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Note: The story involves adultery. If you find that offensive please skip. I recommend reading Parts 1 and 2 first. Thanks to Leonardo for his friendship. Feedback welcome.


My body was humming on the drive up to Flatwoods on Wednesday. My movements that morning had been heavy, clumsy. I smashed my head against an open cabinet door. I knocked my water bottle off the counter and had failed to secure the top so ice and water splashed everywhere. Thank god my dog, Max, was there. He got most of the water up while I chucked the ice cubes into the sink. My fingers just weren’t working properly. My mind was too preoccupied with what was to come and couldn’t concentrate on the present. I managed to get myself out of the house with all that I needed: bike, helmet, biking bag, change of clothes, protein shake, apple. Jeez. You’d think I’d never made an appointment to have sex before. Oh, that’s right, I hadn’t.

I pulled into the parking lot promptly at 9:25 (oh, that’s good, you’re supposed to play hard to get, not overly eager.) There were about half a dozen cars there. I saw Gary’s Matrix but there was no sign of him. It was another picture perfect winter day in Florida. Fiercely blue skies, a few white puffy clouds, high 70’s. I went to the bathroom, then busied myself unracking my bike, and checked the air in my tires. They were both a little low but not too bad. Since I was Miss Fumblefingers today don’t think I could manage to unscrew the valves properly. I finished the rest of my long pre-ride ritual and was at a loss what to do. Should I start riding and hope to run into him? Why hadn’t we exchanged cell numbers? Hell, my cell couldn’t get a signal out here, anyway. I nervously headed to the bathroom again when out of the corner of my eye I saw him swoosh by the exit and pull into the entrance. Oh, good, he was wearing the blue jersey again. He looked divine. He stopped in front of me, by the entrance. I turned to face him, arms akimbo, and watched while he gave me a hot look, down and up again. “Hiya Jay short for Jayne! Ready for a ride?” he asked cheerily, mockingly.

I grinned and rolled my eyes at him. “I’ll be right out.” The nervousness factor was wreaking havoc on my bladder. Our first two times together had been spontaneous. This was new territory. I managed to pee a bit, splashed water everywhere when I washed my hands, and came out. “OK. I’m ready.” I was jittery and it showed He was over by his car and was stashing some things into his back pack.

I fastened my helmet, mounted my bike, joined him and we rode off together, exiting the parking lot and heading towards the loop. “Relax, m’dear, you look ready to jump out of your skin. I’m not gonna…well, uh, yes I am, now that I think about it.” He grinned at me, a big, wolfish grin, white teeth flashing, that left no doubt of his intentions.

“So, what’s the plan?” I asked, spinning faster than normal trying to keep up with him. “And can you slow down just a bit? It’s me you’re riding with.”

“Oh, sure, sorry. I’ll let you set the pace. And as to where we’re going, you’ll just have to wait and see. It’s not far.” He cricked his neck back and forth, I heard a slight pop. “I’m glad to know you’re so eager.” That grin again.

I blushed mightily behind my sunglasses. “Well, truthfully, I’ve thought of little else over the past few days. What’s the line from Rocky Horror…An…tis…eh………….payshun!!.” We both laughed and I could feel some of the nervousness drain from my body. “Oh, oh, Oh! That silliness from the other day, the rhyming thing we were doing. It kept looping around in my head when I was running. After a while I started coming up with limericks.” We had passed the beginning of the loop and about 200 yards up where it bears pretty hard to the right we slowed and he indicated it was time to stop.

“Uh, we walk from here. Limericks, huh? I’m afraid to ask. I pretty sure it’ll be horrible.” We were on a wide sandy path and I could see what looked like an obstacle course over to my left. The path disappeared into the woods. We pushed our bikes at our sides.

“Judge not, until you’ve heard.” I cleared my throat.

There once was a man named Gary Whose balls were rather hairy He decided to shave But the razor went astray And now he talks like a fairy.

I laughed and he groaned loudly, then hooted. “That’s just awful, that’s putrid…you call that poetry?” He laughed with me. “OK, you just wait, woman, until I get a minute to think about it. You’re gonna get it back, in spades.” We were far enough into the woods so we couldn’t be seen from the road. He pulled me to him with one arm, our bikes on the outside of us, and kissed me soundly. The heat started in my toes and spread upwards. I leaned back and opened my mouth to accept his invading tongue and returned the kiss with all the passion I was feeling. I was getting light headed.

“Whew!” I said when we finally parted. “That made me dizzy. Is taksim elit escort it much further?”

“No, not too far up here.” He was able to steer his bike with one hand and rested the other on my shoulder. I needed both hands to steer my bike. We walked another three or so minutes along this widened path and it started to narrow but there was the sense of an allee with the trees tall on either side. “Here we are,” he said and we turned. On the left there was an opening, another path off the one we were walking on, but it was barely visible. If you didn’t know what you were looking for you’d miss it. “It’s up this way.”

“What’s up this way?” I asked.

“You’ll see,” he said, steering me onto this path. After walking about a half a minute a shape emerged in the woods. I saw a towering palm tree next to a chimney. As we got closer the shape of a cottage emerged. An old, beat up cottage, but it was shelter all the same. The sunlight filtered through the towering trees. I could see an overgrown bougainvillea with profusely blooming bright purple flowers on the right, wild branches everywhere. On the left was an untended orange tree. Then the woods took back over. Gary marched right up to the ramshackle cottage and leaned his bike against the overgrown shrubbery. I was more tentative in my approach. I could smell the sweet scent of orange blossoms in the air, along with the unmistakable stench of rotting fruit.

“What is this place?” I asked. He turned to me, took my bike and propped it against his.

“This belonged to the previous owners of the land, the ones who sold it to the county. I think it must have been a hunting camp or something. My buddy who works for the park system tells me that there are still a few old hunting stands around here that are in good shape.” He pulled back the dilapidated screen door for me and I walked into what I would call a sleeping porch. It ran the entire side of the house and was covered at the top but the screen at the side was collapsing. There was a door about 10 feet in and Gary took my hand and led me through the doorway. It opened into an empty room that was most of the house. There was a fireplace at one end, flanked by curved bookshelves. The floor was slab, so it couldn’t be that old. I dropped his hand and explored. There was a total of three rooms, and the one that had been the kitchen was stripped bare, it was just a small, square room. The room right behind the living room was tiny. Maybe it had been a bathroom at one point but I couldn’t see any plumbing fixtures. Those were my impressions on a quick glance around. While I was exploring a bit Gary knelt down by his backpack. I looked back to where he was and noticed an air mattress, already inflated, in the larger room. How did I miss it before? I crossed the room to where Gary was and knelt down beside him. “I got here earlier and set this all up. Whatdaya think?” He had pulled a few smaller bags out of the backpack. I picked one up and rummaged through it, pulling out the contents. Inside I found a bottle of Gatorade, Gu, and an powerbar. I shrieked with laughter.

“What? What?” Gary demanded.

“Oh, be still my beating heart. You, the seducer, patiently setting the scene here in the cabin. You’ve secured an air mattress, and lured me, oh innocent maiden, here to have your way with me, patiently winning me over with your finesse and skill. The scene is set and to really get her relaxed and into it, you give her…” I held up the pouch of Gu … “—ta da!—Gu!” I couldn’t help more hysterical laughter. “C’mon. You’re trying to seduce a woman with Gatorade and Gu?” I didn’t mean to hurt his feelings but I couldn’t stop. “Sorry, even though it’s been awhile I’m more used to being seduced with wine and cheese and flowers instead of…(more hysterical laughter) Gu!”

He got up abruptly and went outside. “I’ll be right back,” he threw over his shoulder.

Shit, shit, shit, I thought to myself. I’ve messed things up. I didn’t mean to be a bitch, but I found the whole premise hysterical. The idea of Gu, really. I giggled in spite of myself, in spite of my nerves. I hope I hadn’t messed things up totally. Without knowing what else to do, I turned to explore the small cottage. It looked like log cabin walls, but I could see wire mesh between the wooden logs and that, along with the slab floor, had me confused to exactly how old this place was. I could just see that it was very small, and, most importantly, very private. I was in what was once the kitchen when I heard him come back inside. “Jay, short for Jayne, where are you m’dear?” he called, sing song.

I came back into the main room and found him with an arm full of branches of fragrant orange blossoms. He tossed them to the side of the air mattress, crossed the room to where I was, took my hands and tugged me back towards the mattress. “Lady, you’ve already been seduced. I don’t have to worry about that stuff. I’m taksim escort past it; we’re past it. I just want to pleasure you.”

“But you brought flowers, anyway. How…uh… nice.” The heady, sweet fragrance of the orange blossoms filled the room.

“Ah, but I have a plan for them as well,” he responded.

“Thanks for doing all this. It makes me feel special. Gary, I’m sorry about….” He cut my apology off with a kiss. “Ummmm,.” I murmured. He took my breath away.

“Jay, that’s my after ride recharge kit you found,” he explained.

“Oh…oh, god I feel like an idiot. But you’ve got to admit, it’s pretty funny.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Come here and let me tickle something besides your funny bone.” The tone had changed somehow. Our first two times together had been such a wild explosion of unadulterated lust, now that we had time we were both more tentative. It didn’t cool my ardor any, but it was slightly tilted, just different. We kissed again, and he sank down onto the mattress and pulled me down with him. He laid back and pulled me on top of him, our lips still joined. I arched my back to make sure our bodies were as close as possible in the front, then relaxed into him, and we had a fabulous make-out session. Like the ones back in high school before you had sex, when you just kissed and kissed and kissed and touched and explored. Hands everywhere, learning the feel of a different body, absorbing the scents, arousing the senses. “OK, OK, I need you naked… now!” I broke our kiss and sat up, straddling him. He sat up too and I snaked my legs around his rear, so we were sex to sex. I lifted my arms above my head to help him get my shirt off but let him tackle the complexity of my sports bra all by himself. I clawed at his blue jersey that reflected his eyes so well and got that off and was rewarded with the sight of his very sexy torso. He was long and lean and had just a smattering of hair on his chest. I was in the dominant position and took advantage of it. As we kissed I leaned him backwards until he was on his back again and started my journey southward. I broke off our kiss and nuzzled his neck, lightly biting, kissing, and sucking, one side then the other, his earlobes, too. I could feel him surge and respond to my caresses. I worked my way down, kissing everywhere, and paused at his chest, his nipples. I took the left one into my mouth, twirling and sucking and tonguing, and used my hand to tug gently at the other one. I raised my head and asked him if felt anything. “It all feels great.” He responded.

I continued my journey and pulled off his biking shorts. His penis was already erect and hard so I had to help him out of his spandex. Once I got his shorts down his erect penis slapped back against his belly. I moved down so I was situated between his legs. I kissed down his belly, licked from his nipples to his belly button. There I paused and looked up at him. His eyes were on me, one hand in my hair. I went down further until I was there, at his root, his sex. Instead of attacking it immediately, I explored around the area. I gently licked the junction of his thighs, then moved to take one of his testicles into my mouth. (Not that hairy, despite my limerick) I sucked gently, one then the other, and reached back with my hand to his perineum and applied light pressure. (I read in Cosmo that this was supposed to be hot) I finally gave his penis some attention. It was straining upwards. I trailed one long kiss up the backside, my tongue leaving a trail of wetness, blew my breath softly over the wetted area, then surrounded his head and took it into my mouth. I heard him moan. One hand enclosed his penis and I held it firmly and moved up and down with my head bobbing on it, slowly, then I increased the tempo. I tried to relax my throat and take him all in but it was not to be. He seemed to be enjoying my attempts, anyway. One hand was on my head, threaded through my hair and I could hear his breathing change. It had already shallowed but was his breaths were coming at an even faster pace. I glanced up at him and his eyes were on me, watching what I was doing, his eyes hooded, the desire, enjoyment and pleasure was reflected back at me. It was such a turn on to know that I was giving him so much bliss. I tried again to take him deep in my throat but again the gag reflex stopped it. I resumed my previous ministrations, up and down, popsicle like, stroking his shaft up and down, taking as much of him in as I could, then returning to lick and lightly stroke the head. I felt his hands move to my shoulders, tighten, and pull me off him. He shuddered and held my body away from his. “What’s wrong? Don’t you want to get off this way?” I asked. “What, are you a one shot guy? If so, that’s OK. We can do other things.”

“No, no, I’m just not used to going that way. Uh, habit I guess. If you’re into it, that would be great.” He relaxed his grip on my shoulders.

I kissed taksim eve gelen escort him, hard, on the mouth. “I’ll bring you off, with my mouth, my hands….I’ll suck you dry, my dear.” And I did. I wanted to impress him, make this memorable, and I did my best. I went back to his manhood and did all the tricks I’d ever learned or read in Cosmo. I swirled my tongue around the mushroom head, licked, stroked, took him into my mouth. He was already close so it didn’t take long. I could hear the change in his tone and could feel the change in his body as he started to moan and groan and move underneath me. The sounds he was making echoed around the bare walls of the cabin. I heard him lose it, his words of ecstasy running together. He grabbed my head with both hands and held me tight on his penis while he shot his load. There was a lot. I took what I could and swallowed, some leaked out. I continued my ministrations but he pulled me off his cock and pulled me up so I was lying on his chest. We rested while his breathing returned to normal. I waited for him. I placed light kisses on his chest, idly rubbed a nipple, snuggled, my hands skimmed his rib cage and I admired the view that I had. Suddenly, I felt a strong arm snake around my back and I felt a shift and a twirl and the next thing I knew I was on my back. “My god, how’d you do that?” I asked him, my hands feeling the back of his arms, which were flexed since he was resting now on his elbows. I felt the taut and tight triceps under my fingers and was turned on even more. There’s nothing more exciting, to me, than hard muscles on a man. (oh not the big ones that body builders have, but honest to goodness muscles sculpted hard and lean by use, not necessarily the gym though those aren’t bad either)

“My turn.” His face was inches above mine and his lips descended and we kissed, kissed, kissed some more. His lips left mine and roamed over my face, ears, neck. He was making me shiver, goosebumps of pleasure dotted my arms. He eased my arms from around his back, put one of his hands in each of mine, and eased our joined hands over our heads. This caused my back to arch and my chest to thrust out. This felt exquisitely intimate. Our kisses continued and I was in another world. We were safe, we were, in our little cocoon of a cottage. I felt him loosen his grip and he sat up, straddling me at the hips. He reached over and picked up one of the branches he’d tossed down earlier. He plucked all the orange blossoms off that he could, put the branch aside, and crushed the blossoms between his hands. The fragrance was so wonderfully sweet and heady. After crushing the flowers he set the petals aside and rubbed his hands on me, starting at my throat and working his way down.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m anointing you. Jeez, Jay you sure ask a lot of questions.” He affected a higher voice: “Where are we going? How long ’til we get there? What is this place?” He resumed his normal tone. “Is it possible for you to just relax and enjoy? Just trust me. Trust me. Relax.” He smiled while he said it, to take some of the sting off his words. He was right, though. I was still a bundle or nerves. He picked up another branch and continued the ritual, this time he covered my white breasts with the scent from the orange blossoms. He covered both breasts with his big tan hands, rubbing the scent and oils into them, then bent his head to suck and kiss while his hands continued the caresses. One hand pinched and squeezed and rolled and felt and rubbed and teased and the held the other breast up for easy access for his mouth. He kissed around the outside of my breast, and then kissed inwards in smaller circles until he reached my nipple, which by this time looked exactly like pencil erasers. The same rosy color and size. When my eyes weren’t closed, floating on the sensations, I watched him pleasure me.

“Gary, this is so unbelievably erotic….sexy. The orange blossoms, the scent. How’d you come to think to……oh…never mind. I’ll shut up.” He seemed to really be enjoying my rather large breasts. He went back and forth, left to right and back again, giving each one the time and attentions and pressure I craved. He touched lightly and then applied more pressure, not so much that it hurt but enough to thrill me. I had started moaning by this point. Again, I was feeling sensations never felt before. My hands were in his hair and I was whispering encouragements, but I’m sure most of them made no sense. After a few more minutes of giving my breasts complete and total attention, I felt him move. I felt a trail of kisses down my belly and I cringed inwardly and tried to suck it in. He noticed.

“No worries, my dear,” he said as he spread a hand out over my belly. “What do they say? A cushion for the pushin’.” I had not heard that before and let out a guffaw of laughter. I tried to relax. He was not going to get a good look at me and go run screaming for the woods. I felt his hand move down so that it rested at my juncture, then continue back. I was aching for him and my body was ready. He felt my dampness as he passed the V and found my clit. He rubbed slowly back and forth and my hips left the mattress, seeking him. I felt his mouth follow his hand and opened my legs to accommodate him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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