Getting My Son-In-Law Hooked


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I have some fun with my daughter’s husband when they become temporary residents in my house, I could not resist escalating the situation with this good looking and younger man.

Roger comes to stay with Sandra, his mother-in-law, as he and his wife, Carol, move back to the town Carol grew up in. They stayed with Carol’s parents, Sandra and Charles, waiting for their new house to become available.

I don’t really know how it happened, and I can’t explain it to anybody who knows this woman because it is hard to see how I fell under her spell. My mother-in-law, Sandra, is not somebody you would pick out of a group and pursue, a little added weight, mature, and her wardrobe only has a few attention getting items. Her chest DOES makes her stand out, significantly, I never confirmed but I know my wife is a D and Sandra’s chest is noticeably larger. For the past three months, I have become infatuated with her. It started around the time my wife and I moved back to town from a city four hours away. We had found a house in a nearby suburb when my company relocated me, my in-laws were thrilled to have us in the area again with their grandchildren. We stayed with them for a few weeks while I started my new job and we were waiting for the people in our future house to move out-my obsession progresses from there.

I’m Roger, in my late 20s, married for almost five year to my wife Carol. I am dominant in bed with my wife more than submissive and I feel our sex life is more frequent than most.

— Sandra’s perspective —

I love life, I am in my mid 50s and enjoy life, time with my husband and my day time freedom as a homemaker. With my only daughter hours away, I would only make it out to see them about once every other month on the weekend. I talk to my daughter regularly on the phone. An adjustment when she married Roger happened, we talk all the time. Through the years I coached her through many bumps in her marriage and as a result was part of a few conversations that are more risque than you expect to have as a mother.

On occasion we would talk about her husband, Roger, and their sex life. Some of the details regarding their acts would leave me hot at the end of the phone calls to the point I ravage my husband that night if I could resist taking care of myself immediately, plunging my fingers into my wet pussy lips, hopefully after hanging up the phone. Once it was so hot I had to get started before I hung up the phone. I am not sexually obsessed, I certainly discovered what I prefer during my sexually heightened 30s and realize the value of allure and both partners being well satisfied.

A few months before my daughter and her family returning to the area, my husband, Charles, and I would have regular competitions to tease each other to the point the other would lose concentration and be distracted at work, out with friends, and anything else during the day until we broke and satisfied the other partner in hopes they would give us the release we craved. This was a great game with a few rules:

a) all teasing was with clothes on. This is teasing to the point of breaking somebody.

b) Once the victim broke, it was the hunter’s right to be fully satisfied before granting relief.

c) The victim could not seek relief by any means other than by the hunter.

Some days it is a naughty text message/email, a dirty voicemail of the hunter pleasuring themselves, physical touching (through clothes) in public or private, or acting out a roll (sub/dom/alpha/slut). We had fun and the first few times when it took most of a day, we are getting better at resisting and waiting the better part of a week.

He had just broken me after resisting for nearly a week just before my daughter and her family came to stay with us. He pushed me over the edge by repeatedly touching my inner thigh with a small vibe, under the table, out to dinner with friends. I hurried him into the car after desert, unzipped his pants and sunk my head as far down into his lap as I could until he filled my throat. I begged him, in detail, during the ride home to do what he wanted to me as soon as we walked in the door. I continued stroking his cock to get it ready for me the minute we were in the house. I NEEDED TO FEEL HIM INSIDE ME.

We got in the door and he pushed me to my knees in the living room, in front of the picture window that faced our street. While we did not know if somebody was watching, he liked the idea that somebody might be. He had me unzip his pants, pull his semi-hard cock out and then join my hands behind my back. He ensured this by unbuttoning my blouse, pulling it down my arms and wrapping the tails together in a knot at my wrists, in the process exposing my large globes in their bra for display. He repeatedly would put his now growing meat in my mouth, pull it out and slap it across my face. As it landed on either cheek or my chin I would eagerly görükle escort try to capture it with my mouth, give him the satisfaction he craved so I could then get what I needed. I got him hard with my tongue and he would push me farther and farther down his cock, giving me brief moments to catch my breath, only to return with more determination to force more of him into me.

He pulled his hard cock from my mouth and stood me up, walked me over to the couch and bent me over the back of it with my hands still tied. Now face down in the cushions of an antique sofa, my skirt hiked up. He pulled at my panties roughly ripping them down my legs, leaving my ass up in the air and my pussy fully exposed for his use. He guided the tip of his saliva coated dick to part the folds of my pussy, a flood of excitement escaped me and coated his cock, my inner thighs, and likely the back of the couch. With his prize won and clear signals I was ready for him, he plowed his full length into me. With no manner to release the energy wave that went through me by clutching onto something I let loose a series of screams loud enough I was concerned my neighbors could hear. He continued his assault on my pussy until my body gave up and the muscles no longer would caress or fight him, I went limp and my pussy gaped open.

He rolled me fully onto the couch, my head at one end, legs hanging off the other and my pussy leaking on the cushions. As he came around the couch he untied my arms and forcefully removed my bra. Finally I felt the release to actively participate as both my arms and tits adjusted to their freed state. (You women with large tits shoved into a bra know what I am talking about.) Without giving me time to fully appreciate my state he plunged his cock into my mouth as I wrapped my hands around to grab his ass. He only had a little resistance and it took just a few plunges into my mouth before he pulled out after my through cleaning. He laid on me as he kissed me passionately.

— Roger’s perspective —

I wasn’t thrilled with staying at my in-laws for a few weeks, but it made the transition to the new job easier. We packed up our house, handed our belongings to the moving company for storage and headed to my in-laws. We arrived on Sunday morning and they were in high spirits after just finishing a late breakfast. My mother-in-law, Sandra, offered to make us breakfast (more of a lunch) but we declined. The women took the kids into the family room to adore them. My father-in-law explained the sleeping arrangement while we set off on getting our bags from the car. My wife had her old room, last used some time around college, with her old twin bed and they would put the pack-n-play and sleeping bags in there for the kids to sleep. I… I got the couch. As we brought the bags for my wife and sons to her old room and then placed mine in the laundry room just outside the family room, he repeated the plan to both our wives. I did not have to be to my new position till Wednesday so I was looking forward to acquainting myself with my new neighborhood during the next few days.

The remainder of the day was spent taking a walk around the small downtown their suburb had, talking about my new job and our new house. It was time to get ready for bed for most. I changed into a shirt and a pair of lounge pants and laid out on the couch for the night. The house was warm enough, I put the sheet under me but did not need to wrap myself to stay warm. As I lay there, adjusting to the sounds of a different house I began missing having my wife next to me in our bed. With all the activity surrounding the move, we didn’t have much energy when we got to bed at night. As I lay there, I could not will the unprovoked erection I had back to flaccid, when that happens you just start thinking about sex more. I got so engulfed in my thoughts, I swear I could smell a woman’s aroma that are only brought out during sex.

— Sandra’s perspective —

While I didn’t think about it as I laid out the pillow and sheet for Roger, it now popped into my mind an hour after we went to bed… his pillow is sitting at the end of the couch where my pussy was leaking from the excitement of last night’s teasing by my husband. I decided I would take a stroll from my room, down the stairs to the kitchen to get a drink and casually mention to him he may want to sleep on the other side of the couch; pretending the sun may get in his eyes as it came up in the morning if he slept there.

I was wearing a two piece pajama set and felt it was modest enough for family so I walked slowly down the hall toward the kitchen. As I approached there was enough moonlight shining through the skylight I could see Roger there, soundly asleep on his back. He had pushed the pillow off the couch and his nose was an inch away from the cushions I soaked just 24 hours earlier. I let out a slight laugh at the thought but felt it best not to disturb him. With nobody around and bursa escort bayan seeing his physique as best I could through the clothes, I could appreciate why he commands so well at work and has been such a strong husband and lover for my daughter.

As I drifted off in the back of my mind, partially happy for my daughter, partially in a dream state, I might have been standing there too long. I shook myself back to reality and decided to return to bed, as I glanced from the kitchen one last time to smirk about the fact he has his face buried in my sexual juices I noticed the distinct outline in his pants. (This is not going to be one of those stories where I tell you he was 38″ long and as thick as a Buick, sorry you monster size freaks.) There was no mistaking it, the outline was clearly a strong, hard erection. In fact, I doubt he had underwear beneath his pants because if I studied it, which I did from a distance, I could see it rise and fall slightly. He was hard enough it was rising above his stomach in a rhythm.

I headed back to bed excited as I thought about the idea that it could be the scent of my juices that is causing his erection as he slept. That reminds me, I need to start working on my husband tomorrow, for I am now the hunter, and he is the prey. My mind drifted, I wonder what it would be like to make Roger my prey, I want to push it out of my head… but then it came back. I couldn’t possibly sleep with him, but it would be fun to toy with him while they are here just to remind myself that I can still work other men into a frenzy. I tried pushing my thoughts back to my husband but they would wonder to Roger lying there, his face in the remains of my passion from the night prior and his stiffness floating in air. I wonder if his conscious mind even realized what was going on. OK, that was the rule, at the first sign he thought ANYTHING was up, I would immediately stop toying with him. I settled on a plan for my husband for the coming week to break him and sailed off to sleep, wet from the thought of putting both plans into action.

— Roger’s perspective —

I tossed and turned momentarily when I settled into the couch but once I got comfortable I was out. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and hearing people getting ready I quickly remembered where I was. I realized I had a significant case of morning wood and scrambled to find the pillow and sheet I had last night to cover myself up. As available, I made my way to the bathroom and got ready for the day. I spent the day wandering my new town, looking at local retailers and people watching. I was happy to see many shared my passion for being in good health I talked to a few people about local trails for exercise. The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent with my family and talking to our real estate agent about the new house.

We turned in for the evening with the same sleeping arrangement. After this morning’s potentially embarrassing situation, I decided it best that I unfold the blanket at one end of the couch and cover myself. I scanned a few channels, having the family room to myself for about an hour before turning in for the night.

— Sandra’s perspective —

Tonight I wore a pajama set with shorts and a camisole top to bed. The top was comfortable but intended for bed only as I was falling out of it and with no support to keep these girls at full attention. I gave a tempting show to my husband before bed as I paraded around the room preparing for the following morning.

After making sure my daughter and grandkids were asleep, I made sure my husband was well into his pillow before I strolled off to the bathroom, grabbing a pair of panties from my drawer on the way and locked the door behind me. I pulled my pajama shorts down and put the panties on, licked my lips at the image staring at me in the mirror of my large tits swaying like they do when I ride Charles. I slid my left hand down my side, across my stomach (proudly taking a moment to reflect on the fact it felt firm at my age). As the forceful edge of my nails raised the laced waistband, slowly creeping lower and scraped across supple flesh just above my sweet womanhood. As my fingers explored down into my trimmed hair, my right arm came up under my breast to support their weight and I reached out and rolled my left nipple in my fingers. My hips ground back, my eyes closed and my mouth fell open from the fresh sensations.

Three fingers slid down between my thighs and I parted my legs slightly, my index finger and ring finger pushing down first, causing my inner lips to reach out to kiss my middle finger. I slid my fingers up, focusing pressure as they toyed with my clit. As they returned back down my middle finger increased pressure on my clit and then dove between my lips, unleashing the pent up moisture built up inside me onto my panties. I ran my fingers back up to my clit.

A few minutes later, two replays, and a fantasy or bursa escort two, I worked myself over the edge and came biting my lip to silence myself. I needed to let go more, I wanted more.

I pulled my hand out of my panties, caressing my thighs close together, I began rolling both nipples as I made my way over to my empty tub. Grabbing my shorts to shove in my mouth to quiet me for what was to continue, I slipped in and laid back as I returned my attention to my clit, alternating between light, long strokes and hard circles over my clit. My chest heaved up as my ass ground into the cold of the porcelain the intensity rose. I shoved my shorts in my mouth to muffle my sounds to come. When I was right at the edge, I use my two other fingers to spread my lips open as my middle frantically ran circles around my clit. Tingling starting running down my legs, my lungs filled with air and the muscles in my ass clenched as the familiar warm sensation flowed from my pussy, filling my panties with the scent of female sex.

The calming pleasure washed over me and I embraced it as I soothingly caressed my tits. Getting up from my porcelain womb, taking off my panties and running them across my slit once more for good measure I put back on my shorts and reach for the door. Just before I left, it dawned on my to give them a quick mist with my perfume as I balled them up in my hand, and then I left, ready to begin something I committed to the other night.

Slowly walking down the stairs to remain quiet, I made my way into the kitchen, taking a moment to acquaint myself with the situation. Roger was lying there, blanket down to his knees, face turned into the back of the couch wearing a t-shirt and sleep pants. I let my hand relax, as the panties dangle loose in my hand. Leaving a glass and some orange juice on the counter if it was a needed alibi, I approached him. I walked around the couch till I was above his head so Roger wouldn’t see me immediately if he opened his eyes. Leaning in, I began to listen to the rhythm of his breath. I moved the hand with the panties just above his head and watched as his breath deepened as the aroma of my sex registered in his mind. Roger rustle shortly as he tossed, reacting to the stimulus of fucked female. Now to see just how much of a stimulus my scent was to him.

I crouched down, and moved from his head to his side, keeping my panties dangling in front of him and waving them softly to let him breath in more of me. With the lightest of touch, I traced the outline of his member with my fingers. Roger’s hips rose sharply to feel increased pressure. I had to deny him or it would have shaken him to consciousness. I got the reaction I was looking for, I planted the response I wanted. I noticed his hand move toward the outline in his pants just as I was standing up to leave. I quickly moved into the kitchen as he stirred dropping my panties on the floor but watching him from a distance of deniability. He wasn’t waking, he was stroking himself in his sleep! Not fully, just casually working his hand up and down his cock inside his pants. I had to keep it going, rushing over there, I picked up my panties and kept them above his head as he glided his hand over his cock. I watched with one hand casually stroking my wet lips in unison with his efforts on his own cock. I wanted to do more to myself, but had to keep focused for now. After a good amount of time I stood up, tucked my panties back into my fist and headed back to bed. With my husband lying next to me, I vigorously worked my clit and pulled on my nipples in an effort for relief.

I did something very similar for the next two nights and it only took a bit of coaxing to get him to start stroking his own cock. As part of my planning, I began using the panties I had spent the entire day walking around in. My recent experience with Charles helped me identify when Roger was at his edge. I left before he brought himself over, I wonder if he ever finished himself.

As the families were getting ready for dinner together, or after cleaning up and relaxing in the family room for the evening, I would quietly sneak off to the bathroom and work myself up enough to know I would be leaking into my panties and head over near Roger. When we sat in the living room, I made sure I was sitting where he would lie his head that night.

— Roger’s perspective —

Not having my wife next to me at night must be affecting me or I am feeling much more relaxed from our previous routine but I am waking each morning with the strongest erections I have had in a long time, I am feeling better rested, odd this couch is making me sleep better than my normal bed. I’ve been noticing my wife definitely didn’t pick up her physical interactions from her parents. I notice my in-laws regularly shuffling apart on a sofa when I enter a room, catch a grazing hand as Sandra glides it across her husbands chest, cock or ass. Then there was her tits, man was she putting those on display. They did look so round and inviting, I would catch myself looking longer than I should, quickly snapping away before she brings attention to the fact I can’t break their hypnotic nature. Thankfully we only have two more nights here and then we head into our new house.

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