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I walked into my office at work. Jess, who worked for me as my Administration manager, was sitting behind my desk. “Hi Paul,” was mumbled softly as she was peering intently at the work on the screen. We had known each other for 15 years, since we had both started with the company.

It wasn’t unusual for Jess to seek the peace and quiet of my office when I wasn’t using it. I was not concerned that she was sat in my chair behind my desk. I’ve never been one to care about trivia concerning seats and who’s sat where.

I went for the spare chair in the office and wheeled it to the end of the desk, as I was about to sit down Jess looked up and asked me to sit next to her, she wanted to show me something on the computer.

Moving closer to her she started talking me through some changes she had made to a document which I had earlier said was unacceptable, the fixes she had applied were as I had suggested, the review wasn’t taking much of my attention.

I was starting to notice her lightly perfumed smell and moved slightly in my chair so I could look at her a little bit more.

Jess was thirty eight however looked like she was still in her late twenties.

At 5 foot 2 inches Jess wasn’t a tall girl, she was however slim with perfectly proportioned breasts which were pert and firm without being big.

I had known for many years that she didn’t like wearing a Bra, she normally just made sure she something on underneath her blouse to reduce the potential for embarrassment.

She had a slim fine face with long blond hair; her face was further enhanced by a long slender neck, blue eyes, clear skin, a small button nose.

Jess stopped talking, pausing after giving a complex explanation of the proposed change to the system. I watched as she raised her arms above and behind her head, she arched her back as she stretched, yawning gently.

I had always been a little attracted to Jess, the same way I am attracted to any object of beauty whether it is a car, plane or yacht. Something I could admire for build and purpose without needing to own it, and some women definitely fall into that category.

I don’t know if Jess realised stretching like this had pushed her breasts outwards, or if she realised how this would affect me. Looking at her now prominent breasts and the slender side view of her body, I noticed her breasts straining against the stretched blouse, and could see shape of the nipples.

Within a moment I had mentally undressed her and was already imagining the shape of her naked body. These thoughts caused a little stirring in my pants, I didn’t want to get hard, so tried hard to push the thoughts out of my head, looking for distraction I sought the notes I had written on my notepad.

Jess started talking again, her attention taken with the work on the Pc. I looked down at the desk and then my notepad, a small movement caught my eye. I realised that by moving the focus of my eyes a little I could see Jess’s legs, she had long slim legs which I had admired on many occasions, today they were covered by smart business slacks.

My eyes were drawn slowly up her legs and I almost gasped when I reached the top, the slacks Jess was wearing were of a soft black material and I could see had a side zip on the hip to fasten them. The material had been pulled by the way she was sitting causing the material to tighten at the crotch.

The soft material had moulded itself to her body I could see very clearly the slight bulge of her pubis and underneath the slightly puffy lips with a slight groove in the middle or as we say when joking about this phenomenon at the tennis club, it’s a “Camels Toe”.

I turned my attention back to the screen but my mind was in turmoil, I was now fully aroused and could feel the tenting in the front of my trousers. Moving slightly eased some of the tension but this just put me closer to Jess.

What could I do? What could I say? We were employed by a major employer with very strict rules about conduct. An inappropriate conversation fatih escort or even a suggestion of physical contact could get me dismissed.

Privacy was non existent, we weren’t alone. Whilst there were just the two of us in my office, the wall of the office facing the desk was glass, with a glass door in the middle. Through the glass I could see 40 or so of the staff I managed sitting at their workstations.

I turned back to the Pc screen and concentrated on anything which would take my mind off Jess, it just wasn’t working. Moving a little closer to the desk I let my hand fall casually off the desk placing it on my leg, then a moment latter I placed it on Jess’s knee.

Jess stiffened a little then seemed to relax. We had previously both touched each other in this discrete way, putting a hand on each others leg under the desk. This was done because we were comfortable in each others presence, and sometimes we both liked to tease. It was a game, but one that had not yet gone anywhere out of bounds.

I started to question myself, was it safe to continue, I still wasn’t sure but decided I had to push my luck a bit further.

In gentle soft massaging movements I moved my hand on Jess’s knee and began to move in an elliptical route which slowly began to cover more of her inner thigh. We had both done this before, without actually touching each others sex. Jess’s breathing was beginning to quicken and I noticed she had opened her legs slightly granting me more access.

I had to be discrete as any major movement would be visible above the desk but I started moving my hand back towards the top of Jess’s legs. I brushed my fingers on her thigh getting close to her sex; I purposely didn’t touch her sex, but moved to the other leg.

I heard a gentle moan from Jess and began to move my hand again towards her sex. My aim was to tease a little, as I reached almost as far as I could without touching it I changed my attention to the other leg again.

Jess by this point had given up on pretending to work and had closed her eyes breathing deeply; at that point her mobile phone rang breaking into our private moment.

I immediately stopped what I was doing, leaving my hand resting on her thigh, Jess answered the phone.

The caller was her boyfriend and as Jess started talking to him I decided to have a little more fun. My hand was still on her lap, fingers resting an inch from her hot sex, and I could sense the heat. Listening to Jess’s side of the conversation I waited.

I was looking for my cue for action, which was to be when I sensed that Jess was beginning a long sentence. This was it! Jess had started describing her plans for the weekend. Moving slowly I reached back and gently put the tips of my fingers into the covered groove of her sex, then slowly started moving my hand up and down.

Jess paused in mid sentence, and seemed unable to string two words together. She then clamped her legs together effectively locking my hand in place with no chance of further movement. I kept my hand still, the edge of my fingers were still inside the hot groove, and were definitely getting wet from the damp material. Jess continued talking to her boyfriend for a few minutes, then turned toward me and smiled whilst still having the conversation.

Jess kept her legs clamped together hard until she had finished the call, on putting the phone down she asked “What are we going to do about this?” whilst smiling slyly.

I replied “We should go downstairs to the basement and check the archive room is ok” then after a slight pause I added “We need to talk.”

Jess didn’t pause, just smiled again and then standing she said, “See you there in a few minutes.” She walked out of the office with a file in her hand as if busy on some task.

The archive room was a windowless fire and sound proofed room in the basement. It’s a large room built when a computer with all the computing power of an average cell phone would have stood six feet tall fındıkzade escort and four foot square.

The reduction in the size of the modern computer equipment meant the room was no longer used for its original purpose, it had been changed into a confidential archive & storeroom. The room was a restricted access area, the only key holders being Jess and myself.

I entered the room and waited by the door, I knew Jess was going to come, but was she going to be coming angry. How long should I wait? Should I go? I had hundreds of thoughts rushing through my head. There was suddenly the sound of footsteps walking across the basement floor and I heard the key being put into the lock.

Jess waked slowly into the room, she didn’t look at me but turned away to look at an empty computer cabinet with a glass door. I approached her slowly and put both hands on her shoulders giving her a gentle light massage.

“I can’t believe you did that” she said in a gentle tone.

“I’m sorry” I started but she cut me off.

“You made me feel…” she paused.

I was waiting now for the revelation that she had felt defiled or cheapened. That she was angry. Had I gone too far?

“You made me feel…” Again a long pause, then she said something which pleased me. “Feel…. So fucking horny, but we shouldn’t be doing this.”

I took this as the green light, if it was a stop command I would have expected a “We can’t do this” or a “This must Stop” type of speech, but a “we shouldn’t” was almost an “I know it isn’t right, but I want to. “

I moved closer to Jess rubbing my body against her back, she pushed back pressing her tight arse against my hard bulge. Lowering my head I started to nibble on the side of her neck. I could smell and taste the moisturiser she applied to her neck and face, it was the smell I associated with Jess.

Slowly biting into and nibbling the muscle between her shoulder and neck I held her close. She started telling me repeatedly in a soft voice. “Oh yes, that’s so nice.”

I slid my right hand under her top and slowly moved it to her right breast, gently cupping it I started to rub her nipple with the tips of my thumb, Jess started moaning gently “Oh that feels so good, oh yes”

I was still nibbling her neck, from my position I could see the top of her slacks, the zip was on her left hip. With my left hand I unfastened the button and gently pulled the zip down.

Gently slipping my hand between the elastic of the panties and her smooth skin I eased my hand in. Moving my fingers down through the trimmed short hair, the tips of my fingers rubbed gently over her swollen sex. I eased finger into her, feeling her heat and smooth wetness. There is wet, and then there is wet wet wet, and this girl had her juices soaking into her panties and trousers.

I dipped the index finger of my left hand into the hot wet slit at the bottom and gently pulled my finger up; as I got near the top I could feel her hard nub. My finger reached it and I removed the pressure, to apply only the lightest touch. I just gently moved my finger lightly on the clit, knowing that only the gentlest movement on the hood of the clit was needed.

It was after only a few minutes of these light touches that Jess went tense, then started screaming gently and bucking in my arms as an orgasm rushed through her body. I continued to stimulate her clit until she snatched my hand away and sank to the floor whimpering.

She lay on the floor looking shocked, she seemed almost embarrassed by what had just happened; “Oh my god” she said softly, “That was unbelievable”.

We both looked at each other, slowly Jess sat up and then on all fours she crawled toward me, where she knelt in front of my crotch. My erection was pushing out the front of my trousers; the tension was soon eased as Jess unzipped my trousers pulling them down. I put my hands gently on Jess’s head and shoulder. Jess pulled out my prick; the feeling was fantastic, I was enjoying the halkalı escort sensation as she wrapped one of her small cool hands around it, she then started playing with my balls with the other hand.

She leaned forward and pulled the foreskin back, she rubbed the little drop of precum that had formed all over the head of my prick. Bending more she started rocking slightly on her heels, moving backwards and forwards, her lips gently touching the tip and edge of the head of my penis, the feeling suddenly increased and my legs almost gave way with the intense sensations.

I was trying hard not to have my orgasm but this girl knew what she was doing, it was only moments before I felt myself starting to cum. I let her know how close I was, she just continued with her stimulation of my penis. When I couldn’t hold on any more I released my cum into her mouth, she didn’t stop but just continued to suck me dry, swallowing the lot.

Jess finally pulled away from my penis and stood, she then took a step back, all without saying a word. Reaching for the top of her slacks which were bunched at her knees, she slowly pushed them down and stepped out. I lowered myself to the floor to rest my legs which seemed too weak to support me. I lay back on the floor watching her.

Jess removed her blouse, then without hesitation pulled her panties down and stepped out. Naked Jess was fantastic; as she stood over me I could admire the long slim legs leading up to her puffy labia with a small blond runway of hair above. Jess had a tight flat stomach and on reaching her ribs I could see her two proud breasts jutting forwards, they were larger than I had expected and had the pale pink nipples which can be found on blonds.

Jess was looking at my cock with desire, I asked her to “sit on my face.”

Jess smiled then slowly lowered herself until she was over my face. I breathed deeply savouring the smell of her hot womanhood, before slowly running my tongue up and down her inner sex, from the pulsing entrance of her vagina up to the little knob of her clit.

I reached round with my hands and gently pulled her lips apart to expose the clit. The whimpering sounds being emitted from Jess as I started licking deeper before concentrating on her bud told me that I was doing something she approved of here; it wasn’t long before she started to buck as she had her second orgasm.

My manhood was now fully restored, this was such an erotic experience, it had recovered after only a few minutes of eating pussy.

I looked up at Jess who had stood up. She smiled before asking “Are you ready for this?” Then she slowly started to lower herself down toward my erect cock.

Jess moved slightly putting a foot on either side of my hips and continued to lower herself until the tip of my penis was just touching her puffy lips.

Jess had her eyes closed and I watched as she moved slightly, rubbing herself on the tip of my penis. I moved my eyes down to the tip of my penis and was rewarded with the sight of her lowering herself onto my hard length.

Seeing your knob disappear into a new pussy and feeling the intense hotness and smooth massage of a horny woman’s vagina is amazing.

Jess raised herself slowly up and down for a minute or so before placing her knees on the floor and moving to a more comfortable position straddling me.

I pulled her close squashing her breasts to my chest and started to pump in long deep movements, taking the tip of my knob out to the very entrance of her vagina before slamming forward as hard as I could.

I was hitting her cervix with every deep stroke and the feeling was building in my loin. Each forward stroke was met with a gasp from Jess, it wasn’t long before she started saying “yes, yes, yes” and this soon changed to “don’t stop, oh don’t stop, no, no, don’t stop….” her body suddenly tensed and jess was screaming “argh yes”.

I was still pumping hard and trying not to get too excited, but seeing her tense and scream in orgasm whilst she seemed to squeeze my cock with her vagina was too much, I started shooting cum with every deep stroke.

We both collapsed to the floor and lay there breathing deeply, Jess had put her head on my chest and was gently toying with my now flaccid cock when we heard a noise, and there was a gentle tapping on the door…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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