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Dear Readers, please enjoy “Hot and Sexy Business Opportunities” first, then, “I Rub an Asian MILF the Right Way”, followed by Going Where No Man Has Gone Before Chapter 1,” then “Cumming Where No Man Has Come Before” and then this story.

That way you can follow along in chronological order.


I awoke with an erection that was planted between the firm buttocks of a warm nude female.

My hands were holding her large breasts. They felt magnificent and I was sure they looked the same.

My head was buried in silky soft hair. I could smell her shampoo and there was a faint aroma of a nice perfume.

I felt well rested and no pun intended, in a good spot.

The buttocks encasing my hard cock shifted and I said in a soft voice, “That feels nice.”

I hadn’t opened my eyes and was expecting to hear Marie respond.

Instead I heard Dana whisper “It feels good for me too Jack. Really good.”

My eyes opened in surprise.

Dana moved her ass again.

Once again I experienced a great feeling in the lower part of my body.

I asked “Where’s Marie?” and Dana replied, “Everyone went downstairs to breakfast and I said that I would stay and keep you company. Is that alright with you?” as she moved her ass around again, which just got me harder.

“Of course, sweetie” I replied. I kissed her neck.

My hands moved from cupping her breasts to kneading her nipples.

My hands moving there might have just been instinctive.

God I loved her nipples and the rest of her too.

Dana whispered “I like it when you do that Jack. Please don’t stop.”

“When do you think they’ll be back?” I asked, trying to determine if I could risk fucking Dana on the sofa without having Akiko, Susan, Marie and Carmen walk in on us rutting like animals. My fingers were still teasing her now very stiff nipples.

Dana said “If I were to guess I’d say an hour, or more, because they were going to visit the shops. Akiko said that they weren’t going to go to the pool until 1.”

“When did they leave?”

“About ten minutes ago.”

She continued “Jack, I liked sleeping with you last night. And I like being with you. Just the two of us.”

“I do too sweetie” I whispered as I kissed her neck, continuing to fondle her breasts. I was getting quite hard.

“Will you please fuck me again Jack? I like it when you cum in me. And when you play with my titties.”

My brain was thinking sex but my bladder was crying for relief.

“Dana, I would love to fuck you and I will but right now Mother Nature is calling me. “I need to pee, you need to let me up” I said as I slapped her ass. Playfully.

I watched her get off the sofa and I was amazed at her body.

Except for a small triangle around her pussy, and a thin line across the top of her butt, she had a nice all over light brown tan. Her dirty blonde hair was shoulder length and looked like it had been tousled in a night of unbridled sexual activity. Her breasts were natural and seemed to defy gravity.

She had pencil eraser size nipples riding atop large areoles that were light pink in color.

Dana had no tattoos or blemishes and wasn’t wearing any jewelry. Her pussy was shaved. Maybe waxed. My tongue had visited there before and she tasted good.

She was very comfortable being nude. She didn’t hide anything from me. We weren’t strangers – far from it.

I said, “I want you to please call room service for coffee for us. Do you want to order anything to eat?”

She smiled at me as I sat up, exposing my large, hard erection.

Dana replied, “I’ll look at the room service menu. But I’d rather have you for breakfast” as she eyed my cock.

I stepped towards the bathroom following my erection and Dana grinned as I walked by. She playfully slapped my butt.

“Nice ass Jack. I can see you work out. I’d like to work out with you sometime. Can we do it when I’m naked?”

Dana laughed and I laughed but it got me thinking.

I need this woman around me more often.

I might not need Viagra if Dana was around.

I closed the door, and peed, thinking, maybe Dana is the one. Or one of the ones. Or the one today.

Or maybe I just want some really hot babe to wake up to every morning. Massaging me. To blow me. To fuck.

I flushed the toilet, washed my hands, brushed my teeth and used some mouthwash.

I took my daily Bob Dole blue pill. Just in case. Erection insurance.

When I opened the door Dana was on the phone, her back to me, looking down at The Strip. As naked as she could get.

I was still semi hard. I came up behind her and put my hands on her hips and rubbed myself up against her crack.

I kissed her soft neck and whispered in her ear “Tell Room Service to take your order to Susan’s room, please” as I kissed her tender neck again. I started to grow and Dana pushed back, grinding her ass into my cock.

“Order me a toasted bagel and some berries” I whispered into her ear and then I kissed it. Dana shivered.

The attention istanbul rus escort I was giving her between my kisses and fondling made her repeat her order a few times and she would interrupt herself by whispering to me “Jack, stop that!” But I continued kissing and caressing until she said “Thank you” and dropped the phone on the carpet.

She turned around, laughing and smiling; put her arms up to my head pulling me in for a deep kiss. We kissed for a long time. When our lips parted she smiled up at me and said “Good morning to you too lover” laughing.

I was hard as a rock, bumping her flat belly.

Her nipples were buried in my chest hair.

I laid back down on the sofa and gestured for Dana to join me.

She slipped next to me and I told her “We have a few minutes … “

Dana kissed me and reached down for my hard cock, and began stroking it.

We smiled into each other’s eyes.

She said “Let me take care of you quickly now and then you can last longer next time.”

I said “Okay” and kissed her.

Dana looked up at me and confessed “I saw you and Susan making love last night and I was jealous. She was on top of you and you were kissing her like you were in love.”

The last thing I needed was “girl drama” so I replied “What do you want me to do honey?” and Dana replied with a shy smile, “Make love to me Jack.”

She stroked me a couple more times, teasing me to a new level of hardness, then climbed on top of me and slipped me into her wet hot pussy. God it was tight, probably tighter than Susan’s near virgin pussy.

Although it seemed like a week ago, I had just taken Susan’s virginity the day before. I first entered her in the tub, then in the second bedroom in the suite and down the hall in her room in the middle of the night.

“Is it tight enough for you lover?” Dana whispered as she started riding me, ever so slowly, her breasts on my chest and her mouth kissing my ear. I could feel her hard nipples scratching pleasantly.

I groaned back “You feel so fucking good Dana” and she smiled in reply when she said “I’ve got the tightest pussy in Las Vegas Jack and it’s only for you.”

With that she lifted her head up and we kissed like lovers, while her lower lips found new and better ways to bring me pleasure.

Dana slightly increased her tempo as her fluids coated and re-coated my cock with each stroke.

She had a wicked look in her eyes and she started rotating every so slightly on her upstroke.

I groaned in pleasure at this new feeling.

“Do you like it Jack?”

“Oh God I love it” I said out loud as her mouth sought out mine for some spit swapping.

My cock got harder and Dana smirked at me “I know this is making you feel so good lover.”

I closed my eyes and focused on her tight pussy gripping my pole.

“How would you like to have this every morning lover?”

“Oh yeah” I replied.

Dana picked up the pace, just a tad faster and started twisting just a little bit more.

I groaned again and she laughed, whispering to me “Come in my pussy Jack, come deep in my pussy.”

She kissed me again and I could feel the inevitable happening; my balls, loaded with cum, starting to make the journey north.

Sensing my blast, Dana quickly picked up the pace, her strokes going faster and faster and she said, “Cum for me Jack, cum in my pussy.”

We looked at each other and I blasted her insides with the pent up load from being hard and then soft again for hours.

I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down so my swimmers would go deep, as nature demanded.

I swear I pumped her for ten minutes it felt so fucking good.

Her lower lips were like a vice grips on my pole.

When I was done she kissed me and said “Jack, I want to please you like this every day.”

She got off of me, and kneeled between my thighs, and cleaned me with her tongue.

Her tongue was just as talented as her pussy.

Dana had that gleam in her eye. I knew that look, the look of a competitor who just bested a rival. Susan.

She kept me in her mouth as I shrank down in size. She swallowed repeatedly which only emphasized the pleasure on my cock.

I swear she could have brought me to another erection but I had other plans at the moment. Mainly, getting out of the suite before the other ladies came back from breakfast and shopping.

When I returned to a somewhat normal state, I took Dana by the hand, grabbed the room passes, my cell phone and wallet and walked her to Susan’s room just steps down the hallway. She was concerned we’d be caught naked in the hall and I just laughed.

As the door closed our lips met again and we kissed again. Lots of tongue. Dana was a very good kisser. There was a slight taste of my semen but I didn’t mind.

I pulled away from her embrace and said to her “I’m hungry” and I pulled her into the bedroom and told Dana “It’s bedtime for you, sweetie.” I followed her up on the bed we had fucked the previous night kadıköy escort and told her to spread her legs and started licking.

I wasn’t worried about eating my cream pie. I doubt if there was anything in Dana’s vagina from me. I’d cum enough times since midnight there wasn’t much gas left in the tank – probably only fumes.

She whispered “I love it when you eat me Jack.” Her hands went out to run her fingers through my hair.

From her asshole to her clit, I did long wet sweeps. Between licks I mentioned that when room service knocked on the door she was to answer it as she was –naked.

The sexual reaction I desired didn’t take long to materialize. Dana started humping my face as I held her hands down to accent her helplessness and my control.

She started to moan and she groaned when I zeroed in on her stiff little clit that was begging for attention.

The humping increased and she came as she smashed her pussy into my pleasuring tongue.

She came a long time; I think it was pent up for quite a few hours. She shook.

She sighed, “Thank you Jack” as I kissed her tanned inner thighs.

I pulled up my head and said “Dana, roll over sweetie” and when she did I started massaging her neck and shoulders and back. Just using pressure to smooth out the tightness.

She said “Thank you Jack, for taking such good care of me.”

I asked her “Did Susan take care of you last night?”

Dana didn’t want to answer; she was holding back but after a few quiet seconds she replied.

“Jack, Susan likes to be licked but she doesn’t like to lick. She finger fucked me and I got off but it wasn’t the same as when you licked me. Which I loved by the way.”

I slapped her ass playfully and said “We’ll get Susan on the train starting this afternoon.”

Dana giggled and said “I would love to have her lick me.”

I replied “I’m going to be there to see it. I might even video it.”

I left her lying nude on her tummy while I went into the bathroom, wiped my face and grabbed some lotion.

I sat on her thighs, my cock rubbing her crack as I massaged her back some more.

I moved down her body and started massaging her ass. Dana had a great ass.

The weekend I was in Vegas with Lisa I took Dana anally, and I enjoyed the experience. It was tight just like her pussy.

Dana enjoyed it too, at least that is what she told me.

She did confess I was her largest intrusion to date into her butt. She came on my dick as I pumped her ass. Her first anal orgasm.

That experience happened after Dana shared with me that Lisa had no issue going down on women, and I witnessed it first hand when she and Michelle got into it later that Saturday night. I was surprised that my little MILF Lisa was a carpet cleaner but God Bless Her, it made for a great threesome with Michelle.

I noticed Dana’s right hand creeping under to play with her pussy.

I said “Honey, if you want your pussy rubbed, I will do it.”

Just then there was a knock on the door.

It was room service and I told Dana, “Sweetie, go get the door.”

She rolled over, smiled at me and got off the bed, the faint odor of her essence still in the air. Dana stepped into the bathroom and grabbed a washcloth and quickly wiped her still wet pussy and thighs, then went into the living room.

There was a second knock on the door just as Dana answered it.

It was Sandy, our guest from the night before. She was young lady that had kissed me about 6:30 that morning as she left the suite.

These two had only met briefly last night when we got back from dinner at Morton’s.

Sandy said, “Well, hello Dana, long time, no see. Who’s here with you?”

Dana was a little embarrassed but not all that much; she’d been by the pool wearing almost as little as she had on at that moment.

She replied with a smile to Sandy, “I’m here with Jack. And please come in.”

Sandy wheeled in the cart with the coffee and breakfast items.

I heard the door close and Sandy ask, “Jack, are you decent?”

I was hearing all this go down and I said “No Sandy, I’m not but you can come in if you like.”

Sandy walked into the bedroom while Dana poured me a cup of coffee.

I was standing up, cock hanging down, sort of but not really looking for a robe to put on before Sandy came in. I wasn’t too worried about being nude, it was nothing Sandy hadn’t seen before and I was certain Akiko filled her in on some details about me when they spent last night together in the master bedroom of the suite.

Sandy was beautiful. Even in her room service uniform and despite the fact that she didn’t get much sleep last night.

She came right up to me and kissed me on the mouth.

Her tongue sought out my tongue.

Despite her uniform her large breasts crushed into my hairy chest.

“Well hello to you too” I said back to Sandy as our lips parted.

I stood there naked while Dana brought me my first cup of coffee of the day.

“Cream, kartal escort no sugar.” I took a sip. Coffee is Nectar of the Gods.

Dana took a bite from a scone and moved to my side, showing who she belonged to.

I asked Sandy, “I thought you were going home; what happened?”

Sandy looked at the two of us and replied “When I left your suite I got to my car when I got a text message from the food and beverage manager who asked if I could work from 7am to 1pm today. Someone called in sick. Since I was already here I went into the locker room and changed into my uniform. So here I am.”

I looked at this nice young lady and said to her, “When you get off your shift I want you to please come up here and join everyone for lunch. Then Carmen is going to fix your hair and we’ll find a new bathing suit for you. You can come down to the cabana with us and spent the rest of the day. If you want to take a nap in the suite first, that would be okay too.”

Sandy replied, “That would be very nice Jack, thank you.”

I continued “We’re all going to go to dinner tonight at 8 if you want to join us.”

Sandy smiled and said “That would be nice but I might have to run home and change.”

Dana jumped in and offered that “We could have the personal shopper come over from Nordstrom’s and get new clothes for you.”

Sandy looked at us and asked, “You would do that for me?”

We nodded.

I said “Anything you want Sandy.”

She reached around and hugged us both and then we said our quick goodbyes.

I gave her a $200 tip and signed the tab with a generous $50 gratuity.

Dana and I sat next to each other on the sofa in the living room.

Sipping coffee and sharing our small breakfasts with one another. It was intimate. And arousing. Dana had that affect on me.

While we had fucked a few times and spent time out by the pool and at dinner, I didn’t really know anything about Dana. So I asked her to fill me in.

Dana was born and raised in Las Vegas and was working on her degree from UNLV in Film.

I asked her “Have you directed or produced anything?”

She replied “In a few classes we have done some small videos but nothing professional level yet.”

I asked “How much longer do you have to go to get your degree?”

Dana said, “I’m all done with my classes I just need to complete my senior project.”

I followed that up with some questions about what her senior project consisted of, and what she had done so far.

It turned out that Dana had what I needed for

I needed someone to produce and share directing responsibilities on the video launch of the swimsuit line.

We finished our breakfast and I had Dana lay down on the sofa with her head on lap. I had her turn on her side, and I said “Just close your eyes and listen to me.”

I gently stroked her hair, and her face, and I said, “I want to hire you to work with me on the swimsuit line. I need someone to put together the still photography and videos of the models for the website. I think you can do it.”

Dana was purring at my touch, and said, “Tell me more.” I brushed her hair around her ear and my hand went to stroke her soft neck.

“I’ll need you to line up all the elements of the shoot, supervise the shoot with me, and then manage the editing so we can get the clips on the website. Will that work as your Senior Project?”

She said, “I think so but I’ll need to run it by my faculty Senior Advisor.”

“How soon can you do that?” I asked.

Dana replied “Why don’t I type something up and you look at it and then I’ll send it over to her.”

I continued “You’ll be working with makeup, hairdressers, logistics, and all of that.”

By now my hand had moved down to touch her bare arms and she shifted so her breasts were exposed to me and I started gently rubbing them, which caused me to start to grow.

Just being around Dana caused me to grow.

“If you’re open to it Dana, I can put you on the payroll because I can see us doing these events all over the country. Are you open to travel?”

She rolled over on her back, her nude body exposed to me completely. Her nipples were standing at attention as a result of my caresses.

My fingers massaged her nipples.

“Would I get to stay in the same suite as you, Jack?”


I started gently pulling on her nipples.

“How about the bed; would we share a bed together?”


Dana groaned in response to my pleasuring her bare tits.

“Every night, just the two of us?”


It was awkward; Dana was waiting for an answer to a question that she already knew the answer to.

But that didn’t stop me from continuing to play with her nude body. Which she enjoyed according to her grunts and sighs.

Finally I responded, “I can’t guarantee it will be just you and me in the bed together each night. I can’t and won’t guarantee that even if we travel together and sleep together I won’t have sex with other women. That’s not me, not how I am now. But that doesn’t mean I don’t love you and won’t respect you. I think you know me well enough to know I love and admire all the women I know. I treat people as well as I can.”

Silence as Dana pondered my philosophy.

I was thinking she would go for the half a loaf is better than none, and I was right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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