepy voice, Ellen answered when I asked if she had a good time last night, “Oh, ya, it was a nice party. Where were you?’ I said that I met some friends and watched a game instead. Never got there. Ellen, her voice brightening, when she thought that her brother had no idea of her activities, said, “Mom and I have been invited to another party, Friday. at the Kappa SIG house. Mom is going to stay the whole two weeks until class starts.” “Have a good time,” I said as I hung up the phone.

I have a little secret. I brought to the Kappa SIG house a list of ten girls names this morning. It is the list of the girls that were fucked at our party. If she may fuck again there is no star. If she is a sure fuck, there is a star by the name. By Ellen Smith and Kay Smith there are two stars. The KS boys invited me to join them.

I wonder what secrets my mother, Kay, and Ellen are talking about as I write this? I wonder what they would talk about if they knew my secrets?

We will all have more secrets this Friday.

I’m Softly

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