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Big Tits

You come home and you are beat. I can feel the waves of exhaustion coming off of you as you smile weakly at me. I take your hand and lead you to the bedroom, whispering to you that I want you to just relax and let me take your aches and cares away.

You stand there with your arms hanging down your sides and look around the transformed room, enjoying all the candles that are lit and the sensual aroma coming from them. I start to unbutton your shirt and slip it off of your shoulders and kiss your chest just a little. You tell me you are too tired but I just smile at you and say, “I know, baby, just relax.” I unzip your pants and they come off right along with your shorts and then I sit you down on the edge of the bed and remove your sock and shoes.

I take your hand again and lead you to the head of the bed and tell you to lie on your stomach and put your hands under your head. As you do this, I turn on the music and it softly fills the room. I get on the bed with you and remove my nightgown and then you get a whiff of cinnamon and you open your eyes to see what it is. I smile at you as I warm up some scented oil and tell you again to close your eyes and enjoy.

You do so as you feel my hot little hands start to caress your neck and shoulders, rubbing the warm scented oil over them. Kneading your muscles and turning you aches into little quivers of pleasure. My strong fingers find the little knots of tight muscles and they rotate and push and smooth them out. More oil is poured onto your back and the heels of my hands are moving from the base of your neck right down the middle of your back all the way to your sweet ass where they stop.

You are becoming aware of your bostancı escort cock starting to harden and then feelings of tiredness starting to leave your body as my magic fingers are doing you a world of good. I lean over you and you feel my soft breasts press into your back, sliding around massaging your even more than my hands. My nipples are hard and you feel them all puckered up and teasing your back. My hands are caressing and kneading from the middle of your back outwards to the sides and then my long red fingernails start to scratch lightly, running up and down both sides. Your body trembles and you squirm and tell me to stop it.

I just increase the pressure and you moan and then I pour some of the warm oil right down your hot crack and over your balls. I spread your legs and you move them even wider as my hands start to grab your sweet cheeks and squeeze them. You ass is being spread and my fingers are running up and down your hot crack and then over your balls, covering you with the oil and I am sliding my hands and breasts all over you.

I reach for your thighs and work on those muscles also, as my breasts continue to caress your buns. Lower I work until I have eased the cramps in your calves and then getting to your feet, give them attention. Moving each toe apart and rubbing oil all over each one and in between them, then caressing your arch and taking away whatever little bit of soreness you had.

I start to travel up your body, but this time with my mouth instead of my hands and you moan and spread your legs even wider. I am so excited by now that when I reach your ass I bite first one cheek and then the other, not büyükçekmece escort too hard, but enough to make you jump. I tenderly kiss and lick at your oil covered balls and then take each cheek in my hand and spread you wide, licking up and down your hot crack with my even hotter tongue. You moan aloud and I continue doing it, up and down, up and down and then all of a sudden, I start to suck on your tight little anus.

My stiff tongue pokes inside and then around and around and then I suck some more, harder and harder and start biting your cheeks gently, giving them little nips and making noises as I am so excited.

I reach under you and find that your cock is rock hard and you are not in the least relaxed as I told you to be, but you smile down and me and shrug your shoulders and give me a wink. I grin at you and put my finger where my mouth just was and it slides right inside of your hot tight little asshole and your eyes widen in surprise. I roll you onto your side and my mouth now finds your cock and I start to nibble on it.

It is so wet from being so hard that I lick off all of your sweet pre-cum and then take it inside of my mouth and suck at just the head. Rolling my tongue around it and then licking up and down as my finger is sliding in and out of your tight little anus making you thrust forward each time my finger goes in deep.

You are moaning and this makes me even more excited and I suck your cock deeper into my mouth, sucking and licking and biting your cock. You are moving now as your cock is going in and out of my mouth and I suck faster and faster, my lips reaching from the base of your cock to the tip çapa escort and then squeezing and nibbling at your little pee hole there. I stick my tongue inside and then suck all of your cock deep down my throat as my other hand cups your balls and I pull on them.

The different sensations are becoming too much for you and you start to buck faster and faster, making me suck and finger fuck you faster and faster. I insert another finger up you and you groan and I feel your cock getting even harder if that is possible and you are holding my head and guiding my movements on your cock now. Sucking harder and faster as my head bobs up and down your cock. Base to tip and then when deep deep down my throat you feel my throat muscles milking the tip of your cock and you go wild.

Bucking and thrusting harder now as my fingers are plunging in and out of your sweet ass, you are starting to twitch and you tell me that you are going to explode and this makes me squeeze your balls harder and pull on them and start to suck you even faster and harder. Ahhhhhh baby, yesssssss, you are so deep down my throat and your cock is just twitching and your ass is clenching my fingers and I am ramming in and out of you faster and faster as I feel your orgasm starting.

You cry out loudly as your body stiffens and my hot, wet mouth sucks even harder, knowing that you are moments away from an explosive climax. My fingers pump in and out deep and hard and then you hold my head so I cannot move as you erupt and start to shoot all your hot creamy cum deep down my throat. I am swallowing and you feel the muscles milking your cock as you spurt over and over and over again and I continue to suck and finger fuck you relentlessly.

You collapse back panting hard and your body is trembling as I gently kiss my way up your body and give you a kiss on your sweet lips. You reach for me and pull me close. I have knocked you out, so I get up and cover you with the sheet, and quietly leave the room. Sweet dreams baby…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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