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Chapter 1 — The Tennis Match

Jack had been corresponding with Julia for some little time now, and at last she had agreed to meet him. She had chosen for them to play a game of tennis, and then see how things went. Luckily, through contacts, Jack had managed to have them both signed in at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, which was not too far from his home. At the appointed time on that hot, sunny Saturday, he waited in Reception for her, sitting on the leather seats some distance from the counter.

Julia arrived, a minute or two late, as her train from up north had been delayed, and from a distance Jack watched her as she checked in with the concierge. She was dressed casually in a smart tracksuit, her dark curly hair left loose, her fair complexion showing a slight pink glow in her cheeks — in anticipation, he liked to think. She carried a large sports bag containing her racquets and tennis gear. She smiled as she chatted to the young male receptionist, explaining that she was meeting someone, and he smiled back, appreciating her vivacity and femininity.

As the receptionist looked over in Jack’s direction, he feigned nonchalance as he put down the magazine through which he had pretended to leaf and strolled over to gaze at Julia for the first time in the flesh. She was everything he had imagined her to be: not overly tall, rounded, and womanly. As they smiled shyly and shook hands, she covertly took in his appearance: tall, slim, brown hair, laughing eyes, ready smile.

They decided they would have their game first, and then meet for drinks in the lounge afterwards, so they dispersed to their respective changing rooms to change into their tennis gear. As Jack changed, he visualised what Julia would be doing now. He imagined her unzipping her track suit top, slowly, gradually revealing her lacy bra, through which her pink nipples showed, and which accentuated her ample cleavage. He then thought of her slowly peeling down the track suit trousers, revealing her tight panties which revealed her crotch. He imagined next her putting on her short tennis skirt, showing her smooth thighs, the material swinging to and fro as she walked, giving glimpses of her brief panties. As he visualised her t-shirt tightly covering her breasts, so that her nipples showed prominently through the lace of her bra, and her breasts jiggled through the shirt, he got a delicious feeling in his groin, and felt his cock begin to stir in anticipation. As he pulled on his pants and shorts, he realised he was hard already.

They met outside, and Julia looked gorgeous in her tennis gear. The skirt was even shorter than he had imagined, pretty indecent really, and she appeared not to notice. Her silk t-shirt was incredible in how it clung to her curves, and picked up every contour of her body, accentuating her rounded breasts, and the material clung beautifully around the points of her nipples. Jack felt his cock start to ooze pre-cum, and hoped it would not show too badly. Julia looked down for a moment, looked him straight in the eyes, smiled and turned to walk to the court.

They walked companionably to court 19, which was on the outer perimeter of the club grounds. They had booked bahçelievler escort neither umpire nor ball boys, not wishing any company on this occasion. Arriving at the court, they unlocked the gate, carried in their gear and started a knockabout. Jack was enjoying this tremendously, as the silk material shimmered over Julia’s breasts as she went for each shot, and as she bent to sweep up a low forehand, her skirt was caught by the breeze, and he got a wonderful view of the smooth flesh of her hip, revealed by the high cut panties.

Every now and then the ball went out of play, and on one occasion Julia had to go to the far corner of the court to retrieve it, bending right over to pick it up, and showing her beautiful bottom, the panties barely covering her secret places at the back. This was nearly too much for Jack, and when she was not looking, he quickly reached down his shorts and adjusted his cock, which was getting uncomfortable in its confined space.

It was now Julia’s turn to serve, and as she reached up to hit the ball, the front of her skirt lifted in the breeze, and Jack gasped as he saw the beautiful sight of her groin, mid brown curls clearly showing either side of the narrow strip of material covering her crotch. Oh boy, he felt hot! He just wanted to move that material aside and do everything to the delicious pinkness which would peep out from beneath the soft curls. He wanted to taste the juices which would be oozing from between the pink lips. He wanted to flick and caress the hard clitoris which would stand proud between the curls. He wanted to have her….

Jack wrenched his mind back to reality as the ball whizzed past him and hit the fencing behind. Slightly embarrassed at being caught in his reverie, he went to retrieve the ball, and returned to start his serve. He served a very high, long shot, which caused Julia to have to really stretch upwards, and as she leaped up to reach the shot, the skirt lifted, and this time he saw that the panties were somewhat displaced, and he nearly came in his pants right there when he caught a beautiful glimpse of her full pubic hair, and he was sure that her labia were swollen!

And so the match went on, both of them getting hotter and hotter, the silky material of Julia’s shirt clinging to the damp flesh of her breasts, stomach and shoulders, Jack’s shorts getting visibly damp as his huge throbbing erection leaked even more. At certain times when Jack went for backhand shots, the action pulled the material of his shorts tight against his erection, which Julia could see, and which made her pussy flow with her juices so that she could feel the wet friction every time she moved.

Eventually they decided to give up, as they had lost track of the match, and were too hot to play any more. Jack gallantly pronounced Julia the winner, and, in the parody of the Wimbledon finals, walked up to shake Julia’s hand. As he did so he kept hold of her hand and pulled her close, looking into her eyes. They gazed at each other thus for a moment, she mutely giving him the confirmation that she wanted him.

Jack stood close and, putting his arm around Julia’s shoulders, drew her to him bahçeşehir escort in a firm, passionate embrace. They kissed passionately, hungrily, urgently, their tongues moving, stroking, entwined. Jack’s other hand travelled around Julia’s back, her waist, her hip, and grasping her bottom, he pulled her into him and let her feel the teeming hardness which needed to be released. Julia returned his embrace, caressing his strong shoulders, running her fingers down his back, and she responded to the touch of his body by thrusting her groin towards his, feeling his hardness rubbing on her mound, longing to dispense with the clothes and let him take her.

However, although most people had dispersed from the outer courts, they were still in public view, and they looked around for somewhere where they could go. Jack noticed a small gate in one corner of the fencing, through which they could go to the wooded area beyond. They picked up their sports gear and, hand in hand walked quickly over to the obscurity of the trees, and found a spot in which to settle.

The gear was ditched, the hungry kissing and embracing started again, this time with more abandon as they were alone at last. As he kissed her face, Jack’s hot kisses moved down Julia’s body as he removed her shirt and ran his tongue into her cleavage. He sucked at her nipples through the material, then removed first one then the other shoulder strap of her bra, reached round and took it off her. He stood back for a moment and just feasted his eyes on her bare breasts, cupped them gently in his hands, and leaned down and kissed first one nipple, then the other, taking them into his mouth, gripping and then leaning back gently.

Julia started to moan with pleasure, her eyes nearly closed in her ecstasy, and she reached for Jack’s shirt and pulled it gently out of his shorts. He took it off quickly, and resumed his fondling of her breasts. Julia reached out and started urgently pulling at the fastening of his shorts with one hand, and rubbing his erection hard with the other. Again Jack reached down for a moment, unzipped his shorts and stepped out of them, revealing his tight pants, damp with the pre-cum which had oozed from his throbbing cock. His balls absolutely ached with the desire to unleash his juice into her. He unfastened Julia’s short skirt and let it fall, revealing at last the panties, hinting at the delights within.

Jack quickly grabbed the large, soft towel from his sports bag, spread it on the ground, and gently laid Julia down on it. He lay next to her and, kissing her hungrily on the mouth again, he started planting kisses all over her face, her neck and her breasts, and stopped for a few moments to feast on her nipples. Then he continued his urgent journey, kissing all over her stomach and downwards, on to her belly, her hips and her groin. He delicately kissed and licked the creases of her groin, first down one side, then down the other.

When he reached Julia’s place of desire, he pulled aside the narrow strip of white silk, bent down and kissed her curls a few times, then moved downwards a little and ran the tip of his tongue along her labia, first up one side, then bakırköy escort up the other side, which made her moan with desire. He parted the curls a little to reveal her clitoris, which was red, hard and engorged. He first flicked it with his tongue, and then firmly grasped it between his teeth, covered by his lips. He squeezed it thus, and then pulled on it gently, as Julia cried out in pleasure. He then removed her panties and kissed all over the creamy pink folds, held open her labia, and plunged his tongue as far into her as possible, eating her juices, rubbing her G-spot with the tip of his tongue, then running the flat of his tongue upwards and out over her clit.

Neither of them could wait any longer, so Jack pulled off his pants, at last liberating his erect, swollen cock, which was bigger than he had ever seen it, the head engorged. He parted her legs a little more, gently teased the pink folds open again, moved over her and nestled the head of his penis just inside her, where he rubbed against her clitoris as they exchanged passionate kisses again.

When he was sure that Julia was comfortable, Jack slowly started moving his cock slightly further in, back out and around her clit, then back in again. Julia wanted him right inside her, and gripping his buttocks with both hands, pulled him right in. She felt the wonderful sensations of the first penetration with a new partner, the unfamiliar but lovely feeling of his thick, smooth member just sliding into her so deliciously. Jack felt the wet warmth of her velvet pussy enveloping him, gripping him.

As this was their first encounter, it was urgent and hot for both of them, Julia wrapping her legs around Jack’s body and holding him close into her, Jack leaning up a little to kiss her nipples firmly as his cock thrust into her. They moved and moved in unison, enjoying the amazing feel of each other’s bodies for the first time, enjoying their union at last after all the anticipation, all the talking, all the longing. They both moaned and cried with pleasure at the wonderful sensations they were feeling.

It was not long before Julia was building up for her orgasm, and with her legs she gripped Jack’s body even tighter as she drew him full length into her. From there, she thrust her hips upward to take him in as deeply as possible, and she told him to thrust faster and harder, and make her come! At one point she thrust upwards, arched her body under him, and cried out as she had a shuddering orgasm, hot juices gushing out past his cock, running deliciously down her groin, over his balls and onto the towel below. Twice more she arched herself and cried, smaller gushes of her hot juice escaping her. At length she was still, panting for breath, eyes closed, nearly fainting with the exertion of her climax.

This excited Jack so much that with a few quick thrusts he too came to his climax, his cock nearly bursting as he shot his huge load into her, ramming his cock right inside her, feeling the pulsing, thrusting again as his balls released copious amounts of his semen, and again a time or two until he was spent. Aware that his weight was on her, he drew out his cock, rolled over, and pulled Julia over beside him, so that she was resting against his naked, hot body, and they lay there for some little while, embracing, kissing, and talking. Eventually they had to move reluctantly from the site of their union, satisfied, comfortable, happy, as they dressed again, gathered their things, and headed back to the clubhouse.

to be continued – ch 02

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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